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Airport Body Scanner Image Shows NAKED Bodies In Full Living COLOR!

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Text Comments (84)
Griselda Baez peña (1 year ago)
Who cares, I have nothing to be ashamed of.
Bob labloab (6 years ago)
Whats to stop terrorists shuving granades up there ass? We must install a full prosterior checking system!!!!
megamanxjac (6 years ago)
comment made 2 years ago. dude did did you read up on all dem old comments?
Lorenn Grace (6 years ago)
asshamed? -_-
N0 name (2 years ago)
I like your body
Kyle Edgecomb (6 years ago)
I'm gonna right on my body saying "GO F**K YOURSELF" on my belly, and hopefully they see that :-P
Kyle Edgecomb (6 years ago)
they must be horny XD
greenzoid2 (6 years ago)
not at all.
jacob meeder (7 years ago)
shes pretty hott
RefusesCookies (7 years ago)
Draxis32 (7 years ago)
And people thought this technology wouldn't exist, next thing we know we're gonna be invisible and George Jetson is gonna be flying over the skies.
DuffMan6I7 (7 years ago)
@mrmootheirrev it's in the waist of her jeans, they lookin' through her clothes.
bigrigJim (7 years ago)
The only people I hear complaining about these scanners are the same guys that were scared to take a shower with other dudes in Gym class in High School. Hey guys , listen up : Nobody is going to be focused on looking at your small penis . They are looking for guns, bombs , and contriband , if you don't have any then its gonna be "next ! move along"
Tom Cotter (8 years ago)
Great for Israel. Coming up with a fast, physically non-intrusive method of inspecting passengers for weapons is a booming sensor technology business. Potentially everything we do can be a means of sabotage. Until we can solve these problems, there is a downside in real life. Everybody has an identity and a reasonable expectation of privacy, but having a public face and controlled access is also a part of modern life. When ballots over bullets works, this will no longer be a problem.
travelsonic (8 years ago)
If I had a nickel for every time somebody bought into this baseless, emotionally driven hyperbolic load, I'd be one rich son of a bitch. The lack of scanner didn't cause your hypothetical example to occur now, what makes you sure - outside of being driven by undue fear - that it is likely now? NOT HAVING THIS DOESN'T MEAN YOU DON'T GET SCREENED - how the hell do you explain Israel's success - they don't use the pat downs OR the body scanners.
Tom Cotter (8 years ago)
People worry about this? Having a 747 plowing into a crowded public building is worse. If you don't like commercial air traffic travel... then fly on a private jet or travel charter? you don't have the money to do this? Question... why would you not want to be on an airliner that is fully screened and safety compliant?
Tom Cotter (8 years ago)
People worry about this? Having a 747 plowing into a crowding public building is worse. If you don't like commercial air traffic travel... then fly on a private jet or travel charter? you don't have the money to do this? Question... why would you not want to be on an airliner that isn't fully screened and safety compliant?
jakekorinko (8 years ago)
This video is fake, compare the two "body scan images". FAIL
FlyinSpaghettiMnstr7 (8 years ago)
is it weird if i masterbated to this?
generalgooge7 (8 years ago)
@munstersmash ... touche
generalgooge7 (8 years ago)
you guys are retarded, did you notice that the arms are at a different and the body type are not the same
tido03 (8 years ago)
It's not even the same person on the left side of the screen. She has her hands to her sides and legs spread.... The nude image is opposite... Why do I not believe this is from a body scanner....?
BrainChild666 (8 years ago)
@higado2 Thats like saying you would rather be killed via lethal injection instead of shoot in the head because its a lot less painful. End result is still Death. Why do perverts peep into girls windows when they can just look at porn? I has to do with the devient nature of carnal lust. They want to see what is forbidden. They want to see innocents not professional prostitutes the porn industry creates. BrainChild
BrainChild666 (8 years ago)
@jaruby182 Whats up Program. Do as your told and soon you will have to biometricely scan you iris to turn on your car. Train Stations and Boat Docks are the next place these scanners will be put into along with sports areanas. I guess you think those are privileges too. The Terahertz these machines put out damages you DNA. Do you watch a lot of Teliesvision? BrainChild
DRLOUIES (8 years ago)
@jaruby182 this is one of the most idiotics comments i have ever read CONGRATZ !!!!!
otheblade (8 years ago)
@BravelyBoldSirRobbin nah they will kick him off like Kevin smith. lol
trucker (8 years ago)
look here when i was in iraq and a very small iraqi child appraoched me wearing a dynamite suite and i had to watch him blow up it broke my heart but you know what whether it be a child or grown woman or man you people need to get your head out of your ass. people for whatever reason have become ashamed of their bodies....why? its natural as it can be. im certainly not ashamed it is what it is
GeoHCA (8 years ago)
the photos might have been photoshopped but just proves that it can be done. then photos of you nude could turn up on the internet.
ghosttrain2066 (8 years ago)
Good bye Freedom! Beter free dead than live a slave!
