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The Chunnel - World's Longest Underwater Tunnel - History Channel HD

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The Chunnel - World's Longest Underwater Tunnel - History Channel HD At its lowest level, it is 75 m (250 feet) deep. At 37.9 kilometres (23.5 mi), the tunnel has the lengthiest undersea section of any passage in the world, although the Seikan Tunnel in Japan is both much longer overall at 53.85 kilometres (33.46 mi) and also deeper at 240 metres (790 feet) listed below sea degree. The speed limitation in the tunnel is 160 kilometres per hr (99 mph). -- as well as international products trains. The passage attaches end-to-end with the LGV Nord and also High Speed 1 high-speed train lines. Concepts for a cross-Channel repaired hyperlink looked like early as 1802, British political as well as press stress over the compromising of nationwide safety delayed attempts to construct a passage. An early attempt at constructing a Stations Tunnel was made in the late 19th century, on the English side "in the hope of forcing the hand of the English Government". The eventual successful project, organised by Eurotunnel, began construction in 1988 and opened in 1994. At 4.650 billion, the project can be found in 80 % over its anticipated budget. At 37.9 kilometres (23.5 mi), the tunnel has the longest undersea section of any kind of passage in the world, although the Seikan Passage in Japan is both longer complete at 53.85 kilometres (33.46 mi) as well as much deeper at 240 metres (790 ft) here sea level. The rate limit in the passage is 160 kilometres per hour (99 miles per hour). The passage hooks up end-to-end doing the LGV Nord and also High Rate 1 high-speed railway lines. British political as well as press stress over the compromising of national security stalled attempts to construct a tunnel. An early attempt at building a Stations Tunnel was made in the late 19th century, on the English side "in the hope of forcing the hand of the English Government". More Documentary Films: http://historychannelhd.blogspot.com Be The First To Watch Our Newly Uploaded Videos Just By Subscribing To Our Channel http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZimbEnw_WEQggZE1J_IMVA?sub_confirmation=1
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Text Comments (537)
Oliver Jepp (2 months ago)
Was this sponsored by the French? So much shade on the British for not thinking ahead.
fleetlordavtar (2 months ago)
*OMG* it's 2019 now
Alejandra Munoz Baidoc (7 months ago)
Where I developed my claustrophobia!
Dhruv Sharma (7 months ago)
雨云丘山 (7 months ago)
Looking forward to the inauguration of Taiwan Strait Tunnel...
Mad Man MadMan (7 months ago)
Good job on the video quality not you suck
Binu Joseph (7 months ago)
tyler No (7 months ago)
Winslow Wilson (8 months ago)
A huge waste of time. People always in a hurry to get somewhere. ''Everybody's running in a Mad Mad World but nobody's going nowhere'' We need to stop making access so easy for consumptive human beings. Slow down the Rat Race. Stop rushing off to get more goodies for your Gilded Cages. Relax, take a ferry ride. Heaven's passing by. It ain't somewhere else.
It had a thirtypoop. Ok. No, that's alright. Yes a thirtypoop. Alright, you too. Bye.
Lameashellcosplay (8 months ago)
Think how snug it'll be underneath our flannel when its just you and me and the english channel
Quinta Naweji (8 months ago)
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Quinta Naweji (8 months ago)
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Dwayne Ewasiuk (8 months ago)
Not trying to knock you bud, but your grammar is atrocious. Have another look at what you put down. Perhaps you never proof read the explanation after you typed it. Again, not trying to put you down. If I was trying to be cruel, I wouldn't have given you heads-up at this.
Imran Razik (8 months ago)
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DR. SOLO (8 months ago)
I really enjoyed this documentary thank you for uploading it learned a lot open my eyes to A Whole New World just like that Chunnel did. Love from America.
Robert Clopton (8 months ago)
now they have the muslim invasion, what now?
Don H (9 months ago)
14 billion dollars for the Chunnel 13 billion dollars for the U.S.S. Gerald Ford .
starvolvo (9 months ago)
Minami Yamoto (9 months ago)
You have the nerve to call a 480p video HD?
