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DeForest Kelley in "Bonanza" ep. Ride the Wind

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16 January 1966 (Season 7, Episode 17) Episode Summary The Pony Express sets up office in Virginia and Joe is one of the first to join up. Ben also decides to invest in the fledgling enterprise. However, troubles soon plague the Pony Express with the Paiutes and a newspaper reporter, both trying to get their own agendas across.
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Text Comments (31)
Fabiana Araujo (3 months ago)
His voice feels like home
邱奕贤 (5 months ago)
I miss De.
Shannon Roylance (8 months ago)
Is this in the Original Bonanza?
batterymaker (10 months ago)
Seems like all these actors we know and love worked on everything and all knew each other!
Virginia Connor (11 months ago)
Why do I see Dr when I watch a movie with Gary Sinise? Saw "The Green Mile" and Gary Sinise and pictured him as Bones, not Karl Urban.
Marc Ziegenhain (1 year ago)
"I'm a doctor, not some Daily Planet reporter."
manco82 (1 year ago)
I'm a doctor, not a moon shuttle conductor!
sheltv100 (1 year ago)
Bones on Bonanza.
Ben (2 years ago)
He would land a much bigger role later that year.
Michael Rovno (3 years ago)
Such amazing acting from 1947 to Star Trek and so much more...we miss you DeForest.
MennerMovies (4 years ago)
"I'm a doctor, not a journalist.";)
Ben (2 years ago)
Hey Mr. Cartwright, where's the mother of your children? They're dead Jim!
MennerMovies (4 years ago)
"I'm a doctor, not a reporter"
n/a (5 years ago)
his voice melts me
Pyagrl*16 (5 years ago)
An awful lot of tension seemed to spring into the air suddenly in the last minute of that clip. Do things get awkward later in that episode, or what?
Chloe (5 years ago)
He's so darling. I just love him<3
Tiberius Wallace (5 years ago)
Dammit, Jim, I'm a doctor, not an old west newspaper man!
BeatlesLuvSoftKitty (6 years ago)
I wanna go swimming in those blue pools he calls eyes!!!!I I WUV DE KELLEY!!!!!!!P *LE SIGH*
Bones (6 years ago)
Cheyenne Coleman (6 years ago)
Yes, you're sexy, De. Now stop it. You're giving me lady boners.
Ashley Nimoy (7 years ago)
two men i luv so much deforest kelley and leonard nimoy to very sexy men!!!
jmar1973 (7 years ago)
Did anyone else assume he was playing a doctor at first?
ForceMaximus84 (7 years ago)
And less than nine months before Star Trek debuted!
kittykatBflat (7 years ago)
So cute.
Tonnendach420 (7 years ago)
Julian Gamboa (8 years ago)
Long live DeForest! he, along with James Doohan shall always be remembered
noisepuppet (8 years ago)
I'm a journalist, not a telegraph machine!!
Lara Garrison (8 years ago)
What is Bones doing in that strange coat?? I know it's a shitty thing to say, but fuck me if it's all I can see him as!
Ryan Gallagher (8 years ago)
carbo19 (9 years ago)
Damn it Jim! I don't want any damn coffee!
Marc Ziegenhain (1 year ago)
Whiskey, Tennessee Whiskey with the beans.

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