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Caramel made with Sweetened Condensed Milk

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*** ALLOW cans to cool completely before opening them*** please visit us at: www.marjoriescandies.com This is "Caramel" make by cooking only condensed milk. Many people do refer to it as caramel but it really is not the real thing!! I have included this recipe on my channel because it is interesting to make. We have a recipe for real Homemade caramel - buttersctch sauce on Marjorie's Candies channel. We also have a recipe for Caramels..
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Garbled User (1 month ago)
I did this for 3 hours in a Pelton Crane OCR autoclave at 272F/30PSI. Once cool, I found the contents had tightened up and turned the color of ripe black sapote! It reached the point of maximum caramelization due to being under high pressure. There is no way to achieve this without an autoclave or pressure cooker that will do 30PSI. DO NOT VENT THE PRESSURE CHAMBER UNTIL COMPLETELY COOL OR THE CAN WILL EXPLODE!!!
Garbled User (1 month ago)
+Margie's It's No Secret Candies I repair them, and use them at home for cooking.
Thank you very much for that interesting information.  Why do you own an autoclave?  Margie
Staci Johnson (3 months ago)
Love this video
Yes, and I saw a video where they cooked it in the microwave in a glass bowl.  It took a fraction of the time.  I wrote down the recipe but I have misplaced it.  I really want to try that.  Thank you for your comment.  Margie
Kimberly M. (4 months ago)
Can this be used on Caramal apples? I love your video's by the way
https://youtu.be/zGraZtTb5QI  This is the link for Soft Caramel for dipping apples on a stick      The recipe that you have shown me here, making caramel with only condensed milk is great as a dip for sliced apples.
Use this particular recipe as a dip with sliced apples.The recipe you want is this one:  https://youtu.be/zGraZtTb5QIlet me know if I can answer any questions.
suflex (7 months ago)
Okay what did I do wrong? Mine came out really thick (jellied) and lumpy, almost looks like some badly made turkey gravy with the lumps. The taste and color are okay but not the texture. I'm guessing I over boiled them.
soft caramels and caramel apples Marjorie's candiesthat is the name of the video.
I am so glad you did that and shared it with us.  No secrets here, lol.  The idea of "doctoring it up to add flavor is wonderful.  To be honest I mostly presented the recipe because it was interesting.  Not because I liked the flavor.  So thank you for that.If you want to try a really good soft caramel check out my Soft Caramel recipe.  Marjories Candies soft caramel for apples.  I think that is it.
suflex (7 months ago)
Marjorie Vangenewitt Yeah I just put some in a small saucepan, added a little half & half and as it warmed it became creamy smooth and the lumps were gone. I still think it needs a little vanilla extract and a pinch of salt.
Sounds like you are right.  Most likely you did over cook it.  I could not say for sure but it does seems that is what happened.  Do not give up that is an easy fix.Margie
Scott Cook (10 months ago)
is it not easier to remove labels before cooking them?????
sharon olsen (10 months ago)
Who would have thought a little video about how to turn a can of sweetened condensed milk into a "caramel" tasting.. feeling.. and for all intents and purposes can be used as a caramel or caramel topping........... would result in so many negative, know it all, picky comments. Take it for what it is.. how to make a delicious confection type item. A LOT of people call it caramel .. that is what many are searching for as that is how it is known by many.. Dulce de Leche is the correct and proper term .. but so what .. really.. in the large scheme of life... does it really matter? It is going to taste good no matter what you call it. ** off soapbox ** hugs to all......... : ]
sharon olsen (10 months ago)
I actually DID try it ... later that day... and it was DEELISH! I have tons left and the only bad part about it is that it calls to me far too frequently ! LOL ; >
I agree, this is a fun recipe.  So we should just enjoy this crazy thing!!Thanks for the comment.Margie
next time plz remove the paper from the cans - it all dissolved in the water ..:/
Shiu Hana (1 year ago)
my can is already opened does it still works ?