The Duke 71000 71000 (9 months ago)
Factually incorrect programme. The worlds longest undersea tunnel is the "Seikan Tunnel" between Honshu and Hokkaido islands in Japan. That tunnel is 53.9km long, and dives to around 750ft. It was opened before the "Channel Tunnel", (in 1986), is also dual gauge, (3ft 6in & 4ft 8.5in) and has two undersea emergency stations, because is passes through an earthquake and volcanic activity zone......
Mik Davies (8 months ago)
See above, Mr. Duke (we are talking about the bit under the sea, not the overall length) try to pay attention.
A very close friend of ours was involved in the entire, project. Start to finish. His family owns a large tunneling company here in the States. Called KCR-Joint Venture. Cleveland Ohio. There was a total of 29 sub contractors. KCR was one of them. The only American Company allowed. Jimmy’s dad, Mr James Kassouf had, and still does have very deep political connections in France 🇫🇷 Germany 🇩🇪 Sweden 🇸🇪 Italy 🇮🇹 , Austria 🇦🇹
Eric Bedenbaugh (10 months ago)
It's a great trip, I've done it twice. They don't announce it when your going into the tunnel as too many people became frightened when they knew they were going under.
marktimeallthetime (10 months ago)
Who tf calls it the Chunnel???
marktimeallthetime (9 months ago)
I am British!
marktimeallthetime -- Is British folks 😊
Normando Fashione (10 months ago)
Been on it twice and it was awesome!!
CapnAce79 (10 months ago)
those eyebrows tho
b57ecv (10 months ago)
Of course they will have to fill it back in, because its not compatible with Theresa May's Brexit Britain !
Psycho Circus (10 months ago)
"HD"... What a joke...
Dough Daddy (10 months ago)
I didn't know this existed until today. I'm blown away
Marco Flumino (10 months ago)
HD? 480... rubbish
Michael Adkins (10 months ago)
Flying to the UK and 'tunneling' to Paris next month.
Mik Davies (8 months ago)
Well done that person, us Brits will have a plastic cup of water ready for you.
busy mom (9 months ago)
Michael Adkins , Have fun. I always wanted to do it. Finally flew to Paris and took it last month. I found it easier than flying since we arrived in central London and only had to be at the station in Paris one hour before.
Richard Lim (10 months ago)
Boss Levels (10 months ago)
Am I going mad or has the word Tunnel changed wtf is Chunnel
Dibyajit Dash (11 months ago)
it says fucking HD but its not HD wtf lol!
rats arsed (11 months ago)
Here's what it looks like today. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wq_lhlIn1e0
شفاء الروح (11 months ago)
و أنزلنا الحديد فيه بأسٌ شديد
Mik Davies (8 months ago)
Translate please!
Destiny and priorities of power and goals. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Channel_Tunnel The design of the Channel Tunnel and construction is credibility. Apparently, is an amazing work force, whom digging out under the seabed and build Channel Tunnel, connect between France and United Kingdom. Note:  English Channel Tunnel "Opened 6 May 1994 (tunnel) 14 November 1994 (passenger service)"
John Gordon (11 months ago)
the Brits are no more an Island race as they have given free access to England though theEEC and-its new immigrant policies
Tom Peters (1 year ago)
I am impressed by the courage of the engineers and their crew. Thanks for uploading this documentary
Cat And (1 year ago)
wow. thankyou
CTAjunior (1 year ago)
Surprisingly this project was still cheaper than the Big Dig in Boston
Mario Angel Ruiz (1 year ago)
They should build the under tunnel on the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean
Helen Heard (1 year ago)
Let's meet the men that did the work on this thing they are the hero's how are they doing hope you put their names some were on the project. Like a plaque a solid gold plague.
Helen Heard (1 year ago)
Stop playing God and let the earth heal. Stop changing nature for a profit. Its a waste of money.Gods money.because in the end it will crumble. Everything will be changed. The Lord has come. Like I said a waste of money.could be used to feed a country.
chillgreg (1 year ago)
HD. Yeah right, lying, stealing snakes.
AGENT X SECURITY (1 year ago)
oof man (10 months ago)
who cares!!!!!!!!!
Jhonatan Baez (1 year ago)
yea yo69 go
Shaikh Imran (1 year ago)
Very dengerous
Mary Fiaola (1 year ago)
good video , thanx
Tony Nameless (1 year ago)
Looks like this tunnel is NOT what we expected. You enter a train like structure and just sit inside for 35 minutes without seing anything.
