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ALEXANDER MCQUEEN MADE MODELS DO WHAT!?! (Top 10 McQueen Shows to Know Part 1)

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Alexander McQueen was one of fashion's modern revolutionaries. His work was sublime, and his presentation of clothing changed the way the industry looked at fashion shows as a whole. Much of the background research stems from "Gods and Kings" by Dana Thomas. While the book is a gossipy tell-all, it's investigations into McQueen's references are insightful and almost always accurate. The documentary "McQueen" will open in theaters on July 20th, 2018! Social Media: Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hautelemode/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/HauteLeMode Tumblr: http://hautelemode.tumblr.com Music: https://soundcloud.com/user-817107625/isodoped Shoppable Looks: DKNY Checkered Button Up: https://bit.ly/2NePnX5 TTYL
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Erin Lott (9 hours ago)
Didn’t know about the Bumsters. So interested !! I subscribed 👍😀
Joe Rubio (1 day ago)
I own one orange shirt with embroidery of flowers by McQueen
cj222100 (1 day ago)
What a fantastic video, thank you for this, I can tell you put a lot of research & work into this! I would say Alexander McQueen is one of my favorite designers, tied with Gareth Pugh & Mugler.
Sandra Ink (2 days ago)
I loved this so much. You are wonderful. I can't wait for the next part, this was fantastic.
Tsetsi (2 days ago)
They look drugged up
Backintime Alwyn (3 days ago)
gosh I hate fashion. This won't ever change, I was trying to open my mind here and lurn , but I have to come to the conclusion that I hate everything about it, it's a freaking death cult.I think it's for my best interest.
emily wheeler (4 days ago)
His brand does not represent the real McQueen now that he is gone. No one can compare to his talent
Max (5 days ago)
where's part TWOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!???????
heather macdonald (5 days ago)
You should write a book about the history of fashion
Alexas Machine (7 days ago)
I love some of his piece's, but sad for the women that do the catwalk they are like walking bones.
J's Own Clean Edits (8 days ago)
damn man thank you , finally found an informative and in-depth perspective regarding classic designers on their collections. not even 5 minutes in and you completely WOWed me at the Jack the ripper collection, the informative story and details surrounding it is so hard to really find information about or even people that pay attention to collections that have a bigger story behind “oh, its just clothing”. like no bitch it isn’t ahaha
Andy Goes to Hell (9 days ago)
I love Alexander McQueen so much, his art is not only something controversial and different but it is also a signal, a warning that history is very important and therefore should not be forgotten in effort to not repeat the same mistakes ever again. His choice of models definitely represents how much were women abused and subjugated by the society and its beauty standards and these provocative clothes and the way the models freely walk carelessly is like an act of revenge. It's like saying "these women have been abused and raped, their clothes were torn apart so I'm giving them already torn clothes and the ability to walk freely in them to remind ignorant people that women have and are suffering at the hands of this society and they have rights to freedom and expression." I don't think that all his clothes are meant for the consumers, some of his clothes are monuments to historical events and societal problems and are meant to be seen as an act against those things, kinda like a theatrical play that spreads awareness about rape and abuse and wars etc. He's definitely one of the most interesting minds in the fashion industry!
Javier Esquivel (9 days ago)
this video was so well made
X-RYA (9 days ago)
I apologize but some outfits in the highland collection were very nice
Claudia Jade (10 days ago)
Part 2?
StaryKawaii Co (11 days ago)
Why all satanic thing done by white people. Sick
Kasia (12 days ago)
I don't know how the touching of themselves on the runway helps with the theme of a countries rape. I would have though the self pleasure might give a different idea and might just be done to shock.
Amber _ (12 days ago)
Okay, that cage outfit terrified me.
Polarized (12 days ago)
This is a geniun question, why do creators/fashion « enthusiasts » just like yourself use french in a wrong way, like you can’t say « le poupée » that’s wrong, it’s « la poupée » as in french poupée is a feminin word, same with your name « hautelemode » it makes no sense it’s LA mode and LA haute couture, same for Tyler the Creator’s brand Golf LE Fleur, it’s LA fleur It pisses me of bcause idk if they do it on purpose or just want to imitate a french brand/name but they dont even bother to see if the translate it correctly
Jeordie Ghoul (12 days ago)
The mask at 7:08 was also worn by the naked woman in the Nine Inch Nails "Closer" music video, which was an important music video for gothic subculture in mainstream media.
Mrs Valo (13 days ago)
I love this so much
SunKissNicole (14 days ago)
They're so itty-bitty...
