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Disney Dads and their Daughters- "My Little Girl"

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This was a video made for my dad for Father's Day. So, I hope everyone enjoys it, and remember to give your dads a hug. Disclaimer: Clips Courtesy of: The Walt Disney Co. Song: "My Little Girl" Performed By: Tm McGraw
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ayalaperez1994 (4 months ago)
DAMMIT! THE ENDING WITH ARIEL AND TRITON!!! "I love you Daddy" God, breaks my heart and makes me cry every time! Someone get rid of the damn onions already!
Hannah Horne (4 months ago)
I never knew my biological father Dec 15 that's his anniversary of his death I love you Dad RIP
Cassidy Mcdowell (5 months ago)
My dad did drugs i didnt see him i cry every night about him
KatyBoe Baty (1 year ago)
My dad hates me.
Lovely i loved
I love this song and the pictures
I never forgot to you Danny you take care of me and my sister thank you for everything
Anna Perales (1 year ago)
as i little girl my uncle raised me my mom would not let me see my dad and worst was she didn't raised me. i miss many memories with my dad. i search for him and found out he died . i still remember him . it was hard getting married and not having my dad , by my side. i saw my mom and she told me , she was mad because my dad had an affair , . i was angry , she was a bad mom and she pulled the best parent from us.
Hannah Borrell (1 year ago)
This should've included The Great Prince from Bambi. The entire movie of Bambi 2 was him actually becoming a dad when Bambi's mum... well you all know what happens. :'(
Hannah Borrell (1 year ago)
Oh! You're right!
Merlow Brony (1 year ago)
Hannah Borrell but in this video only daughters and their daddies
CrystalOtaku93 (1 year ago)
I wanna hug my dad now! damnit!
Addison DeHaven (1 year ago)
Me and my dad have a good relationship but still made me cry. I love him
Addison DeHaven (1 year ago)
I know I cried at the end so sweet
Rosa Blood (1 year ago)
After 18 years I finally got to talk to my dad this morning and I can't tell u how much I listened to this song thinking about my dad.
cubeus19 (2 years ago)
Aimee Disney (2 years ago)
Alejandra Gamez (2 years ago)
I get happy seeing people with their dads but I cry because he did the worst horrible thing to me...I will never have my quinceañera dance with her father nor at my wedding.
ąnjałi måřaj (2 years ago)
Alejandra Gamez :( sounds sad
Alli B (3 years ago)
I cried so hard!!! :' ) -Ally
Hailey Canfield (3 years ago)
I cried
Kaliyah Lampkin (3 years ago)
Dad I love you waaaaaaaaaaaa
Bijou123g (4 years ago)
Such a nice song:) this is the only country song I like:)
Fatima Gonzalez (4 years ago)
1:43? But anyway nice vid my dad died 1 month ago...... :( I miss him!!!
Julianne Crider (4 years ago)
I miss my dad we don't hangout as much anymore but I love him.
Sharon Inks (4 years ago)
Caroline Campbell (4 years ago)
This just makes me want to run and hug and kiss my dad right now.
Angela Mishler (4 years ago)
That made me tear up a bit, so beautiful. Now I have to show my dad.
moiichii (4 years ago)
Aw , it's so cute... me and my dad arn't that close , but this video makes me love my dad. It's so cute , so many feels! ;')
velvet sequoia (4 years ago)
amazing! It was so wonderful =D
Taylor Neal (4 years ago)
my dad left me when I was 4 this made me cry
Hannah Horne (1 year ago)
Mine gave me up
ąnjałi måřaj (2 years ago)
Taylor Neal sorry for you :(
Melissa Mull (4 years ago)
Totally not crying. Nope, not me. Don't know what you're talking about. Shut up.
Miss_Capsi _1_ (2 years ago)
anjali maraj i think it was a joke
ąnjałi måřaj (2 years ago)
Melissa Mull hey ! just because your not crying does not mean its not nice
Kassie Cochran (4 years ago)
Kassie Cochran (4 years ago)
I relly miss my dad I'm 9 and this made me
Claire Dee (4 years ago)
I'd give anything to be able to give my precious Dad a huge hug. Sleep tight Dad xxx
Jennica Mae (4 years ago)
So going to be my father-daughter dance at my wedding. I love my daddy :)
LightningStorm1349 (4 years ago)
Son of a bitch, i just cried my eyes out. I lost my dad when I was younger and he was my best friend. I miss him...more than anything
Sasha Tyan (4 years ago)
Kamarin Morris (5 years ago)
Made me cry my dads in jail and i'm a daddy's girl!
Rinee Hozumi (1 year ago)
I'm a daddys girl too. Mine lives far away though since him and my mom are divorced...
Jazy Jaxi (5 years ago)
Okay, just cried...
Juan Chavez (5 years ago)
I don't know why but when Ariel said at the end"I love you daddy,"it actually made me cry I know why but yeah that part really did make me cry.love this video,awesome job just beautiful!
Natalie Perez (2 years ago)
Juan Chavez lol I low key cried too
jetli80 (5 years ago)
If I had a girl, she is going to be daddy's little princess. Sorry wife baby girl is above all.
Snowy Shine (5 years ago)
This is so sweet!
Clarissa Wong (5 years ago)
I think Iam gonna call my dad and tell I love him.
AimiUzumaki (5 years ago)
Ahhh! The feels... Ending it with "I love you, Daddy..." Too perfect.
Brittany Weaver (5 years ago)
beautiful video and song <3
MsMonkeymen (5 years ago)
Yes me too <3
RainbowCakes (5 years ago)
I love my dad, He is The Best Dad you Could ask for.
