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Elvis - His Latest Flame Remix - Hot Girls Shuffle Dancing

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"His Latest Flame" by Elvis Presley (Remix) with Hot girls dancing the shuffle. Try my other shuffle videos list below. #2 ELO - Don't Bring Me Down - https://youtu.be/FuiMQPc5aKA #3 Elvis - Such A Night - https://youtu.be/hmcT6ex-214
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Text Comments (4348)
Tom Keefe (10 hours ago)
The King would be proud. Real smooth, thank you, Ladies
Charles Blake (12 hours ago)
George Risher (18 hours ago)
#1 and #4 in this video. Others maybe be better but weren't on as long.
Daydreamer UK (18 hours ago)
How to get this Elvis remix?
Axel Bienwald (19 hours ago)
Woooooow 😀🤓🤓🤓👍👍👍👍👍Super
Ray Ellery (19 hours ago)
this is brill, the girls are truly beautiful. full of life and energy,and as one said no fat ones just great exercise and the will to dance, I think they light up my life and who would not love them
Christiaan Leemans (19 hours ago)
willie jay (21 hours ago)
Oh........to be young again.
Scott Ryan (22 hours ago)
Are you out of Argentina? The music, ladies and the dancing is very well done! God Bless
Michael Males (22 hours ago)
paul angeli (1 day ago)
The way they all move so smoothly you'd think they have wheels in their shoes. LOL
Mario Kazda (1 day ago)
benito mussolini (1 day ago)
How come they all looked so normal ,,is this real old or something ,,all the kids I see today look like circus clowns ,,they work at respectable jobs with clown hair ,LOL ,,,,Whole of society has become a circus side show .
Блин, ловко у их выходит! Красиво.
John Gowan (1 day ago)
It’s unbelievable how beautiful this young lady is she is magnificent when she is dancing awesome 😎😍😍😎😎🇺🇸
Jay (1 day ago)
John Gowan Which young lady? All the young ladies are great dancers and beautiful too.
Gabriel Giron (1 day ago)
Didn't see any fat clowns here 🇺🇸
Gabriel Giron (1 day ago)
This is how young girls should look like no tattoos n purple hair 🇺🇸
Gabriel Giron (1 day ago)
Nice looking girls n good dancers 🇺🇸😇
mo b dick (1 day ago)
Great to see the girls putting themselves out there. All beautiful and in their prime, fantastic, the joy of life.
EA M (1 day ago)
Absolute best is the brunette w the double ponytails. She's floating! Such smooth style and creativity.
Ralph111417 (1 day ago)
Love watching good dancers shuffle. It looks so spontaneous and fun, but it takes hard practice and real fitness to look this good.
kieranshea (2 days ago)
Wish they had this kind of dancing back in 1965.
OTIS SPENCER (19 hours ago)
They did and THIS is just an adaptation of clogging,,,hill folk dancing,,,square dancing,,,,nothing's changed but the choreography,,,look at some clogging videos you'll see what im saying
Newtrans radio (2 days ago)
=== DAnce Dance Rhythm Pelvis Forever ....
mike nagy (2 days ago)
These girls are amazing. My knees hurt just watching.
75joev (2 days ago)
Sitting on my couch, eating chips drinking Coke pretending I could make the moves and keep up with these girls.
Art Nowak (2 days ago)
Robert Star (2 days ago)
Nice one! Elvis was a pioneer - so many firsts - the first to sell over 1 million records in advance (Love Me Tender), the first major singing star to do movies, the first to do "unplugged" (68 comeback special), the first to do a concert via satellite, the first to put Las Vegas on the map etc etc. What an amazing perfomer who inspired so many different singers and groups that came after him...
OTIS SPENCER (19 hours ago)
Robert Starr,,,,THAT'S why he'll always be the the KING
DRTORUX (2 days ago)
#1is my ideal body shape. #4 is too as well.especially firsting girl's thigh is beautiful 🤗💞💞💕💕💕
Mike Morgan (1 day ago)
DRTORUX u r so right....number 1 is an absolute doll
flexairz (2 days ago)
3:05 just wow...
Anatolii Poliit (2 days ago)
dexterous ladies .. and bouncy ...
Bob Stokley (3 days ago)
#1 is hot great legs, #2 is cute as hell
Shaun Ashton (3 days ago)
Stunning ladys great moves " awww yes great to watch and listen to
timmothy58 (3 days ago)
hey...cousin it...the best...thank...love...
