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Christian Dior ➤ Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2012

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Basic Version (360p) (22'19) Remixed http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SfV7rr-TJso HD (720p) (22'18) FULL FASHION SHOW http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KBtc_7p6QBc HD (720p) (8'20) "LA DESCENTE DES MARCHES" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hadA1Qx3LCc HD (720p) (4'50) PREVIEW/FULL FASHION SHOW http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G5Q36ntzays **Selgi14✞✞
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Text Comments (141)
leà choxo (2 months ago)
wow boob expose
Golden Glove (3 months ago)
this is NOT the original song but thank you so much for the HD. I can appreciate the detail.
Prince Muhammad (3 months ago)
Anyone know where I can find the soundtrack?? If they are individual songs a list would also be helpful...
AHS Scene (3 months ago)
AHS Scene (3 months ago)
AHS Scene (3 months ago)
Phoebe Raymond (5 months ago)
stunning dresses, odd soundtrack for such a high class party themed collection though. the music makes it sound like someone just died.
B- A (7 months ago)
These are MODELS . Not like now !!!!!
Wilmer Villarroel (7 months ago)
In this fashion show Karly kloss literally looks like a cat
Prince Muhammad (8 months ago)
Where can I find this soundtrack? I love it a lot...
yannick (9 months ago)
Just Cade (10 months ago)
Vlada was the best to me, absolutely flawless. Karlie killed it too though.
Venche (10 months ago)
4:39 Vlada the Dracula!
Marco Benneti (10 months ago)
Pure beauty, no wonder people still miss Galliano, after so many years, this lift ones spirit. Its the search for beauty in a way that can helps enhance women. Magical, exquisit.
Richardd2342 (11 months ago)
Vlada was the best. She looks like a swan
Bella Katherman (11 months ago)
4:43... Vlada is queen
Rene James (1 year ago)
The models are georgeous.
Rene James (1 year ago)
Quiet spectacular!!!! Amazing!!!
Rene James (1 year ago)
My feet are aching just looking at the model's feet
Rene James (1 year ago)
Ellie 69 (1 year ago)
Karlie and Vlada sold the SHIT out of those dresses!
Antonio Pozelli (1 year ago)
Sorry to the other models, i just can't see Karlie Kloss here
Xi Chen (1 year ago)
19:25 come here for frida gustavsson
Ziwen Xu (1 year ago)
Hello, I like your channel very much. Because of the China's Great Firewall, there are only few people accessible to YouTube. I want to reprint your video for free to China to share with people who have the same interest. Due to the Standard YouTube License, I need your authorization and it will be much better to receive the original video from you. I declare to retain all original author information and not to use it for commercial purposes. I will show you the URL after my reprint. I think that there will be many people who will like your video. Looking forward to your reply!
C O (1 year ago)
Wow this was before Dior embraced full blown feminism. So much better then. Shame.
Prince Viejo (1 year ago)
Vlada Roslyakova will always be a standout in Dior Fashion Shows😍
flickwtchr (1 year ago)
How refreshing!!!! No effing cell phones.
Btw this collection is by Bill Gaytten
MrBuckaroo2014 (1 year ago)
The dress at 14:17 is especially lovely!
Bella Katherman (11 months ago)
sobodker sybille (1 year ago)
vlada killed it
Bella Katherman (11 months ago)
she’s flawless
lenay_ superfan (1 year ago)
6:17 why is arizona muse with a security guard ???
Rin0Kaka (1 year ago)
Ok now....Karlie is GODDESS
Coleção em tule na travessia em degraus para a linha reta.Estilo década de 30 para o século atual moderno.
DayswithLaguardia (1 year ago)
yawl be sleeping on queen of catwalk Andreea Deacon
Ysobelle (1 year ago)
What was the music that was with this when it was first put up? Also: this remains my favourite collection-- thanks so much for posting it!
sara sampaio super fan (2 years ago)
9:28 jojo😍❤❤
emily schwellenbach (2 years ago)
the red dress is the bomb, gorgeous
emily schwellenbach (2 years ago)
I love love this show, but the naked bodices is just not my taste, please line it or something
emily schwellenbach (2 years ago)
Talk about feminine, gorgeous, lady like, elegant, fanciful, retro, its everything I WOULD WANT IN A DRESS
Avery Garrett (2 years ago)
Omg who is the model 14:49 - 15:17 ?!?!?!?!?
