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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt OST - The Fields of Ard Skellig (Extended)

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Extended version of the original soundtrack. Enjoy. No copyright infringement intended.
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Kamil Huzar (28 minutes ago)
It was an incredible experience. Especially when you romanced Triss in previous games, kinda continued this (suddenly uneasy) relationship in 'The Wild Hunt', but deep down you knew that Yen is the one. This kind of music gave you the right vibe to think about those things, while you slowly rode those stony roads between the mountines...
stayfly_ (1 hour ago)
The moment I was born was when i first started this game
Hyperion (4 hours ago)
Lineage 2 OST Rune township soundtrack. 1:58 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5kEFUCEoVQo
MochiB (17 hours ago)
The first time I heard this track I was looking over an incredible vista of snow covered mountains and forests. Without realizing it, I had stopped to soak it all in, motionless on the couch, for three minutes. After all of the other incredible moments you experience before you even arrive in Skellege, I didn't think it was possible for the immersion to get even deeper. They truly have some ace developers on that team. I've been playing Read Dead Redemption 2 for the last couple of weeks and while it's awesome in its own right, I'm still waiting for a moment that truly sucks you in like this game does.
arthaspy/\it (1 day ago)
The best game forever I love you the witcher 3😢🌹😘
Matheus Vinicius (1 day ago)
When I listen to this song I feel a missing of a past that I never lived. The Witcher 3 make me feel a lot of emotion, that game is definitely a masterpiece.
Nekomi Comatose (5 hours ago)
I wish Skellige was real
Don Mathi (19 hours ago)
The witcher 3 is the best game ever. No question
Liz N (2 days ago)
This music is sooo beautiful, but running/sailing around Skellige to Wardruna sounded more authentic.
eddy bajesta (3 days ago)
chills all over
YoYoHannes (3 days ago)
This is the best song in the soundtrack. Acording to me atleast
Bs (4 days ago)
Carrioner pozdro
FraterSinistrus (4 days ago)
I would swear I know the part from1:58 to 2:20 from some Total war game :D
Azku Shang (4 days ago)
Where other games are prose this game is poetry, a symphony of perfection.
Thxm (4 days ago)
Best game ive ever Played!!!!
Brian3642 (5 days ago)
"Single Player Games are dead." No EA, you just haven't selected New Game + yet
Dylan. (5 days ago)
J'aimerais mourir avec cette chanson.
[email protected] (6 days ago)
I'm here because of Heroes IV OST - Wandering. Listen carefully. These two tracks are very, very similar! :O
ShadowGamer G (6 days ago)
This game was Amazing when i bought it awhile back.. i used to play that card game all the time 😃 what?? it was actually a Very Good card game lol
Demza Alex (7 days ago)
Best game ever
Azizah 1982 (7 days ago)
Nice 💓
Cyrus Vane (1 day ago)
WTF. Medieval Total War 1 soundtrack. 1:58
Ezra HD (8 days ago)
That's my teacher!
Ezra HD (8 days ago)
Yeah man
cameron emery (8 days ago)
Ever want to visit skellige i’d say Shetland is you best bet to visit in real life
Matheus Andrade (8 days ago)
What kind of music is that?
Fahad Ib (8 days ago)
Good music
LoreJunkie (9 days ago)
Winds howling
Yasmine Levi (9 days ago)
Fuck you EA
donluca95 (10 days ago)
Lineage 2 ost
U. William (11 days ago)
Safa'a Atheer (12 days ago)
I love you D ❤
Foreign (13 days ago)
i wanna find my wife in these comments
avocadoisdelicious (14 days ago)
남 남 (15 days ago)
이 노래만 들으면 다시 위쳐3를 하고싶어진다...
Abeed Darnata (15 days ago)
im the 3 333 333 viewer, the witcher 3 best game ever made
BrosephStalin17 (17 days ago)
Who searched this and thumbs downed it? Who hurt you?
Naomi 288 (18 days ago)
This is the best soundtrack in whole game, i love it so much!
itsup2peety (18 days ago)
The part that starts at 1:58 sounds very similar to some heroes iv music if im not mistaken. Still, beautiful
POSRAT (18 days ago)
OK ITS ENOUGHT! im going to play it again :D
M48Desaster (18 days ago)
ich finde the Witcher 3 ist zu viel mehr dafür eine entschuldigung was du alles konsumierst als ein tatsächliches adventure bei dem es um neues entdecken geht.
