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We Rented A Girlfriend In China | ASIAN BOSS

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Text Comments (20367)
Sim Won (38 minutes ago)
Queen of diktease
Moneca Andales TV (1 hour ago)
She's really pretty but if I were a man, I would not pay for her, for this kind of thing. I mean, why would I rent a girlfriend/boyfriend if I can get a real one? By that, I could spend my money courting her/buying gifts for him rather than renting fake partners. What if I fell inlove with her/him? And she/he doesn't even care about my feelings? Lol! *THAT WOULD BE SO PAINFUL!*
Anup L k (1 hour ago)
She was sooooo boring and really wasn't into this
christan anderson (4 hours ago)
hahhahhahha waist of money and time
David duFresne (9 hours ago)
This is terrible. She should be paying the men for putting up with her. Aren't there women who are willing to spend time with men as "just friends" if they aren't attracted to them or is this just a western thing?
Rob 123 (15 hours ago)
WOWWW!!! How lucky Girls are. This vid is a pure example that we are living in a FEMALE privileged World!!! with out any Talent she is earning Huge amount of Money. In present Generation, A beautiful girl is very Powerful!!
Daredevil (20 hours ago)
Asian people never hugs strangers lmao
Vie (22 hours ago)
She's a cold, cold woman.
Tim New (1 day ago)
Well, per experience speaking, I would say it is horrible to have a girl friend like this that she only cares about your money rather than your experience or feeling. Even it is temporary, but I would say it is still important to play that role professionally in these 3 hours. For a more general perspective speaking, maybe a little bit judging, but I don’t like to have a friend that only cares about money, I felt she cares too much about the money, but ignored kindness, wisdom or even hard working. I would say these are the things that actually matters in your life. But as a Chinese, I’m kinda understand her, but completely not agree with her. That’s probably the reason I moved abroad
MemesAreDreams (1 day ago)
Kei has a better personality and better looks than this girl..
David Welch (1 day ago)
Her profile said she "speaks english". English my ass but she does have a fine ass. 😎
Karl Bonacua (1 day ago)
5:07 You're the man bro, Can you S P O O N M E ?
twice is lifer (1 day ago)
The guy rented her as a girlfriend, she should act like one She not even trying , it doesn't feel like a gf nor friend She doesn't care if her client has a good experience...she just care how much money she can get......
twice is lifer (1 day ago)
Well i guess korean and Japanese rental gf/bf is better Or maybe its just her I mean just because she's cold it doesn't means all Chinese are
itQan adiguna (2 days ago)
urcute boi (2 days ago)
the girl quite has an attitude...west philippine sea is ours
陈奕迅 (6 hours ago)
Shitty poor country Philippines
urcute boi (1 day ago)
twice is lifer (1 day ago)
Hahah qaqo bat nadamay issue ng pilipinas dito , so random
easy deism (2 days ago)
Kinda weird though that this girl bought a interviewer and a camera crew on an app.
Banned from Youtube (2 days ago)
What a waste of time and money and worst of all these wussy men are throwing money away to these swindlers, sad.
King Of Knowledge (2 days ago)
Tommy Zhao (2 days ago)
I am a Chinese and I can see this girl just here tries to make some easy money and so being emotionally dead, while the Japanese girl was more genuine and wholesome. What I can say, this business originated in japan and now theses Chinese bitches suddenly found another way to make quick money. Bring your sports car next time and take the Chinese to a ride, she will be all loving and smiling as much as she can. Throw your money to her face,just do it
NewToYoutube (2 days ago)
So you pay them to friend zone you? I don't think that's worth it mate...
King Kai (2 days ago)
It's an escort but no sex 🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️
nadi lora (2 days ago)
This lifeless girl looking boring as hell, waist of money dude. You could better spend your money on some good food instead of this to much plastic churgery barbie.