I would have to say no.Margie
The recipe explained here is not caramel but dulce de leche, the first one is made with sugar heated until melting to which you can add water, milk, butter or cream to achieve different consistencies and uses. For the second one, follow the link and learn https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dulce_de_leche
Marjorie Vangenewitt when you make caramel the chemical process involved it’s called caramelization because only the sugars participate (the ingredients are water and sugar or even only sugar subjected to heat) with the subsequent added of butter, milk o creme to make the result more rich and creamy. When you make Dulce de Leche, the milk (in any of they commercial presentations: plain milk, evaporated milk or as in your case condensed milk) take part of the ingredients and it’s therefore that not only the caramelization occurs but also the reaction of Maillard (because proteins also participate) what does not happen when making caramel. The Dulce de Leche was made for the first time on the southern cone of South America at the end of the colonial era and from there it quickly spread to the rest of Latin America taking other names in different territories (arequipe, cajeta, doce de leite, etc), Spain and the rest of the World (but in english it’s called Dulce de Leche!). Best regards!
Thanks for the added information.  This is the info in the above link:Dulce de leche (Spanish: [ˈdulse ðe ˈletʃe]; Portuguese: doce de leite IPA: [ˈdosi dʒi ˈlejtʃi]) is a confection prepared by slowly heating sweetened milk to create a substance that derives its flavour from the Maillard reaction, also changing colour, with an appearance and flavour similar to caramel.[1] Literally translated, it means "jam [made] of milk" or "sweet [made] of milk."[2] It is a traditional Argentine, Brazilian, Chilean and Uruguayan specialty. It is very popular in many Latin American countries
Darcy Marchi (1 year ago)
Great video! Would i be able to heat this later in the microwave, out of the can of course? Id like to put it in a sauce bottle to pour hot over desserts :)
Emilia Nich (7 months ago)
+Marjorie Vangenewitt Yes it is possible to heat the can of condensed milk in a microwave and it will turn into dulce de leche, I just don't know how long it would take to heat it up though.
I would not have any idea if that was possible.  does anyone out there have any idea?Margie
LitoGeorge (1 year ago)
I boiled mine (slow boil) for an hour and four minutes. Came out just as good as the "caramel in a condensed milk can" when boiling for several hours.
LitoGeorge (1 year ago)
No, not at all. The condensed milk can was sealed. No issues, no fuss. Subsequently done something very helpful to my love handles: left 2 cans of condensed milk in a pot filled to the brim with water with a lid on, on a wood fired stove overnight. Satisfied with a check to see the water level after 1,2,3,4 hours, I felt it safe enough for the pot to go overnight. Next morning, perfect goodness......(i've done this twice now for a total of 4 cans)
That is interesting.  Did stick to the bottom of the pot at all?Margie
Jasmin Brodribb (1 year ago)
Hey Margie, thank you so much for sharing this. How runny does this "caramel" get when cool?
This is pretty thick, but not real sticky.  It is not really like real caramel.  This is what it is and a lot of people like it.BUT I do have a recipe up for real caramel and it is awesome!!Thanks for the comment.Margie
becca moses (1 year ago)
I have the same glass bowl
Mindy Pelkey (1 year ago)
ok. I did this boiled for 5 hours and mine isn't nearly as dark
den escalona (1 year ago)
can i leave it by 1 hour and 30 minutes?
den escalona (1 year ago)
can i leave it by 1 hour and 30 minutes?
Rozy Roan (1 year ago)
where has this recipe been all my life lol
TicTac72 (2 years ago)
Hi Margie! Thanks for sharing! Which caramel recipe do you use for dipping pretzels? Thanks 😊
Not this one!!!Look up my caramel apple recipe.That is a soft real caramel.Very glad that you asked!Margie
Sharron Bfree (2 years ago)
doesn't the plastic seep into the caramel?
Jen Watson (1 year ago)
its in a can. metal,not plastic.
Nej Salinas (2 years ago)
Hi. How long will it last? thank you.
Corinne Clarke (1 year ago)
Nej Salinas You can store this in your Refrigerator for a year if you put it in a Container it will last 6 months
Not sure...due to it's sweetness, probably a few weeks in the fridge.Margie
ARIEL RAYE (2 years ago)
If you whip this could you ice a cake with it.
