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Elvis - His Latest Flame Remix - Hot Girls Shuffle Dancing

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"His Latest Flame" by Elvis Presley (Remix) with Hot girls dancing the shuffle. Try my other shuffle videos list below. #2 ELO - Don't Bring Me Down - https://youtu.be/FuiMQPc5aKA #3 Elvis - Such A Night - https://youtu.be/hmcT6ex-214
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Text Comments (2291)
eah (7 hours ago)
Fun vid -- thanks for putting it together.
WOW! Great moves from girls with grandfathers younger than ELVIS! If you had seen this without audio you would never guess the song or artist!
Hannu Lassila (9 hours ago)
I am swedish and finnish icehockey goalie champion
Elvis Mark (10 hours ago)
Your dancing is that standing it kind of reminds me between the Charleston and the Jitterbug combined with some hard classical movements that I've never seen before in dancing but I'm quite surprised and how you do it thank you for the video thank you for letting me watching it thank you for letting me even talk to you girls God peace to all in the world Elvis
Peanuts McGonnagle (10 hours ago)
I wish to God that we knew where we could go to watch Girl #1, elsewhere? And who she is? I agree with all previous comments that this is the best video on YouTube; simply amazing.
Hoss 45 (10 hours ago)
That Dodge at 3:53 ain't bad looking either!
Eddie Gilmore (14 hours ago)
Still rocking after all these years.cool dancing
Vince Cox (15 hours ago)
THIS IS THE BEST OF ALL DANCERS !!!!!!! I looked at other WEB sites, don't waste your time
Noah Hughey (22 hours ago)
These are surprisingly good takes on his songs. He would've loved this!
Danny Webb (22 hours ago)
That is SOOOOOO cool.
dennis johnson (1 day ago)
Damn those girls can move and they look healthy...cute kids.
Robert Austin (1 day ago)
#1 looks like she's dancing on air.
BlankUberEverybody (1 day ago)
best vid on youtube!!!
bazthehandyman (1 day ago)
Fab...no 1 for me .
Gabrysia Fabińska (1 day ago)
Young girls dancing to eternally music of ELVIS. IT"S AWASOME
Thor Odinson (1 day ago)
For a person who can barely walk without tripping over his own feet, I found the dancing to be dazzling, which I didn't expect. The dancing ended up being a big plus to the remix. This pick from Elvis' huge catalog was a very good choice.
Sharyn Bicknell (1 day ago)
These young girls rock bad to the bone!
Dominique Tremblay (1 day ago)
Ces filles sont cute et dansent avec leurs pieds leurs corps sans avoir le derrière à l'air mon chum et moi on aiment 😍😘👍👏👏👏
joe burns (1 day ago)
well done girls an great song
Philo Jones (1 day ago)
Ah, the magic of youth.....too bad it has to be wasted on young people.
dead deer (1 day ago)
2:09 gotta be Irish.
frank m. (9 hours ago)
Italian looks Identical to my kid sister and dances just like her
Jedgar Hoover (1 day ago)
The last one did that Suzanna Hoffs thing with her eyes and I melted.....wow
David Fuchs (2 days ago)
Steve Holmes (2 days ago)
Awesome music obviously its elvis well remixed and totally awesome dancers
Pure Nectar (2 days ago)
So glad to see this kind of music being used for some modern dance. Great combo!
Edward Deitch (2 days ago)
That little girl who is second in the list is terrific. Graceful and has the moonwalk down pat.
hillary ilinsky (1 day ago)
she's just so darn cute.
Eddie Copeland (2 days ago)
Gorgeous legs. These girls are far more talented and physical than an NFL tackle. Bravo. Great skill.
Thomas Pick (2 days ago)
Hugh thighs. These gals would make good defensive linemen in the nfl.
Steda Adets (2 days ago)
Probably his best!
1digitalwatcher (2 days ago)
Put this Elvis mix on the radio its a HIT !!!!
Ed Soderlind (2 days ago)
philip barnes (3 days ago)
robert craig (3 days ago)
Opal Preston Shirley (3 days ago)
All totally awesome.
August Porreca (3 days ago)
Elvis is eternally popular.
philip barnes (3 days ago)
philip barnes (3 days ago)
rosanna smith (3 days ago)
How lovely - thank you.
Joe Mullin (3 days ago)
these girls help Elvis shine like a sequin suit song and dance are really hand in hand can't think of a better song dance combo then this Shuffle to Elvis real badass
Joe Mullin (3 days ago)
everything about this video rocks I love the energy it's hypnotic the girls are great song is great backdrops agree idea incredible remind me of the teenagers of my youth just enjoying life
James Anderson (3 days ago)
Fanastic song and dance both.
7c8f (3 days ago)
Robert Spies (1 day ago)
Where ever u r in life is a fun awesome place to be
karl Kruger (3 days ago)
And have that much energy. I am puffed just watching, i may need a cup of tea.
H Hawkins (3 days ago)
Fantastic with the feet! It makes me want to get up and dance! Well done Randy Hargis!
Hoss 45 (3 days ago)
Is this video better than "MC Hammers, You Can't Touch This?" I'd say; "Put the hammer down set back and listen to the King of Rock and Roll!" I never met Elvis in person wish I did!
frank m. (9 hours ago)
believe me he was even better looking in person if you can believe it the man was a gift from heaven and his voice was even better in person when he walked in a room everyone looked like they had clatic sting your hair stood up.
Dale Castellez (4 days ago)
Awsome is all I can say..