Mari Car (5 years ago)
awww.. beautiful :)
Bex wolf (5 years ago)
wolf girl (5 years ago)
I got a step dad but not a real dad and no it is not the same to have a step dad as a real dad
Alice (5 years ago)
beautiful makes me actually wish i had a dad
Missqueenfairy (5 years ago)
I'm now crying like a baby.
gooldai roopchan (5 years ago)
I wished my dad loved me but I don't care any more couse I gotta step dad that does
Larkin Gray (5 years ago)
I only wish my dad loved me..
cool cody (5 years ago)
This is cute ^_^ I still dont know why I am here...
Gabagail11 (5 years ago)
I love this I love my daddy!
Jennica Mae (5 years ago)
I shared it on myh facebook as well for my dad and all my friends to see and share with there dads. Love this video so much!
Disneysongsaregreat (5 years ago)
Did Tiana's dad died? she looked sad
E Rossi (5 years ago)
It came from Enchanted.
Missy Conboy (6 years ago)
omg... so beautiful brought tears to my eyes it's amazing
Tiffany Dawn (6 years ago)
No atlantis??
Azaelia Silmarwen (6 years ago)
SarahShapeShifter (6 years ago)
What movie was 1:42 - 1:56 from? I didn't recognize it.
Becca Gregory (4 months ago)
SarahShapeShifter Enchanted
MeOhSugerMay (6 years ago)
Triton is without a doubt my favorite disney dad ironic since mine is burried in the ocean. ^^ It was a good video! Made me smile. :)
ariesgirl2002 (6 years ago)
Such a cute video u made!
Danielle C (6 years ago)
As heart wrenching as it is and how beautiful, not every daughter can be their father's little girl, my father was very neglectful, until I was five I didn't even know I had a father my mother was my biggest support factor growing up. But still this wonderfully done and quite beautiful
magicrider2014 (6 years ago)
i just lost my dad in late august and this video made me realize how much i miss having to father to look up too
RosalieWoods (6 years ago)
I am getting married in a week and I have just this minute decided that this is going to be my father/daughter dance :) made me tear up like a baby
IamGAIA (6 years ago)
This reminds me of how much I love my father! this song is for you <3
h0rsel0verme (6 years ago)
I love this song! This video was amazing and made me cry. My Daddy left us when I was 2 years old and 13 years later, I still hardly see him. But I'll always be his baby girl.
OreoCupcakeFace (6 years ago)
Cried. Its beautiful.
ETBUTigress (6 years ago)
DOes ANYONE else notice that Jasmin's dad, has a white bread but black eyebrows??? I find that strange, but anyway this was a beautiful video
LadyAmalthia15 (6 years ago)
Thanks =)
Malloy R (6 years ago)
LadyAmalthia15 (6 years ago)
1:49 ?
Malloy R (6 years ago)
This song hits me hard all the time. I love my daddy so much :')
Hattie Dame (7 years ago)
I held it together until Ariel said, "I love you, Daddy," and I just bawled...
ariesgal1991 (7 years ago)
I didn't cry at all *sniff* *sniff* Good job.
GerBearLovesYou (7 years ago)
when i heard this song mi eyes were FULL of water so i raced to the bathroom and cried everytime this song sayd "my beautiful baby from the outside in" i almost cried n the scene from enchanted with morgan and her dad it made me think of me and mi dad when i was little BEST SONG EVA!!! <3
OreoCupcakeFace (7 years ago)
Songs like this really make you feel grateful for still having your parents by your side. I thank God everyday for keeping my family safe. Even if you don`t believe in God.
crystaladept (7 years ago)
This video actually made me want to cry... To those of you with dads still... charish what you have. When it gone...
twlghtprncss (7 years ago)
Yep, I cried T^T
kristina tollefson (7 years ago)
i so love this video it so cute and sweet
DisneyTriviaBuff (7 years ago)
@theganggang1 I feel your pain! I am also a bit dissapointed because FantaisiaGodess7 left out my favourite Disney Father/Daughter (Cinderella and her father) Other than that, this video was SO lovely!
FantasiaGoddess7 (7 years ago)
@iristhevampiress Thank you for your kind words and for sharing the video with your family. It means a lot to an artist to know how much you touch others with your work. In response to your comment on Simba and Kiara, while I do agree that they are a wonderful Father/ Daughter pair, I'm not big on using sequels, unless they're done on the same scale or better as the original. I may change my mind in the future tho. But, I did want to respond to your comment, and thank you once again.
iristhevampiress (7 years ago)
This is so beautiful in fact, I shared it on Facebook for my Dad along with all my friends & family members to view in celebration of Father's Day. I've always been a Daddy's Girl, but noticed several pairings that didn't make the cut in this video. Not that I'm complaining since the song is too short to show all of them. Although I immediately thought of Simba & Kiara from Lion King 2: Simba's Pride before I watched this, but oh well. Very nicely done just the same, I loved it!^^
Victoria Smith (8 years ago)
omg im gna cry!!! this makes me soo happy to be close to my dad. Alot of my friends arent but i am and i feel sooo lucky!!!! *tear*
ThiaPhine (8 years ago)
now i recognize that most of the disney characters have no mothers any more 0.o
belziebub (8 years ago)
I will never lose sight of what is important as I am the most important thing in my life therefore I will always take care of myself
Hugemickeyfan (8 years ago)
I'm sooo sorry :( he will always be in your heart
Jamiedreams (8 years ago)
ooo man.. I miss my Daddy so much! RIP..
Liz Rdz (8 years ago)
aawww, i love that song and i even got teary eyed

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