SententeR (2 days ago)
"cici" means boob in hungarian 😄
Daredevil (20 hours ago)
manoel lima (2 days ago)
R. A. (2 days ago)
It's like she takes money from her clients but gives nothing to them. She evens expects her clients to teach her things like wealth management. Unbelievable! This is definitely not the way you provide service. Feel sorry for Kei for picking this poor girl. Bad luck.
kimchi • (2 days ago)
she’s literally stunning but she seems kind of off like “why should i care” i’m.. i could be a better pretend girlfriend
Maja Blanca (3 days ago)
I knew it.. She refused the hug.! From the first time I'm watching her. I know that she's not an ordinary women or girl for rent that who's accepting hug from the customer. Omg what's wrong with her 🙄 are u scared at hug? I think it's normal when someone hugs u just like a friend or just for good bye.!! He made her customer awkward for what she have done
John Li (3 days ago)
2:04 the edit was perfect
Sky01 (3 days ago)
The soundtrack they picked for this video explains it all
MemesAreDreams (1 day ago)
shabir ahmad (3 days ago)
Did she really refuse you for a hug... Please tell me truth
jesseca baylon (4 days ago)
MemesAreDreams (1 day ago)
The interviewer Kei is more pretty and more handsome.
ASC A (4 days ago)
"why should I care?" 😞 even there're girlfriends for rent but they aren't real
Chuzhoakha Akha (4 days ago)
She is nice and pretty fine looking young woman.. Somehow it seems to me that she feels empty deep down there but never want to admit it. Only thinking of making money would never give peace to a person..
Chuzhoakha Akha (1 day ago)
@MemesAreDreams he is.. 😀
MemesAreDreams (1 day ago)
The interviewer Kei is more pretty and more handsome.
Jelly Belly (4 days ago)
Zachary (4 days ago)
She has issues I think - she has no empathy.
Zachary (4 days ago)
She is terrible.
Kaiyi Huang (4 days ago)
jeez he's making this so painful to watch i feel so awkwarrrdddddd
myo mama (4 days ago)
Fu King Chinese Girls LOL
Lee Llama (4 days ago)
she’s cold as ice lmao
Family Work (4 days ago)
Rent a girl friend!
Zheng Zhang (5 days ago)
She comes from Zhangzhou..... no wonder....... but this is a job indeed.
Luuhpan (5 days ago)
The guy made it so SO awkward!
REN REN (5 days ago)
Chinese are idiots
She is not attractive
Steven Usuman (6 days ago)
Money is everything if you dont have money and if you have money? Money dont everything. 😤
Jamuna Elangbam (6 days ago)
can we hv sex if i rented a girl???
mojKanalll (6 days ago)
She is awful, even the hug is not allowed.. she is not sensitive and feminine at all.. how poor these guys must be to give her extra money after the date.
MoreBrush (6 days ago)
He looks like Richard Kruspe from Rammstein.
Drelee 93 (6 days ago)
If that aint the funniest part of my day Idk what is! He tried to slide that hug in lol she was very alert 🚨
Ronald Dave (6 days ago)
I wonder if that beautiful girl Zhang Zhou has an official instagram or twitter account. Please tell me if anyone knows!!!
Britty Brad (6 days ago)
If you're gonna do that kinda job you can atleast put some effort into it
Princess Airi Lover (7 days ago)
well they are chinese so what do you expect? they are known to have the shitties attitude around the globe.
ariesk1001 (7 days ago)
I’d rent Kei with his handsome self...👁
MemesAreDreams (1 day ago)
Hunter X Hunter (7 days ago)
I wonder who gave her $1500 -16000 tips ? .lol
Hunter X Hunter (2 hours ago)
@David duFresne lmao
David duFresne (9 hours ago)
They had too much money in their pockets and were going to throw in the trashcan anyway, so they felt bad for this no personality girl and gave it to her.
go a longway (7 days ago)
Chinese are very selfish
Sarv Angad Singh (7 days ago)
Dude she was really cute and I feel bad for you 😂😂
John Johnson (7 days ago)
She's charging for NOTHING. Anyone paying for this is a moron.
odinmage (7 days ago)
Prostitution is nothing new.
Winona Wong (7 days ago)
I don’t know about her, but I kind of agree with her opinion: only money can give you sense of security. My ex left me to a rich girl, from then on I don’t believe in love anymore. And btw I want to know the app😂
Londonmuso (7 days ago)
Empathy fatigue at it's finest.