Ram Radar (4 days ago)
Always back in the day,i would never be far away from the dance floor,i loved dancing me,but always had an eye on the girls,it can be quite seductive and sexual even,in how a woman moves her body to the rhythm of the music,sublime..
Radiation King (4 days ago)
Love me tender/10
supersesqui (4 days ago)
Fabulous !
Joe Mullin (4 days ago)
it is the most entertaining eye candy awesome Elvis song this all works very entertaining I will watch this every day I've already seen it umpteen times
Martha Lipscomb (4 days ago)
Thanks for your time.
George Doub (4 days ago)
Just can't stop watching this.
karrskarr (4 days ago)
Nice to see some of these ladies are still kicking it-Shufflers are best!
Frank Calamia (4 days ago)
Awesome job Randy.....
1digitalwatcher (4 days ago)
0:35 look at that perfect face.
Eastern Woods (4 days ago)
Jan 13, 2019 at 4,156,719
Eastern Woods (4 days ago)
4,157,604 in the time it takes to watch
Eastern Woods (4 days ago)
my mistake 4,157,163
Martha Lipscomb (4 days ago)
Zero Maniac (4 days ago)
Cutie pie dancers.
Neal Harrison (4 days ago)
im too fukin old
Opal's Boy (4 days ago)
I'm 70 and I love it.
Stefan Eiter (4 days ago)
I'm too!
Mark Tucker (4 days ago)
Never to old to appreciate a pretty girl.
Tony Foster (5 days ago)
Love it my girl Maria from Brazil and long black hair good
Gary Jacobs (5 days ago)
I believe I could watch it every day !
7c8f (3 days ago)
Eastern Woods (4 days ago)
I do.
Martha Lipscomb (5 days ago)
Thanks. God bless you.
Rob Cannera (5 days ago)
....last month, very cool!  ...last week very cool!  Today, still very, very cool!!!
billy wilson (5 days ago)
Elvis and yoga pants.....can't beat that!
Barrie Payne (5 days ago)
Love the music takes me back to my youth now 80 no fabulous dance like shuffle think it’s great would love to do it probably have heartattack
Patricia Boczar (5 days ago)
Those girls got the moves, very enjoyable ..
old hippie (5 days ago)
auot ukun (5 days ago)
this is not inclusive, where is my obese and ugly girls ;) probably shooting the videos :D
Boot Nreboot (5 days ago)
the obesity problem would be solved if everybody learned to shuffle dance ;-))
Hal Walinski (5 days ago)
A timeless treasure of classic rock.
DrTomato42009 (5 days ago)
Awesome!! Beautiful !!
Stringalong Mike (5 days ago)
Wow! These must be California girls. There ain't any girls like this around these parts. I'm gonna watch this again.
Martha Lipscomb (5 days ago)
Walderi Alencar (5 days ago)
Video lindo
Miss snagglepussy (6 days ago)
Just love it
Steven K (4 days ago)
The shuffle girls are great and so is the song.
craig melvin (6 days ago)
Wow only just found it addicted, makes you want to move your feet
Jane Sprake (6 days ago)
Keep watching so so good let's hit 10 million xxxxx
Deutsche Wildsau (6 days ago)
WoW Klasse, ich wiege zwar über 100 Kg und bin ein Mann, aber das will ich auch können!
Eastern Woods (4 days ago)
You won't be 100Kg when you've learned LOL
Ivana Ivanova (6 days ago)
будто они это делают? супер круто
Cooberday (6 days ago)
This VID is so good
shhpop ES (6 days ago)
Wow....great moves...wish I can do that, I would lose 100 lbs fast.😆
Radsan (6 days ago)
I'm sorry, but that dance is so friggin cool!
Rab Nawaz (7 days ago)
I love this remix, thank you!
Thomas Maloney (7 days ago)
Fun- cool as hell!!!
Fuzzy Butkus (7 days ago)
Mark Farner of Grand Funk said Mi. People do two things really well Build Cars and play guitars. Gotta add in make videos. Randy your the man.
Grey Locks (7 days ago)
There are still just a few things left in this manmade troubled and desolate world that show that our species can create and celebrate beauty in joyous sound, movement and human spirit. This is one of those without doubt! A treasure.
kokolanza (2 days ago)
Amen, brother. How good it is to be alive and appreciate the good and beautiful!
Tino Vohs (7 days ago)
Bitte mehr davon. Elvis ist geil .
Christofer Riche (7 days ago)
That (walking backwards) & the (foot shuffle) is my part is my favt part
Christofer Riche (7 days ago)
Great exercise
J. W. Gamble (7 days ago)
I love this video and song! Play it every day, sometimes more than once. I see the views are growing by the thousands. Thank you for putting all of this together!
donald milne (7 days ago)
You can never tire of listening to elvis, and this is a great remix,
Dan Campeau (7 days ago)
Sorry girls, I had to watch this again...Added this to my favorites too...XOXOXOXOXO.
Desert Rat (7 days ago)
This is so cool!
karl Kruger (7 days ago)
i like the shoes that light up.
Fuzzy Butkus (7 days ago)
She’s #1 too hot as heck.
Mohammad Qureshi (7 days ago)
Very cool @+
fred molenaar (7 days ago)
Fuzzy Butkus (7 days ago)
Marie’s the name of #1 and his latest flame.
Luckyguy3 (7 days ago)
Wow! I was here for 3+mil views, now for 4+mil. Congratulations! I wish I could remember how many views when I first found this. This is viral!
Øystein Nystad (7 days ago)
Nice, Thank`s
En pause (7 days ago)
Just in love with this video
Mike D (7 days ago)
Best video ever made my day 😀

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