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The Real Blind Man Honesty Test (Social Experiment)

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Adrian Gee (1 year ago)
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neil prasad (26 days ago)
Cant belive people cheated on a blind person. And asians are said to be corrupt here
Maddala saikirankumar (1 month ago)
Which country was that
Poop Time (1 month ago)
Subcribe me
Faariijee Faariijee (2 months ago)
I am from Pakistan 🇵🇰. I like your video specially first girl very honest and cute also. Every one desire that who like money not like respect or help. But video is awesome bro BiG HANDS UP FOR YOU.
Rubenx Plasencia (2 months ago)
Umesh Devadiga (16 hours ago)
Really great job bro
Mark Freeman (1 day ago)
Talk about robbing a man blind I no he anit actually blind
Arquel Cudia (1 day ago)
WOW there are a hole people out there.
Deepesh Paudel (1 day ago)
Hi Adrian I am your life time subscriber , I was very shy and unconfident since childhood and your videos helped me a lot which drastically changed my life. And I am too thankful for that ☺️
Annalie Navarro (2 days ago)
This is our reality the world should be balanced there are always good and bad people.
sudam pandule (2 days ago)
People are really honest sometimes. Being Indian blind person. I can say that this video is really nice. And I am proud to be blind. thank you for making this kind of video and lots of love from India. My English is not good but I hope so you will understand
saruk sekh (2 days ago)
Women are honest 90%but men 50%
Adithya Krishnan s (3 days ago)
Girls are honest than boys.....😍
Dariios Nongspung (3 days ago)
nice job bro
Pandiars (3 days ago)
Screw boys
John Kosen (3 days ago)
Free advice don't be blind in america
Alpha X (3 days ago)
2:58 gurl hes blind...
Mansoor Z Firoz (3 days ago)
Nice video. This shows people don't understand that stealing a blind man won't take u anywhere in life.
Sunny Graham (4 days ago)
Women are actually better than men!
gucci man (4 days ago)
250 new videos on my new youtube channel.
Galaxar (4 days ago)
Read the description
As a blind person it's really disturbing for me to hear some of them were really dishonest
Louise Gold (5 days ago)
There was 2 men who were so nice
Imran Tanha (5 days ago)
It shows Men are busted 😒
Thanh Cao (6 days ago)
Kill them fucking cunt
all country (6 days ago)
Subscribe me To be friends in YouTube i am single
Jack Jack Jack (7 days ago)
kubatronix kubatronix (7 days ago)
see ya
Only for #Funn (7 days ago)
global victory (7 days ago)
Mosha Chang (8 days ago)
I don't get it ,why all mans are so greedy.......its hard to believe someone too easily nowadays Anyways nice video🔥
beremy jeremy (8 days ago)
3:00 "see ya" geez what a nice thing to say to a blind person! 😂
md Rezaul (8 days ago)
gril is verry good
Frost Rusher (9 days ago)
The two old people are great. As for the others. Wow. This worlds fucked
Benabi Discovery (9 days ago)
I have plans of helping the poor, wish me luck
Selva Kumar (9 days ago)
Valmir Syla (9 days ago)
This planet needs more women😂👌🏿
At least the Last guy felt bad
ganesh das (10 days ago)
boys/man are greedy I think, like the video much
Mohammad Anil (10 days ago)
The women is really honest
aqeel ahmad (11 days ago)
Girls r more honest than men .
Cricket Wireless (11 days ago)
You got to get it right mate that's a 50...I like the two old guys towards the end...not the last fat guy..at the end...
April Rodarte (11 days ago)
The says that is a 50 dollars not a $5. The girls be honest then the boys 😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇
Meluidin Newme Zeme (11 days ago)
Worth video.
Oh hi I exist (12 days ago)
Erick Makarau (13 days ago)
Girls Use Heart Men Use Brain Simple
Nacera Boukaidi (5 days ago)
But i can't deny the fact that your commentary was a good justification for people who are surprised that there are more honest women than men. Its all good again.
Nacera Boukaidi (5 days ago)
That's your point of view Some men use their heart and some women use their brain but that doesn't mean that men should be dishonest and mean to people with weaknesses so they can take advantage of him because its an easy opportunity that's loose from him. What im trying to say is that its not clever to generalize and say that women use that and men use that and be okay with the situations even if they got worse. So you could change to there are bad and good people in this fucked up world and i understood exactly what you said because it is known for men to be dominant and dont use emotions and feelings a lot compared to woman who uses emotion and feelings a lot but there must be balanced to help each other and be more powerful than to do this. So that means using brain is important but when you find the balance between brain and heart you can say that it is more interesting. I talked to much. Have a good and bright day with a lot of nice brains and hearts.Just keep it cool and great.