Danny Rodriguez (14 days ago)
Yasssssssss! I live for this!!! Thank you so much!!! 😍
Shell Patron (15 days ago)
Lowlyf Fangirl (16 days ago)
I'm a 90s kid but i never knew any of this (but then again i never cared for fashion. I was a dungaree kid) and although i hate high-end fashion stuff, this was really informative and i wish you'd do more of this! PLEASE! I'd like to know how other designers came into being, their beginnings and downfalls etc.! Idk why but i was reminded of some really good serial killer documentaries watching this lol sorry im weird and i'm just so hooked i want more!
Yeowoo (16 days ago)
I'm an art student and I took this course in uni just because I couldn't afford to do fashion and it was too risky since I didn't know if I could make money out of it. I fell interest in fashion gradually as I focused more in the arts and I specialize in mixed media however seeing this and how fashion can actually be just as much of an artistic work as any other arts and it's just not for trends or looking good kinda gave me more inspiration as what really is behind a runway rather than seeing these fashion runways nowadays being interpreted as "this and that is in for this season" it's more just about artistic expression and I love that. Thank you this is so informative and inspirational
irregular ncity (16 days ago)
this video is fascinating, i hope you make more modern fashion history videos like this! but this makes me really hate how woman nipples are seen as obscene and considered "pornography". This is art and it should be presented in it's true form. censoring a bunch of nipples but not the message just seems ridiculous to me. Breasts literally gives people sustenance and it makes no sense that men can be topless but somehow woman breasts are inappropriate.
Pengu Pengu (16 days ago)
Amazing! You’re commentary is fab and I’m not even interested in fashion!
morlanton (17 days ago)
this probably strongly indicates i’m a millennial, but my fave mcqueen show was plato’s atlantis
Alex (17 days ago)
The epitome of designer I could appreciate but cant get into or find inspiration from.
Mariam Nowar (18 days ago)
Lots of love from Egypt! 💁🏻‍♀️
monobg antonina (18 days ago)
CDG and Yohji also definitely created a silhouette
Shelle Wright (18 days ago)
Time to subscribe 💕
fed up American (18 days ago)
Sorry but if you have to walk around holding your pants to keep them from falling down you are stupid ans a fashion slave. Remember.. slavery bad.
Whit (18 days ago)
Your pronunciation is on point. I like literature. Not fashion. But I watched this entire video. Plus he’s quite interesting. Thanks!
Whit (18 days ago)
That red and black coat on the left is the most appealing piece of high fashion I have ever seen! I can’t stop looking at it.
Mikela Michele (19 days ago)
I just recently started understanding fashion as real art and your videos are helping me so much to learn about the art and the industry. I feel like I'm taking the most interesting history class ever. :) Thanks for helping noobs like me appreciate fashion at a deeper level!
Breanna Craig (19 days ago)
i’ve never been interested in fashion or anything of the sorts before, but i came across your channel and this is just so beyond fascinating. the creative expression that goes into each of these shows is insane to me, as i always perceived these shows as pretentious designers displaying strange clothes. in actuality it’s literally art, it has so much thought and creativity put into it. i’m intrigued as fuck
Abdo Hashim (19 days ago)
Pause at 9:18 to see the nipple
Kasmine Reed (23 days ago)
I love all design of Haute Couture clothes collection.
D M (24 days ago)
Iconic ❤️
Maggie Jaehnig (25 days ago)
TakaS013 (26 days ago)
Some of the fashion was disturbing, but some pieces I would wear.
mmm m (27 days ago)
i see the influence of illuminati in most of his designs.. this designer is surely agonizing in hell by now.
hanz2002coquilla (29 days ago)
My new favorite vlog! McQueen will forever be my favorite fashion inspiration!!!
Sofiyya Shahminan (30 days ago)
😭😭😭 I wanted to watch this video but it says that this video content is age-restricted....well since I love Alexander McQueen so much I just give a like for this video even though I cannot watch it....what a sad sad life 😞
Camryn Bell (30 days ago)
To all the ignorant people in here talking about how skinny the models are and how McQueen was disturbed: 1) runway models are supposed to be thin so that the clothes drape on them like human mannequins. Models during this time period often used drugs to achieve the look, hence the "skeletal" appearance. This has since been corrected as there are now weight rules in place. 2) His runway shows were not "demonic" or "evil." As this video explains, he used his shows to bring light to disturbing historical times, personal times, and art. This is what art is all about, it is an expression! He wasn't doing these shows because he liked violence, it was the OPPOSITE! He was showcasing that violence exists and that we need to be aware of it. Ugh, uncultured swine.
Isaac Ceillam (30 days ago)
I live for Alex, he’s a huge inspiration
Stefano (1 month ago)
Just stick with the sneakers
Camila (1 month ago)
I want part 2!!!!
