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Jack & Elsa ft. Rapunzel | Black Magic

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HELLO MY SWEET CHOCOLATES!! Here is a new Jelsa video for ya'll!! Haha!! I am really proud of this one!! XD Okay, now I know this is a little late but I wanna thank you all for 1.5k subs and almost to 1.6k!! YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST!! I LOVE YOU ALL!! :DDD I promise, if I reach 2k before the year ends, I will do a You Pick I Vid and a huge coloring, fonts, and overlays giveaway!! No masks 'cause I really am no expert at that and I'm sure you already have a lot of amazing masks! XD So about the video, I actually finished this by the end of October after exams but I only decided to post it now 'cause I was thinking of uploading it on the laptop. Sadly, internet was really crappy there so I haven't really used it for internet purposes. This is my first time doing a love triangle video per se, so I'm not sure if it came out as expected, haha! I just really wanted to do a Jelsa vid with this song so when the ideas started coming in, I had no choice. Haha! I wasn't at all keen to the idea of Elsa stealing Jack from Rapunzel because that would make her look like a sucked-up bitch and I don't want that. So I decided to change it a little in the video without taking out the essence or theme of the song. To any hard Jackunzel shippers watching this, I am recommending you NOT TO WATCH IT!! I wouldn't wanna see any ship fights, ship wars or insults in this video so watch at your own risk! If you hate it, no need to waste the effort to type it in the comments and start cursing me. I am a bit sensitive when it comes to that because I have been insulted and cursed on my other videos and I am just trying to avoid that again. SO WATCH AT YOUR OWN RISK!! AND PLEASE DO NOT HATE ME FOR THIS!! The story is pretty clear but in case anybody finds it confusing, I'm gonna clear it out for you: Elsa met Jack in a party and Jack befriended her. They talked and Jack practically kept teasing her so Elsa thought he liked her until she meets Rapunzel, Jack's girlfriend. Elsa felt heartbroken since she had already fallen for him but she didn't want to give up on him. They meet again during Rapunzel's birthday and they talked and had fun as well until Rapunzel cut in and kissed Jack in front of Elsa. Heartbroken, Elsa fled and Jack watched her, feeling disappointed. In the mountains, Elsa told herself that if she wanted Jack to love her, she had to show him what she can do and so she did. Jack hears Elsa's singing and somehow he feels as if he had to follow the voice. So he flew to the mountains and found Elsa in her ice castle. Stunned by the snow queen's bauty he confesses that he had been in love with her the whole time but he was afraid of what Rapunzel would say. Elsa confesses as well and they kiss. Suddenly, Eugene brings Rapunzel to the castle and she finds the two kissing, in anger she shouts at Elsa, telling her that Jack was her boyfriend so she had no right to be kissing him. In anger, Elsa freezes Rapunzel. So yeah. No hates, please! Song: Black Magic Artist: Little Mix Tribute to: Jack and Elsa ft. Rapunzel Program: Sony Vegas Pro 11 Coloring: Mine. Enjoy! NO COPYRIGHT INTENDED!! Lots of luv, Jullia
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Text Comments (322)
Milan Lane (6 days ago)
Milan Lane (6 days ago)
Magical power 🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐💫💫💫💫💫💫
Milan Lane (6 days ago)
Magic 💫💫💫💫💫💫💫💫💫💫💫💫💫💫💫⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Chessa Strauser (21 days ago)
I loved this so mucj
Chessa Strauser (21 days ago)
Much sorry
Jizzel Jhonrex (1 month ago)
I'm so happy that Elsa froze Rapunzel go Jelsa if I'm the director of both of there movie I'll make there own movie
Renata sentos (2 months ago)
Elsa cogela a Rapunzel ela beijo o jeck na sua frente 💔💔💔
Renata sentos (2 months ago)
Rapunzel o jeck e da Elsa ...a Elsa gosta do jeck jelsa love ❄️❄️💙💙❄️❄️💙💙❄️❄️💙
Jelsa teller (3 months ago)
I hate jackunzel!! The only thing they have in common is that they don't wear Shoes!! Plus Rapunzel is already married to fylnn!! So why does jackunzel even exist!! # JELSA4LIFE
Renata sentos (3 months ago)
Rapunzel o jeck e da Elsa a nossa rainha do gelo ❄👑❄👑❄👑❄👑❄👑❄👑❄👑❄👑❄👑❄👑❄👑❄👑❄👑❄👑6
Xristina Gourtzini (3 months ago)
Jéssica Soares (5 months ago)
Elsa e Jack + jelsa ❤️❤️❤️
Jessica Santos soares (6 months ago)
Jelsa amor para sempre 😘 Elsa e jeck sempre 😘😘😘
Nao Tomori (6 months ago)
Rupunzel already has Eugene! Why is she bothering the Jelsa ship?