I have never whipped this.  I doubt that it would fluff up, but it probably would hurt to try it.If you do let us know how it is.Thanks,Margie
Monica Davis (2 years ago)
Can I use it to ice a cake
nunu magee (1 year ago)
Monica Davis yes you can😊
The Survivalist (2 years ago)
I use my electric pressure cooker and it only takes 1 hour, I add a little butter once it is cooled.
Jesse Roberts (2 years ago)
Can you put the condensed milk into decorative canning jars and then boil them?  It would make a nice gift for the caramel lover.
Linda N (4 months ago)
Yes but try 6 to 8 hours in your slow cooker instead of boiling for 3 hours
Jesse Roberts (2 years ago)
It turned out great. I will be making more for Christmas baskets for coworkers
Jesse Roberts (2 years ago)
I'm going to try it this weekend. Will let you know how it goes. Thanks
What a great idea.  I have never done that, but I do not see why it would not work.I do not know if the cans would be processed properly.  Therefore I would refrigerate the jars after they cool. Margie
Oceanic Blues (2 years ago)
Hi Marjorie, the simplest and fastest way is place the cans in a pressure cooker with water covering the cans and let it cook for 20 minutes. Same result instead of 3 to 4 hrs.
Oceanic Blues (2 years ago)
Hi it works perfectly. No wastage of cooking fuel. Just see that the can properly sealed and is immersed in water and heat is medium so that water doesnt dry out quickly . Have been doing it for years. If you want it lighter pressure cook for 15 mins, if very dark 25-30 mins. If you are afraid , the first time you are doing it , stop it after 10 mins and check water levels and again continue for ten mins. You will be amazed at the time saved.
hani rahman (2 years ago)
hi there, is it work? won't explode? 😂😂😂
James Williams (3 years ago)
CHAD marsh (3 years ago)
Thank you Chad.  Do you know about the storing on the shelf In the pantry, because I do not know the answer for superdrizzle. Margie
superdrizzle7 (3 years ago)
+CHAD marsh does it remain solid at room temp? Can you make the carmel sauce and not open the can and leave the can of carmel in the pantry?
Lyle Nicholson (3 years ago)
This is also known as Dulce de Leche and this method has been around for many decades. Some southern cooks use it as an icing for caramel cake though it's not a true icing consistency. You could probably add some confectioner's sugar to get it to that state, but most just use it as is.
Julian Gimenez (3 years ago)
Marjorie in argentina we used this Caramel made with Sweetened Condensed Milk a LOT we lovet an iis in every store
Princess _12 (3 years ago)
can i do it just for 1 hour
No,  I would not do that.  It is probably best to cook for 3 hours.
Bottle Blonde (3 years ago)
Very helpful. Thanks M!
Annabel Cunningham (3 years ago)
Is this good for caramel apples?
superdrizzle7 (3 years ago)
+Marjorie Vangenewitt Can I cook the Carmel and then cool to room temp and store in the pantry without opening?
No this would not be good for dipping  apples on sticks.Visit our channel for a wonderful soft caramel, perfect for apples on sticks.This recipe made with the evaporated milk would be nice for dipping apple piece in just as a dipping type sauce.
The can need to be closed otherwise it will burn!Be careful...please.Margie
Baha Hfaied (3 years ago)
what if already oppened the can :3 ?
You are very welcome.  I hope that you enjoy this.Margie
Grace (3 years ago)
This is great, thank you for sharing
Fizz Ed (3 years ago)
Thanks so much.
jaye (3 years ago)
It might not technically be caramel but its similar and tastes great!
Jinggay Etea (3 years ago)
good for you . Well mine didn't work
skrrr skrrr (3 years ago)
#needtotrythis :translation I need to try this
Gamiel The Manipulator (4 years ago)
pinkfreud62 (3 years ago)
+Mroker It really left your speechless, lol.
Gamiel The Manipulator (4 years ago)
You didn't make caramel. Its dulce de leche. Which is heated condensed milk, caramel is heated sugar. Idc who you are but get your shit straight before posting a video that made you feel clever. Fuckin tool.
kneecaps (1 year ago)
You filthy %$#@&JU*&!!
