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ALEXANDER MCQUEEN MADE MODELS DO WHAT!?! (Top 10 McQueen Shows to Know Part 1)

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Alexander McQueen was one of fashion's modern revolutionaries. His work was sublime, and his presentation of clothing changed the way the industry looked at fashion shows as a whole. Much of the background research stems from "Gods and Kings" by Dana Thomas. While the book is a gossipy tell-all, it's investigations into McQueen's references are insightful and almost always accurate. The documentary "McQueen" will open in theaters on July 20th, 2018! Social Media: Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hautelemode/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/HauteLeMode Tumblr: http://hautelemode.tumblr.com Music: https://soundcloud.com/user-817107625/isodoped Shoppable Looks: DKNY Checkered Button Up: https://bit.ly/2NePnX5 TTYL
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Text Comments (1194)
CaliLove (7 hours ago)
These models are men only. How has no one noticed?? Bunch of freaks
Tabbi B (1 day ago)
This is all just recycled content from the documentary McQueen 🙄
HauteLeMode (8 hours ago)
+Tabbi B you not believing me is a you problem
Tabbi B (8 hours ago)
+HauteLeMode I read that. But I don't believe you. Where did you get the imagery for your video?? If you really haven't seen it, maybe you should watch it, cuz its a straight rip off from the film. As a content creator, you are responsible for this. Don't be salty cuz I called you out on it. Learn from it, and do better next time. ✌🏻
HauteLeMode (8 hours ago)
i see ur not good at reading! i've never seen the documentary, i've never used it as source material for either of my videos, so no credit will be given cause it's never been used by me. and copyright infringement? lol
Tabbi B (9 hours ago)
+HauteLeMode funny, cuz that's where most of this imagery is from and you mention the film's opening date in the description box (it was 1st released June 8th). This seems like a copyright infringement to me, as it goes well beyond fair use. At the very least, credit to the McQueen film should be given.
HauteLeMode (9 hours ago)
i mean it's not cause i've never seen the doc so nice try
Siniša Pitarević (1 day ago)
Amazing video! The caging was sheer brilliance in many ways. He was a genius indeed.
I like how you blur the asscheeks and breasts in some shots, but don't in others
SheyroN (3 days ago)
bruv you so gay i cant even watch the vid
Li On (3 days ago)
It's not an illusion, he created that style to justify why models have such huge torsos : transsexuals they all are
Mariano Arias (3 days ago)
Where's the part 2??
uwkxn xjwnsi (4 days ago)
The super skinny models are the creepiest thing about this video
Suesann C (4 days ago)
Funny these so called models make so much money and can’t spend any of it to buy a real meal, what a miserable life, meanwhile these so called fashion designer eat what “they” want and then call a size zero model fat!!! SADISTIC!!!!
Suesann C (4 days ago)
No Controversy, just Crap!!!!!! Fools will buy anything!!! Alexander, this is not fashion, this is 💩!!!! Fashion died in the 50’s when fashion designer wanted to make women look beautiful and classy, today we have all these gay designer that go out of their way to make women look like street walker and vagrants. This is not fashion.Your just making high priced junk and then try to call it fashion, it’s not it 💩!!!!!
Callie Blum (5 days ago)
I love this so much
Jojo Quinoa (5 days ago)
He was a beautiful and incredible soul. He wanted to make women appear as If they had armor on. So that they could look stronger... His and his sister's abuse at the hand of a monster is why he depicted such grim and grotesque themes in his art. His fashion shows weren't just that. He wanted to show how women can be caged and still thrive and move and be magnificent. They were his art gallery. Every piece adorning the body of a woman. Not once did he want to "pervert," women. Through his art, he gave me the power to heal through creating my own art. We were hurt the same way. We both saw someone we love be hurt by the same being that hurt us. He is my icon and I am so deeply sorry to those that lost him well over a decade ago.. He was wonderful and he's missed tremendously.
Jenna G. (5 days ago)
you arent even pronouncing Haute properly. WTF?
Alexa Z (7 days ago)
Watched your series a while ago and just watched McQueen and his story is so heartbreaking
Anna Dillane (7 days ago)
I love him
Malika Ouédraogo (7 days ago)
J'ai beaucoup aimé. Merci infiniment pour le contenu.
Caroline Victory (8 days ago)
Two words- Sophie Dahl!
Caroline Victory (8 days ago)
Fashion as fascism- yeah, FASCION!
Caroline Victory (8 days ago)
Why are you blocking out the boobs? That's censorship and anti-art! Dude we've all seen body parts before- especially if we work in fashion as I do! What would McQueen think! His looks should be depicted as is to promote his original statement! I hate political correctness, yuck- it obscures the initial vision! RIP genious.
Matilda Martin (9 days ago)
I knew the Alexander McQueen was damaged somehow but, was so talented he brought it and changed the Fashion Industry now look at the Fashion Houses now so different and more adventuress .Someone has to start Fashion change and he did it I’m sad that he suffered so much and didn’t get the help he needed what a tremendous loss for Fashion!!!***
Barbara Smith (10 days ago)
What an diminishing insult to women. I hate what the fashion industry has done to women.
