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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt OST - The Fields of Ard Skellig (Extended)

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Extended version of the original soundtrack. Enjoy. No copyright infringement intended.
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Dzjingle (14 hours ago)
I just cant describe how good this soundtrack is, and the game is so good..
Neuro Weaver (1 day ago)
The Witcher 3 was an absolute masterpiece - in every aspect! Even of someone had never played the game, just by listening to this music brings to mind images of rugged islands, the taste of brine and the calling of adventure.
Emilien (1 day ago)
2019 .. still a masterpiece
LVC45 6 (1 day ago)
Kassy (2 days ago)
This will be the music that plays at my funeral, it means so much to me and I can't think of a better way of going out.
Any way of getting this song available to download?? I notice it’s not on the soundtrack 😢😢
Rafael Aliyev (2 days ago)
Hey guys this is Lineage 2 Aden teritory Cemetery soundtrack on 1:56.
Pit_Viper21 (2 days ago)
Call me crazy but I’m actually tearing up a bit listening to this and remembering the Times I played this game back in 2018 . I can believe I only realised this games existed untill 2018.. Gosh ~
Jon Snow (2 days ago)
2019 Witchers ?
Words of Welke (3 days ago)
When I've lost all faith in humanity I listen to this and it may not restore it but does give a glimpse of hope I understand it.
Greg D (3 days ago)
Jesus I'm so ripped again
Lucas Moriconi (4 days ago)
"Rune Town Theme" - Lineage II (2003)
Dave Broad (4 days ago)
I’m playing the Witcher through for a second time at present. I listen to this music when I do weights. Very calming.
Piotr Pawlak (4 days ago)
Has anyone noticed Medieval: Total War soundtrack excerpts? :>
Nurlan Qurbanov (4 days ago)
Tears on my eyes .. remembering the good old times . When i used to listen to this . When there was only me and my Dreamworld.
Natan Magalhães (5 days ago)
This perfect game!
Siddharth yadav (5 days ago)
Ok the music is just great but the comments here are pushing me to play this game... ok i get it, this game is a masterpiece. Soon I'll play, busy these days but soon❤️. Completed witcher 2 almost two weeks ago and i really liked it.
Jon Snow (2 days ago)
Siddharth yadav The Witcher 3 is the best game I have ever played. Simple. Make sure you buy the Game of the Year edition as it has all the DLC’s included and costs virtually the same as the standard edition . Prepare yourself for a life changing experience !
Victor (5 days ago)
For the Ard Skellig!!!! My best location
Boxing Fan (6 days ago)
Played 75 hours of this game and just started blood and wine. Have to say this is the greatest game I've ever played and I might even do a ng+ and play it again as it was that good.
Nuri Ayar (7 days ago)
who played witcher 3 2019
Golden Gunna (7 days ago)
this soundtrack is soooooooo relaxing cures my anxiety instantly
Krzysiek Turchan (7 days ago)
Lineage 2 Town of Goddard song :D
Lyserberg (8 days ago)
Hearing this no longer engulfs me with serenity, it rather showed me that my life is devoid of a significant meaning beyond the little things I enjoy. The Witcher 3 was definitely one of them, and I haven't felt attached so strongly to a world and a character such as I did with the Witcher's. I get emotionally wrecked each time I recall that my enjoyment of it is finite, and that it'll have to leave my hard drive eventually. We may part Geralt, but we're forever in each other's debts.
whatnow (8 days ago)
Nostalgia gets me really down. It gets me this way because I dedicated more to fantasy worlds than my real life. I wish I could get my life straight, but I'd like to live the moment of playing Skyrim and Witcher 2/3 for the first time again.
Felipe Lemos (9 days ago)
I miss this game
Kiramekki (9 days ago)
The secondary-quest line in Skellige about helping Cerys and Crach is the most enjoyabld quest line in Witcher 3 for me. Skellige, my home.
Boxing Fan (6 days ago)
Its my favourite place to explore and travel through in the witcher
Pe Nis (9 days ago)
Thanks, i needed this relaxing music because i want to watch Game of Thrones but the Sky Ticket Player gives me a fucking aneurysm
vladan pavlovic (9 days ago)
Reading the book from Witcher series and listening this music is a good thing you can do
Ip Man (9 days ago)
I fken hate this game it just leaves me hollow inside after finishing it because of how good it is
Senti (10 days ago)
So many memories since when i played Witcher
The INV3RSE (10 days ago)
I wish I had a reset button, so I could just keep playing this immersive masterpiece over and over again. Listening to this makes me want to cry, it's so beautiful...
Kristof Adamovich (11 days ago)
it"s wonderful song
rahamu90 (11 days ago)
I would love to live on Ard Skellig...
Patryk Korkosz (12 days ago)
Hello "Heroes of Might and Magic 4"
Jeff Thomas (14 days ago)
Personally, I like to imagine that those beautiful feminine vocals are being sung by Yennifer, herself... Has anyone else thought the same thing?
Harry D Connor (14 days ago)
i just stuck in Skellige because of this...no teleport,always walked for hunts,missions.