Atl Anvil506 (1 year ago)
22:42 ........ You didn't avoid me with your Boring machine. Yawn
Kyler Janovec (1 year ago)
Chunnel I never heard of it
Snapdragon 9600 (1 year ago)
Nz looked at a cook strait underwater tunnel, estimates between 500- $580 million dollars PER KILOMETER. So do the math on a 65 km link, double that of the English one, in rougher, deeper sea crossing.
DevIndia (1 year ago)
Dangerous Railway Tracks, तरनाक रेलवे ट्रैक - https://youtu.be/VR4_TXd5Tzk
Megan Faver (1 year ago)
Fascinating! I’m looking toward to taking the train from Paris to London for the first time this Spring.
voodoo dolly (1 year ago)
"HD" you claim.???? 😒😒
Richard Einstein (1 year ago)
This is nothing compared to the secret (DUMB) deep underground military bases and massive cities in caverns so huge that they have even built massive deep underground skyscrapers. These underground cities are connected by tunnels running from coast to coast, from our northern border to the southern border and even running under the shithole third world country of Mexico. These tunnels have been built using nuclear powered tunneling machines that melt the bedrock, forcing the molten stone into cracks and crevices, leaving a smooth waterproof surface throughout the tunnels. These massive tunnels run four lane super highways between all deep underground cities and bases, plus there are smaller tunnels running high speed supersonic trains traveling at the speed of sound. This is why our nation is bankrupt as they spent well over $40 trillion building these deep underground cities and tunnels to protect the ruling class in case of nuclear war. Russia is building underground facilities to protect their entire population Whereas the USA has built luxury facilities to protect only the treasonous elite zionist jews, their useful idiots and a limited number of slaves who will also produce children for the jews to rape.
Mr. C Jokey (1 year ago)
History Channel, it use to be great- now it covers aliens & UFO's. Thanks for the memories.
Goldowl (1 year ago)
Ian Ian (1 year ago)
What's so great about the channel tunnel’s that it was built when it was. A bit like the pyramids or Stonehenge even, you think how they do that?You know, not saying it would be easy now but then?Wow!What a call...
JosephusXIX (1 year ago)
This isn't in HD, it's recorded from VHS, like the copies here on youtube.
木村努 (1 year ago)
If the BREXIT will come, will the channel tunnel be closed…? I hope the channel tunnel Stay open either BREXIT come or not.
Oscar vL (1 year ago)
It will stay open, but there may be longer or more thorough border checks on either side.
mohammed siddique (1 year ago)
Allahu Akbar
SpacedMagicMan (1 year ago)
480p is HD?
AOR xMinxG (1 year ago)
British engineering at its finest....oh what the French did this too? Ah well they probably didn't do much.
DIY TEK NUT (1 year ago)
The original 1880 Channel tunnel still their in 2017 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XcKSN1KEiho
Johnny Chunders (1 year ago)
How stupidly paranoid. Invading Britain via tunnel? All we'd need to do is wait til all ze Germans are in the tunnel then flood the whole thing. Simples.
Pistanbroke (1 year ago)
This was a gold mine for sarcasm.... I'm exhausted. One more and I'm spent... Here goes: I would have just occupied France and made them do it all... They seem to be quite friendly toward dictators. Ok I'm done.
soma sekhar Alaparthi (1 year ago)
worst video
welson timung (1 year ago)
sing lekthe
Bashir Ah Banday (1 year ago)
Victor Boreham (1 year ago)
Zelda_Smile (1 year ago)
i think the france side was cooler
David Lawrence (1 year ago)
God told Satan he will crawl on his belly and eat the dust of the earth. Well there YOU GO!!!
Daniel's gaming world (1 year ago)
i like history
Rj Tillman (1 year ago)
Now Japan and USA will have something like that be connected to USA to Japan so the bullet train to the USA from Japan
RoboFuryMan (1 year ago)
Now they need to do this shit at the Darien gap.
nightmare3241ish (1 year ago)
im scared to go under that i mean what if it breaks?
Patel Vidhu (1 year ago)
Very difficult to built and maintain.
Christopher Burnham (1 year ago)
Face up to it it was Thatcher's party that sold the average Briton out with the chunnel and by signing Britain up to the EU, wonder how much the torys were paid for their treason?