Jack Studio (7 months ago)
Jelsa x siempre
Shayma mohamed (8 months ago)
Your editing is AMAZING 😋😍😆😁
I love it <3333
Muhammad Ahmad (9 months ago)
Jelsa is love😍 jelsa is Life
Stacey Cheeseman (9 months ago)
prettypurplegirl love your videos! Please Reply to me! :-)!
Normal Bir Türk/Turkish (9 months ago)
jasmin Kawaii (10 months ago)
Me gusto el ultimo 😂😄
Shannon Liem (11 months ago)
Don't make rapunzel the bad guy!!!!!! Just look how jack and punzie wears the same simple clothes and look at elsa who wears the most fancy dress. Btw i come here to just enjoy the song :p
Star Child (11 months ago)
I ship Jelsa very hard
maddog , (11 months ago)
Star Child I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee jelsa
NEHA KHAN (1 year ago)
Elsa and Jack are made foreach other
Jaqueline Rodriguez (1 year ago)
Que bonito final 😸😸😸😸😸😸😸😸😸😸😸😘
ZH JJZA (1 year ago)
Pradita Verdiani (1 year ago)
video and song this very perfect , I Like it . I no bored rewatching all these video this . so romantic and so funny to . prettypurplegirl , you are the best . jack frost is my favourite people . jack frost x Elsa and jack frost x Rapunzel . I Love video prettypurplegirl because , video this very good .I always repeatedly watching this . they fight jack frost . wow , that is amazing .
Kitty Noir (1 year ago)
Sorry I'm Jelsa FOREVER 💙💙💙
Yasmeen Khan (1 year ago)
I download your videos through YouTube downloader and upload on my WhatsApp status my all contacts knows that I am a crazy fan of Elsa and jelsa and your videos are osm...luv u.😘😘
prettypurplegirl (1 year ago)
That's good to hear and thank you for the wonderful feedback! ^^ I do hope you are giving credit by pasting the link to the original video or so. Hehe.
renato llenado (1 year ago)
Rupunzel have a partner in her movie so Elsa and Jack is match
Iris Lolirock (1 year ago)
Omg omg omg this is so awsome and cool
Iris Lolirock (1 year ago)
Omg omg omg this is so awsome and cool
Jelsa Fan (1 year ago)
Jelsa only! #JelsaShipper❤️🤘🏻
Jelsa Fan (1 year ago)
I love this video!!😍
dina luza (1 year ago)
0:17- 0:19 best part😍
EnchantedJade (1 year ago)
*sigh* why does Rapunzel always CHEAT from Eugene?!?!?!?! I mean, she's already married!!!
Jessica Santos (1 year ago)
Jelsa love Elsa beija o jeck
blair willows (1 year ago)
So nice
MicMic Vid#HD (1 year ago)
Its so fast can you make it slow next time
Gaming Day (1 year ago)
I Like Elsa Kiss Jackfrost
Gaming Day (1 year ago)
I Like Frozen
Shohel Rana (1 year ago)
I love frozen
JelsaLover4 Life (1 year ago)
yepp Jelsa Forever💙❄️ #JelsaLover
antisocial weirdo (1 year ago)
The editing was amazing :D I'm just a little irritated on how many Jelsa fans are hating on Rapunzel and Jackunzel. Saying how Rapunzel deserved to be frozen when she walked in on her boyfriend cheating on her so of course she was upset.
maddog , (11 months ago)
antisocial weirdo it is true jackunzel is a joke fuck you repunzel
prettypurplegirl (1 year ago)
Thank you, darling! Yes, I agree. I may have made this video but I don't exactly hate Rapunzel to a level, really. I may hate Jackunzel, but not to a point that I'd go bashing on the ship immaturely. I'm cleaning up the comments section of this video though, I haven't really read most of the comments yet, haha.
