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FIRST CLASS LONDON - American Admirals Club & Number 1 Traveller lounges

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Please like share and subscribe to TrekTrendy for more luxury travel vlogs: http://bit.ly/1WNqym8 So after my previous lounge crawling video in Heathrow Terminal 2, bit.ly/lounge-crawl i'm hooked! There's nothing quite like going straight from one 1st class lounge into another, but it's a really good way to provide a direct comparison. The following two lounges were filmed at London Heathrow Terminal 3. So first up, the American Admirals Club lounge. You enter through large automated doors and you're presented with an open space and welcoming American employees waiting to take your boarding pass / frequent flyer card. I used my Air Berlin Sapphire status coupled with my Finnair boarding pass for this entry. When you walk in you have the shower suites and bathrooms to your immediate right, and your left a random room with a bunch of chairs in... not quite sure about that but hey. You then are met by a huge open space which is the main area of the lounge. Central to this is a wine/sparkling wine counter with a good selection of red/whites. Then the party piece as far as I'm concerned; the build a burger stand... i mean wow American just wow! Different food is available throughout the day and as I was leaving they appeared to be replacing this with pasta dishes. There was also salad and soups on offer. Moving around the other side of the lounge there was a great selection of spirits, smoothies, soft drinks and sandwiches. Further along there were a couple of coffee machines. In terms of lounge seating this was split into multiple zones. One of the most creative I thought was the TV/cinema area. To the back of the lounge there were great views of the runway and some office space. One thing I just had to put in the video was the crazy selection of magazines. I've noticed the strange variety in lounges worldwide and thought i'd share my views. I mean pool and hot tub monthly?! Really? Lastly I enjoyed a shower in one of their shower suites, which was refreshing and perfect as I'd just had a long day at work so felt nice and relaxed after. Sadly this relaxation was to be short lived due to the next lounge bursting at the seems but hey. So overall the American lounge was good, but it was showing signs of wear and tear and unfortunately didn't really give me a sense of WOW. Considering this was one of their major routes out of Heathrow i'd assume this is likely to be upgraded at some point. The seating all seemed quite grey and dated. In the video I gave it a 5/6 perhaps a little harsh but I'd stick with a good 6/10. Remember the upper end is the likes of Virgin/Singapore/Emirates to put into perspective. Next I moved onto the Number 1 traveller lounge, which was a short walk away. This, like the American lounge was accessible with my boarding pass and frequent flyer card. It's the default lounge which you're assigned to when travelling business on many OneWorld airlines at T3, largely due to other lounge refurbs. In fact usually Finnair would be able to access Cathay Pacifics lounge, but this was still be refurbished. Upon entry I realised that this lounge was bursting, literally sooo many people. This is a third party run lounge, so you can access this with a Priority Pass or Dragonpass. It seemed many people had opted to do this, and at £30 a visit i'd have been disappointed. I started the video at the far end in the relative quiet, near to the spa and worked my way through. It's evident that for some first class passengers they provide individual suites, which is a nice touch. Moving around there were various seating areas, some cool swing chairs as well as lots of seating at the bar. As this wasn't airline run there was a split of inclusive and additional pay food /drink. You could purchased various Champagnes and premium cocktails if you so wished. The food selection seemed ok, with a really good selection of baked goods, some sandwiches and pasta. Finally I walked over towards the Spa and passed the cinema, which was just a darkened room with a massive 70" or so TV mounted on the wall. Overall I think this would be a really nice lounge if it wasn't packed, but sadly due to the over subscription of access it was just a free-for-all. Nevertheless i'd still give the lounge a 7/10. All things considered, providing it's quieter at other times. I hope you enjoyed the video, and I do have to apologise that the quality of the Number 1 lounge was a bit poor, i'm in process of upgrading my camera gear so hopefully lower light shouldn't effect the quality of my videos in the future. ----- Background music ----- With special thanks and credit to Joakim Karud for the background music. Joakim Karud: https://soundcloud.com/joakimkarud ----- Image use ----- With special thanks and recognition to the American flagship lounge and Number One lounge for use of their imagery to further enhance my vlog.
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okaytwd (2 years ago)
How come you don't have a million subscribers already? Your videos are awesome!
Trek Trendy (2 years ago)
haha thanks Jerrick, hopefully someday :)
Matro (2 years ago)
Nice video! Wish u good luck with your channel and maybe you can stop by on mine also? :)
Trek Trendy (2 years ago)
Thanks MaTro and of course, i'll check your channel out :)

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