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Alexander McQueen Spring/ Summer 2005 (part 2)

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"It's Only a Game"
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Erik Gacia (8 months ago)
I miss that shows
Лирик (2 years ago)
hand of illuminati
Enrique Luna (2 years ago)
Jeronimo (4 years ago)
So futurist!
merceplanella (5 years ago)
wallfrance (5 years ago)
I agree
HotFrogLegs (5 years ago)
Illuminati nuts can have a field day with this one...
Sydonia (6 years ago)
Because they didn't commit suicide.
Ignacio O (6 years ago)
boy htis is a fashion show not a game, why would you play chess with the models youre trying to show the clothes not how do you play a chess game
ChrisBLovesthe80s B (3 months ago)
With Lee, host shows were never just about the clothes but a story. Best believe there was a much deeper meaning to this show than a mere game of chess. I'd suggest you research Alexander McQueen's total body of work, and his history in the fashion world. I think you'll be delighted, if you are really seeking to understand where he's coming from. Lee was more than a designer, but an artist with a hell of a point of view. 😗😙😚
briar garnett (6 years ago)
Liberalshinigami (6 years ago)
you know how hard that will be for the audience to see the clothes move if he did that?
jinxickle (6 years ago)
legendary! ♥
Ex makina (6 years ago)
Ex makina (6 years ago)
Don't take it all so seriously, it isn't supposed to be a standard chess game. Is that really the most important thing from this video, farout.
Gwenagirl101 (6 years ago)
wow this is beautiful!
Flaubert (6 years ago)
1:53 Daria <3
legginsrotos (6 years ago)
How we miss you...
toxicsnake (6 years ago)
What a horrible thing to say.
realfan08 (6 years ago)
eextremely creative
LoveHelloKitty822 (6 years ago)
This makes no sense considering he was a designer and they are singers dumbass
C.Dolorier (6 years ago)
Daria is killin em
HowToBecomeRich100 (6 years ago)
That is fantastic. He did everything better than Lagerfeld.
Sigh (7 years ago)
How did you manage to turn this into a conversation about Bieber and Cyrus? Ironically, you are the one complaining about why they are still around.
allure chic (7 years ago)
the greatest fashion fantasy of the 20th century !
Kjini (7 years ago)
@peepeepetipa Then stop watching.
congacon81 (7 years ago)
csihardfan111 (7 years ago)
I absolutely LOVE this entire collection and the show. It was all hostile, aggression during the chess movements, along with the monotone voice. Very creepy. Then suddenly Elvis crooned from the speakers and everything was good again. Just amazing. Absolutely riveting show.
Heather Moran (7 years ago)
his clothes make me melllttttttt
Brown Eyes Princess (7 years ago)
And people wonder why he's my favorite of all time?? This man was a true visionary and this show kicks ass. Ugh, why did he have to go??
Jae Pukma (7 years ago)
Essentially, this was Daria Werbowy's game, she is winning left and right
El maco (7 years ago)
This makes every other runway show I have ever seen look like poop
Rene Spiewak (7 years ago)
He had such dark mind. But within that dark void was something magnificent. God bless his dead soul!
Nina Heifets (7 years ago)
@imnotglencoco plus alexander mqueen is DEAD!:( it is such a loss
La Boheme 1994 (7 years ago)
Innovado en todo!!
Anne D (7 years ago)
@imnotglencoco No you're not ugly.
siddharth antil (7 years ago)
he is a genius........
monica mugler (7 years ago)
This parade is the whole mouthful of fresh air already parades like that do not do to themselves ...... that big you were LEE.........
capn (8 years ago)
@Eidolin part 1 of this show includes a more traditional runway presentation (with the best choreography i've ever seen in runway) with better views of the garments.
tbh26 (8 years ago)
@cascifinnes - Is it really based off of Harry Potter? Ahhh! That's amazing! :)
yiishuian (8 years ago)
Siobhan Magnus
Kevin Nowacki (8 years ago)
@spacetraveller2521 at least one person knows whats going in the world, thank you
tbh26 (8 years ago)
(Reminds me of Harry Potter.) But holy crap, this is genius.
FaithLessTQWH (8 years ago)
@awholenewworld3 Probably in more ways than one. lol. This guy seems to have a good understanding of symbolism and occult knowledge. Definitely more than the lame ass designs that he puts out for stupid celebrities like Lady Gaga. The man himself, I'm sure, made it a point to get images alluding to MK ultra, DID, and mass rituals. Magician? Eh. Magick practitioner? Seems to be more apparent.