Janice (2 years ago)
My favorite show ever!! Karlie!
twolip (2 years ago)
Patrycja Gardygajlo looks impeccable! @7:46
This show is beautiful! But you have to watch the model starting from: 15:47 to 16:18 - wow, she is really feeling it, and working it.. gave a little smile too! Lol! I love it!!! <3
Dandylion (3 years ago)
So, erm, how did we go from models and tailoring like this four years ago to... Vetements?
AngelGirl (3 years ago)
And here we have the supreme. I am afraid this high calibre of model casting is a thing of the past.
Stalletto magazine (3 years ago)
That music is mysteriously noir, I just Love it!
Stalletto magazine (3 years ago)
Elegant at its' best. I love all of the beautiful dresses, but that red outfit with the hounds-tooth skirt is to die for!I want them all.
Wajeb D (3 years ago)
the heels are just art pieces, of course beside the whole show, which is dramatically amazing..
emily schwellenbach (3 years ago)
OMG I am worn out these dresses are too beautiful
emily schwellenbach (3 years ago)
every dress is sheer feminine perfection,I want any of them
Janet Caterina (3 years ago)
exquisite - best collection ever
Olivia Chen (3 years ago)
you can tell the shoes are very uncomfortable
Jacks Apple (3 years ago)
I laughed my ass off @ 13:36 - omg its a black woman! The music was horrifying when she arrived on scene.
Jacks Apple (3 years ago)
@Tim Blanks  ohhh okay. lol ,
Tim Blanks (3 years ago)
+Jacks Apple This isn't the original music. They played Lana del Rey during the actual show.
dynecora (3 years ago)
Omg Karlie Kloss is a wall. The other models aren't bad but damn she is amazing. So graceful!
naoyuki miyawawa (3 years ago)
like a wind. pass time blow. thank you.
Art Vandelay (3 years ago)
Worst. Models. Ever.
demos demosthenous (2 years ago)
Is stunning so elegant with so much style and beautiful models so feminine ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Glenn van Nijevelt (4 years ago)
Heels too high. Hello shoe designers…….! Acceptable heel-height to foot-length ratio is 1:3.  Example: Women shoe Size IT38, foot length 25 cm; Max heel height = 25/3 + sole (0.7 cm) = 9 cm (3.6")
epsteinbarr virus (2 years ago)
artistry has no boundaries.
chipmunktubetop (4 years ago)
So beautifully edited!!
chipmunktubetop (4 years ago)
Stairs + heels in a couture show = bad idea. It's really distracting to see the models navigating the stairs.
Lucy McClaran (4 years ago)
Karlie Kloss is the best Couture model I have ever seen!! She really excels when she can portray a character!
Love Karlie Kloss
MrBuckaroo2014 (1 year ago)
I agree!  I first noticed her when she was fairly new and walked for the first time in the Victoria Secret show.  I immediately saw she had the IT factor!
godschild3341 (4 years ago)
Simply Gorgeous!
Dannis Faj (4 years ago)
Help me please, what's the name of the modelo number one?
Lopez Miguel (4 years ago)
Karlie Kloss
Chanel S (4 years ago)
I love the way Karlie Kloss walks she's just so graceful and rhythmic in her movements.
Kevin Andrew (4 years ago)
Jacks Apple (3 years ago)
+Kevin Andrew OMG I know what you mean. they like totally made it so obvious!
Rocio Martinez (4 years ago)
Very elegant. I saw cameron diaz in first place.
SEL MOON (4 years ago)
Katherine Pikula (4 years ago)
who are the models at 5:40 and 14:23 please?
Prince Viejo (1 year ago)
Katherine Pikula Andreea Diaconu and Melissa Tammerjin
NICHOLAS LINDSEY (4 years ago)
Favorite Dior show hands down.
ssarryo (4 years ago)
This is one of my all time favorite couture shows.