Mik Davies (8 months ago)
It was actually Ted Heath who forced us into europe
AOR xMinxG (1 year ago)
Christopher Burnham Here we see a former miner in his natural habitat... winging about Thatcher, blaming the tories for everything. This is an engineering marvel!
Adam Gillmor (1 year ago)
I'm super excited to see you guys hit 22 knots. Keep up the good work!
gregory kupicz (1 year ago)
Pistanbroke (1 year ago)
gregory kupicz that's because the French kept spilling their wine and arguing over who gets to wear the striped shirt. Plus they had communication issues... Mimes can't talk
exorientelux (1 year ago)
the video's title is wrong! The longest underwater tunnel in the world is in Japan linking the main island with Hokkaido in the north
Mik Davies (8 months ago)
Irvin Wittmeier (1 year ago)
The jackass in suit and tie just had to have his nose in the air what an ass
DEEREMEYER1 (1 year ago)
Up to 160 "keyPH" and up to 2500 tons but not both at once in the same train. Best "speed to weight ratio"? That's a fucking new one. ROFLMAO. Come to the U.S. and see 15,000-ton trains doing 70 mph crossing half the country in 36 hours or left. Across multiple mountain ranges, no less. Fucking Europeans. Legends in their own minds.
DEEREMEYER1 (1 year ago)
Notice there weren't any government "dignitaries" or "VIPs" down in that shithole until there was a party, booze and "free" food. And PRESS, of course.
Mik Davies (8 months ago)
DEEREMEYER1. Yes I agree, I didn't see Donald Trump anywhere in sight, or Hillary Clinton, but perhaps they were too busy putting the world to right.
DEEREMEYER1 (1 year ago)
5 tons of refrigerant is not "the equivalent of 5000 home freezers". Not even CLOSE. A typical upright home freezer OR refrigerator uses a few ounces to half a pound at MOST, and that would be a huge one. 5000 freezers using 8 ounces per freezer is 40,000 ounces = 2500 lbs. ONE of those "chillers" (aka REFRIGERATION UNITS) uses 10,000 lbs. of refrigerant and it does nothing to DEHUMIDIFY the AIR in the tunnels if its only COOLING WATER flowing through PIPES with no real "air conditioning" taking place. And its hard to imagine how ELECTRICALLY-POWERED TRAINS would use "more fuel" to be AIR CONDITIONED INDEPENDENTLY. They also would be COOL INSIDE going INTO the tunnels. And the whole "air friction" causing the heating of the air thing is BULLSHIT. They're not running air conditioners on the trains because the air in the tunnels is probably TOXIC and EXTREMELY HUMID and PROBABLY UN-BREATHABLE. Not to mention an AC system would have to be on each car separately and would either require some sort of a gen-set with resulting carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide emissions OR would have to be powered by or contained on the locomotive with LOW VOLTAGE/HIGH AMPERAGE electrical power and wiring or refrigerant connections through all of the cars to and from the locomotive. Everybody thinks electric trains are so fucking efficient when they're actually a giant waste when they're DIRECT CURRENT given the huge VOLTAGE DROPS and POWER LOSS TO HEAT.
DEEREMEYER1 (1 year ago)
If you went "22 kilometers from England" and "16 kilometers from France" and "they had to meet in the middle"....they didn't. I've got a feeling the FRENCH have an entirely different "history" of events than the Brits do. And I tend to trust them more. They were prepared for what they were doing.
Mik Davies (8 months ago)
DEEREMEYER1 .We just dug a wee bit quicker and we had bigger spades.(we've never trusted the French!)
DEEREMEYER1 (1 year ago)
Would those be the same "micropaleotologists" who didn't expect wet material near the coast? And since you're literally waiting until you've GONE OFF COURSE before you KNOW IT, how fucking useful were they?
