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How To Travel Around London and Buy an Oyster Card - Important Tips!

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Here are some very important tips on how to travel around London and buy an oyster card. Especially if it is your first time visiting London, if you aren't careful you can end up paying a lot more for your travel so it's important you pay the right fare. You can use your oyster card or contactless payment card for lots of different types of transport on London TFL services. This includes buses, trains, tubes, Thames Clipper boats, trams and even the Emirates Airline cable cars. My favourite thing to do is to travel on the old Number 15 routemaster buses. A real icon of London. I'll show you all the tips and tricks on how to behave like a true Londoner and not to be barged out of the way by the locals when travelling on transport in London. There are other ways to pay for London Transport including Apple Pay on your iphone or with a contactless credit or debit card. But I think it's easiest to get an oyster card when you first arrive. Try to avoid buying paper tickets because they cost more!! And the buses don't accept money so you must have an oyster or credit card or apple pay. Subscribe on Youtube ➜ https://www.youtube.com/joolzguides SUPPORT MY CHANNEL ON PATREON ➜ https://www.patreon.com/joolzguides CONTACT ME FOR A PRIVATE GUIDED WALK ➜ http://joolzguides.com -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "Tower of London to Wapping - London's Best Riverside Walk" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oZs1kkqWwU8 -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
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colin johnson (26 days ago)
Timothy O'Connell (28 days ago)
Please be aware your video showed you using the oyster to get on the tube then using your bank card to leave you will be charged twice at the higher rate if you do this as you have not swiped both ends of the journey on either card
R. E. Bruce Martin (1 month ago)
Question from Canada: Eventhough a tourist leaving the U.K. can get his deposit back for the o\Oyster card, maybe some of them prefer to take it home with them as a memento? Anything "fishy" here? In Montreal we have an old system, the oipus. I predict that in not more then 5 years hence the government will have no choice but to adiot=ot something a bit ore like the Oyster or the Presto card used in Ontario (which operaes somewhat like the Oyster.) The prsentOus system is muh more limited as it cannot accomodate paying for a trip by the distance. a regional transporter need to be able to do that!
USMAN SALEEM (6 months ago)
+ahmed yusuf where are you from
sebi kmetec (1 day ago)
This Oyster Card shows, that England deserves Brexit. Every ride you must pay.
Cher (2 days ago)
How much does each swipe cost? 1 pound? 0.50 pounds? Love your humour ! :)
Amiga Amigo (2 days ago)
The best way is by foot, everywhere you go you’ll find something unique
Tanveer Durrani (4 days ago)
Nice video
ki ki (4 days ago)
Cheers Mate ! This helps me a lot !
Youcef Bouzid (4 days ago)
Love you Londou😢
Yinus Ayoubami (5 days ago)
Lol 😂 If you don’t know where you live what your name is
What would you suggest if you have 3 children over 5 - get them all oyster cards for the various trips
Scoot Jockey (6 days ago)
Great BUT the only thing with buses is they have a tendancy to explode...
Ramdan Kechar (10 days ago)
I hope to visit London and be a volunteer or a worker there to help orphans and the elderly😊
Anthony Hamer (10 days ago)
iv been here on the coach from up north and when you get to london its stop start stop start in the traffic all part of the fun unless your in a hurry see yous
Phoenix van der Weyden (11 days ago)
" Excuse me , i´m going to look down at my phone now " . lol
Hongbats (13 days ago)
I live in London, why tf am I watching this 😂😂😂 BUT HEY I LIKE IT
Ryan Logue (13 days ago)
2:08 sorry but you remind me of Jimmy Carr 😂
Val Tom (15 days ago)
Really enjoyed your video. Let me know if you have more videos out there.
John Mason (16 days ago)
Hello Joolz, did you have to get a permit to film on the London Underground?
TRAVEL ADDICT 81 (16 days ago)
Oyster or travel card it is a must, once they charged me 4 pounds for a single 5 minutes journey.
C D (18 days ago)
Congrats Joolz, your team is in the Champions League final! Epic game! Carlos, from Cordoba, Argentina.
traindriver35 (20 days ago)
My advise if arriving at Gatwick Airport.DO NOT USE GATWICK EXPRESS. Save your money. Get an OYSTER card from the ticket office and use SOUTHERN services. There are SIX trains an hour during the day and it takes the same 30 minutes. It costs (2019 prices) £8.30 off-peak and £15.10 peak time. Peak time is MONDAY-FRIDAY 06.30-09.30 and 16.00-19.00 all other times are off-peak. GATWICK EXPRESS is £19.80 at ALL TIMES... PLEASE DON'T GET RIPPED OFF. You can use your OYSTER card to continue your journey on London underground and any other station in greater London. If you are staying in London you'll need an OYSTER card to get around on public transport so get one at Gatwick and start saving straight away.REMEMBER. THE GATWICK EXPRESS IS A RIP-OFF OF UNWARY TRAVELLERS AND VISITORS.
ryan general (20 days ago)
This is old.
ryan general (20 days ago)
Same kind of pompas attitude which tool the piss
ryan general (20 days ago)
Samuel Chan (20 days ago)
Standing on the right side is actually wrong and dangerous. Especially on a busy escalator, standing on only one side is the sole reason why they fail (the stairs collapse and tons of people injured!). Chain’s parts are twisted and would finally break. And this kind of structural damage won’t be noticed in regular maintenance bc those checks(mainly replacements of smaller parts)don’t include the toughness of pieces of metal.
