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Blind guy walking meme

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Helen Keller was just sleep walking. Subscriibbee
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LittlePlayerCookie / (25 days ago)
Who recorded it
Booki3 (1 month ago)
this deserves more views.
PixelLuigiGamer (3 months ago)
isnt this music copyrighted
haha (4 months ago)
IRL Matt Murdock
Oliver Nordin (7 months ago)
Thanks for sharing my video! 6 more episodes of this (and more coming) on my Insta: @olivernordin1
Creative- Name (7 months ago)
So this guy found his life’s purpose in pretending to be blind? That’s my takeaway when I first saw this clip in a meme compilation. Will doing this make my dreams come true too?
Astral Fire (7 months ago)
Being someone who listens to this song already, this meme is that much funnier xD
•Rachel• (8 months ago)
Who’s the channel that made this?
Oliver Nordin (7 months ago)
I made this video. It was uploaded to my Instagram: @olivernordin1
Sarah Fowler (9 months ago)
0:58 good guy award 🥇 goes to ...
Ilikewaffles36 (10 months ago)
I would just like to point out that this video currently has 0 dislikes and I want to ruin it.
An Uninterested Saitama (8 months ago)
Eddie Bazingoose (11 months ago)
im so glad you uploaded this
Relevant Memes (11 months ago)
Soph (11 months ago)
Have you ever seen anything more beautiful?
kirk foley (11 months ago)
Can you keep.doing this please? Whatever you want we will give just keep making these
SeeGreatness (7 months ago)
kirk foley q
Imm Imm (1 year ago)
rooneydog (11 months ago)
Imm Imm You make my dreams - Daryl Hall and John Oates
OriginalNox (1 year ago)
Oliver Nordin (7 months ago)
Hey. I made this video & you can find 6 more episodes of this on my instagram: @olivernordin1
Creative- Name (7 months ago)
Relevant Memes Hey, what’s up guys it’s scarce here.
OriginalNox (1 year ago)
Relevant Memes what's the source of this
Relevant Memes (1 year ago)
Nah, scarce.
Jackson guy (1 year ago)
Why did this have to end?
Oliver Nordin (7 months ago)
You can find the full version on my IGTV (or spread out in my instagram feed), more coming: @olivernordin1
Crazando anonymous (11 months ago)
You get to see his 40 year trip across earth, plot twist, someone locked him in a circular room 😂
Relevant Memes (1 year ago)
If not it'd die.
TheBasket Crab (1 year ago)
Poor guy
SuperLinguiniLogan (5 months ago)
+TheBasket Crab oH
TheBasket Crab (11 months ago)
Soph (11 months ago)
The Basket Crab he’s not actually blind

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