Mik Davies (8 months ago)
DEEREMEYER1. About as useful as your sour-grapes comments are, I'm surprised you could even spell it! (Try to make comments without the use of foul language, there are children who look at these pages and you don't give a very good impression of a so-called adult)
DEEREMEYER1 (1 year ago)
Yeah. Those bicycles they were supposedly riding in and out look really used like they've been in a filthy, damp tunnel for any length of time. Sounds like somebody saw a documentary showing Boeing employees riding bikes around the plant in Washington and thought that looked like a good LIE to tell in this "documentary" that's actually about 5% "documentary" and 95% bullshit from suits in offices and "history" from the same liars the suits hire to lie every time. If you have the time for people to ride bikes "27k", you're not working very hard. Its not done at BOEING to "reduce emissions". Its done to SAVE TIME. And its something the EMPLOYEES came up with on their own. You don't see "license plates" or "ID tags" on those bikes and trikes at Boeing. And not everybody has to use them because not everybody is bicyclist. Something else Europeans like to lie about.
Mik Davies (8 months ago)
DEEREMEYER1. I quite agree, we should have used Boeing 747s.
DEEREMEYER1 (1 year ago)
They "made up" a lost year by later drilling "1200 feet a week"? Those are the same machines that were supposed to do 15 METERS PER HOUR? 15 meters per hour is 7500+ feet per week if you're working 24-7-365. But if you're working 8 hour days its about what their "record pace" figures out to be. But only 7 days a week. If you're only working 8 hours a day you're sure as hell not going to work 7 days a week. Odd how the "record pace" JUST COVERS that "15 meters per hour" claim IF you know how many days per week and hours per day they were working. Regardless, there is NO WAY to "make up" lost time. Once its GONE its GONE. If you're LATE, you're LATE and you have to more than DOUBLE your output per unit of time to "make up lost time". We're also supposed to believe that a "system" using TRAINS to haul materials in and out got FASTER and MORE EFFICIENT to keep up the LONGER THEY HAD TO TRAVEL? Complete government propaganda HORSESHIT. Watch this shit and listen to the "facts" and believe the SUITS with all the answers at your own peril, people. These are people who will tell any lie to protect their "position" in the universe.
Mik Davies (8 months ago)
DEEREMEYER1. Do you have some sort of problem relating to anything that we do in Britain? If I were you, old chum, I should seek some sort of medical help!
DEEREMEYER1 (1 year ago)
What kind of idiots would ever expect "dry conditions" in a TUNNEL PERIOD, much less and UNDERWATER TUNNEL? For God's sake.
Mik Davies (8 months ago)
DEEREMEYER1. The kind of idiots who dug the longest undersea tunnel!
DEEREMEYER1 (1 year ago)
Concrete made from GRANITE? ROFLMAO. This shit gets funnier and funnier...
DEEREMEYER1 (1 year ago)
If you have computers to "accurately tell the machine operator where the machine is in relation to where it should be at any one time" you shouldn't ever BE anywhere but where you're supposed to be at any one time.
Mik Davies (8 months ago)
DEEREMEYER1. Try telling that to the US Military every time they used computer-guided missiles!
DEEREMEYER1 (1 year ago)
As usual, the Brits took the "cheap" way out and it ended up costing several times more than if they'd done it the right way to begin with.
Mik Davies (8 months ago)
DEEREMEYER1. So you are so knowledgeable about tunneling costs, it makes you an expert!
DEEREMEYER1 (1 year ago)
Escape passages every 1200 feet? That's 400 yards. Good luck making it that far in any real emergency that's invariably going to involve FLOOD or FIRE. That thing is a fucking deathtrap. Period.
DEEREMEYER1 (1 year ago)
"Ideal for tunneling because it was easy to cut; strong and impermeable..." My dying ass. There is nothing that's both EASY TO CUT and STRONG AND IMPERMEABLE. Least of all COMPACTED SILT on the BOTTOM OF A BODY OF WATER. Wasn't too IMPERMEABLE if there were LOTS OF LEAKS, was it?
DEEREMEYER1 (1 year ago)
TBMs in 1881? ROFLMAO. Yeah. Its in the "history books" your government publishes for you. BELIEVE IT!
Mik Davies (8 months ago)
DEEREMEYER1. I'm sorry, I didn't quite understand your abrieviations, would you mind saying it in English? (I believe that's the language you actually speak, even in America)
Geo M. (1 year ago)
aww hello-kittys car is being transported..toyota mr2
kisumusika (1 year ago)
I find this video completely fasinating watching in awe
Pistanbroke (1 year ago)
kisumusika smoke some more...
colliecandle (1 year ago)
i believe the Seikan tunnel is longer ! ( between Honshu and Hokkaido )

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