GoldenShaolinNutz (8 years ago)
90% shouldnt worry. coz this is the 10% that looks good and would actually merit someone to try to keep it.....lol
glafiga (8 years ago)
Some security person in another room can see what looks like and x-ray of my body and she can also see a bomb up someone's ass. Sounds pretty fucking reasonable to me.
tlv156 (8 years ago)
next thing you know they will be selling eye glasses you can wear that do this in porn shops.
ekkyz (8 years ago)
@xsara123 Why don't you do anything about it? Shit i'm in and so is anyone else whom has been violated by our tyrannical leaders.
xsara123 (8 years ago)
@DownhillAllTheWay And this is how it begins, the giving away of your individual rights and freedoms.
xsara123 (8 years ago)
Look, I don't give a fuck what all the "pro-scanner" people say, and I don't give a shit about how much training the people manning these scanners have, or will have. Because of human nature it's inevitable that some of them will get their jollies from this. You would have to be an idiot not to realize that.
xsara123 (8 years ago)
America....land of the free? Not anymore.
teddybruscie (8 years ago)
@brenvela Hey now they know. I guess is a relatively free pregnancy test!
brenvela (8 years ago)
@teddybruscie Not to mention, what about women who don't know they are pregnant yet.
teddybruscie (8 years ago)
@midnightaria mmmmmm radiation poisoning......
teddybruscie (8 years ago)
Why dont they just use X-Ray's then. That way it only shows the Skeleton and the whatever they have hidden.
billthestinker (8 years ago)
too many women will cause those officers to splatter the monitor
John Smith (8 years ago)
Profile the damned seventh-century savages who caused all this. Better yet, kick all the Koranimals out of our country. They are not compatible with human civilization. This has been evident for 1,400 years!
Peter Abadiah (8 years ago)
This world seems like it is getting more and more Ridiculous!! What is next? Like they are making such foul things to be legal? The Devil truely does run this world. "Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!" - Isaiah 5:20
Dexxter (8 years ago)
@jbr1074 I hope the gun in her arse does not go off accidentally.
zp1944 (8 years ago)
@killarse and ur the homo that likes to look at my supposedly small genitals.
killarse (8 years ago)
@broyomama yeah it's hard to think without a brain
killarse (8 years ago)
@zp1944 after they apply the x-ray scan on your already diminutive genitals, it'll shrink to the point that a second scan will review nothing.
Asanthear (8 years ago)
Grade A bullshit, learn your Physics, namely the electromagnetic spectrum, and try again.
Alarar (8 years ago)
I should get a job as security, free porn. Cha Ching!
lawnshark19 (8 years ago)
@zp1944 Your a mindless fucking serve. If they were so concerned about security they would monitor or close the border. Even Israel doesnt use these they profile and it works. But some dumb young punk like yourself wouldnt dare profile someone because it might offend someone but you will be ok with your own countrymen being harased your such a puss little punk
Ruben Rodriguez II (8 years ago)
zp1944 (8 years ago)
@JebBlack2010 WTF is a dolt. and its the same amount of radiation as an xray. it would be illegal to have a harmfull amount of radiation. and u go through it 4 times max. ive had more than that before in the hospital.
JebBlack2010 (8 years ago)
@zp1944 Yeah....Only a terrorist would want to avoid being blasted with Radiation to fly in a Commercial airliner. God forbid you want to bring 'water' on the plane...lmao Dolt.
mclive29 (8 years ago)
Well they certainly picked the right women to present the demo :)
JebBlack2010 (8 years ago)
@zp1944 What Genitals? Seems you lost them somewhere while submitting like a slave.
zp1944 (8 years ago)
i'd rather have someone see my genitals then have them blow off by a fucking terrorist.
boz (8 years ago)
@DownhillAllTheWay "doesn't know the difference between coalesce and aquiesce" yes i meant "aquiesce". i know the difference, else u could never have logically derived the intended word. ironically u screwed up too. your follow up edit/comment stole my thunder. reasonably aggressive over an anonymous medium, but bending over at every opportunity for authority. you've got it backwards. have no idea wtf the "bomb in the air" bs is about, but that's not an invitation to explain
Mike Collins (8 years ago)
aquiesce / acquiesce - typo.
Mike Collins (8 years ago)
@BOZ11 As long as I'm argiung with somebody who doesn't know the difference between coalesce and aquiesce, I don't feel I need to take their comments too seriously. Who is your sentiment backed up by? Seems to me it's just your opinion. What's certain is that people who have suffered the consequences of a bomb in the air don't need fixing - they are beyond that.