Abraham Tsfaye (21 days ago)
That city looks like a dump. Grey buildings, grey skies, depressing. A real shithole.
Gudrun W (21 days ago)
you don‘t have to be british to use contactless. works with any contactless enabled card and is sometimes even cheaper than using oyster.
Samuel Chan (20 days ago)
It’s the bank charges that are expensive
Victoria Mandy Data (22 days ago)
I'll come to London next July. We were 2 person. I'm 58 and my grandnice only 13. Have we to take 2 Oyster cards? Verity
Victoria Mandy Data (21 days ago)
+John Trofin Thank you!
John Trofin (21 days ago)
Yes you will need to get an oyster card for your grandniece as well,but they usually offer discounts for the kids.
cristina lexy (23 days ago)
Stupid Hat?
An a (23 days ago)
I will be there 18.05.2019😍
Madman (23 days ago)
You have my like very funny entertaining and helpful video!
Aalpha Splatt (23 days ago)
Damn! I have lived in London my whole life and I never knew you could get a new oyster card from the machine. 😓 Great video!!
Naureen Reza (24 days ago)
Sorry it £11 cap.
lemonade mango (25 days ago)
I am a foreigner, i just realized Oyster card is so useful, I normally use it for underground and bus, but never others, thanks for the video. I really like your very British accent, like the English I heard from tv drama of downtown abbey, hehe...
Lucy S (26 days ago)
I really appreciate this video because it explains something that other youtuber videos don't say about the Oyster cards --- SWIPE THE CARD AGAIN when you walk out of the tube station. Also, I didn't know the top up in Oyster cards. So that means I can buy a $20 oyster card and use it all week?
MlMg (25 days ago)
You can charge it with 20 pounds and just use it until you run out. Then you can simply recharge your Oyster Card, they basically never expire :) 20 pounds would last a tourist for approximately 3 days I guess
BatistaR0X (27 days ago)
i agree that if you don't tap out, you will get skinned on the fare.. i learnt it the hard way :/ remember to find those machines
Calvary Crusader (27 days ago)
Don't forget the village of Chillingbourne - www acanterburytale com
velvet raptor (29 days ago)
Okay, great, but what's a quid?
Whitney Barros (26 days ago)
velvet raptor it’s the name they give to pounds. Same thing.
Mohammed Hussein (1 month ago)
this video insult islam because its not about muslims
Sophia Mayo (1 month ago)
Can I use my american Mastercard to buy the Oyster card or will it charge me more...
Greg Gross (1 month ago)
Neverlastwpo Rhibi (1 month ago)
What song? 0:02 and 5:00 ? Somebody pls tell me. Tq
Captain Jarndyce (29 days ago)
Neverlastwpo Rhibi - Down at the old Bull and Bush - Those were the days.
London & Suburbs (1 month ago)
I love London. Its capital of the World in 21-th century!!! But could be cheaper obviously
Vi Thi (1 month ago)
To recapitulate, this kind of card with the excellent amenities that it offers human being is a position of strength for the revolutionary development of the modern world.
jack vazquez (1 month ago)
if you get the 7 day oyster travel card, that basically pays everything !... right? ( How much is it by the way)
frits spits (19 days ago)
Depends on which zones you'll be travelling through. Zone 1 being the Cith centre. Usually zone 1 and 2 will suffice which is £35.10. All tubes, trains, DLR, and Overground trains in zone 1 and 2 are included. Plus buses all over London outside zone 1 and 2. And if you go into zone 3 and further you pay a small extra fee.
pkdrenaissance (1 month ago)
Absolutely wonderful video! Thanks!
Anna (1 month ago)
The stupid mein
tia poonia (1 month ago)
The person sanding on the wrong side of the escalator is me... always 🤣🤣
In this case it was my friend, Theo!
laar Danish (1 month ago)
Vitoria (1 month ago)
Lmao @ "molester seat"
Alena Klimesova (1 month ago)
Thank you for the info! I am heading to London in the summer for the first time 😊
Milk and Duck gaming (1 month ago)
What's up with the dip in audio quality on the London Underground? Was it too noisy?