Annabel Cunningham (3 years ago)
It's similar to caramel, and it's not like she just killed someone. Calm down
Paul Scholar (3 years ago)
Why so hateful? I learned a new option for creating a treat. You can call it what you want, but get over yourself. You showed us who's the real tool in this comment section.
Jordan Birk (3 years ago)
+Mroker get a life! At least she is sharing something worthwhile. Your comments wasted everyone's time. Get over yourself. Cool down, breathe in and eat some caramel.
Kika Cordova (4 years ago)
People that's not caramel that's mexican cajeta.. u can call it Mexican caramel... it is way better then caramel it self enjoy!
SUSIE Peterson-LaLonde (4 years ago)
Awesome idea, love the tip about storing unopened can in the fridge as well that way I can have it on hand tucked away without hubby knowing.  He would eat by the spoonfuls if he found my stash.  
Roni Doria (3 years ago)
trinisun (4 years ago)
This was yummy yummy in my tummy ;-)
Morpheus X (4 years ago)
I boiled the can of condensed milk for 3 hours and then let it cool for about 2 hours and when I opened it, it was a super thick - almost peanut butter-like in it's density and texture, but oh, so rich. I spread it on crackers and when I took a bite, it was pandemonium... Unbelievably delicious...
Sam MaC (4 years ago)
+Marjorie Vangenewitt if I put powered sugar with this, would it make a good cake icing?
nickesha powell (3 years ago)
It would make it delightful (if what i sad made sense)
Mydoona (4 years ago)
i put my can in boiling water and after an hour I had to go out so I turned it off but left the can in the hot water.....came back two hours later and boiled it for another 1 and half hours...do you think it would be done? I am scared to open it in case it hasn't turned into caramel.
ronie327 (2 years ago)
Jamie Daniel I'm sure you can open it now. :P
Patron (4 years ago)
3 hours??!?? Much more convenient and cheaper to purchase it ready from the store. Considering time and gas/electric consumption.
Linda N (4 months ago)
Do it slow cooker
Roni Doria (3 years ago)
if u want to save gas or electricity cook it in a charcoal u know kalan de uling.
Summertimefairy borias (3 years ago)
+Zavzava use  crockpot let it cook for 8 hours.... oh my bad you'll waste electricity...LOL...anywho...id rather make it then buy the one loaded with crap in it
AussieBlokeGordo (3 years ago)
+Zavzava Might not have caramel at the store, also it cost something like 4 times the amount for caramel than condensed milk does.
bkpickell (4 years ago)
+Zavzava You said convenient. What is so "Inconvenient" about putting a can in boiling water? There is that better?
Helmi Caster (4 years ago)
does it taste good? i wanna try it but afraid i might not like the end result
pinkfreud62 (3 years ago)
+Helmi Caster So? Walmart sells a can for a $1.50. If you don't like it - pitch it. How ya gonna know if you don't try it??
Paula Olaya (4 years ago)
Helo, just wanted to clear out that this is dulce de leche.. it is not the same thing as caramel. The process of caramelization consists of heating sugar slowly to around 170 °C it has no milk in it.
ronie327 everyone?, this is Dulce de Leche all over the world even in the US!, call it another way it's as if a video was made cooking mac and cheese and in it it’s said that it’s called Soupe Française (the same folly)
ronie327 (2 years ago)
Paula Olaya the. :/ there's always one... and everyone calls it caramel...
Paula Olaya (4 years ago)
+Priscilla Hollingbird Sure i've tasted it, it's a typical candy in muy country as well as in Argentina, México, etc. It's literal translation to english would be "sweet of milk". I just thought it was weird they would call it caramell since they are quite different.
Priscilla Hollingbird (4 years ago)
Have u tasted it? It tastes,feels , n looks like CarameL... It also makes one of the best caramel cakes for a Happy Thanksgiving!!! :-)
bkpickell (4 years ago)
haha.. I was thinking the same thing. I was thinking this can't be caramel as much as it looks like it, it just can't be it. There isn't near enough sugar in it.
