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Parisian chic hair style: the bob: The hottest hairstyle for women over 40.

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From tired, faded hair color to boring haircuts, there are several ways that your hair could be making your look older. Turn back the hands of time by revamping your look. The right hairstyle can actually make you look years younger! The bob style is Parisian womens' choice. It can be styled in countless different ways. There’s the classic chin skimming bob of course, but also more modern iterations such as the Lob, aka a slightly longer, grown out bob, and the current A-lister favorite, the wob; a tousled, wavy bob with a laid-back, bohemian feel. the color of choice? Shades of blonde. The vast blonde spectrum from the lightest hues to the darkest, coolest shades. Adding lightness around the face brightens the skin tone and adds warmth making skin look healthy and glowing. À Suivre Also watch: Parisian Chic hair style; healthy, bouncy, fabulous hair: Coiff1rst, top Parisian Hair Salon https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-OAesd9mhiQ&index=1&list=PLw3E0BMN25PdPO4egtDZDZ9qwShbsQOHO&t=0s Embrace your gray. Over 40 Parisian chic gray hairstyle and makeup tips https://www.youtube.com/edit?o=U&video_id=YN6gZpqcPac Best products for maintaining blond hair: Garnier Whole Blends Repairing Shampoo, Honey Treasures extracts http://amzn.to/2Ed42yB L'Oréal Paris Superior Preference Permanent Hair Color, 8G Golden Blonde http://amzn.to/2EbUdRA John Frieda Sheer Blonde Go Blonder Controlled Lightening Spray http://amzn.to/2DF1uIv It's a 10 Haircare Miracle Leave-In for Blondes http://amzn.to/2Ecbw4X pureGLO Natural Green Sandalwood Hair Brush http://amzn.to/2DO9URb DISCLAIMER: The video description contains an affiliate link, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive a small commission. This helps support the channel and allows me to continue to make videos like this. Thank you for the support!
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Text Comments (77)
Nomad O (2 months ago)
Horrible music. 🤦🏻‍♀️
Sleepy Gecko (8 months ago)
This hair style throws a extra 10 years on all these women...NO THANKS!
olibia white (9 months ago)
The worst look in this world is older women with long hair! It actually makes you look older. Hair chin to at shoulder is not short.
Delphi333 (11 months ago)
I think you need to take into account your face shape, body shape, hair texture, color, time you're willing to style it - consider it all when getting a haircut. But probably most important is to have fun with whatever cut you get because ultimately it'll grow back and it's something you can experiment with! Nothing can bring back youth, but why try? You had it already...why would you wish to go back?
Beauty Beauty (11 months ago)
ILoveParis (11 months ago)
Jodi Michael Horner (11 months ago)
What I'm liking about this channel is that I can see Paris isn't one giant fashion hub on the streets. I see more scarves, a few more high heels, lots more smoking, and a lot less color. I like some of it but not all--it's a great scene to glean from! Parisians may be pared down but don't look perfectly vogue all the time!
olibia white (9 months ago)
Simplicity is vogue!
ILoveParis (11 months ago)
Well said Jodi. Most Parisians could no longer afford the expensive high end brands which is so sad. They manage to look amazing though...thanks to their sense of style and trendy inexpensive brands. Thank you, loved your comment😍
Sophie Wilde (11 months ago)
So in other words once we hit 40 we are supposed to cut off our long hair and look like a librarian? NO chance of that !
Yes. It’s the rule, so get with the program 🙄
sandra fithian (5 months ago)
im 50 and my hair is down to my ass
Sarah Brennan (8 months ago)
Sophie Wilde same here never... plus I don’t think a lot of the women were French
ILoveParis (11 months ago)
Not necessarily...the bob looks great on most women though.
robjeny (1 year ago)
A lot of these I would not call "a bob" and this style is SO old and tired. Came into fashion in 1920's. I wore it through the '80's. Edgy, touseled styling helps. But mostly, if you want to look frumpy and boring - get this hair.
babi mukherjee (1 year ago)
Kamar Hassani (1 year ago)
Kytshu Black (1 year ago)
Really Can't Stand When Some Dam Woman tells you"Once your passed 40,Every woman should have short hair,DON'T colour it.Don't style it."Like Hell I call it,SELF PRESERVATION..... And same,tell you Don't Get your Eyebrows done Well,l don't want Fox-Terrior Eyebrows. Nor do l want,my eyebrows sticking straight out,like spindly grass storks. Bring on the Hair Color, Hair Style...its just Disgusting Why Some Women want to AGE themselves. SELF PRESERVATION LADIES NOT VANITY.