Lita Ramjatan (1 month ago)
I love Him xxx,,,,and i loved it Thank Uuuuuu so much xxx
Roghana Khan (1 month ago)
he should be placed in a mental hospital
Artemis Arthur (1 month ago)
It looks like McQueen had been issuing cries for help YEARS before he took his own life. I shot fashion for years and the title of your show or shoot tells a story. Using titles and women in such a way (Highland Rape?!?!) just shows how much he disregarded these women and life in general. No man with an OUNCE of respect for the opposite sex would display them in such a fashion. Leave the gore to the news. Fashion is meant to be an escape from the norm, not a nightmare.
MollieVX (1 month ago)
I don't understand. I want to but I can't.
Nathalia (1 month ago)
I feel like I’ve been looking for you my whole life 😭
Donna Graceffa (1 month ago)
These models are people. Disrespecting them for “art” is degrading and dark. Not a fan of his work.
Donna Graceffa (1 month ago)
“There is no rape culture.”
StaaAAANnn LoOOOoONaAA (1 month ago)
We need part 2 sis
Bubby Mustard (1 month ago)
Runaway "fashion" , no sane person would actually wear any of that
Kimm 65 (1 month ago)
7:52 "Don McCullen's photography was screen printed onto shirts & dresses illegally as McCullen's studio refused to give McQueen production rights." So it was okay for McQueen to commit Intellectual Property Theft for his show?🙄 What?😳 I guess, like the rich & famous if you're labelled as a genius then you too can do whatever the hell you please.😒 Does anyone know the full story?
George Ourfalian (1 month ago)
all of mcqueens ideas and close are fucking HORRIBLE
Katie (1 month ago)
He was one of a kind... thank you for this... the detail and being so respectful.
Cos Mania_C (1 month ago)
Suraj Wakpanjar (1 month ago)
Not fashion but filthyness.
Suraj Wakpanjar (1 month ago)
Mint Lebruce (1 month ago)
Why is this age restricted
riooo (1 month ago)
now.. i get what Fashion is. thanks
StelinaJaffee (1 month ago)
Very informative video
Ashley AZ Mom (1 month ago)
Anyone else see the two orbs come out top of his head at 0:47 ?
Morgan Spivey (1 month ago)
6:28 look it’s cara d
JenGetsFit (1 month ago)
Oooh goddamn this was a quality vid. I cried when ypu spoke about Highland Rape. Subscribed.
Naz Shams (1 month ago)
Is this show was to show wht ppl earlier wore or want ppl to wear thm now?? But hw..covering 1 boob
Holy lolly (1 month ago)
Ewww grosss
blinded splurr (1 month ago)
The deeper has much of a deeper value to it than the superficial title, tbh
Abir Ahmed (1 month ago)
this is not talent, this is stupidity
animenotenemy (1 month ago)
0:39 Troye😍 anyways this video is really important
Ritercrazy (1 month ago)
Walking porn
Black Maria (1 month ago)
Don't know how I got here, but this is super interesting
lily florian (1 month ago)
This is CRAP!!!!
Can you make a video about how fashion designers "attacked/confronted" political and society problems/taboo? Because I think a lot of people underestimate how fashion changed some views/opinions in people and communities
Sophiesticated (1 month ago)
Lorraine O'Donnell (1 month ago)
What trash.
José Fernando Vega (1 month ago)
Fabulous video. Bravo
Gabrielle Bernard (1 month ago)
Please learn how to pronounce French words darling.
Gil David Dela Cruz (1 month ago)
Where's the part 2????
Guoda Butrimaite (1 month ago)
Thank You for these reviews so much. I am really enjoying Your channel and whenever I want to do something relaxing, useful and interesting at the same time, I go to watch HauteLeMode. It would be so great if You could do more videos like these about Alexander Mcqeen's collections. I think You're analytical and You really know Your field, so You have a position from which You can tell people about deeper ideas which is there in the Fashion (as an art).
Brandon (1 month ago)
I come here for the comments by pretentious "fashion" people having stupid arguments over shit
chusexy29 (1 month ago)
Thanks Luke ! great job -
don't watch my videos (1 month ago)
Alexander is a god
Dgsd (1 month ago)
If I could like this series twice, I would!
Dgsd (1 month ago)
So glad I found your channel. It's what I have been missing in my life.
Maria Selepak (1 month ago)
Very nicely done!
Celeste Garcia (1 month ago)
Why do you make a vocal fry sound at the end of your sentences?
sam ara (1 month ago)
The French snobs in these comments though...🙄
i am masyi (1 month ago)
Look at this human beings doing something useless.. Well, i also did something useless when i watch youtube
GOOD GOOD Channel (1 month ago)
A lot of designs are actually genius but the way he made these models wore it is freak
queening (1 month ago)
Psychopath. Bet he was a devil worshipper.
Kole Summer (13 days ago)
Look a dumb bitch everyone. Fuck off, wannabe.
Sydney P (1 month ago)
I’m seeing the documentary on Friday with my fashion class and I’m so excited

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