RuthMarie Land (4 years ago)
I am so sorry but I do not know the answer to either of those question.  My guess would be don't do it in either case.
elbowroomtube (5 years ago)
Fantastic! :) Can you put the cooked cans into the refrigerator to cool down quickly and then open one up? What is the consistency of a really cold can? Can you make caramel candy with this? Thanks!!
Jadaaa07 (5 years ago)
This was uploaded on my bday
vakasPastando (5 years ago)
This is the argentinian dulce de leche isn't it?
Abby T (6 months ago)
Yeah or Dominican or Mexican
Pablo Garcia (4 years ago)
yes it is :D
Vanessa Jones (5 years ago)
its yummy on apples :D
nickesha powell (3 years ago)
Yummy apples am 10 years old and my mom would not be happy if she seen me doing things I am doing this yummy apples
I could really see how that  would be very good, because this is not iccy, sticky or gooey.  It is more of a pudding. Thanks for the great idea. Margie
helena heredia (5 years ago)
Spread the arequipe (in Spanish, Colombian traditional sweet) in the middle of a chocolate cake and trust me, is unique the flavor, DELICIOUS !!!!!
Until you do not feel any heat when you pick up the can.
xXSnazyAbbyXx (5 years ago)
how long do u wait before you can open up the cans?
Divas Lace Wigs (5 years ago)
Loved it! Worked perfectly! Tastes delicious! http://www.divaslacewigs.com
Garry Perkins (5 years ago)
This is great.
Mrscreative47 (5 years ago)
Food we eat, products we put in our hair and on our body. If you read some of the ingredients that are in some of the stuff we by you probably already have cancer cell growing in us. Just think about kids born with cancer ad have even tried the caramel sauce but there mom might have while pregnant or my dad had to many sinus problems and had to get on meds. Whatever the case we all have tainted products we use everyday. Boiling a can to make caramel will not save you from getting sick if it's already in you.  
AMVS-DxD (1 year ago)
On the side of the can the ingredients read simply: *MILK, SUGAR* That's it that's all Don't eat any if you don't want to. More for me
ronie327 (2 years ago)
Mrscreative47 then don't eat it... duh
bkpickell (4 years ago)
+Ryan Guffy It's not caramel. Sorry that sounded a little arrogant. I wasn't trying to be. But I agree with. The commenter on this one is out there in left field.
Ryan Guffy (4 years ago)
Who said anything about cancer or health risk from caramel sauce? lol
Nanda Anindita (5 years ago)
will it be a caramel too if i just open the can, put the milk in a pot and just cook it? 3 1/2 hours is way too long for me.
Jessica Rosas (4 years ago)
+bkpickell Caramel does, have, milk, or cream , or half n half in it. If its just sugar it makes toffee ! You are misleading also
bkpickell (4 years ago)
It doesn't matter how you do it, it will never be caramel. The title is misleading. Caramel has no milk in it. It's made with sugar.
Sandy Tran (4 years ago)
No it won't it's something I make its really good spill all the condensed milk inside the water mix it then close the pot for 3-4 hours then it turns into something Vietnamese people like including me and my family I can't spell it but its like this gi oui then put it in bags then put it in the freezer overnight and taste it I'll garentee you'll love it
Cyrus Tabery (5 years ago)
Nice, my grandmother made this and mixed lumps of it into whipping cream. So decedent, thanks for helping me remember her.
Hưng Anh Nguyễn (2 months ago)
Cyrus Tabery a
Jessica Christy (5 years ago)
You can do this in a crockpot over night so no babysitting in needed. longer you cook it the thinker it gets!
latonya southall (5 years ago)
In history reports, credit is given to France in the thirdteenth century. Some people make sweet milk in ovens and different ways. Being from Argentina doesn't make this a fact. People call it caramel because it begins to caramelize the milk
TheLovie999 (5 years ago)
The brown colour comes probably from the disolved inner liner lacquer coating of the tin.
