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Top 5 Funny Blind Man Pranks Competition

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Top 5 Funny Blind Man Pranks Competition Joe Tv Pranks is one of the most watched, credible and respected YouTube channel for Pranks and Comedy in general. This is the place where you can find the most hilarious Pranks and Compilations. We only feature the best of the best, we hope that our channel becomes part of your every-day life / Enjoy :) ⚠️Disclaimer: ➡️ All Rights Belong To The Respective Owner. I am Not an Claimant. ➡️ Monetization is disabled on the channel. ➡️ No ads or any other commerce in panks content. ➡️ I do not make profit from Pranks content. ➡️ If you want the video to be deleted, please write to me, Thanks you in advance (For The Copyright Owner). Email: [email protected] If you haven't subscribed already, remember to subscribe for the best Pranks content :) #blindman #prank #compilation
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Prank TV (1 month ago)
*These 10 Scary Pranks Will Make You Sht Yourself💩* https://youtu.be/8MpziuFbeeA
Prank TV (1 month ago)
I Put the winners on my story yesterday
Dipesh K (1 month ago)
Where is the give away dude
Plucky Chart (1 month ago)
Jixcx (1 month ago)
Great video bro, keep it up
Prank TV (1 month ago)
Thanks man Really appreciate You Comment Bro❤❤

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