Maria Cruz (10 days ago)
You’re so smart ! Thank you for helping us learn about McQueen !
Mae Mae (11 days ago)
Illuminati and demonic
essjay emm (11 days ago)
Can someone link to part 2?
Emily Sweet (11 days ago)
Those girls are way too skinny man
John Sargeant (12 days ago)
gross. he was a damn freak
Veda Dara (13 days ago)
Dante is such a legendary collection
David Rojaz (14 days ago)
The fact that people think this is talent is CRAZYY
Alicia Jane Steele (14 days ago)
Can’t find the second part to this can anyone help me?
Jennifer Roberson (15 days ago)
Wow...highland rape is centered around art...lmao I'm sorry but the rips around the breast and groan has nothing to do with the British rape of Scotland. Or male rape - their asses wernt out unless he magically acquired a pussy during his molestation. On top of that there is a model pleasuring herself down the runway I guess she didn't get the memo on what the show was about either. I'd rather be uncultured swine then to think of that as an art piece.
JO ANN (16 days ago)
multisphere1 (17 days ago)
If not french , McQueen wouldn’t exist so big and glorious.
MagickNoire (18 days ago)
Awesome video but pleaaasssseeee don’t pronounce the “H” in Haute it’s silent and like the t in couture is not pronounced. Accent le Française “(H)-ot”
forever0042000 (19 days ago)
Why do people think getting naked is doing something brave. How about try covering up the body that’s harder
forever0042000 (19 days ago)
He was a devil worshipper shows all over his clothes
Tia Applewhite (16 days ago)
No he showed through his clothing the result of being molested as a child and not getting help, he was prey upon for years, a hopeless innocent child. If you would actually stop believing in bullshit. You would know many rape, molested and traumatised victims tend to create dark things as an outlet to expel the pain. Cause it helps them with their pain. You call a person a satanist without realizing a monster and devil made him that way. I hope you never experienced that torment. Funny how god believers are the first to commend and throw stones
Girl Defied (19 days ago)
10:46 nip slip oppsie
Sara Ancell (20 days ago)
Oh yes, I remember him now he is a freaking psycho of all psychos
Sara Ancell (20 days ago)
God bless Alexander McQueen, but curse all of his products from this day forward in the name of Jesus Christ
Sara Ancell (20 days ago)
Wow sounds like he was quite the psycho, I am cell and resell high-end products, and I will never sell a piece of his shit ever ever
Donna Fabulous! (22 days ago)
Sorry McQueen did not create low rise paints or hipster trousers look back at fashion history you'll see
ᄋᄋ (22 days ago)
Your voice sounds like Conan Gray or is it just me
Forward Flower (23 days ago)
That thumbnail 🤢🤮
M A R I (23 days ago)
This video has been on my recommended for EVER
gengarrules777 (23 days ago)
Do a video with your penis. Like even if it's wearing a tuxedo
forest witch ddaeng (1 month ago)
I get the concept and story behind the highland r*pe show but if it's about a horrible tragedy and references r*pe which is FORCED sexual intercourse why the fuck should the models be touching themselves and acting sexy as if the metaphorical intercourse were consensual. It promotes r*pe culture and takes away from the point of the concept and honestly even if he was assaulted himself I don't care for a man using women to tell that story. Do a men's collection with that theme it would make more sense anyway.
Sarah-Anne Carney (1 month ago)
This was fabulous. I have an entire new appreciation for him. I'm a Kearney/ Carney by the way. So I instantly saw his point in highland rape and knew it wasn't based on women. But the way it presented was controversial forna reason. Amazing to watch. Thank you for your research and time!
Lilly Cisneros (1 month ago)
Not even a minute in and I already subscribed😂💕 LOVE the intro commentary!
Jonathon Rotti (1 month ago)
Love this video cutie
André Vital Pardue (1 month ago)
I had no idea Fashion was interesting until I found your channel.
Michaela Šindlerová (1 month ago)
Why do you censor their tits? Its just a part of a body Lee Alexander McQueen wanted the dress to include (in my opinion)💁‍♀️.
kim Gah (1 month ago)
The 1997 is and actual instrument used to punish slaves. I find it hard to believe that it just so happened the black model got and actually transatlantic slave era device.
J kK (1 month ago)
That was not Anabelle Neilson.
valerie roche (1 month ago)
The photo of the general shooting a prisoner in Saigon during the Vietnam War is by the Pulitzer Prize winning photographer Eddie Adams!
Britney Spears (1 month ago)
I’m going to have nightmares
John T (1 month ago)
I would be so curious to imagine how McQueen would have responded to #MeToo, racial divides, and the PC climate of today.
jakeismyhero (1 month ago)
This was really fucking good and I don’t give a lot of compliments.