Pleng Scarlette (1 year ago)
I hate Jackunzel but like Jelsa
Ntw qmw (1 year ago)
when you said No Hate I was completely happy that she froze punzle I want jelsa forever
xZaky Noir (1 year ago)
Una chica h robado este vídeo tuyo
Lydia Qistina (1 year ago)
Niki Flash (1 year ago)
Sufi Taher (1 year ago)
Elsa you are excellent. Thanks for make Rapunzel turned into ice .Enjoy with Jack. 💏
Jane N Joon (2 years ago)
it sent chills down my spine
Iris Dream's (2 years ago)
Javier Cordova (2 years ago)
love It
ariadne Williams (2 years ago)
I love Elsa and Jack frost together and who ever don't like it hul yuh modac*nt who ever make dis video big up yourself it wet
Yaritzel Piterson (2 years ago)
Elsa y jak forever @
Flaren GT (2 years ago)
who has the same feeling as elsa when ur crush talks to ur best friend like that
I Love You Ponny (2 years ago)
Ameiiiii 😍😍😍
HARITHA .T (2 years ago)
Wow!!!! Jelsa forever!!😍😍 very good editing
Sufferix (2 years ago)
This is well done, but I have a question. Why is Jack so fine with Elsa killing his girlfriend? Even if Jack loved Elsa instead, he still wouldn't be like "OKay, now she's outta the way." I think he would be a little more upset that Rapunzel was just murdered. I can't see him skipping into the sunset with Elsa after having done that.
Loly kawaii Montes (2 years ago)
so biutifuo 😍😍😍😍 jelsa forever
courtney rowland (2 years ago)
jack should be with elsa like all the time instead of rapunzel
patiko 😍😘
Moni Monique (2 years ago)
good that jack frost came back to elas in sted of rapunzel 💗💗
Wooow que editor usas amiga
alexthegreek23 (2 years ago)
Fitri Deeni (2 years ago)
what happen next??😲😲😲😲😲😨😨😨😨please tell me Rapunzel had defeated. i am using past tense because i wished it to happen. already happen and jelsa is more cute not with rapunzel
Fitri Deeni (2 years ago)
i hate to see this video because, it brokes my heart too. i know rapunzel wasn't supposed to exist just to break Elsa's heart. now, you idiot rapunzel. no, i mean, you are not too idiot. it's just, i'm stressing
Bella Dawn (2 years ago)
Cool! But I feel sad for punzie.. she loved jack.. like HELLO we would al ve like punz when we see our boy/girlfriend cheating
maddog , (11 months ago)
Bella Dawn first its JELSA
tani kamishiro (2 years ago)
that idiot Rapunzel is frozen.good.but Jack love Elsa or Rapunzel?
jelia hdez (2 years ago)
Super wow k hermoso
Blues 800 (2 years ago)
vvñ j djzhznvusgddjehhs ha g<3g getdhu
Isa belle (2 years ago)
Jackunzel is a ugly ass couple and plus rapunzel is married to Flynn rider
Pleng Scarlette (1 year ago)
I hate Jackunzel but I love Jelsa
JelsaLover4 Life (1 year ago)
Isa belle I agree with you!
antisocial weirdo (1 year ago)
Im not a Girl Well I wasn't talking about ALL Jelsa shippers but there's a good amount that are very rude toward other ships. I use to be one but I lost my love for it because of the fighting and things like that.
Im not a Girl (1 year ago)
antisocial weirdo i get what you mean. but i mean. not every jelsa shippers are mean. i very much respect other ships. and so is other people, well some. maybe some of us just dont see why people ship jackunzel and they just throw their opinion out not thinking some people will get offended by it. who knows
princes Herrera (2 years ago)
Who ever made this please make a part two
IzaBeella Amorim (2 years ago)
ShippOoo OMG LOVE ONE And One Love
dwight schrute (2 years ago)
I'm on the weird side of youtube.......
palerose (2 years ago)
PugLife101 Hun you're on the good side of youtube.😊
Leticia Silva Costa (2 years ago)
não quero a Rapunzel no meu you tube 😳
Me encantooooo!!
Me encantooooo!!
Bangtan Carrots (2 years ago)
Um Elsa she's still kinda *Frozen* ( see what I did there )
Barrera yovani (2 years ago)
princes Herrera (2 years ago)
Love it is amazing
princes Herrera (2 years ago)
This song is amazing
Faith Howe (2 years ago)
Faith Howe (2 years ago)
I know right and they need to make Jack Frost and Elsa fall in love with each other.