oldHarmony (5 years ago)
For double broiler method; I'd use the top part a glass bowl to pour and stir for along time. Fyi..just for the folks that are wanting to be sure safety. Smile
oldHarmony (5 years ago)
Margie have you tried Evaporated milk? I think I'm going to try to see the flavor and texture difference. Thk you
6153calme (5 years ago)
saw this (not the boil the can method) on PBS' PATTY' S MEXICAN TABLE, she said they ate this (the way she fixed it) as their candy
Bruna M (5 years ago)
we call it doce de leite / dulce de leche, but I wouldn't call it caramel! :D
Shahanara Hussain (5 years ago)
Hey thank u for ur recipe! I jus tried it, it was delicious but not a saucy consistency, more like fudge...did I keep it in the water for too long?!:/
jmusic45 (5 years ago)
this would be good to pour over a chocolate cake, a small cake like 8x8. I have a friend who uses this method to make caramel cake. Just pour it between layers, then pour all over the outside of the cake. I've tasted it and it's good.
Chrissy Tee (5 years ago)
aw bless you and your cotton socks marjie!
Kevin Boaz (5 years ago)
that's all nice, but we live here and we'll call it caramel pudding
ima heaux (5 years ago)
I tried to make caramel from scratch before and it was a miserable failure. I followed your technique here and I ended up with some of the most amazing caramel sauce I have ever had. I poured it over my French toast. Thank you so much!
ZeroFtprnt (5 years ago)
So funny, "Owch! Owch!" Just adore here. Name sounds like my favourite herb too.
Vicolmoraes (5 years ago)
in brazil is "doce de leite"
Vicolmoraes (5 years ago)
in brazil we doesn't call this of caramel, we call of milk candy, and is very common here..
This is more of a thick pudding. Try the soft caramel recipe on our channel
James G. (5 years ago)
When it refrigerates what is the consistency? I am looking for a more thick after cooking at room temperature and a sort of gooey solid. to make caramel disks for use in a brownie recipe for the centers.
Sam Jumping (5 years ago)
wow! so cool and easy to make!
Yasmin Ele (5 years ago)
I love it! I use this for Banoffeepie and its just amazing.
Jocelyn Romero (5 years ago)
we eat this in latin america all the time! its called dulce de leche o manjarblanco!
trelewense91 (5 years ago)
this is called "dulce de leche", (in English: sweet milk) and this from Argentina and elsewhere in Latin America. Its history dates back to the fourteenth century. in fact it is notmade with condensed milk in cans, but leaving sweetened milk in a pot, heating for a long time and beating. I am from Argentina.
Michael C (5 years ago)
Food cans are made of steel, which is the same metal that most pots and pans are made of. There's not a thing wrong with cooking in it. I'm not quite sure how or why aluminum came into the discussion.
tosillyforwords (5 years ago)
It can be made outside the can using a double boiler it takes a little while though and in my opinion taste better
THP (5 years ago)
Looks awesome! A softer consistency makes it just that much easier to pour on ice cream!
It really is not like caramel. It is more like a very sweet pudding.
gschile (5 years ago)
When it gets cold, it's pretty thicken (or it should be). And no, it's nothing like caramel; in my country we call it "manjar" or "dulce de leche", and is like the only thing that can competes with nutella
Miss_Me_Wit_It1995 (5 years ago)
Great idea Marjorie!! Was wondering if it tasted just like caramel and is it to thin to use as an icing? If it is to thin, how can I thicken it up so I can use it as a frosting?
Morgan McGill (5 years ago)
I am trying this as we speak!!!! Can't wait until it is done!!!!!
Great info for our readers thank you, Margie
Jenny (5 years ago)
in terms of aluminium, the unanodised kind can leach when it is heated and in contact with acidic or salty foods. it is because it is a highly malleable and reactive conductant. when scratched or compromised by acidic foods, it will undergo sacrificial protection by oxidising top layer. hard anodised aluminium is fine. if you're using any old copper pots for cooking, that can leach into food too.
Does that also include the metal pots we cook in, all the aluminum disposable pans like turkey roasters and brownie/cake pans. Metal teapots we b oil water in etc.? Thanks for watching. Margie
Jenny (5 years ago)
you're right, its not good to heat things in metals because it may leach into the food :)
Brian J (5 years ago)
I did not know this!! Marjorie is a Bauce
Pam Perry (5 years ago)
what is 1/2 and 1/2 is it 1/2 cream 1/2 milk

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