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Drawing a Basic Manga Girl

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MelovinFan 24 (1 month ago)
You're a pro
walker girl (1 month ago)
5:09why you didn't finished the head? That looks a bit weird. :p
alven vs moana (1 month ago)
Zalera (2 months ago)
weird flex but ok
Mishti Bhadra (2 months ago)
ok i made it but what about the full head 😕
Liza Hansen (2 months ago)
This video do not help but the drawing is good
Hadhithya Arumugam (2 months ago)
Oh my god I've completed it but After 2 hours For the eye......
Nina Rodriguez Art (2 months ago)
really cool !
poketranerJ Gacha (3 months ago)
Am I the only one who wants to Criticize this person....
Grell Sutcliff (3 months ago)
Do you know why I came? The eyes
Cr1mSoN Plays (3 months ago)
Is it just me or is the right eye a little bit different??
Eliot Jupiter (2 days ago)
Yea its very hard to do the eyes the same
Iris Palacios (4 months ago)
dids not help me :c is really hard i only dec7 years old
Mocha milk Animations (4 months ago)
skylar 101 (4 months ago)
One time I drew this and did it perfect I tried again and it look horrible half of the time I can’t even draw the second eye
Power Man (4 months ago)
neeraj sanguri (4 months ago)
can't see top head plz adjust your cam when you make video's
Yuxi (4 months ago)
This is why i only drew one eye and cover the other one with hair..
WIZZY'S RAMPAGE#4 (4 months ago)
I want more manga drawings very food
Javeria Durrani (4 months ago)
Wow it is very nice
Akhum Chang (5 months ago)
Love your art style it's so unique
Potato Patata (5 months ago)
HEY GUYS!! I know some of you are struggling on drawing the "other eye"...i dont say that im a pro but just a tip from my experience...work with different angles not just a front view of the character bcz not in every angle has same eye angle, and for me i've also experience hating the other eye and ended up drawing a long bangs with it lol but you dont really need to make it "symetrical" ... id ont really know how to explain it but, experimenting is what really warked out for me
😮 Unglaublich wo hast du so gute zeichnen gelernt
Smartpotato 123 (5 months ago)
I did it 👏
Trinity Javier (5 months ago)
tangina basic ba yan?
Trinity Javier (5 months ago)
tangina basic ba yan?
Trinity Javier (5 months ago)
tangina basic ba yan?
菅野ラニー (5 months ago)
Thanks for your Help now I know How To draw😊👍
furious 18 (5 months ago)
really awesome. thanks for uploading this video. I learn how to draw manga girl face from you thanks for uploading it
Lintha Express (5 months ago)
What is this type of pencil?please tell the name please
BibaTheUnicorn (5 months ago)
mine looks a bit like yours.
KandyLoves Koalas (5 months ago)
I like it! :) its very creative!
Shadowhunter Chan (5 months ago)
wow so good
Ros Linah (5 months ago)
It's easy!
Karthik bhat (5 months ago)
It's easy😎😬
Terry Montecillo (6 months ago)
Bad!!!!! this is *BASIC* do you not know what *BASIC* means!!!????
Mohammed Ahmed (6 months ago)
hey!this was awesome!!it came 90% same!!
lamia ashlea (6 months ago)
Can somebody gimme ideas for my video as in the title called ghost girl?
lamia ashlea (6 months ago)
I cannot make the perfect point at the bottom
lamia ashlea (6 months ago)
No matter wut i do😣
Soojin (6 months ago)
goldstar kid productions (6 months ago)
Nice i love it can you slow down please😁
Sakshi Sangani (6 months ago)
I want full video we can't do above eye 🤔
Anime Fan (6 months ago)
I tried this not became same but not became too bad
Kiran Sharma (6 months ago)
Kiran Sharma (6 months ago)
Very smart
Md Usman Gani (6 months ago)
Bahut mast hai yaar .😍
Cat (7 months ago)
This is the video that made me draw manga
Dai Nguyen (7 months ago)
sapnu puas (7 months ago)
0:10 how in tf u do that
sharon c (7 months ago)
This looks so easy
Irma Rodiquez (7 months ago)
I already know how to draw anime boys its just the girls im having trouble with😳😳😳😳
Ibrahim Hasib (8 months ago)
The head was so hard and eventually i had to use a scale
Antonia Margarita Caoili (8 months ago)
This Really Helped!
