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A Day in the Life of Shout! Factory LLC

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My claim went nowhere. I am bitter, angry, and disappointed that Shout Factory would just sweep me under the rug and refuse to talk to me. Well, time to do what Dave Carroll did... FOB Equestria http://www.fobequestria.com/
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Spidey Viewer (1 year ago)
Never noticed this.
Antonio Mitchell (2 years ago)
wilbreaker 98 (2 years ago)
Welp.. pff it's funny ^^
keninorlando9 (2 years ago)
Then.... just sue them... if it's not infringement then it's business interference and you can make quite a bit of money.
M.D. Webster (3 years ago)
pompom15 (2 years ago)
vampire kink (3 years ago)
was that shane dawnsen
I'm laughing too hard at this.
Stephan DeWitz (4 years ago)
I love that you used the Warioware music for this.  X)
Dalton Smith (4 years ago)
Just Kaboom shout factory
aaronphantom (4 years ago)
+joshscorcher  Man something similar happened to me today actually, I did a quick video of DBZ battle of gods, Japanese dub (It was a ''x movie in 5 seconds') almost a year ago, and i got a copyright claim by Twenty century Fox. If you could please help me with at the very least telling me how you dealed with it or your procedures with this i will be very grateful 
DonnE Starside (4 years ago)
...They took down the reviews and not this one? Wooooow.
They would just look stupid taking this down, since it doesn't infringe on copyright and it doesn't directly insult them so they can't claim slander.
大魔神 KVRBINE IX (4 years ago)
This was 8 months ago? Jeez, time flies.
BlazeMachine22 , (4 years ago)
Doing That TO A FUCKING MARINE... That Is Just Wrong...
BlazeMachine22 , (4 years ago)
SHOUT! Factory... Just Like Miiverse...
BlazeMachine22 , (4 years ago)
By The Way, Before ANYONE Asks, No, I AM NOT A BRONY.
BlazeMachine22 , (4 years ago)
Man, People Take Bronies This Far?(FOB Equestria)
BlazeMachine22 , (4 years ago)
Artist of Seer (4 years ago)
Josh, you have now officially made me a brony, so thanks!
5 members of Shout! Factory LLC are pissed...
AssassinsShadow20 (4 years ago)
Josh, u also have to remember that your arguing about a show for 7-8 maybe 9 year old girls, shout! Probably didn't take u very serious even though they did go against copyright law
ShaDHP23 (4 years ago)
Send this to ShadyVox!
DoctorNoob (4 years ago)
I lost my monetization because of them. I have not seen a penny in 5 months. apparently if you don't sign in for a week and they claim more than 3 videos it is considered negligent and all monitization is disabled. Seven public domain films were tagged and I lost my privileges. No way to dispute no human to talk to. I even tried snail mail and had no luck.
Cody Hines (4 years ago)
Nice office set-up
Azdaja (5 years ago)
This is how I feel most arguments go. I'd give some rational argument, back it up and then just get the thought-stopping "You're just wrong" which just shuts down all possible responses. And yeah, copyright claims suck, I know MrTARDISReviews is getting false claims on his Doctor Who reviews from companies who have nothing to do with the show. It's fucking ridiculous.
Caridad Chang (5 years ago)
'no Copyright law in the Universe is going to stop me!' - Sonic the Hedgehog
sunnysurfer101MA (5 years ago)
You look like 2-D
AnakinTheWeird (5 years ago)
Anyone else want to see this blue-haired idiot in more videos?
Fuyuko Yuki (5 years ago)
Screw you Shout Factory
Truth-Machine (5 years ago)
You know, it's a good thing that the Nyan Cat creator sued those scum oozed pieces of companies known as Warner Bros and 5th Cell, for stealing their ideas. And what do we get? We end up with Shout! Factory taking down our content that we steal.
AssassinsShadow20 (5 years ago)
Hey josh, I was wondering if u could do. Some gameplays on some of your favorite games, I have seen u playing with rabbid on some videos but it's much easier and possibly more entertaining from u
XchampionXFTW (5 years ago)
In a way, I am loling at this video, but I feel like I shouldn't be loling because the way you portrayed this video is 100% true. Look at TheMysteriousMrEnter's channel, I'm not advertising it (I might have subbed, but that has nothing to do with it), but he has a similar problem, but it's with hasbro itself! Seriously, he made a vid about it just like you, but not in a mocking style like this.
TheGamingSuperstar (5 years ago)
I hate getting these false copyright notices because I have to personally take down some of my videos just to avoid getting a copyright strike!