Ronaldo M (3 days ago)
i like the dance !
Ronaldo M (3 days ago)
very nice !
James Arden (3 days ago)
Wow Scotty Beam Me Up Elvis Is A Live &Well
Alan Cushing (3 days ago)
I think slow motion is a great idea to study the moves. What kind of sneakers do you need to learn shuffle dancing? OOPS! I hope this kind of dancing isn't just for girls???
Norm Hodgkinson (2 days ago)
no its not. there are some guys dancing like this in some of the videos. i can't dance to save my ass.
Darrell Wolf (2 days ago)
Alan Cushing just lite wt sneakers and yes us guys can do it, but who the hells gonna watch us...
Jorge Araya Urrutia (3 days ago)
Super bueno
Olson2u (3 days ago)
I am a older guy and you can call me a dirty old man. But I mean yo tell the person that made this video. You defenitly know your ladies. Every single one of them is beautiful and they can dance. Thank you!
trooseveltg (2 days ago)
+1 from another old man
william jc (3 days ago)
#1 is #1 :))
tarrzaan (3 days ago)
Damm !!! don't yous ever. and I mean. ever quit dancing like this ! ....it's phenomenal ! love the soundtrack ..! you girls ROCK !!!
Hilux244 (3 days ago)
Viewed this in slow motion, reveals their moves and foot work in greater detail :)
tumadoireacht (2 days ago)
how do you run it in slow motion ?
KBAZ100 (4 days ago)
Every time I watch this video I just sit and smile!
Bob Stokley (4 days ago)
All the girls are fantastic dancers and this song especially goes with the dance.
timmothy58 (4 days ago)
hey...so...this is the best video i have ever seen...thank thank...love love...
Luna Monistar (4 days ago)
Glenn Fuller (4 days ago)
These Elvis Remix videos are terrific ! Way to go ! Keep them coming !
David Dellman (4 days ago)
I've enjoyed a good many shuffle dance vids at this point. I think this one is my favorite. Love it.
TheWWFMankind (4 days ago)
The legs on 1 and 10 (probably the same girl).... are... damn!!!!!
maxmixfan1 (4 days ago)
0:57 Niiice Moves <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Top Best Talent (5 days ago)
Randy Hargis This is a amzing video great work you rock thanks for sharing....I have a channel hope mine can reach as many people like your channel does...
George Salas (5 days ago)
Sorry but he'll yea. Love it
梓美大崎 (5 days ago)
+10↑ When I was 13 I used to dance like this on giant piano floor (also called 「GPF」) but I can not remember why I stopped "(¬ . ¬)" 。Today I'm looking at girls' thighs → 1:10 "(^ . ^)"
Toma Alimos (5 days ago)
having fun, nice!
Charles Smith (5 days ago)
YES.....love the song, love the dancing, awesome girls!
gary kitson (5 days ago)
Yiiiiihaaaaaa !!!!!!
RobertCeltic (5 days ago)
I think #1 was the best, nice footwork, nice smile. # 2 was good as well.
chasjohn57 (5 days ago)
#2 was the best.
Bob Stokley (5 days ago)
Why cause she's blond?
Bob Stokley (5 days ago)
Hotter than go-go girls of the 60's
Bob Stokley (5 days ago)
Great song great dancers
Daniel Mesery (5 days ago)
We'll put together
gaskan666 (5 days ago)
Fat ass chicks cant do this.
NORM KUNESH (5 days ago)
strattuner (5 days ago)
Ahhhhhh youth don't waste it,dance
Krzysztof Sobiecki (6 days ago)
Fantastycznie tańczą.
Lidia Brunelli (6 days ago)
Nourile Kairi (6 days ago)
Makes me fly ..☺
Jim Thomas (6 days ago)
Cousin Itt on Main Street in downtown Dallas, Texas.
Nick Pearson (6 days ago)
Jimmy Harris (6 days ago)
love the girl at 1:40 !
梓美大崎 (5 days ago)
1:10 for me "(^ . ^)"
Rowan Par (6 days ago)
Good dancer but a bit skinny
we all do
M Detlef (6 days ago)
Cousin Itt was the BEST. KEPT my eye on HER!!!
D Briscoe (5 days ago)
Cousin Itt from the Addams Family. The character covered in hair. Seen at 1:07
Jay (6 days ago)
Who is Itt?
Richard Anderson (6 days ago)
Love the girl on the steps.
