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Jean Paul Gaultier ➤ Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2012

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It's real splendour. Thank YouTube. I was spellbound by that fantastical show almost every model has been extremely beautiful.All details are awesome. I'm glad for Amy Winehouse, that she was rewarded by that artfull talented performance. See there the numbers of models those had been shaken me.--- 14,18,21,23,25,27,28,29/ charming !!/30,32,33,35,36/exellent/37,38,40,41/sensual and artful/42/it's the wonder!!!!/43/it's precious, it's dazzling !!!!!/. Look at this video, it's a Perl of all shows that are displaying on YouTube! Thank you very much, Monsieur Jean-Paul Gaultier.
gonzalo lopez (6 years ago)
no son copias de nadie,, son referentes de gaultier de toda la vida, con forma de estilismo muy bien logrado,, sin mas,,,,,,geniales como siempre
Enrique p l (6 years ago)
son copias de Dior, McQueen, Chanel.
Enrique p l (6 years ago)
a la 24 la trajeron de la calle.

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