G. H (15 days ago)
Listening to this on shrooms 😱😋😊😊 and then i tried playing the game and i couldn't fucking focus on anything but it was so realistic and empowering i couldn't believe it. Felt like a portal through history and a genetic memory. Got attacked by a new species of harpies in skellige was amazing as shit. Made me want to fight evil in real life and protect the innocent. Then it got to intense and i just layed down listening to this.
VoLLeYa87 (15 days ago)
amazing !!!
Cassidy West (15 days ago)
I just love roaming around Skellige. Such a contrast between this and the velen cesspit. I usually take a break from questing and go roaming around the map discovering places, killing bandits or just walking around, yes - walking. No riding, no running. Magic, pure magic.
DjentleThief (15 days ago)
Got the Wild Hunt logo tattooed on my thumb to finish off my sleeve. Just sat around hoping for Witcher 4 now :/
Sicario (13 days ago)
It will come for sure cause CDPR said they are not done witch witcher only with geralt :(
Michael Bsh (15 days ago)
I'm in love with this game.
Orion WTH (15 days ago)
499 dislikes=Sirens,drowners,foglets,Eredin......
Pedro Henrique Bertuol (15 days ago)
Random Sandwich (15 days ago)
probably i think oone of the few ost that really gives ambience in the game, most relaxing osts are best in witcher 1
wateflow (15 days ago)
Went through a wall of comments just to find an essential piece of information that doesn't seem to be here, paradoxically. Who the heck is this amazing singer and where can I find more of her performances and works? I need a name!
Deadlimitey (16 days ago)
Спасибо за охеренную игру
Riaz A. (16 days ago)
This theme reminds me so much of House Stark.
Thor L (16 days ago)
Just bought this game. Saving it for the summer though, the comments have me excited for playing it for the first time
Hillary Trump (17 days ago)
Thank you my friend for giving me this masterpiece of a game
Sabalyaka AK (17 days ago)
Why this song strongly reminds me HOMM IV music
Slypee (18 days ago)
Such a beautiful song.
Sameera Dilhan (18 days ago)
this song still gives me goosebumps ❤
L N/A (19 days ago)
I know this game isnt very old but i was still hit by nostalgia
Milan Simeunovic (20 days ago)
This music heals you
BlazTV (20 days ago)
zbman 100 (21 days ago)
Why isn’t this on the video game soundtrack?
Karla Trihy (21 days ago)
I envy anyone who plays this game ( who hasn't since release) I've completed it too many times. My favourite game ever 😭
Dejan Popovic (21 days ago)
I bild eyeglasses and work and all good staff whit this song ! Slavik melos
zeez2012 (21 days ago)
I swear Im crying rn
Light Yagami (22 days ago)
on my 15th Playthrough............
Light Yagami (22 days ago)
In 2015 I was done with videogames becasue no other game has ever came close to TW3. Not even the great hyper Red Dead 2.
Odran Ó Corcráin (23 days ago)
For the kids from Ireland, Scotland and Scandanavia who are arguing about what Skellige and Skelligers are taken from real life. Let me explain everything to you: -Skellige is inspired by the Norse Gaels which you would all in simpler terms call Viking + Celtic, so it's a mix of Gaelic Ireland, Gaelic Scotland and Nordic Scandanavia. -The Skelligers speak with Irish accents, many of whom have both Gaelic and Norse names and place names -Bards and Druids are Gaelic inspired but worship Norse inspired deities. -The name Skellige comes from the islands called the Skellig Islands off the South West coast of Ireland. -The Gaelic tribes of Ireland before Christianity became dominant were also seafarers and raided Ireland and Britain (So not just the Vikings), but also displaced the Picts in Scotland. -The clothes worn were a mix of Gaelic and Norse styles. - The landscape was inspired by Ireland, Scotland and Scandanavia. I say all this as an academic who is familiar with Norse and Gaelic history and culture unlike a lot of you arguing who all seem to be both historically and culturally ignorant (No offense intended). So you can all stop arguing over a fictional place which takes place in a video game and not the real world. /mikedrop
Advocado _Beans (15 days ago)
Thank you for the clarification, this is the reason why I really want to visit those countries. The cultures and landscapes are so breathtaking
Hoodie Hat (23 days ago)
Warrior Within' Soundtrack is still better.
Edson Luiz (23 days ago)
domst2002 (24 days ago)
Man, oh man... I remember when for first time i sailed in Skellige, after that conversation between Geralt and random dude i just sat and with headphones on listening to this masterpiece.. I rided Roach as slowlier as I could and didn't want to go to the quest, just was enjoying this beautiful art of a game.. Man we need Witcher 4 or something this is true masterpiece. Brutally well done CDPR.