Tripura BRU (8 months ago)
Hurray I did it thnka
Cloud 9 Sleep Shop (8 months ago)
u need to go waaaaaay slower
Skyecloud 12 (8 months ago)
Soooooo cool! 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽
Daisy Day (8 months ago)
I can draw but I never drew anime, I only draw realistic drawings
Daisy Day (8 months ago)
how old are you?
Barnashree Zayn (8 months ago)
It is easy 😃😁
Lilly_ ForestXOX (8 months ago)
I love it I am using it to practice nad learn how to draw anime!!!! My friends at school are better than me when I make one of these as good as that I will show then what I got!!! ^_^
Secretly Pringles (8 months ago)
"Basic" Me: You call that Basic? It's hard ;-;
Thanks for eyes beautiful
jularakal (8 months ago)
Where is the upper head
Suga, Tae, And Kookies (8 months ago)
List of things I have trouble when I’m drawing. The Mou- EVERYTHING. (( edit )) it has been 3 days since I have watched this video. I’m still on an eye. Time to google. “ how to draw even eyes. “ . Yes yes my plan is perfect.
Gachawolf (9 months ago)
beauty bluesp (9 months ago)
Yay I made it
Shane Fillan (9 months ago)
I like your video it turns out that I know how to do the right eye (says: Im just nervous)
Saan Talabany (9 months ago)
am I the only on who can't seem to see the top halve of the girl he/she is drawing
Anjali Rangari (9 months ago)
Ahhh!! That's why everyone says practice makes man perfect
Ria Riu (9 months ago)
Shane Fillan (9 months ago)
I like your video Its very hard to draw but how can do you draw like that? : T_T :
Eriann Jackson (9 months ago)
ummmm...thats rude
Tanzila RASHID (9 months ago)
i can't draw the other eye =(
Shafqat Rasool (9 months ago)
that is such a good remake of the song
Pinkie Pie (9 months ago)
I've learn like this manga.
Hanh Nguyen (10 months ago)
Hey it said basic but there too many step to draw it
Sanjay Dhamapurkar (10 months ago)
very nice drawing /sketch
Sanjay Dhamapurkar (10 months ago)
my daughter draw it
Enteresan Ressam (10 months ago)
grace maruyama (10 months ago)
plz help
Shalmali Praveen (10 months ago)
dimar ringu (10 months ago)
I made a 1st eye I think it's cute
dezirenz aringilo (10 months ago)
Soooo sooooo twinkle hard
陳偉少 (10 months ago)
Woah that looks really good
Annalynn Ladran (10 months ago)
And theres me who cant even hold a pencil...
Sabeeha Farheen (11 months ago)
Me:*sees the video and draws it* *OH SHI- I SUMMONED SATAN AHHHH HELP!*
Random Otaku (11 months ago)
This is one of the reasons I stopped drawing anime, I worked For Years To get Everything Right. Nothing. I prefer sticks Now ;)
Heaven Parker (11 months ago)
I love art
x X L a y l a X x (11 months ago)
Rose-derly Baptiste (11 months ago)
I can everything except the face shape and the hair😣
Mahi Kaushal (11 months ago)
Thank u for i have similar to it
Lil Wolfie (11 months ago)
i wish you would give us a toutorial. :(
Catgirllizzy11 Lizzy (11 months ago)
Catgirllizzy11 Lizzy (11 months ago)
Adem Harries (11 months ago)
I have question.What is manga?I type doodle in searchbox and see this video name'Manga'.I say in my mind "Huh,What is manga?That is the most terrible word I never heard before." Just one thing I can say... LOL.
Dhaenielle Cambel (11 months ago)
Poor nigasa, mistaken for a girl again
Hero’s Screen (11 months ago)
LiteRally ripping up my drawings cuz of you. I love it
Samara Sanchez (11 months ago)
Too fast😳😳
Alan Brooks (11 months ago)
I struggle with the rest of the body like arms legs and torso. It’s never In proportion to the rest of it
Raniyah Haroon (11 months ago)
Tried to draw manga Accidentally summons Satan Oh sh.......
FAYA 13 (11 months ago)
I don't know how to thank you for you .. But ,I just doing like and subscribe your channel ..♡♡♡ "Thank you very much"
Tati .S (11 months ago)
You are amazing

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