Isa belle (2 years ago)
Faith Howe yep indeed and plus rapunzel is married so yeah they should make Jack Frost in frozen 2
Carlie-Bae Nyan (2 years ago)
I love this song! Plus, I love this! :) ♡
Lesly Lira (2 years ago)
whoever wrote this you suck because everyone knows that Elsa and Jack are supposed to be together
antisocial weirdo (1 year ago)
Lesly Lira There actually not suppose to be together. They're not canon. Never will be. Don't try and say they will be in Frozen 2 because they won't. Disney and DreamWorks will never cooperate to bring them together. There's just way too many flaws for them to actually get together. If they were canon, who cares? That ain't going to stop nothin.
palerose (2 years ago)
Lesly Lira yass jelsa forever ;3
Jelsa _ Stylinson (2 years ago)
You have no idea how much I love this😏😏😍 I like Jackunzel a little but....Jelsa is life😍😍💘
palerose (2 years ago)
Jelsa _ Stylinson yasss
prettypurplegirl (2 years ago)
Hahaha right. :D
xRoRoForeverZx Lovesz (2 years ago)
Lol I REALLY think that the haters really hate Jelsa 😂😂😂
jackline elia frost (1 year ago)
xRoRoForeverZx Lovesz jelsa od life yu know
xRoRoForeverZx Lovesz (2 years ago)
xCrýcåt sorry for late reply but I'm not saying I hate jelsa. But if that's not what you are saying, okay.🙂
palerose (2 years ago)
adorable bug i hate jackunzel 😑 jelsa is bae😍😙
Keesha Morales (2 years ago)
*hears perrie* Shoot, perrie, why woukd zayn even break up with you when your perfect😍😍 HELLO FELLOW MIXERS
& & (2 years ago)
Ur editing it amazing 😍
prettypurplegirl (2 years ago)
@Claire Nuestro Uh yes. And yes, pinoy ako hehe
Claire Nuestro (2 years ago)
prettypurplegirl your the one who wrote the ppgz chats right and can you speak Tagalog kasi ako yes!
Latara Williams (2 years ago)
prettypurplegirl this is awesome I love this song
prettypurplegirl (2 years ago)
+LPS Celeste Thank you!
princes Herrera (2 years ago)
Love it
fernan Monteleyola (2 years ago)
you can make jelsa movie
AriPlaysMSP (2 years ago)
Rapunzel...I'm gonna ask you very very nicely........STAY THE FUCK OUT OF JELSA'S SHIPPING. JELSA IS NOW CLASSIFIED AS THE #1 SHIP! STAY AWAYYYY. Thank you! :)
princes Herrera (2 years ago)
love It
Minh Ngân Trần (2 years ago)
Adriana Silva (2 years ago)
não gostei da
Evelyn Sanchez (2 years ago)
JAJAJA Rapunzel turns into ICE 😆😆😆❄️
luna lunera (2 years ago)
as it is called the song because i love
Moon Kute (2 years ago)
So sweet and so funny too :D ehehehe Rapunzel turns to ice
Yasmeen Khan (1 year ago)
And one more question is that you love Elsa or Rapunzel..I love Elsa 😘😘😍😍
Yasmeen Khan (1 year ago)
Moon kute I love your videos And I want to ask a question from you that you like jackunzel or jelsa..😊 plzzz reply me...and luv you.😘😘
ariadne Williams (2 years ago)
no it good for her she is a old hoe
Elizabeth (2 years ago)
Moon Kute 😚i love
Alicie Villalobos (2 years ago)
Moon Kute hello
Stephanie Bambi773 (2 years ago)
I remember watching this i was a big jelsa fan but now idk what happened I guess miraculous Ladybug came to my life and I forgot about jelsa😄💜
palerose (2 years ago)
Stephanie Sanchez yay finally a person who's fan of them both😁
Cookie_ Queen (2 years ago)
how u make this
frozendiamond xxx (2 years ago)
Jéssica Soares (5 months ago)
@prettypurplegirl ser esqueve no meu canal no YouTube
Jéssica Soares (5 months ago)
@prettypurplegirl gostei do video ❤️
prettypurplegirl (2 years ago)
+PreetyPurple Diamond Thank chuu!
Echa Purnomo (2 years ago)
i definitely supporting jelsa because i am 1 of the jackunzel hater the reason is because jackunzel is a jerk!

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