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And so it begins.. How to chihuahua 101

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Baby chihuahua learning from her mom
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kaya barlow (8 months ago)
Love the little huffy puffy sounds, my chihuahua Ewok makes the same sounds 😝
Dana Terry (8 months ago)
Do you keep all babies or not? They are so cute it would be so hard not to keep them
F8oK8 (8 months ago)
👼 I'm dead. Gone to cuteness heaven. Goodbye cruel cuteness.
destiny somar (8 months ago)
How old is the blonde Chihuahua??
Melissa Gahn (8 months ago)
I love the title. "How to chihuahua 101" :)
Valeri Oliva (8 months ago)
So what you’re gunna wanna do is roll in the grass like this..
I don’t have enough chihuahuas. I need more!!! 😍😍😍😍
Linda Stewart (8 months ago)
Someone found a stinky place in the grass, ours do that and then their neck fur stinks! Bath time!!!
Faith Maynard (8 months ago)
So adorable cute
Greatest Ever (8 months ago)
Did someone just have a bath?
Cheeky Chis (8 months ago)
Greatest Ever and now she needs another 😫😫
John Douglas (8 months ago)
First view and first like. Little brown one looks like our Carlos when he was young.

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