Milk and Duck gaming (1 month ago)
OK thanks!
Since I'm not the bbc they don't just let you on to film with a nice set up so I had to use a different audio set up so as not to attract attention. It's quite an old video. I've figured out how to do it better now.
HMS Serenity (1 month ago)
Its ridiculous you have to tap out before leaving the station. If MTA did this people would be pissed.
Ricardo Wiggett (22 days ago)
It's easy to remember, save at stations with no barriers, or at night when the barriers are, or at least should be, wide open, due to lack of staff to open the gates manually when valid tickets fail to do so (this is common, sadly, though shouldn't be an issue with Oyster or contactless).
Tamás Faragó (1 month ago)
It is outraogeus that at 4 PM at Viktoria Train Station ,the only redemption location closes,and the 3 cards cam be taken home!Incorrect!!!
Andrew M (1 month ago)
And remember. Try not to get stabbed.
Julie Newman (1 month ago)
Not every British people who carry a knife. It's only the scum that carries one.
MrMrliamo (1 month ago)
My son is 8 and my daughter is 10, do these need an Oyster card?
Rodrigo FX (1 month ago)
Once in London, I got an oyster card in Heathrow. I thought it would be the best way to see London spending less. It is worth it if you do not need multiple means of transportation or if you do not use it several times because in a short time the credits are spent. I spent my credits in less than a day. Talking to a Londoner, he told me to do it the next day: go to a subway machine and buy the ticket for the whole day. It is more expensive than a ticket but worth the hour that pays until 23:59. The next day I did that and I walked the whole town paying only a value .... it was worth much, much more than to get the oyster card which is more advantageous for a Londoner who is coming and going from work or school, will not stay going from place to place in the city .... my point of view and recommendation
Nicole Nassolo (2 months ago)
As a Londoner this was funny and interesting some of this stuff I didn’t know most of the time I take buses so I’m glad you talked about trains because i don’t understand them that well thankyou 🙂
colin johnson (26 days ago)
Frech Studios (2 months ago)
Please do a ture of St Dunstan in the East Church City of London. Thank you:)
Ella Wu (2 months ago)
4 Qs here. . Thank you 🙏 for helping. 1. Just curious how the public boat system works in London? How are the ride costs determined? 2. What bus no. would you recommend us take to sightseeing London without joining the Private tours? I saw you taking bus no. 15. Is it that one? 3. Which transportation will you recommend save us money and most time efficient to take from central London to Gatwick Airport? 4. Is citymapper a useful app? Many thanks!
Gillo Ballybay (22 days ago)
Ella Wu Citymapper is very useful
The Police (2 months ago)
i lived here for 4 years. was fantastic. very friendly which was a suprise.
Alejandro (2 months ago)
1:48 , is he your camera man .?
lohphat (2 months ago)
I would suggest NOT using a foreign tap to pay credit card as you’ll incur a transaction and exchange fee each swipe. Just get an Oyster card. If you never register it on the TfL website, then you also have a modicum of privacy as they don’t know who is using the card and can’t track your movements by a card registered to you.
Milk and Duck gaming (2 months ago)
Dont be a tube noob and talk lol. Pros have their phone and headphones in.
AvariceUntied (2 months ago)
How long are the Oyster cards valid? I still have one from 2011 with some money on it. Can I still use it?
slippyg (2 months ago)
Confusion (2 months ago)
How much should I put on my oyster card if I'm travelling around London for a month?
Ricardo Wiggett (22 days ago)
That depends. If you're travelling mainly on buses and trams, you'll need a lot less than if you use tube or heavy-rail (overground/National Rail) trains. Rail fares are also higher in zone 1. If you travel in zones 2 and higher only, avoiding zone 1, you can travel on trains for a bus fare, BUT you need to tap the pink Oyster readers en route if doing this (that's an advanced technique for penny pinching). TIP: Never mind cheaper, buses are often more convenient if you know how to use them! For a low price they can save you a lot of footpath pounding. Maybe just load £30 or so onto your Oyster and reload if it gets low?
J L. (2 months ago)
Please stand on the right. We need these signs in Germany too! I thought it would be common knowledge but it isn’t.
Chimchiminee (2 months ago)
How do I pay for 2 tickets on the bus with a contactless debit card?
Russell Driver (2 months ago)
i think you will find that will one card for each person
KPEC3arrival (2 months ago)
Brilliant video! I've always wanted to go to the UK. Looks like it's all wired up over there. I got to hear some Cockney!
winki green (2 months ago)
Nice cap
Princess Sirenity (2 months ago)
Does the credit card cap up like the Oyster card?
Nina Anwamane (11 days ago)
MsEliza dashwood (2 months ago)
Do you swipe on and off bus?