Leonardo Camargo (7 days ago)
It's insane that people pay for this. Seriously.
Lyndon Charlz Salvan (7 days ago)
LOL it's just like playing a girlfriend simulator vr but with a price and it's real life. Waste of money. xD
Kirania Laksmidevi (8 days ago)
If sex doesnt really involved in this service, i think this is a very promising business for young girls
nunchaks700 (8 days ago)
Movies World (8 days ago)
Marko Stalker (8 days ago)
Hmmmmm weird flex , but still okay
Ardi Ardiansyah (8 days ago)
What a waste of money.. what a shitty service comparing to Japanese one.. she's just showed up, talking like money fueled emotionless robot.. but she's pretty.. 🤣
Ardi Ardiansyah (8 days ago)
She's so dead inside.. just money, money, money.. ups, who am i describing? 😏
Phuzion1 (8 days ago)
We all know what spooning you had in mind.
She should be more "happy" doing her job.
Edward Wild (8 days ago)
Rent someone to talk bull!!I prefer to talk to my dog 🐕
Jose Marie (8 days ago)
I don't know but I like her.
Chang卓 (9 days ago)
Japanese stick to the rules, Chinese stick to money.
all stars all stars (9 days ago)
The japanease girl was more beautiful and cute then this girl 👍
Albert Castro (9 days ago)
30k dollars nothing happened??? LOL if thats the case that man is stupid
Pitimino * (10 days ago)
lisa: cuz im hot (Blackpink) :v
Nihal Blythe (10 days ago)
Whatever it might be but that ending was too sad for that guy also😁
ItsEndy (10 days ago)
Well, it is just a job so I understand why she shouldn't really care about her clients at all, But damn.. Compared to the Japanese Girl whose just willing to help out young dudes who don't know what it feels like to have a woman to this just amazes me man.
Jonas Comb (11 days ago)
Ita sad that these paying customers dont realize from the start that they are paying to cause themselves more heartbreak and disappointments.
Sum Rivera (11 days ago)
Japan women is much better than china women.
Jize Dong (11 days ago)
Have to return to the Japan version to purify my eyes and soul...
Jize Dong (11 days ago)
Not only her materialism, it's also super unpleasant to see her face filled with plastics and artificial eyelids.
TheCeska90 (11 days ago)
this was a very awkward interaction
mnhyk the whale (11 days ago)
"no amount of money is too much" woah idk if i will agree or not
Lancelot Xavier (11 days ago)
I would pay to remain single, why would anyone pay to have a girlfriend?
Acys (11 days ago)
This made me sick this kind of relationship is really sick there's no benefit of it at all , Thanks bro it was a great video.
Lucidz (11 days ago)
She just wants money and even admits it. She wont do anything alone, she only does things if you tell her to do it, like a robot basically. And she doesnt care about the customers, she just cares about the money. This is what i got from this video
Saptarshi Mazumdar (11 days ago)
The Japanese girl was pretending more like a girlfriend. This girl was behaving like a genuine gold digger 😓
claudeth duran (12 days ago)
Panic mode inside
Dmitry Kim (12 days ago)
She looks korean
Jessica Lyngkhoi (12 days ago)
meh. she's a robot
박Kylie (12 days ago)
The girl gives a vibe "I want nothing to do with you really just give me my money fast"
Brian Robledo (12 days ago)
How much would it cost for her to lick my butthole?
Kate van Gelder (12 days ago)
Kei, this was super awkward
Leila Laura (13 days ago)
These people who do these things have no moral values whatsoever. They clearly don’t know what’s right or wrong.. pretty sad. You can tell she put money above everything. Quite disgusting.
Leila Laura (13 days ago)
These people who do these things have no moral values whatsoever. They clearly don’t know what’s right or wrong.. pretty sad. You can tell she put money above everything.
Xenerator x (13 days ago)
Wtf no touching🤣
More men than women in Japan.. That's why this is a business..
Howard Lam (13 days ago)
Not even a hug from a "girlfriend". Right...
Stefano Ceci (13 days ago)
How can you spend your time with a person that is interested only in your money?

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