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THE FRENCH RIVIERA PART 1 - BA business class & Luxury villa

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Part one of my trip over to Nice, France where I went for a long weekend to relax on the Cote d-azur. My journey starts fresh out of the office and in my car enroute to London Heathrow. Thanks to heavy traffic on my usual routing I had to lay my trust in Google maps, which whilst got me there safely, did take me on some rather interesting diversions. Perhaps most interesting was Stone Henge, not a location I anticipated on filming quite just yet. Upon arriving at Heathrow, I parked my car and transferred to Terminal 5. Now, as those of you who follow my channel already know, I try to experience as many business/first class lounges out as possible, so without exception I revisited the British Airways Galleries Lounge. I'd been here previously on my trip to Romania last summer (watch here: http://bit.ly/1slkB4j ) and a few years back on a similar routing to Nice. Due to spending a rather long day in the office I was keen to try out the showers (very refreshing before a flight!) and then relax with some champagne and dinner. The flight over to Nice was a smooth one, however we were slightly delayed in taking off. Although in true British Airways style we were assured that we'd make up the time and would arrive on schedule in Nice. Upon arriving at the airport, I was greeted by my parents (who'd been out here since the previous weekend) we drove over to our Villa, which was located about 40 minutes outside of Nice. The Villa itself is gorgeous, it had 4 bedrooms (aware I said 3 on the vlog, but I was a bit tired so let me off) 2 large verandas or breakfast/dinner as well as a large dining room, living room and kitchen. The party piece was the large pool further down the garden which has an additional BBQ area, kitchen and seating areas. I wasted no time testing out my Go Pro's waterproof capabilities. Part 2 is coming soon, will put a link within the video when this is live. Make sure you checkout some of my other videos as well as liking, sharing and subscribing!
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Aaron Explores (3 years ago)
I heard Nice is nice (sorry couldn't resist) :D
Trek Trendy (3 years ago)
haha I did wonder when that was going to come up :)

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