Prameow Meow (1 month ago)
Alexander Mc queen is still the most avant garde designer
Samo Aquaia (1 month ago)
okay the Dante Collection 👑
Shakur DeAndre (1 month ago)
The one black woman wears the cage. Okay. Lololol
PeculiarK8 Atelier (1 month ago)
He was a legend 🏆 his innovative fashion will always be remembered, and looked at for inspiration 💛
L3N1NVEVO (1 month ago)
Anorexia spectacle nihilism
Anonymous Change (1 month ago)
Stop blurring stuff that doesn’t need blurr
Jasper Dale Samaniego (1 month ago)
Smileyrie James (1 month ago)
So many of his models look bored, drugged, upset or just have truly awful walks. I think there’s a difference between an edgy, unique or perhaps awkward signature walk that bucks the cookie cutter walk trend, to the slouch, reel or trot/canter down the runway. Don’t know if that is coincidental or what they were trying to portray.../shrug. Especially the first model in the Nihilism one, the model reeling all over the catwalk & the woman in blue racing down & back as if she’s on speed. And pleasuring yourself on the runway??? Really????. Don’t recall the “bumster” silhouette in the mainstream in the 90’s/00’s, well outside the building industry. I think sometimes people try too hard to stand out & the result is a conflicted mess. Most of his designs stand out a mile all on their own without the added “runway anarchy”, even though that was no doubt deliberate as part of the “breaking the rules” ethos he embraced
The only one here who was sick was Alexander McQueen. His death showed what the result of nihilism is (his suicide by hanging). He projected his "real" mental illness onto these model who he worked with. That level of sickness makes you sick. He was a very very ill man who needed help, therapy and hospitalization that he never got.
Amanda Bentes (1 month ago)
amazing video!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Akemi Re (1 month ago)
LMFAO the Scotland rape excuse
Delineated Throe (1 month ago)
Imagine the last model in end of the video you bought her stuff she wore in her head and shoulder and you use it to walk in the Queen Street 😂😂😂😂😂
Mimosa Espana (1 month ago)
Ok? Okay. (2 months ago)
This is the video that brought me to Luke’s channel, and I’ve been here to stay.
DMT (2 months ago)
Am I the only one who thinks that he is a genius?
Juan Del Rey (2 months ago)
still waiting for part 2😍
Nisha Arya (2 months ago)
They all are so thin... 🤣
Sav Bass (2 months ago)
Just me or does his voice sound just like Conan gray
Lisa-Marie Beckwith (2 months ago)
Amazing, thank you.
Scarlett Huxley (2 months ago)
Whyyyyyyy is this age restricted??
fola sade (2 months ago)
He's simply demonic! Freaking demonic! Everything about he's fashion is so disturbing
Tia Applewhite (16 days ago)
Funny you should judge him. He was molested by a child predator, his work reflects the abuse and trauma as an outlet since nobody gave a damn to help him. He showed what victims went through. Did you know molested and rape victims are hyper SEXUAL as a result? Hence why the models are dressed that way. For rape and molested child victims and even adults, their brains cannot process the trauma, it scars them deeply. They search for any outlet. He needed help but no one heard him. Its funny how you call it demonic but the act done to him was and it shows in his work. I pray you never suffer an experience to the point you end up dead like him
Le Vaun Oliver (2 months ago)
The adjectives you used are wrong...this is not genius not beautiful nothing other than rubbish......
Shay Baby (2 months ago)
Forgive me for asking but is there a part 2? If so, could you point me in the right direction and I’ll do the rest. Please and Thank You in advance. I also subscribed to sweeten the pot. If that’s not enough I’ll hit the notification button and unfollow all other fashion channels. Just sayin....
Alwaleed Alkaabi (2 months ago)
Love love love
nelsonr1984 (2 months ago)
where is part 2?
Rosalin Jenna (2 months ago)
Earning lots of money but looking unhealthy.
Logan Van Liempt (2 months ago)
Cherry pick cherry pick cherry pick
Baby Goose (2 months ago)
This video was made very well. Awesome job! 👏👏👏
Baby Goose (2 months ago)
It has to scream “no one will ever wear this” for it to be considered fashion. 😑
earth to toddler bitch (2 months ago)
No me gusta tu voz.
almostvlue (2 months ago)
Is there a video on silhouetes?? I need it
SoHo And SunShine (2 months ago)
Hey, I think you're channel is "Awesome". Please come check out our Youtube channel and please help us grow and subscribe. Thank you and please continue to keep creating Great! content.
Jackson Kearl (2 months ago)
Could do without the censorship... this is art, not porn, and it should be treated as such.
Alma Zaitunnisa (2 months ago)
Lola Osman (2 months ago)
Stupid af
Becca Bradley (2 months ago)
He is one of my most favourite designers and I love this video so much. Thank you for opening the McQueen box to a wider audience that may not have known all of the intricacies behind his designs.
Alexxii (2 months ago)
Legend rip dude 🖤
Rob Ayres (2 months ago)
Javi Garcia (2 months ago)
I can’t watch this video of blurry nudes
La la Land (2 months ago)
Girl on thumbnail needs a cheeseburger.
Анна Темная (2 months ago)
Really like the video. Lee was a true genius. Love how you talk about what inspired him in such a detail
Luvie1980 (2 months ago)
Alexander McQueen was a fashion genius
Dude :p (2 months ago)
Your voice makes me so uncomfortable 😬
Andrea Sparkz (2 months ago)
Love your fact about low rise pants. I definitely rocked them back in my day!😂

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