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Rare Photographs Vol. 29 (40 photos) Human history is truly a swinging pendulum of ups and downs. The centuries have been sprinkled with both terrible, bleak events, and beautiful hopeful moments. Since the invention of the photograph, those events and moments have been recorded for us, allowing us a window into a time that we never actually got to see for ourselves. #historyofart #HistoryNerd #historyinpictures #historylover #historybuff #HistoryInTheMaking #historychannel #historyvikings #HistoryLesson #historygeek #historymemes #historytv18 #historytv18india #historymade #HistoryMuseum #HistoryMakers #history4u #historychannelindia #historytour #historylovers #HIStoryEra #historybooks #historybook #historyteacher #HistoryMaker #historyplace #historyearned #historyphoto #historyhunters #historyworldwar2 #historyclass #historychannelvikings #historytime #HistoryPorn #historyofarchitecture #historygram #historyoffashion #HistoryPics #historyofmedicine #historyiscool #historyart #historyofindia #historybuilding #historycity #historyofwhoo #historyandpics #historyphotographed #historyrocks #historycar #historyofcinema #vintage #vintagestyle #vintagefashion #vintageshop #vintageclothing #vintagecar #vintagedecor #vintagelove #vintageinspired #vintagehome #VintageCars #VintageFurniture #VintageWedding #vintagejewelry #vintageforsale #vintagewatch #vintagedress #vintagelife #vintagefinds #vintagestore #vintagelook #vintagebag #vintagetoys #vintagephoto #vintagegirl #vintagelover #vintageclothes #vintagehair #vintagebike #vintagephotography #vintagemotorcycle #vintagechristmas #vintagewatches #VintageShopping #vintagerolex #vintagecamera #vintagedesign #vintagebooks #vintagesale #vintagetshirt #vintageguitar #vintageart #vintagelens #vintagetee #vintagemarket #vintagekitchen #vintagebride #vintageracing #VintageShirt #vintagefabric
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Text Comments (1231)
Abu Bakar Siddiqui (2 hours ago)
there are 2300 dislikes! I am wondering y people gave it dislike? what's wrong here 😳
Johnny mahsrow (4 days ago)
B-29 bomber crashed on Iwo Jima. That's why the Marines invaded that small island so that the bombers will have a safe place to land coming back from bombing Japan. RIP to all of those Marines who died there. 👍🇺🇸
Rapheal Francis (5 days ago)
jgranger3532 (6 days ago)
Great video, great to see that the Perfect Life lady is back. The hippie with the flute looks a lot like Frank Zappa, what do you folks think, is that him?
Bo Rødding (7 days ago)
-The music you have chosen is absolutely beautiful for this video!
JosefKKafka (7 days ago)
It seems that most of history since photography was enacted in the US(A).
Nikhil Bagria (7 days ago)
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Albert Wesker (10 days ago)
Bokassa ....povero coglione ,pensava di essere il nuovo Napoleone ......
Edwin torres (10 days ago)
0:10 that ass and boobs be thicc 👌
diana der maro (13 days ago)
this piano concerto in the background is utterly depressing ......
modotte kite kudasai (15 days ago)
3:46 beauty and the beast lmao?
Patrick Keating (17 days ago)
What is this music?
Rafayel Demircioglu (19 days ago)
2:08 my lovely city istanbul (constantinople)
Michael Griffiths (20 days ago)
Terrible to watch the youths of my youth drift by as I too get near the end.
Wash6970 (21 days ago)
Hippie bus has to be 1970 or later as that is a 1970 Dodge Dart behind it.
keith turbin (21 days ago)
Not very rare now that they are on the internet and have gone global
Charlie K (22 days ago)
#3 picture: Why did they serve the Russian a glass of Pepsi; they should have served him the right stuff, a glass of CocaCola Classic!
Mowac (24 days ago)
That wasn't Pepsi in Khruschev's drink.
