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Magic Milk Straws 36-Count Bulk Pack

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Buy here: http://www.vat19.com/dvds/magic-milk-straws.cfm?adid=youtube ** Before everyone starts screaming, "REUPLOAD!", please note that we are quite aware that we have already made a video for the Magic Milk Straw. However, we created this video specifically for the new 36-pack that is available exclusively at Vat19.com. This bulk package is being promoted nationally in conjunction with Thermos® and we simply couldn't pass up the opportunity to make another video for this amazing product. ** Please subscribe to our channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/vat19com Hundreds more curiously awesome products at: http://www.vat19.com/?adid=youtube ******************* Magic Milk Straws are low in sugar, lactose-free, gluten-free, preservative-free, and have zero fat and cholesterol. They're such a great way to encourage milk drinking that the Milk Processor Board lent their Got Milk? brand to the product! We currently offer 6-packs (all six of one particular flavor) as well as two bulk assortment packs. This video promotes the 36 pack which currently includes 18 x Chocolate and 18 x Strawberry Magic Milk Straws. All straws are single-use. ********************** To check out the latest curiously awesome products from Vat19.com, click here: http://www.vat19.com/dvds/showproducts.cfm?action=new&adid=youtube For the most popular items on Vat19, click here: http://www.vat19.com/dvds/showproducts.cfm?action=popular&adid=youtube
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Text Comments (9104)
KEVIN GAMER 007 (1 day ago)
Luigi death stare :v 0:14
*TWEES* (2 days ago)
when i was young i kept watching these videos....this was my addiction hahaha
I’m drinking milk with a magic milk straw now-
Leon Phoenix (3 days ago)
Where we get magic milk starws. I whant it. I love strawberry one. I wish i can buy it
Clarke Fine (3 days ago)
I had these when I was a baby, my parents would buy them and I would grab like 3 and have a “Milkshake Sensation.” (that’s what I called it. XD)
TheNinJustice (3 days ago)
Wonder what happens when you try it with water...
hunterjoestar (3 days ago)
this was the first video i watched of vat19 lol
JoJo Da Rapper (3 days ago)
Re upload
SuccySuccy (7 days ago)
I dont know why bur that looked natural with a adult women and a adult women acting like a family
OrangeCalvin321 (9 days ago)
0:04 NNOOO!!!
Addison Hewitt (9 days ago)
I love it
Coco_ 278 (10 days ago)
👎🏻bad vid
Bob Ross (10 days ago)
Just put vanilla extract and natural sugar in your milk
Vemala Sinappan (12 days ago)
There was a chew chew train cup in the video
dymetro 92xnx (12 days ago)
0:04 no
super spy misson (13 days ago)
I used to love these but now there off the shelves
FireBalls Fireworks (14 days ago)
When I was little I loved milk... why am I so weird.....
Harry Potter (15 days ago)
The straws lactose free part is slightly self defeating, as lactose is present in most milks.
TweetyDude owo (16 days ago)
That’s how moms force kids to listen
severn j (16 days ago)
"lactos free"
markiplier lover (16 days ago)
My mom: come drink your miilllkk! Me: BITCH NO my mom: but i have a magic milk straw! Me: *zooms over* BITCH GIMME THAT
Lilacz_Playz Gacha (16 days ago)
Or You could go to *ASDA* aand Buy it for *£1*
Filip Demian (16 days ago)
Why are those straws lactose free if you put them in milk?
Alyson Lethbridge (17 days ago)
Come drink your milk sweetie NO
Lelster LeL (17 days ago)
Milk is already great you ideots
紅豆 (17 days ago)
0:03 if I yell like this to my mum, I'll be killen by her😂
James Games (17 days ago)
William Preston (17 days ago)
What happens if I put it in water and drink it
The stuck Dog (17 days ago)
Roadbuster Reviews (17 days ago)
0:03 im dying of laughter!
John Patrick Fernandez (18 days ago)
Anime Zach (20 days ago)
Alice Gaming (20 days ago)
Lol joey says no
Naudy 4 (23 days ago)
Got milk?
Tala dc (23 days ago)
1:06 I'm happy it's a bumblebee bag
Gacha KitKat (23 days ago)
They don't work or my taste buds are dead XC
Sydney Burnett (23 days ago)
Whenever Ms. Grundy from Riverdale is in a episode 0:03
ani gammy (24 days ago)
That NO! Tho 😂
Crystal Flame (24 days ago)
0:04 replay button :3
Windows Longhorn (24 days ago)
0:00 oh hey there stewie! wait a second.... why are you so big
Master Playz1975 (25 days ago)
W got that at our Wal-Mart
Ice Cream (26 days ago)
I still buying these magic wands since 2013
JMSE 2303 (27 days ago)
Vat 19 i dare you, drink tea with magic milk straws if you agree
i'ma litten meow (27 days ago)
0:04 no
PotterheadPug (27 days ago)
0:04 **When your brother touches your Doritos smeared In cheese** *"NO"*
Galaxy awesome Girl (28 days ago)
Rex fulla (29 days ago)
Is this a re-uploud
Judy L (30 days ago)
What are flavour beads?!?!