Charice Super (8 years ago)
nice tiles so evil!
momiji (8 years ago)
waaay ahead of his time!
Eidolin (8 years ago)
@xILoveLAx you don't have to be smug. im not being a smartass, im literally wondering how he could show off the details in his pieces that way. i didn't mean that it was a stupid idea -_-
Eidolin (8 years ago)
how could people see the garments if everyone was packed together on a chessboard?
peepeepetipa (8 years ago)
I just can't understand why he had to die and THINGS like Bieber or Cyrus are still alive, torturing everyone watching MTV !!!!
vuittonbrown (8 years ago)
@GymGuy247 You ain't lying!
vuittonbrown (8 years ago)
komaiSTUDIO (8 years ago)
GymGuy247 (8 years ago)
The model at 3:00 knows how to walk on the runway!!!
chocol8meister (8 years ago)
Models must have killed to be in his shows!!
Milkisful (8 years ago)
omfg my mind is like blown this collection was beautiful :UUUUU omg my eyes are being dazzled im being serious the "queen" face off was intense and amazing design excuse me while my mind is being blown right now
icebud (8 years ago)
The genius behind that unconventionally unique fashion show concept and those intricate, bold, in your face, and out of this world clothes is the guy with his pants falling down. This is why he is respected, missed, and forever loved. Sir McQueen, your are so deeply missed.
SuperHiphop100 (8 years ago)
what the fuck is this and how what this man a genius im not taking the piss but i actually wanna know what he done which is wow
Justin Lambert (8 years ago)
His shows are like art pieces fucking flawless beautiful art!!
amesguy515 (8 years ago)
No wonder he killed himself.
ivanlluna (8 years ago)
kawaiiaix (9 years ago)
@alexplot me too :) amazing Thank you ^_^
Alexander K (9 years ago)
I bet his inspiration was from Harry Potter. haha..
EFARmexart (9 years ago)
El mundo de la moda te extraña, el numero uno en Culturedesing,todo una revolución
Jacqueline Crockford (9 years ago)
macocopa23 (9 years ago)
[email protected]! (9 years ago)
this is pure genius...
joseph amo (9 years ago)
You know, IBUSTSHOTS, whoever you are...for someone who hated the man so much, you're clearly obsessed with him...You've got comments attached to loads of his clips on here. Your vicious hatred says much more about you than him. You come across like a self-hating closet case...and sadly for you...you obviously can't stop thinking about this guy. Why else would you be on here spouting vicious bile about someone you never knew. Get help dude and find something constructive to spend your time on.
Enrique Luna (9 years ago)
pionerrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!! hope god or whoever is out there to wait for us..holds you in his arms with love
Yani Hartonen (9 years ago)
My fav collection man of genius Rest in peace!!!
cococlauds (9 years ago)
suicide :( his mother died last week and he was depressed. Rest in Peace <3
Patricia (9 years ago)
He was one of my favorite.R.I.P. :(
suberbia88 (9 years ago)
MeDzoDzo (9 years ago)
Bloody brilliant! RIP dear Alexander.
allycat62 (9 years ago)
his clothing was truly art he is a real designer not a fake who wants fame not some publicity junkie a real designer with real talent RIP McQueen
gam1ller (9 years ago)
so fierce...
Pinky Cerritos (9 years ago)
Long live McQueen!!
biankayoutube (9 years ago)
RIP Lee..
Mash287 (9 years ago)
soo fucking amazing.
cobsflava (9 years ago)
brilliant just brilliant
fabi azul (9 years ago)
wow!! +q moda
jockrlo04 (9 years ago)
type it in google and search her site it appears as the 2004 show
dodelledod (9 years ago)
do you have a link to show? I'd like to see.
AuthenticHippie (9 years ago)
McQueen is such a creative GENIUS (L)
SomeoneGotFood (9 years ago)
the models are great because they can remember all those steps
jockrlo04 (9 years ago)
mcqueen is a copycat vero ivaldi an Argentinian designer did this in 2004
gemifredricko (10 years ago)
OMG, McQueen show is always innovative and different season by season, how can he think about these different ideas in a show, as well as the clothes? BRAVOOOOO
Nuno Abelho (10 years ago)
Beautiful. Unique. Amazing. McQueen...
Shanex36 (10 years ago)
spectacular presentation! love it
LaneyPenn (10 years ago)
That bishop's got some attitude haha. cool I saw this years ago on fashion television and fell in love.

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