Taranath Pokharel (14 days ago)
girls are too honest than mens!
Benoy Binu (14 days ago)
Where is it?
Jaqlinny (15 days ago)
Ahn..that 1rst girl was sooo attemtive...and sje s beautiful
Mika Queen (15 days ago)
Sorry but all these people who are so dishonest is trailer trash.. just look at them.
GAS GSM (15 days ago)
This video is absolutely the best! Even though the greatest thing is you advised some of them to be honest as well. But in general girls more honest than us in my thought I really like that thanks again A/G.
barry mcdougal (16 days ago)
barry mcdougal (16 days ago)
Osasenaga Igbinigie (16 days ago)
2019 Anyone
sagam subba reddy (16 days ago)
Mostly women are honest haha.
ganesh bhattarai chef (16 days ago)
Hye dude why you close the Foking people face
scrumb (16 days ago)
Damn, men are generally dishonest. I’m ashame of my own gender.
Munif Playz (17 days ago)
I would never take the Advantage.
Louise France (18 days ago)
The conclusion is that women are much more honest ! What kind of a scumbag rips off a blind person! I cry for humanity.
Ambid Kim (18 days ago)
Raj Gusai (19 days ago)
Almost girls are very kind
Xkk Xkk (19 days ago)
i dont think this is about honest or not, this is about human conscience
Adnan Raksha (21 days ago)
proven that woman are more generous than men.
Ellionico John (21 days ago)
Is this is australia? Coz most ppl were kind polite and honest. I really wanna go there
Sathish Tee Jay (21 days ago)
2:03 she is really honest.. And so beautiful also
Sathish Tee Jay (21 days ago)
0:19 mother fucker
Wodek 1410 (22 days ago)
2:36 thumb up, what a moron
Charlotte Horner (23 days ago)
Your an Aussie like meeeee!
OMEGAMAX (23 days ago)
2:59 why did blind man say "see ya"?
Mushtaq Lala (23 days ago)
I like giral😘😘😘😘
Bill S (23 days ago)
How could you do that to a blind man!! Those fucking scumbags
Natural Mess (24 days ago)
Yeah asshole
Smiley Boi (24 days ago)
Before you say something dumb read the description please.
Chibuzor henry Ochu (24 days ago)
I:30 the girl is an Angel love her
Le Quack (24 days ago)
The first guy was Donald Trump.
runfa tan (18 hours ago)
BoomFied (22 days ago)
Ansa U (24 days ago)
Most peoples are Deceivers😬
AINARS BEKMANIS (24 days ago)
And this is happening everysingle day!!
Omar Libya (25 days ago)
الاسلام أخلاق
Death Scythe (25 days ago)
I hate those guyz and the one with her boyfriend arghhh!!
Nabeel Tahir (25 days ago)
In beginning I dont expect this from our elder
Robin Mokha (25 days ago)
that's why girls don't get rich . LOL
Abhishek Rawat (25 days ago)
What the fuck has happened to this world. Money is'nt everything
Anonta Paris Lamore (25 days ago)
That's so cruel how they try to take advantage of the 50$ one
Vivek Panwar (26 days ago)
Girls are so honest
Tariq Awisat (26 days ago)
3:00 “see ya”
Nick Goetsch (26 days ago)
SMHLN How can people be so Heartless
Wasim Edo (26 days ago)
O my God what country is that bro like to see more
Mohan Das (27 days ago)
you are a good young kid son .thank you to show this type of video
Rickyl Pippet (27 days ago)
Women are more honest
Ankit Kumar (27 days ago)
Heyyy.. It would have a better result probably if it is just tested in INDIA❤
Surfacekilla 1 (27 days ago)
We live in a society.
suman yadav (27 days ago)
Only girl good
Azairah Castro (1 month ago)
I don’t like the last guy. He is an asshole 😒
Dave Cook (1 month ago)
How disgusting can people be.....shouldn't be blurring out their faces, the scum of the earth
Elvis Alfred (1 month ago)
This shows me that women are more honest than men
Gedi osman (1 month ago)
Ladies are honest
Fahad Khan (1 month ago)
Girls are more honest than mans
random epic videos (1 month ago)
Conclusion people with blurred faces are evil
Bluestar (1 month ago)
if u r not honest this is how u get insulted... i just love this concept👍
Friendly Guy (1 month ago)
02:50....that girl is very beautiful!!! :)
Dark Boy (1 month ago)
whatever is your issues, whatever is your situation, poor materialy doesn't mean steal money from others. poor in minds and souls is worst. 0_0
first view (1 month ago)
Crowd Perkz (1 month ago)
This shows that some people are bad, and some are good.
Arc Light (1 month ago)
According to that video girls r more honest to others and to theirself too.And personally according to my saying and experience girls r really honest and i appreciate them .

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