Antione Berry (24 days ago)
the young beautiful italian woman🇮🇹[0:10]has long sexy hair and a gorgeous magnificent physique[the tall slim body]the police officer is obviously getting her telephone number😁.
mary militello (22 days ago)
Antione Berry here babe nick 1
ivor nappinion (22 days ago)
look up
Mike 1 (24 days ago)
Retro women ... the best. ( They might be a bit too old now though haaha ).
Dale Smart (24 days ago)
Churchill’s brilliant
Martin Devon (25 days ago)
Those women workers should be at home cooking!
tommy2chips (26 days ago)
This is history. I love it
Mattywho (27 days ago)
I'd like to see the bush in that bikini, they're a rare species today
Edward Palamar (1 month ago)
We have entered the "age to come" foretold by Jesus in Mark 10:30. http://risen-from-the-dead.forumotion.com/
Carol Collins (1 month ago)
Already know you will
Carol Collins (1 month ago)
Fuck y9u bitches hope you in particular die of radiation poisoning
Carol Collins (1 month ago)
Atom bomb why would you show that it's a blot on humanity and all life on earth you turds
A Brame (1 month ago)
Interesting Photo's depicting interesting moments of humanity. 👍👍👍
Robert Nicholas (1 month ago)
Pulp fiction bts is a rare photo. Lol
Zampan0 (1 month ago)
The pictures are great along with the story-line being held long enough to read and get a close view of the photo, which is very rare. I liked and subscribed. She also puts the headline photo 1st which is also very rare.
Beethovenini (1 month ago)
0:12 in USA era peggio, negli anni 50
Churr bol (1 month ago)
Whos nana is the first chick?...MY GOD. I wish women looked natural like that these days instead of pumped lips and plastic bodies, caked with make up.
Hansepans68 (1 month ago)
0:32 If it had been Coca Cola, there would have not been a cold war after that day...
Paul Surgent (1 month ago)
History is great !
navidski (1 month ago)
Well, there were hardly any immensely powerful, nor historical Fotos among those. You really need to reconsider your perception of the history and the world we live in. You imbecile
Jibba Jabba (1 month ago)
Rare? powerful? Men waging war, old weapons, birds in bikinis, some random shot from Pulp Fiction, 29 is not a watch.. I was in LA during the riots.. the police were not.. any one of these photos can be found online.. schmaltzy bollocks
Norris Pulliam (1 month ago)
Police officer issuing a ticket to a beautiful woman believe me! i'd let her know there are ways you could get around this babe if you know what i mean? And john cleese when abit to far for the sake of comedy never dress in drag around lovely women ! it gives them the wrong idea!
John Canfield (1 month ago)
The Frenchman and his wife reminds me of nothing so much as Bert Lahr and Judy Garland in the Wizard of Oz!
M. Moolhuysen (1 month ago)
They should have givin Coke to Khrushchev instad of Pepsi, then he would never have raised his shoe against them :-)
Tom Yazel (1 month ago)
how can it be most POWERFUL and RARE at volume 29?  the first 28 weren't really powerful or rare?
David ben Mesecke (1 month ago)
Don't worry, ten years from now, police officers will again ticket women for wearing a bikini in public.
salvador augustus (1 month ago)
Hippie pic ruined the video
Ethan Whateley (1 month ago)
Problem** I don't think many of us dudes are making it past the first photograph. That stopped me in my tracks.
Detskalldaltas (1 month ago)
Bad text,cant read it.
Kid Rich (1 month ago)
Yes it's a fact those ppls did exist now if we could go feather back with ours History & it's a fact those ppls exist from 1700 back & see what pull Up!!!☝
No Way (1 month ago)
The dino tracks at Glen rose tx you can still go and see them in the river bed even today
McEpicureanism (1 month ago)
These are entertaining, but they are not rare and "powerful" is a hyperbole.
Jim Mason (1 month ago)
#9 BIG Al - pubic enemy #1 in 1941 ? Thought he went to the "big house" in 1931.....