FlyinSpaghettiMnstr7 (8 years ago)
i beat off to this, jk
boz (8 years ago)
@DownhillAllTheWay people who coalesce so easily need fixing somehow
boz (8 years ago)
@Link2dTruth actually most people who say they are muslim (or otherwise religious) know little about their religion.
sweetbilly (8 years ago)
OMG that girl ate a glock pistol and a box of bullets....
Metagg (8 years ago)
fake. nice try though.
Mike Collins (8 years ago)
I'm sure it will not come as a surprise to anyone that I have a body under my clothes. By the rime an airport operative has seen 10 thousand other bodies, I don't suppose mine will be particularly memorable, and he'd be unlikely to take pictures for "enjoyment later". If it's the price to pay to be sure that nobody on the aircraft is carrying a device that could end my life, I'm quite happy to continue living with the knowledge that somebody in an airport once saw an image of my "naked truth"
Unknown9275 (8 years ago)
Pretty terrifying
Alfred Neuman (8 years ago)
I cannot think of a single objection to this process - not one.
jbr1074 (8 years ago)
holy crap, she has a full size pistol in her ass...
chrisose (8 years ago)
This supposed 'scanner' image is completely fake. 1) The scanners do not register hair. If they did they would also not be able to see past clothing. 2) The belt buckle shown in the image in an EXACT match to a belt buckle seen in an actual scanner image. I am not arguing for or against the scanners but if you are going to present 'evidence' make it real evidence not poorly executed fake.
Michael g (8 years ago)
if you refuse to enter the scanner, what will the consequences be? strip search, denied flight, ...? by the way, good choice on the model - this should really increase the number of hits and spanks
lafoot (8 years ago)
@Link2dTruth The truth is people are not being converted after reading Islam, they are being forced into Islam or by Islamic baby factory in every home. If you do not believe me then show me one Islamic country which has maintained the minority population - none. In democratic set up there is no restrictions on Islam so the baby factory works in these countries. Islam has not given people joy - like Buddhism only violence. Also Islam is one way street - you can never leave Islam.
Joseph Teran (8 years ago)
oh come on people, they are just working, thay dont save images, have you ever seen a doctor touching or kissing tha breast or a women he is about to make a surgery? its the same thing they are professional, you guys are just crybabies, anyway if they have any picture they are going to jail, especialy child images
Mad Hatter (8 years ago)
This has nothing to do with religion and everything to do with personal inalienable rights.
starman993 (8 years ago)
@giltedged1 no - just because someone is said to be islamic does not necessarily mean that they would cause trouble, nor if one is not said to be islamic does not mean that they would never cause trouble. And neither is it necessarily the case vice versa either.
Wuud52 (8 years ago)
HOAX HOAX HOAX People quit getting upset about something that is not true. Save your energy for real issues. Look up body scan hoax in google.
ildsc (8 years ago)
@MrUkstriker Im not American actually, and also bad stuuf has already happened. There was an indian actor and when he came out the machine there were print outs of his naked body on paper and, some so called "trained professionals" asked him to sign his photo for them. So please excuse me for thinking they may "bloody well publish them onto the internet" because, i would not rule it out just yet. If they have the ability to print them out within seconds
john smith (8 years ago)
this is a bs pic its not really from a scan from a really body scanner ive looked to c if this is possible on the pics of scans online and it doesnt work
joan Jones (8 years ago)
@antiklaus Nah. You should go live in the convent where you belong. Unless you dont mind being on a plane with her.
MrUkstriker (8 years ago)
@ildsc ok your wrong about the gun it not shoved up here vagina, it tucked down the back of her jeans which isn't that hard to figure out. and second the pictures are seen by trained professional who arnt going to bloody well publish them onto the internet. I mean really you get the choices of partial nudity or death and all you Americans cover your junk as some one blows you up i mean are you saying this is worse than a full strip/ cavity search for every person?
ExtremeRacer123321 (8 years ago)
these pictures are fake, I've seen the originals..
ildsc (9 years ago)
As if you can fit a gun up a vagina. Jesus christ there not that big! Also these images are so detailed they show you them in blue in the newspapers so you think its ok, but if they printed these color ones everyone would freak out
totalchaos09 (9 years ago)
Yup the USA government is up to the old conspiracy bit again, This time it's going to collect nude pics of everyone, to later blackmail them into abiding to the NWO. If you do not submit, we will release these nude images of you, to the world!!! (cue creepy music)
antiklaus (9 years ago)
We should flag these scanners as inappropriate! Don't submit!

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