Pari Roy (2 months ago)
For bus you need to swipe only in, but you need to press the red button inside the bus when you want to get off the bus. And very important is when you wait for bus at bus stop and you see the bus approaching, you need to raise your hand to stop the bus otherwise bus will not stop. Same as you get off the bus. If you don't press the red button to stop, bus will not stop.
Ellen (2 months ago)
Fantastic video!!
Fahima nomaan (2 months ago)
Thank You dear
Andrew Gwilt (2 months ago)
Not to forget Crossrail “Elizabeth Line” when it does eventually open. You can use the oyster payment cards and contactless cards but you will get charged.
Ani Merci (2 months ago)
Joolz, you could be describing New York City. BTW, when are you hopping across the pond? So many fans here!
JOYJIT ROY (2 months ago)
work on your video's sound quality(i had to increase the vo to 90%) i m using perfectly fine dell lapi & a sony head phone
Augh Bable (2 months ago)
I must wear bowler hat, I see! That way, I can easily adapting local dwellers just like the video shown 😁
Mr Green (2 months ago)
I’ve been watching so many videos cuz I’m not scared I’m planning my 1st trip to Europe including New Year’s Eve in London. Everything it’s bit confusing but thanks u made it so simple and I’m feeling bit confident.
Cary Blossom (2 months ago)
I’m planning a trip to London in September and your videos are super helpful! Thank you!!
Glad you like them!
arriesone1 (2 months ago)
Joolzy you were a bit rude to that poor chap on the escalator, you look so dapper, being rude doesn’t suit you!
Fortunately he was was my friend ;)
Matilda Martin (2 months ago)
Thank you for this information !!!***
flymoon24 (3 months ago)
Hi, Love the music. takes me back.
beftus1264 (3 months ago)
Note: you can't get the unused credit on your Oyster card refunded at the DLR booth or machines at London City Airport. That will only work at Undergound tube stations. A real bummer for those wankers (by courtesy of Jay Forman) flying out of LCY.
That's good to know
Kev C (3 months ago)
Have a gun, dump.
Dora (3 months ago)
Wow!I'm visiting London in a few days and you're really helpful!
Thanks. I'm glad I could help.
Sancho O'Dell (3 months ago)
2:55 The Oyster Card "You can even use it on the boat" Its an Oyster card for God's sake! The boat is one of the most logical places to use it! (Not just Bus, Tube, Tram and Train)
Good point! And in Hong Kong it's called an Octopus card I think
fluffyfour (3 months ago)
As teenagers, going to Leicester Square on a Saturday night, my friend and I used to try to make people laugh by staring at them (or worse, smiling). A nice (if rebellious) way to start a wild evening.
TheCrayCrayGirl (3 months ago)
fluffyfour that’s brave, try this in south London and you get stabbed
Goodness. That's risky..actually making eye contact?
CBx Collinx (3 months ago)
This is really important to know
said nekrouf (3 months ago)
thank you Sir you are funny
MRZ12000 (3 months ago)
Thankyou just returned to London after working in California for a few years
SieriņiKājās (3 months ago)
What’s the name of the song at the end ?
I think it's Those Were The Days but it's originally a Russian Song
SieriņiKājās (3 months ago)
“If you’ve just arrived and you don’t know Where you live and What your name is” Lmao, yup that will be me
Hafiz Sirajkumar (3 months ago)
Where find Oyster card kiosk machine
Pari Roy (2 months ago)
Every corner, Turkish shops as well, and in every tube stations.
Brenda Lopez (3 months ago)
Thank you Im going to London by July. Thats very helpful.
StepsFan4Life (3 months ago)
Is an Oyster card and travel oyster the same thing or can I just buy my card when I arrive
StepsFan4Life (2 months ago)
Pari Roy thank you
Pari Roy (2 months ago)
You can buy the oyster card when you arrive. It's much better and easier.
Spiros Far (3 months ago)
how £ we charged for 4 days;;incudes all the lines;50£ is too much;;
Mish S (3 months ago)
I can only imagine living in such an orwellian shitthole as the UK. Might get snatched off the streets by the police who let gang rapists go for a mean tweet. Or I might get arrested for Section 5 for saying something or anything. UK's a cucked dump. But hey props to this guy being an Englishman I thought that was almost non-existent in London today.
MrMentalz2 (3 months ago)
Guys help: if I buy an Oyster card and put £4.50 for one day (24 hour bus fare). Will it last the whole 24 hours, or till the next day? E.g. if I added the credit at 11am will the 1 day pass be valid till 11am tomorrow or till 0.00am the next day? Or e.g. if I topped up at 4.30pm will it work till 4.30pm the next day or end at 0.00am.
flysafer01 (4 months ago)
We were in London last and bought the Oyster Card and traveled all over on the tube. Watched your video prior to coming and it works very well. Thanks.
arunkumar5710 (4 months ago)
Very informative!

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