Don Mathi (19 hours ago)
Lucas Squalala (18 days ago)
I absolutely love this song. I'm listening to it while playing witcher 3, and i'm playing in ard skelig. (I know there's the same music in game but it sounds deeper on my phone)
MonsterDude (19 days ago)
0:08 Well i'll be damned if this isnt the grass theme from HOMM 4
Biggest Boye (19 days ago)
really reminded me of the outer hebrides in some places. home!
casawi1986 (20 days ago)
Best song ever.
Ahmed Hamzawy (20 days ago)
Run, Roach
Плакать хотса....
Keroloth92 (23 days ago)
Reading The Tower of the Swallow, chapter 9 while listening to this, because action is on Ard Skellig ;)
Delete Brown (23 days ago)
I am very proud that this game was created in my country. Love from Poland ❤
Zendy Yosh GAY (24 days ago)
1:09 Streamy shatty of macasata
GordonNoveto (25 days ago)
Fun fact: the piece is based on the first song of this album https://soundcloud.com/nyarcel/sets/amg-complete-celt Listen to the last few seconds (from about 1:52 on) of "Mountains of Mourn". Also basically all of HoMM4's music is from there :D
jman rob (25 days ago)
So much respect to CD Projekt Red for making this masterful work of art
Alexander T (26 days ago)
I can close my eyes and see skelligas cloudy skies when I hear this.
Seth Jones (26 days ago)
Greatest game of all time.
Helly Alatouli (27 days ago)
I don't like Skellige.. Never liked Vikings and Scandinavia even after watching Vikings which is one of my favorite shows.. But this music is wonderful!! Just LOVE it!
Emine Nursel Konal (27 days ago)
fhir a' bhàta 's tric mi sealltainn on chnoc as àirde gach àit' an téid thu dh'fheuch am faic mi fear a' bhàta gach àit' an téid thu fhir a' bhàta 's tric mi sealltainn on chnoc as àirde
Robert Conroy (27 days ago)
Malachi Norvell (28 days ago)
IF it has singing I Want to hear the singing more than music, if it is just music I want it to be calm and smooth. This is the best example. I don't want any interruptions either. The world can wait till I am done living such an atmospheric fantasy.
I still cannot wrap my head around the fact that this haunting, magical, immersion causing musical beauty is not like top five songs on official Spotify "Witcher 3" soundtrack album. How the hell is that even possible?
Alexander T (26 days ago)
Co jest kurwa ?
Netrunner (28 days ago)
Co jest top 5?
Jason Macumber (29 days ago)
I didn’t realize how epic and beautiful this game was. I bought it and never played it. Maybe it’s time
Alexander T (26 days ago)
Cherise every moment ,its a life changing game. One only of a handful .
albertber1 (28 days ago)
You'll love it. When you finally get to Skellige and you hear this song. Oh my!
귀상어 (29 days ago)
스켈리게 ost는 들을때마다 너무 쓸쓸하게 한다..위쳐의 외로운 외길을 이보다 더 잘 표현할 수 있을까..
Jevilz (30 days ago)
Skellige = Skyrim = Nord/Vikings
Zaben Mohammad (30 days ago)
All my life, I wanted to have such an adventure with so much fantasy and to actually live it, CDPR made my dream come true. Thank you is not enough and I support you all the way. Word to other vgames companies, Learn from the damned Witcher.
meyersense (30 days ago)
I always come back to this song, what a masterpiece.
Original Gaming (1 month ago)
This Music is my Favorite one ^^
Uyresoul (1 month ago)
When a soundtrack and a game brands it existence into your memory and life like the witcher 3 has for me, you just know that you have witnessed a very rare event in gaming history. Currently on my 8th play through :P.
Blackburn Whiteknight (1 month ago)
I remember this game came out the same day on which my exams got over. I played it non stop for a week to get all the ends, sometimes even playing from scratch. I just love this game. I will go back to it again when all the mods mature, and I get a better PC to max it out!
Aleksys Submaker (1 month ago)
I know, not a topical comment but... Witcher 2 had better soundtrack
Freakin Themes (1 month ago)
I think this RPG is unbeatable No One Will Beat This Game! NO ONE!! THIS GAME IS FRICKING ART
TENGU Artes Marciales (1 month ago)
401 monsters dont like this
dounga666 (1 month ago)
i miss you trish :,(
Jakub Tadla (1 month ago)
A ja sobie jeżdżę po bezdrożach skandynawskich i tego słucham. Coś niesamowitego.