Malika Tlaidjia (6 days ago)
J'aime beaucoup. Faire des vidéos ainsi et remixees ♥️ ça donnera peut être aux plus jeunes l'envie d'ecouter Elvis.🌺
diato solo (7 days ago)
bravo super bon syncro
astra 7768 (7 days ago)
Thank you for this nice good Video and to all the nice beautiful girls you can good dance . greetings from Germany
Slashgibber (7 days ago)
Is this the new white girl dance?
Darlene Deluca (6 days ago)
Yes it is 4 sure the, white girl Dance!!
Cexi Lai (6 days ago)
Yes it is slashgibber
Great Video ... Cool Shuffle Dancing !! Thank you Randy ! for share nice and great Elvis - " his latest Flame Remix " Sounds great , awesome job .. best wishes :)
Salvatore Bitonto (7 days ago)
David Clarke (7 days ago)
I love the way the last girl looks into the camera at the end...
Ronnie Sheffield (6 days ago)
She is cute for sure
G. West (7 days ago)
All great.................
Iggy Kim (7 days ago)
Just wanna drop one and dance all night 😂 summer is hereee
godblessuall (7 days ago)
All the dancers .wer the hottest.dancers .
hasslefree (8 days ago)
Geez........Everyone of the girls are great shuffle dancers....."A plus" for each one of them
Mungo Munro (8 days ago)
This is the best of his latest flame
John Gowan (8 days ago)
This hot little girl is a magnificent beauty and she dancing with the Rhythms if every note unbelievable how beautiful this is
Eric Hingst (8 days ago)
I'm gonna be sore tomorrow just watching those moves :-)
Operator (8 days ago)
No 2 a clear winner.
Jleed989 (5 days ago)
They’re all winners
Jay (7 days ago)
Operator She's the Ginchiest!
Paz Sincethe80's (8 days ago)
Thats wusup... these girls get down... and tnere cuties
Paul Kelly (8 days ago)
no 2 by a mile
Paul Kelly (7 days ago)
no2 gives that cute smile, she knows she good.
Jay (7 days ago)
Paul Kelly, She's the Ginchiest!
Eddie The Eagle (8 days ago)
No click bate here boi
sgs126 (8 days ago)
They should rename this no Tattoos dancers
Michel de Kruijf (1 day ago)
#2 has a tattoo on her upper left leg, you can see it only a bit through the torn in her jeans but I know it's there (she is wearing shorts in another clip).
Eagle9294 (6 days ago)
They may have them where you can't see them. That is a rare thing not to have one as far as young women are concerned.
Peter Hladky (8 days ago)
I think it's a tie between 1st and 4th :-)
april181976 (7 days ago)
#1 and #4...............it is the same girl.
Barry (7 days ago)
1,4,8 and 10 are the same person.
EA M (8 days ago)
Same girl 😉
James Dunn (8 days ago)
Hans ter Veer (8 days ago)
Peter Hladky 1, 4 and 10 is the same girl, hot legs.
Des Hood (9 days ago)
4th, girl hands down wins.
That One Wise Guy (8 days ago)
Des Hood I like the first one.
Felix Blacksher (9 days ago)
She's got the best footwork for sure. But the one after her is ridiculously beautiful
Lionheart Roar (9 days ago)
Country Jack (9 days ago)
Devoted fan!!!!! the beautiful white girls show that they are the best!!!! Beautiful moves showing talent and style!!! So much fun to watch as they are not slutty and trashy. BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!
Cayuga Feather (9 days ago)
Holy crapola! Awesome!
wolfe david (9 days ago)
John Parker (9 days ago)
These girls are all great
antonio anto (9 days ago)
NORM KUNESH (9 days ago)
Mr and Mrs. Smith (8 days ago)
Sorta like when Morticia speaks french
Jonathan Brown (9 days ago)
NORM KUNESH I hope you don’t mind me adding, to your incisive post, long pigtails, long legs and arms, smart brain and good heart is all one can hope for
Jonny Hotpantz (9 days ago)
Why would anyone give this a thumbs down???.... It's dope 😆😉
Jonny Hotpantz (7 days ago)
@Eastern Woods yeah probably!? 🤔😉👍
Les Adams (7 days ago)
Indeed, people not fit enough to do it..
Eastern Woods (9 days ago)
Everett Bass (10 days ago)
The first girl is incredible!Wowie zowie!

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