ThermalsniperN7 (5 years ago)
It's like Sonic said in Sonic Colors: "No copyright law in the universe is going to stop me!"
awesomehuman3 (5 years ago)
How did josh get sort of a office setting
Zachahack (5 years ago)
Is that why you skip the intro to prevent Picardy?
Cody Hines (4 years ago)
I don't think so, since he played the whole song in his first review of an MLP episode, without showing at least half the footage.
DISnut (5 years ago)
yoshitotem (5 years ago)
+Copyof Legos I can agree with that, but as josh demonstraited. Some companies who shouldn't even have the ability to make copyright claims (like Shout! Factory LLC) Abuse the copyright laws and go unpunished for doing so.
Thats Frosty (5 years ago)
No, it would cut so many jobs, movie makers would have no reason to make movies because everyone would just pirate it for free with no punishment..
Flynnie Junior (5 years ago)
Lava Comic-Geek (5 years ago)
I mean joshscorcher
Lava Comic-Geek (5 years ago)
OI! Hey joshscoexher
Leishmaniasisably (5 years ago)
Good point, but is he really "okay" then?
Timmy Reobed (5 years ago)
Getting a concussion requires something that he lacked: a brain.
ThermalsniperN7 (5 years ago)
Shout! sounds like its full of assholes. The outro represents what will happen to them at some point. Enough said.
Leishmaniasisably (5 years ago)
4:17 Aww, I was hoping for at least a concussion.
Kidincred Gamez (5 years ago)
truth be told: Josh actually recorded himself on the phone with them so that, when the time came, he could retell exactly what they said in this sketch.
TheDarkSeraph (5 years ago)
Oh and Josh this is a false claim call a copy right shark i mean lawyer
TheDarkSeraph (5 years ago)
Josh your such a goober and thats why we love ya
Zelnyair (5 years ago)
I'm glad you laid out and explained all the laws. Reminds me of something that really got under my skin, because I was sure it was infringing copyright, and the creators obviously insisted it wasn't.
PK Blizzard (5 years ago)
The people who Manufacture the MLP DVDs
Jontaneous (5 years ago)
Nope. Check his latest video.
The Lazy Reaper (5 years ago)
I wanna hear a sparta remix of him saying OI!!!!
coolgabe555 (5 years ago)
Josh won the battle in his new video
The Chaotic Banana (5 years ago)
Dust902 (5 years ago)
Who is Shout! Factory LLC?
MeatMyPetYoshi (5 years ago)
But they make another claim on his channel, so......
Lunasticks (5 years ago)
I have now made, about 4 hate comments about Shout on this video. I´m okay with it.
Jontaneous (5 years ago)
Josh, just to let you know, Shout on their official channel has said they're releasing claims made, and the claim released was apparently yours.
TheGamingSuperstar (5 years ago)
Oh god. He just got another copyright claim! Guess we're going to have to wait another 6 months!
poppyface (5 years ago)
Shout factory was supposed to have taken back that new copyright claim from joshscorcher 10 hours ago
Firehawk376 (5 years ago)
Right. I forgot how convoluted copyright law is.
xxDEAGORxx (5 years ago)
you know you might have a point there if shout only has rights to produce DVD's then by claiming that using of footage infringes their copyright they are actually infringing on Hasbro's copyrights.....at least it would be so if the law made sense which with most internet and or copyright related things it doesn't. Dont even get me started when they pull DMCA notices on non-americans who are abiding by their own countries laws
xxDEAGORxx (5 years ago)
Setting up your own site is like the only way to do it and its cheaper and easier then most think. Its what the guys who make yu-gi-oh abridged have done since they where sick of losing stuff when they're youtube accounts kept getting shut-off
Ex0dus (5 years ago)
they're fucking up my channel
Firehawk376 (5 years ago)
852kronos (5 years ago)
Oh....and Josh.....I can suggest a few lawyers or groups fascinated with a certain mask that may be able to help you
852kronos (5 years ago)
so than multiply the message if concerning the US
Nick Monkton (5 years ago)
At this rate I wouldn't mind it if you let loose your anger calling them f***ing pieces of pigs*** since that's what those ba****** are
852kronos (5 years ago)
.......ok I know you got pissed when we commented to Bhaalspawn and the like........but when you take away a man's motherf*cking ponies.......the gloves come off
Hoopdy (5 years ago)
So....instead of taking down their claim, they stack ANOTHER one on top of it?! Youtube, get your shit together!
Toksyuryel (5 years ago)
The fact remains that *I* do not know them. Perhaps you should direct your questioning to Greg and attempt to find out who his friend is?
