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Chanel ➤ Spring/Summer 2009 Full Fashion Show (HD)

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Sylla Atlas (10 months ago)
I’ve been looking for that show for so long! Thank you so much! Karlie is simply dazzling!
Stock Holm (1 year ago)
8:41 who is she?
Aleccej Kraftcoff (1 month ago)
Hey! Thank you very much! Prettyes erotic cool pussy 🎆😊🍒👄👅😍😌☺🌷👍👏👅🌹🍒👄❤🍓💎🌼👏!
K Challo (2 years ago)
I like the design: tiring freely in front, Easly and ongoing. not like the breast design ,no match chanel' s elegent 🏴
K Challo (2 years ago)
7:28 music match well.Wo!!~⊙_⊙
Informante Honesto (2 years ago)
so wondreful only chanel
Arthur Huang (4 years ago)
Madness - Our House
joan veloz (5 years ago)
what's the song at 12.39???? please
Manop Kotsungnoen (5 years ago)
Hello ! what is the song in this show ? Thank you !
Jaime Andrés Cruz (6 years ago)
The best show ever!

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