Light Yagami (1 month ago)
Find me one guy who doesn't like Perfectionist. you did? now you know that guy is not a gamer but he's a trash and scrub who bangs COD all day.
Grigori Rasputin1990 (1 month ago)
fantastic game, could be a GOAT category, the DLC'S are a bit weaker but still 200 hours of immersive experience
Mohamed Tarek (1 month ago)
october 2018 anyone
Aaron Hale (1 month ago)
What language is she speaking?
Alex Ironside (1 month ago)
Like if you still have this game installed on your pc. Best game I have ever played. 2113 anyone?
Noob Saibot (1 month ago)
Wiedźmin !!!!!!!
Jack Kelly (1 month ago)
There is beautiful music in this world.... But this is the most beautiful....
Karate KIDD (1 month ago)
life as a gamer after The Witcher 3 is dull as fuck :(
Ragnar Lothbrok (1 month ago)
J.N.K Arts (1 month ago)
I was pissed that i have to leave continent to go to some island. Couple days after i was sad i have to leave Skellige hahah. Skellige better than Ibiza :D Damn, i think even Indiana Jones would love that game.
Hafiz Umais Ehtisham (1 month ago)
still listening to it and it's end of 2018 almost.
Komugi (1 month ago)
I spent countless hours just sailing.
Nerd Girl (1 month ago)
forever witcher ❤️😿
Sev (1 month ago)
When I first heard this track in the game I had to immediately turn down all other sounds in game/real life and only hear the music while roaming around Skellig. I stopped on top of a cliff and just closed my eyes, felt such an intense euphoric goosebump all over me from head to toe. For some reason it brought back memories of my childhood growing up in Germany during windy fall seasons oh how much I would give to relive those days of roaming around the forest , smell that fresh air with hint of grass and wood. Skellig reminds me of those days. Has music ever given you such feeling when you have a flashback at your life? Then you know it's a masterpiece! Music like this makes the game experience unforgettable. This track with the howling winds riding around Skellig = most epic experience in any game I've had. Definitely need to play the game over again...
Anes Ethemi (1 month ago)
the whole assayns origins and the new one cant come close to this song let alone the witcher 3 game
marks mark (1 month ago)
I'm still playing the Witcher 3 since 3 years until now
Damian Borkowski (1 month ago)
Epic BRAVO bravo Respect From Europa.
Thanuka Roshan (1 month ago)
Wish I couldn't foget the game completely.. So I can play again fresh. Best game ever!
just a random guy (1 month ago)
some people just put dislikes on anything "Damn they are ugly"
Italo Viola (1 month ago)
So good to rolldown the comments and see people who appreciate this like me. When we say that video games are art people dont take us seriously, but THIS is the greatest proof. When we pass hours and hours playing, we're not just playing, we are aprrecianting a masterpiece
Evan Singer (1 month ago)
Впервые я услышал схожий трэк в disciples 3..Есть такие же? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0DxVg3l5LzE&index=8&list=PLB29BFE8614CD0153
Jerzy Poprawa (19 days ago)
Потому что это кавер старенькой ирландской песни, а не "авторская" песня
Ole Christian Henne (1 month ago)
One off the best games of this gen
Dan Gordon (1 month ago)
First arriving in Skellige, and hearing this song was just incredible! Immersion at the highest level. Then again, most of TW3 made me feel that way!
Otosaka Yuu (1 month ago)
I sold my pc a while ago but when ı buy a new one ı'll definitely play this again and again.
Abhishek Agrawal (1 month ago)
Can someone tell me which language are the vocals in, and translation?
Abhishek Agrawal (29 days ago)
Found lyrics in a comment below. Its Scottish Gaelic apparently
Mateusz (1 month ago)
This is not polish language
Matmoz PL (1 month ago)
It's a mix of polish and witcher language don't know the translation though
Stefan Bellinger (1 month ago)
Live Changing
Cyber Detail (1 month ago)
399 dislike from player who dead when fight waterhag
just that guy (1 month ago)
you dont beat this game, you love it
Xin TV (1 month ago)
I love this ost so much
Sándor Tóth (1 month ago)
First time I came to Skellige I thought I was home.

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