Collette Desmaris (11 months ago)
+Julie-Ann Giumelli You got that right, Julie-Ann - I completely agree with you. Everytime I touch up my hair color it makes me feel better about myself. Let's face it: men look distinguished with grey hair - women look old with it!
J. K (1 year ago)
Who is the blond that is shown throughout the video?
Barbara Hall (1 year ago)
Except smoker, these women did look like tourists.
Sofjin Fenriz (1 year ago)
Short hair only works on younger women (forty is hella young, rock this bob then grown your hair out again) women older than that should never cut their hair. It really dates you...
Scott Spiro (1 year ago)
Classic and sexy - Sharon Stone or Louise Brooks. Beautiful bones - and see what the hairdresser can do. (muah)
ILoveParis (1 year ago)
Saundra Kielborn (1 year ago)
I love how they show run of the mill- raggedy older ladies, then show the 20/30 something stunning model!🙄
Gloria Salsman (1 year ago)
When my husband was living we would travel to Paris France, its Beautiful too me, my husband loved going to Paris, London, Spain, Germany, the villages in the U.K. , people are super kind and friendly , well miss going, I wanted to travel to Ireland where my family came from, maybe one day,
Collette Desmaris (11 months ago)
+Gloria Salsman I lost my husband too, Gloria. I have never been outside the United States but would love to visit France and Italy - you said you'd like to go to Ireland. I encourage you not to put your visit there to "maybe one day" - if you have the funds to do it, go now!! Don't waste any more time
Gloria Salsman (1 year ago)
I love the bob style, when I worked I alway wore this style, now that I retired my hair is long, may cut my hair one day
Franco Andres (1 year ago)
Native Chique (1 year ago)
Lol kinda funny how I come home from work where I can seniors all day, click on this vid, watch it through , (they look good) as ND more seniors
ILoveParis (1 year ago)
Thank you so much. That means so much to me.
Marion Holt (1 year ago)
I did the same thing ... years of enjoying my bob, cannot wait for it to grow back
Trazco Traz (1 year ago)
music is extra-annoying; if you are in Paris put parisian music or at least "la vie en rose"
ILoveParis (1 year ago)
I wish I could. Only allowed to use music from YouTube.
Olivia Mulgrew (1 year ago)
omg how aweful i am in mid fiftys and would never have short hair and be turned into the redundant woman good for grndmother duties and the dutiful wife sorry just speking my truth ....i think this cut is hidious
Kytshu Black (11 months ago)
Olivia Mulgrew You know,My Own Sister washes her hair in dish soap Her brows,Wow talk about calling Women Foxes,in her case.It ain't No Complement.Nor is it Complementary to Any Foxes. Loved Your,Comment.Had My Hair Cut Short,about 14mouths ago,it's just pass My Shoulder's Today.Each time l see My Hairdresser,l tell her the bear minimum off.And No Glass of Champagne,will change that.Thats Why l think they give Us ladies in Our 50s alcohol,so they can give us some,horrid short,middle Age bowl hair cut. There's No Excuse For Any Lady,to Purposely Age Themselves.We All Age,But How we WANT to Do it.Thats Up To Each of Us,to Decide Bring on the Hair colour, Eyebrow tattooing,Lip tattooing,Nail Care...and of Course,All HAIR Management.
