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Patagonia Men's Tres 3-in-1 Parka

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This versatile 3-in-1 parka with city smarts has a shell made of durable H2No® Performance Standard 2-layer polyester fabric with a waterproof/breathable barrier and a removable, adjustable hood; warm zip-out jacket insulated with 100% Traceable Down. Check out our Men's Tres 3-in-1 Parka: http://www.patagonia.com/product/mens-tres-3-in-1-parka/28387.html?utm_source=youtube&utm_campaign=yt_f15_28387&utm_medium=seo
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Text Comments (7)
Dr. Salman Khan (5 months ago)
No insulation for the head?
caleb_soccer (7 months ago)
Bought one of these today, haven't tried it on yet but looks good
tohokkeo (9 months ago)
Lo que falta que a la baqueta interior coloquen en el cierre que toca el cuello una separación suave de polar como las the north face
BRIANMOC (10 months ago)
awesome! no stupid colors this year!
chris gomez (2 years ago)
Read several reviews on their website saying that it's not warm enough and that you'll end up covered by feathers. Buyers recommended not to buy this product if your goal is to stay warm. It's a shame because it does look good.
CarpenterHunts (7 months ago)
I came to the same conclusion. This should be a $300 jacket at the most for that level of insulation. Looks great though
benjthepok (3 years ago)
I wish I could have that one, but as a student I can't afford it :/ still incredible work on this product guys ;)

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