Monsieurturmoil (1 month ago)
03:08 .... Pulp Fiction, how can it be from 1994? .... I must be getting old. 04:03 .... Taiwan and the S China sea may well be the starting point for WW3. 06:48 ..... The wonder of political expediency .... Stalin easily orchestra far more deaths than Hitler and the NSDAP ever managed... But then Stalin was useful........ Russia won WW2 in Europe but lost c. 26 million people doing so... Whilst there was little actual attrition for US forces at about 400,000 lost and around the same for the UK ... So, all good then.
William WAGENER (1 month ago)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yYCnjSV7bGk&t=82s and then the JUDGE was Really Pissed...
Roger Baker (1 month ago)
Thank-you. I mean it.
macky obejas (1 month ago)
3:34 pele the national player or brazil in soccer i watched his live story in a movie pele: birth of a legend
Art Furchtgott (1 month ago)
Pancho Villa's real name was Jose Doroteo Arango Arambula,not Francisco.
Düşünen Adam (1 month ago)
Stop calling cities the most ancient names of them. Constantinople is called Istanbul for the last 200 years. You can check this fact on oldest books.
Double Ghod (1 month ago)
i like that chick's accent at the end
Mariano Perez (1 month ago)
Very good!
Matthew Johnson (1 month ago)
The women back in the good old days were gorgeous, big hairy bushes in there bikini's too:)
Gregory West (1 month ago)
6 is a Hawk Missile Launcher with three missiles, Homing All the Way Killer.
ole skovgaard (1 month ago)
boring !
Amir XJ 40 (1 month ago)
Photo No 10, second person (right) is looking like Sandow....
Edster III (1 month ago)
He was NOT giving her a ticket he was begging for a date.
Nicholas Parker (1 month ago)
He's actually taking notes about that bod! and getting her number
Steel Here (1 month ago)
#1. She looks good for 1957. She looks good for 2019.
What is the piano piece played during the video ?
Mehrab Hossein (1 month ago)
3.00 awesome
Marek Mosiądz (1 month ago)
Excellent fotos...
gabriel clark (1 month ago)
Federal bean unable me bitter later grave guarantee extension privacy lost.
Vincenzo De Mars (1 month ago)
You must rember this. A kiss is just a kiss... It's always the same old story of a fight for love and glory.... As time goes by!
Bill Knotts (1 month ago)
I guess the ideal woman back when had to weigh at least 150 pounds.
Terry Bell (1 month ago)
Nice job. I enjoyed it. Suggestion: it would make more sense to show the pictures in chronological order.
vova47 (1 month ago)
0:08 - "Girl gets a ticket for being too hot." In fact the officer is writing down his phone number for further investigation.
Mooktadir A (1 month ago)
I came here for the boobs..
Jake Sullivan (1 month ago)
These are my inner thoughts. DONT' JUDGE ME or DO? ......…. That POS cop is smiling. Enjoying the view and issuing a ticket. White Women Power ….. That French guy needs to stop smoking. He 'bout to die of cancer like last week ….. Damn Nixon looked like a crook. Couldn't they tell?. He reminds me of a dude in our present day. Hmmmmm? …… Iwo Jimans have a big toy now. Japanese Christmas came early …. I would've borrowed some of those ant-aircraft rockets as a souvenir driving by …. Damn Juan Carlos, how you so old in an old photo …. Al Capone has midget hands … One of the Monty women has a DICK? OMG …. People ripping people off with fake dinosaur tracks even in the 50's huh?. Struggle is real … Holy shit, Bruce Willis was bald in 1994? He has been old for that long? WOW …. Mobile Library is just stupid. Wait you walk and read. Ya'll should stop complaining about walking and texting ….. White people always naming tings after their last names … Fuck Galaxy watch and Apple watch. Now that's a true smart watch. It's got TV. Hellooooo …. The only man to make Shaq look short - and now he's dead …. Willie Nelson is the original hippie …. Them soldiers eye-fucking that nurse ….