Zakir Sherazi (30 days ago)
Hypernova XTREME (30 days ago)
0:03 NO!!!!
JulianDaGod (30 days ago)
one question... What happens when the milk beads disappear?
Chewy YT (1 month ago)
Try water!
Alex PR (1 month ago)
0:43 are those fake hands!?
Nikodem Kraszewski (1 month ago)
I eat the beads XD
Glenda Geronaga (1 month ago)
Drink it with water
Constant chaos CO (1 month ago)
Wait... I already like milk am I the only one?
wolf fam! (1 month ago)
They dont work .
Ilaakshi Saha (1 month ago)
But isn’t milk lactose intolerant?
Alien Hashbrown (1 month ago)
What if I use two straws in one cup of milk?
Flappy chicken (1 month ago)
Hey vat19 the magic milk straws are real good thanks
Javier Rojas (1 month ago)
0:03 no
Susie D (1 month ago)
What’s in the straws?
Kyle Aquino (1 month ago)
(For me its almost the end of my term break) Mom: im excited for your school! Me: ... 0:04 0:04 0:04
Max Middleshirtz (1 month ago)
Joey is a national treasure
VladMad Vasquez (1 month ago)
Might as well make it 40
M4sked (1 month ago)
I got 36 of these for only a dollar.
Gaming with Jahirlopez (1 month ago)
What if the beads in the straws fall out and they choke on it
Karoliina Nauha (1 month ago)
0:04 Joey did that!?😂🤣😂
Minecraft Gamer (1 month ago)
Girl:honey Boy:yes Girl:do you hate me Boy:no Girl:will you be my husband Boy:yes Girl:honey Read backwards right now (:
Tajul Haizreel (1 month ago)
Potato Duck (1 month ago)
*milk straws are fat*
My first Channel (1 month ago)
Buy this at vat 19.com Me: 0:03
when I was little-er i used those
APug ThatsCute (1 month ago)
So my friend was drinking coke... and he took my magic milk straws instead and... you know he drank the coke with a magic milk straw
KK Productions (1 month ago)
Mom: Come Drink Your Milk Sweetie Kid: No Mom: But I Got A Magic Milk Straw Kid's Mind: 😃 Whadda You Say Nigga
Park Chim chim (1 month ago)
Park Chim chim (1 month ago)
Mom: Drink your milk sweetie. Boy: NOOO! Mom: But I got a million dollars. Boy: *takes magic milk straw happily*
TigerClaw (1 month ago)
This is my favorite video from vat19. His hat and the way he says NO!!! makes me laugh every time.
Ash YT (16 days ago)
PhoenixUltimateGamer [PUG] his name is Joey.
NHAN NGUYEN (1 month ago)
Exploding Hedgehog (1 month ago)
Just what we need in this world. More one time use plastic straws. Don't get me wrong, I loved this, but can't you make them reusable, it just sell the flavor beads?
Lion Star (1 month ago)
Who else noticed the cross promo
Pierre Balanay (1 month ago)
I want it so bad but mum.......
indianafuji (1 month ago)
I just like normal milk not trying to be mean
Serenity Williams (1 month ago)
0:03 No!
Sykes Malvern (1 month ago)
I love your products they work their amazing!!!!!!!
Glad Tzivel (1 month ago)
So basically sugar packed straws?
Savage Assain (1 month ago)
2018 energy one
Dank Memes (1 month ago)
I had these as a kid
Alice Angel (1 month ago)
Oooo! I choose chocolate milk straw!
NikkiandAndy (1 month ago)
0:04 repeat of saying “NO!!”
Tammy The Tomato (1 month ago)
Beserk Cheeto (1 month ago)
I so remember these when I was younger! My Mom had a whole container of them in our pantry in hopes to get me into liking milk. It worked, too.
The Doge Guy TDG (1 month ago)
I remember those
jwbays_kids ! (1 month ago)
0:59 chew chew train mug
Jodi Gavano (1 month ago)
I miss this kind of vat19
Nizham Rafa Lazuardi (1 month ago)
SuperYoshiSam (1 month ago)
Joey reminds me of shayne topp, like if u agree
Madam Rabbit (1 month ago)
Ever since I was little, I hate flavored milk, i prefer the fresh milk
Jayla's Adventures (1 month ago)

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