The Horizon (24 days ago)
Skellige Music who's the singer ??? assassins creed and witcher , the lady artist has same voice
Stabby Crabby (25 days ago)
Just replayed witcher 3 for my 10th time since 2015 lol Its so good to live next to cdp red building ❤️
danitiwa (25 days ago)
Soooooooooooooo Soothiiiiiiiiiiiiiing
LenOutSide Play's (26 days ago)
(Spoilers!) I had tears in my eyes.. When Geralt lost Vesemir and no, he did not show his pain, but I know what was happening in his soul.. This game is fucking best in the world! She teaches us a lot in life.. Patient, justice and wisdom..
juliano correia (26 days ago)
Cara que vontade de jogar pela quinta vez esse jogo..rsrs
papolek (29 days ago)
Filip Ondrej (29 days ago)
One part of this song is from Heroes might and magic IV
Primordial Entropy (29 days ago)
"There is no such thing as bad weather, only shitty fuckin' sailors"
Matthew Pafford (30 days ago)
Witcher 3 is the best game I’ve ever played hands down
same "Mountains Of Mourn" from "AMG Complete Celt" (almost 20 years old)
cole nielsen (30 days ago)
I've never played witcher lol
Alexander T (29 days ago)
Havent played anything after it. Amazing, cant make that game justice.
Jemi Send (1 month ago)
Я не маю слів... це попросту неймовірна мелодія.
Joshua Olsen (1 month ago)
All game development studios need to take note of CD Projekt Red. Devs, THIS is how gaming should be and THIS should be the future you aspire to build for your customers. Love the worlds you create. Give your customers a truly beautiful and memorable escape from this disgusting world.
Dương Minh Nhựt (1 month ago)
Is it only me or this remind you of one of the sound track of Heroes of might and magic ? especially the human castle theme in IV ( I know the game suck , but still ) ?
Yes, after 2015 there was so many good games. I can't argue against that. But, you launch The Witcher 3 today or in 5 years and you realize that this game is the absolute masterpiece.
Shadi Alanzi (1 month ago)
It feels like a sad beautiful emotion and happy in the same time I almost cry of satisfaction
Shadi Alanzi (1 month ago)
I started playing it last week my god what have I missed in the past 3 years
Fedor Cherp (1 month ago)
Sounds like Heroes of might and magic 4 forgotten ost
hamad almasoud (1 month ago)
It’s 2019 and I couldn’t find game that touched my heart like The Witcher 3
Alex Simon (1 month ago)
Hearing this for first time then having an errection instead
DrSirDieALot (1 month ago)
486 people thumbs down. I guess they only know to put their thumbs up in their arse !!
WeekendWarrior (1 month ago)
Skellige und touissant für mich so die geilsten soundtracks in Witcher 3 und auch die schönsten Gebiete ❤️❤️
Melinda1693 (1 month ago)
ah so much like scotland, the rolling hills, the fog closing in on the moors, the glassy lakes, so glad I'm Scottish, getting to see expanses of fields and forests is something else.
Nicholas Brakespear (1 month ago)
That feeling when you're marveling at the beauty of the world... and arrive at an island... and leap out of your boat... and promptly realise that you've now lost your boat, because the developers didn't let Geralt jump in shallow water, and you parked your boat in shallow water, and you need to press jump to be able to climb back into your boat, but the game won't let you press jump because somebody on the dev team decided to block jumping in shallow water and nobody stopped for a moment to ask, "Are we sure that's a good idea, or is that just really, really really really annoying?" But at least, while you're stuck on an island with no boat, you can listen to pretty music.
Harsh Dhanawade (1 month ago)
2019 and Witcher 3 is still the best game out there
bunetoff (1 month ago)
I get some positively feel good LOTR vibes from the music at times too.
commanderkyel (1 month ago)
Finally finished the Witcher 3 after playing it on and off for the past 4 years now and let me just say even in through my fragmented and disconnected view of the story and characters never have I felt more immersed in a game, cared for its characters or felt so satisfied after completing it. That game is truly a work of art.
Balsiefen (1 month ago)
Odd, This track is based off one from the original Medieval Total War. (Euro Strat Summer 1) Wonder how that happened...
Miktad Tahir Durak (30 days ago)
Was looking to find this comment, to see who also remembered Total War
Elite Primal (1 month ago)
i never felt the sun like this before ... master of north wind
Jared Hubble (1 month ago)
It’s 2019 and this game still is the best video game I’ve ever played. This track specifically gives me chills. I never wanted to leave skellige
Kamil Peciak (1 month ago)
One of the most nostalgic soundtracks Wish I could listen it in Norway or Iceland
Rebecca Kilby-Leahy (1 month ago)
My boyfriend kept trying to tell me the Witcher is a shit game and I ended up almost crying I was so upset he was saying it’s shit and that I’m shit at it when it’s beautiful and I’m very good at it and play it on blood and broken bones. He’s never even played it!!!Doesn’t even know anything about it. Don’t worry i gave him an earful later on. Bitch is gonna play this game now cos it’s all I’ve been playing for months upon end. Man, Barack Obama loves the Witcher and so does the polish president.
John kilroy (1 month ago)
Still playing in 2019🤘🏻
rainbowsixODST (1 month ago)
I pray and beg that Cyberpunk 2077 matches the quality and detail of Witcher 3.

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