Sophie Wilde (11 months ago)
Good for you I'm 50 too ,I think my comment above says it all.😉
Josh Lankford (1 year ago)
Olivia Mulgrew -- OUCH!
barb rarick (1 year ago)
I am handicapped and I had long hair. I had such a hard time with the tangles. Hubby was not doing a good job and I just couldn't. My hair has just gotten shorter. My last cut I have just below my ears. I love it. I never thought I would. Took me five years to grow from bald to waist length after Chemo. Your hair length says nothing about your value or worth. I am a grandmother and wife and proud of it at 62. You don't know anything about any body else. I love long hair but can,t take care of it. So who is it anybody else's business if I do what I need to do to be able to take care of it myself? There are cute people at all lengths of hair.
Butterflies Honeybees (1 year ago)
beverly pollard apparently you've never had a chic haircut.....yep..every avatar tells...
Blind Riddle (1 year ago)
No, they don't look years younger. They look like old fraus.
donna lewis (1 year ago)
you didnt see them before, so you cant make that call. well you can, but it is not based on fact.
Billy Nomates (1 year ago)
Blind Riddle a
Luiza H. C. Braga (1 year ago)
OK!!! I get it, everyone is blonde in Paris. Either one is not ..... but most are !!! I'm redhead, what to do ??? LOL Maybe I should stay here in Italy and stop visiting my favorite city in the whole world! 😥😥😥😥😥😥😥
Collette Desmaris (11 months ago)
+Luiza H.C. Braga You're a redhead, what to do? Keep your red hair - red hair is pretty - why be blonde like everyone else, when you can be the one redhead in the crowd??! Wear your red crown with pride!
Francesca Moss (1 year ago)
Come to Ireland we love redheads. I'm a redhead and Scotland too
ILoveParis (1 year ago)
Mate Franco (1 year ago)
danielle gordon (1 year ago)
i agree with Sil Via
Sil Via (1 year ago)
What are you talking about? Sorry but you are wrong. I am an European Woman living in the East coast of the US and the average American spends much more in the salon than the average French or any other European woman. Not to mention American women outclass any other woman in the world buying cosmetics, and probably second in the world buying skin care, only losing that spot to Asian women . The women you talked about DO exist, but they are NOT the middle class women, but poor women.
Jo Follini (1 year ago)
Le chic
Josep Soy Mas (9 months ago)
Jo Follini x
Tanya Kucey (1 year ago)
In Paris yes, Parisienne women, nope. almost all were tourists.
kk doc (1 year ago)
Yes lots of tourists. Tennis shoes, bright colors not that chic
My HashTagged Life (1 year ago)
donna lewis People know their own; therefore, tourists are easy to spot.
bretelle (1 year ago)
Indeed a lot o tourists
donna lewis (1 year ago)
you state that catergorically, you know this how?
Md Khaled (1 year ago)
Great video.... goo.gl/DtweqG
Debi Basile (1 year ago)
Love it! Great hair style and many different ways to wear it!
I like this video! I think, this hairstyle is the most convenient and beautiful in casual life)
Louise Ricketts (1 year ago)
I recently had my hair cut short because i was bored with my bob. Now I want to grow it back!
Patinkular (1 year ago)
Louise Ricketts Bob is always in style(nothing new here). Always. Enjoy your short hair (its IN as well). 😊
ovidiu Mitricioiu (1 year ago)
Good morning, very succes.
Ms Bond (1 year ago)
I know this is about bobs and lobs but the girl n the checked dress at 1:34 is everything.
ILoveParis (1 year ago)
Yes, she is gorgeous. 😀
Chris Harrison (1 year ago)
Great video, but I don't think all women is doing the bob that I could see in that video. I'm tempted, but if I come close to it, the cut will be a very long hair length bob. :)
Chris Harrison (1 year ago)
ILoveParis Oh yes. Very beautiful.
ILoveParis (1 year ago)
I agree...It is difficult to look like the models. I like the shoulder length bob. It is sexy and east to style.
Karen Clarke (1 year ago)
Another great one!!
ILoveParis (1 year ago)
Thank you Karen. Thank you for watching.
Arabella Magnolia (1 year ago)
Love love love your videos....
ILoveParis (1 year ago)
Thank you so much Annette! Have a good evening.

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