Snoopy420 Man (1 month ago)
Nixon thinking, “Oh my god he’s drinking the poison. My urine is in there! Bwahaa
Hans S (1 month ago)
5:04 NUCLEAR WEAPONS DON'T EXIST http://ezekiel38rapture.blogspot.nl/2015/01/nuclear-weapons-dont-exist.html
alan ball (1 month ago)
R x fox P.o.
πολλη!! σας ευχαρηστο!! τα καλητερα!!!! στους λαουζμας ! !
Ian Whittingham (1 month ago)
LA riots in 1992 and it wasn't Trumps fault.
Guillermo Zevenhuizen (1 month ago)
OK, but US centered as usual. Willie Nelson at the white House? So What?
Dominique Fargues (1 month ago)
The last picture may be Jefferson Airplane Band, with Jake Bruce on the right with the guitar and Jorma Kaukonen on the far left
Trump-a-Tron 6000 (1 month ago)
Photos are nice but it's the music that gets to me.
love4lust7301 (1 month ago)
We later found out that officer was a fag
rouviere62 (1 month ago)
La femme en bikini..mais quel avion de chasse!!!
karen whitehead (1 month ago)
Thought al Capone was elton John 😁😁😁😁😁
Stephano Chota (1 month ago)
2:45. Love Monty Pyton.
Alison Wood (1 month ago)
Where is nikola tesla?? He definetly deserves a spot on this list !! ;)
Aylbdr Madison (1 month ago)
5:25 Worlds first smart phone, circa 1976.
Spill Burg (2 days ago)
that was incredible to see that tech even existed back then.
Tm Fi (1 month ago)
Our western Society breaks down People even cant watch in other eyes. WE are brainwashed and overstimulated
Archi .Gorski (1 month ago)
Lamentable que de laisser faire un test de bombe atomique au large de l'atoll des Bikini. Pour les conneries la race humaine bat des records parfois.
prospero martin (1 month ago)
La musique est tres belle! Quelqu'un sait de qui elle est?
Stephen Raymond (1 month ago)
Tarantino? wtf 😆
leon dillon (1 month ago)
The woman in #1 is overdressed, compared to the bikinis of today!! I hope that the policeman is still here to get a look at what's worn today on and off the beach!!
Stephen Paxman (1 month ago)
Stephen Paxman (1 month ago)
Lastman Standing (1 month ago)
Picture #40 at 7:23...Hippie musicians; 5-guys and 2-girls and one of the girls is pregnant. Surprise, surprise, surprise!
Peter Dunai (1 month ago)
"The police officer" was simply an idiot. With some encouragement this beauty would have introduced him into Paradise.....
Patriotic Oath (1 month ago)
Isn't it interesting that "woman" were working in a Detroit Tire Factory in 1917 when according to U.S. Public School history they were not allowed to work until "Rosie the Riveter" broke the glass ceiling in WWII [World War Two happened in the 1940's], another lie proven by actual history!! You can actually find the truth if you look for it; did you know, for instance, that in the terrible racist American Colonies that a Black man received the best education, became a Minister, married a white woman and was elected to seven different public offices several for multiple terms? Yes, it is true, Wentworth Cheswell was born in Newmarket , N.H. in 1746 and he even wrote in the Famous "Midnight Ride" of Paul Revere but was written out of U.S. Public School History starting in 1915 by President Woodrow Wilson (D) who also segregated the Military, fired ALL black government workers in the Whitehouse and Premiered the KKK movie "Birth of a Nation" on the grounds of the Whitehouse. These are all facts... not modern lies; Read, Study, Learn and be free
Tony M (1 month ago)
I'd like to thank the paisan for detaining her long enough for a good photo to be taken. way ahead of her time.bless you, gorgeous.
karl marx (1 month ago)
That cop is so gay!!! He must've been castrated!!

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