3:45 music for the queen! 
kinth monster (4 years ago)
Karlie is amazing here
Toni del Pozo (4 years ago)
Estilo clásico, nunca pasara de moda.
InterHaydn (5 years ago)
Karlie Kloss is amazing in her walk.....Ballet training pays off with a 6'2" goddess...her confidence is her story..I once refered to her walk as Swan Like Grace upon the water.. 0:34
mec7up (5 years ago)
haute couture started at 16:55 right ?
mec7up (5 years ago)
7:16-7:21 the way this ugly bitch wannabe model poses is just RIDICULOUS. Models do this pose alot and everytime I go : what is she trying to express ? Have you ever ever ever seen 1 women in the real life doing this ??? This such wanabe posing 
angelica cruz (4 years ago)
fuck you lindsey is gorgeous
xds94 (5 years ago)
Does anyone know what happened to the version with Desire?
Carlos Monge (5 years ago)
I had it on my favorites list, but it said that it got removed or something. Such a pity, "Under Your Spell" added a great touch to the show.
diornotwar123 (5 years ago)
who's that blonde in the front row with the biggest bitch face? it's like, she only came to rudely glare at the models...........
Balthazar Nietzsche (4 years ago)
maybe she just has a bitchy-resting-face ??
ssarryo (4 years ago)
Which blond, there's like a few?
clay byrd (5 years ago)
that would be America's sweetheart la Miss Cameron Diaz 
axelsilverman (5 years ago)
Bar Refaeli I think
Ryean Codrington (5 years ago)
the dress at 11:02 is all i care about 
Joel Orozco (5 years ago)
This music does not fit the show
xds94 (5 years ago)
@InterHaydn Do you remember of the version with Desire's Under Your Spell? 
InterHaydn (5 years ago)
not original music.......was better before.......babes save it
paul veiga (5 years ago)
Oh, I forgot, Bette Franke is also dutch.
paul veiga (5 years ago)
Lot's of Dutch models. Maud Welzen, Nimue Smit, Iekeliene Stange, Mirte Maas, Patricia Van der vliet, and Melissa Tammerijn (14:18 min) looks really cute.
盧柏云 (5 years ago)
Who's the model in 4:55????
Venche (10 months ago)
Vlada Roslyakova
Tocqueville (5 years ago)
Can't we have the video with the original music? :-((( Pretty please?!?
paprika (5 years ago)
This soundtrack is terrible. Where is the original one?
Ray Davis (5 years ago)
Tour de force
Edward Sanford (5 years ago)
There will never be another show like this for Dior. I think it was just as amazing as the 1947 debut.
Nicholas Romanov (5 years ago)
actually i change my mind on raf... i saw billys collection with spheres and cubes as hats. it was grotesque.the change had to happen
Nicholas Romanov (5 years ago)
why did this man get exchanged for raf simmons. i think rafs only good collection was his first the rest are all technoish and crapy.
Brandon Chandler (5 years ago)
and god that video with that song was amazing.
Lisa Simpson Rules (5 years ago)
I think that the original music was Under Your Spell, by Desire.
andi sonn (5 years ago)
yo...this was really amazing..wow
bp4288 (6 years ago)
Is this the original music for the show?
Ganjar Prajasa (6 years ago)
Those are quite some heels. They're trembling walking in them.
Keith L (6 years ago)
The music was too dramatic. Beautiful collection.
CCeleste (6 years ago)
Love this timeless collection
starlessartemis (6 years ago)
I see Cameron Diaz!
I am so tired of seeing the A-line "new look" silhouette rehashed over and over again, even Raf did it. I get that this silhouette is basically the only memorable thing from Mr Dior himself, but we don't need to see 100 dresses in every single collection with that same "new look" silhouette. Think of something new!
selgi14 (7 years ago)
I Will Soon Make a Retrospective of Bill Gaytten for Christian Dior as i have did for John Galliano : Go see on my channel ✞Selgi14✞
Prince Muhammad (3 months ago)
What is the soundtrack name?? Or where can I find this music??
Tymber Newton (7 years ago)
J Z (7 years ago)
is that only for me or are they all look the same~

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