TheSoullessOne (5 years ago)
I was saying that shout were like politicians, not the opposite
RaptorNX01 (5 years ago)
greg mentioned in one of his vids early on about his copyright trouble that he knew some guy that handled these types of cases. So there might be someone to call for this.
Gaming_with_Katt (5 years ago)
hey SHOUT! Factory.........TAKE DOWN THE CR CLAIMS!!! RIGHT NOW!!! This is not good for you, nor TFJ, nor anyone else. THE CLAIM IS USELESS AND DUMB!! TAKE IT DOWN!!!
Firehawk376 (5 years ago)
Hey, has anyone told Hasbro about this? Because technically I think Shout is usurping their copyright here.
Firehawk376 (5 years ago)
Because they're stupid and worse than Disney about copyright paranoia.
Firehawk376 (5 years ago)
Except Monty Python is British...
Firehawk376 (5 years ago)
Actually, politicians these days are corporate sleazeballs, not the other way around.
Toksyuryel (5 years ago)
Believe me if I knew the answer to that question I'd have already told both SherclopPones and FimFlamFilosophy so that they could have their videos online again. If there is a site out there that fights the good fight for its users, I am as yet unaware of it.
The Quarter Guy (5 years ago)
Then which video sharing site would you suggest?
ZMurcielago (5 years ago)
opening music?
Ace Lucario (5 years ago)
They act like politicians.
IL4NR (5 years ago)
so apparently hasbro has a product request sheet that may? possibly help your problems
SMIS (5 years ago)
Shouty Guy: Are you a lawyer? Firey Joker: Um...no? Shouty Guy: Then I don't have to talk to you! I've been there way too many times for this to be not funny.
TheSoullessOne (5 years ago)
So...they're politicians?
Andydemon (5 years ago)
Assuming they actually did tell Josh to be patient and wait for the claims to expire. That's kinda funny coming from them because from what I can tell, even after watching this, Josh has been about as patient with Shout Factory as he can be in this situation, and what was his reward for said patience? Another copyright claim.
JasmineEspy (5 years ago)
Radman Enterprises (5 years ago)
Dear Shout! Factory LLC I have a suggestion that I believe you will find very easy to do. Take that Copyright claim microphone out your ass, and try to repair what you have done. If you dont, the OTHER suggestion you can do is just burn your company down to the ground, and kill your CEO. If you do neither of those things, I reward you guys no points, and may god have mercy on your soul.
Reis820 (5 years ago)
I say we do what mature, responsible people should do... Grab the torches! Release the hounds, they'll sniff out the BS!
Ace Lucario (5 years ago)
They're corporate sleazeballs Once they get their hands on something, they can't let it go. Sadly, they just want to abuse their power.
XSMagnaSigmaZX (5 years ago)
4:33 ah, good good
TheSoullessOne (5 years ago)
Shout! Factory only makes the dvd's of the show...then why are they acting like they own the show?
Verd (5 years ago)
In all honesty, corporations are given far too many rights in our society. They might be a big part of our lives, but they shouldn't have the same rights as a singular person, considering a corporation is made up of multiple people.
Lunasticks (5 years ago)
F*cking Copyright laws...
willthemost (5 years ago)
Hilarious! Great vid! I loved the joke about rabbidluigi!
TheGamingSuperstar (5 years ago)
I can wait til march. It's alright.
TheGamingSuperstar (5 years ago)
Firehawk376 (5 years ago)
Well, they haven't listened to reason, so maybe it's time for operation F. If they have a Facebook page or other similar page we go and spam it with complaints. Who's with me?
Toksyuryel (5 years ago)
They aren't lying about getting a claim, they are lying about having to take down the video. The DMCA only mandates takedowns of content the copyright holder is legally entitled to have taken down- they are not legally entitled to take down fair use content or content they do not even own. The DMCA has a counter-claim system in place for when copyright holders attempt this, as well as punishments for repeat abusers of the DMCA claim system. YouTube could take advantage of these, but does not.
TheGamingSuperstar (5 years ago)
I once got a copyright claim on one of my videos. I didn't get the strike cuz I took it down & nothing happened. It was for music. Also. If you get a copyright strike on your channel. Create a new channel. It's not like youtube know how many channels you made. This is my 4th youtube account.
Petra Leonhardt (5 years ago)
That's despicable really.
RaptorNX01 (5 years ago)
I dunno if you can say they are lying. I dunno about all cases but when it happened to me for a video I used to have the message they sent me included who had ordered the take down as well as their contact information. That's how I was able to sort it out as I contacted the person responsible and we talked out an agreement.

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