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Text Comments (52)
Kenny Nguyen (4 days ago)
Only noobs will be fooled by that.
rickideemus (2 months ago)
95+% of the time the dealer = a casino. You're teaching *_the casino_* how to cheat!! Wouldn't it be far nobler teach *_PEOPLE_* how to cheat the evil casinos, that bribe politicians to get their monopolies, and then steal *_tax payer money_* to enforce *_THEIR_* thuggish rules???
cringey username (4 months ago)
You're better off cold stacking cards to the bottom and using a bottom deal. Peaking and this weird top change variation would never fly in a real game.
Brandon Gaines (6 months ago)
Thanks man. Been a subscriber for a while, do you bleach your left eyebrow for distraction?
Disturb Reality (5 months ago)
Nope, it's natural and stress-related
fahkrazyshaggy (6 months ago)
This will not help you at all.
A B (6 months ago)
Hope you’re well Jared and enjoying life
Joseph Hernandez (7 months ago)
Jarek bro we have missed u bro how is wrestling going still plz do more tutorials!!!
Bryan Gravlin (7 months ago)
under card should be flipped using face up card as a lever. This is useless, also flipping a blackjack is done immediately.
Janell Kendall (7 months ago)
Your so cool Evan
Lost Stratagem (7 months ago)
those are beautiful designs
Dylan Ross (7 months ago)
Another really nice way to cheat in blackjack (or any game where each player gets 2 cards) is outlined in Expert at the Card Table where you can deal yourself any 2 cards through the way that you shuffle the deck. That way, once the shuffling is over the sleight of hand is done. The book also outlines how to do the same thing in a game of Euchre
kaulkhara (7 months ago)
Thing is if you have blackjack as the dealer you need to show it right away before the players get a chance to hit/stand. Better off doing this to get 20 instead of switching for an Ace.
Typical Gamer (7 months ago)
great video
D G (7 months ago)
Could you make a video about story telling?
Disturb Reality (7 months ago)
That's a great idea, I wrote it down on my white board to remind myself.
sean mc ardle (7 months ago)
What if the card on top doesn't help?
Shawn Legend (7 months ago)
I call BS... Gimmicked mouse pad.... lol. jk
Luckky One (7 months ago)
LOL I'm practicing this on the same mousepad
Vincent Tolve (2 months ago)
Luckky One forgot to switch accounts buddy
Luckky One (7 months ago)
wow, i really appreciate you personally coming to me and telling how to become rich. I'll be sure to not report your account. thank you very much
FEDE_ 80 (7 months ago)
Its nice move but its unuseful and too much suspicious
Jason Irelan (7 months ago)
Would you go to a casino and do this? Take care and God bless.
Antonio Diavolo (6 months ago)
Jason Irelan you couldnt. The players never touch the deck. Even the dealers dont touch it very much
Lightman 3D (7 months ago)
Kind of obvious :(
H Pocus (7 months ago)
Max Mustermann (7 months ago)
4:40 Your move (how you would swipe over the actual card) doesnt look natural. I think its more natural to put the extended card of the deck under the actual card and flip it over without moving your hand so far and so fast to the right and without taking the actual card almost completely on top of the deck. Bit thats just my feeling and obviously the "swipe the actual card over" is much harder to fake with the cheat move than your variation.
Jarek Hanna (7 months ago)
Yo! Ive been subbed for a long ass time, but i havent seen the vids for a while, glad to see youre still grinding! Keep it up and maybe we could play fortnite!
7Singularity (7 months ago)
But no one holds a whole deck and playing at the same time. btw I love the color of your eyes <3
relworP (7 months ago)
i feel like ive seen this already :D
Fahadi Z (7 months ago)
Wow a tutorial 👍👍👍
Fahadi Z (7 months ago)
Why are you telling me all this? But Mandy Coz i will definitely think about it
Gildas Dollo (7 months ago)
As you often say there are 50 ways to achieve anything in magic. This move can be substituted by a Mexican turnover. Just giving an idea for people who want to redo this demo. It's always good to change the method used to achieve the effect.
Joy khan (7 months ago)
You made me a magician..started magic 3 years ago....been watching your videos for 3 years..
The Manager (7 months ago)
Fucking FINALLY!!!!!
DePINGPONGguru (7 months ago)
awesome switch! but honestly, isnt it really suspicious why you'd be using the hand with cards to turn the card, rather than the empty hand doing it instead? hmmm...
DePINGPONGguru (7 months ago)
Disturb Reality yup thats true. thanks!! pls keep doing what you do!:)
Disturb Reality (7 months ago)
It's not something to do EVERY SINGLE HAND. Just when the moment is right.
Julián Cuber (7 months ago)
Also you can cold stack <3
Disturb Reality (7 months ago)
Absolutely you can, this is just another technique for the person who wants to know every method to manipulating a deck of cards
Godwin Odulio (7 months ago)
Your the best
arjun magician (7 months ago)
Nice video
Perfect221 Magic (7 months ago)
I watch your video since 2012
Nìshú निशु (7 months ago)
Jarek Is Cinema - Skrillex Your Favourite Song ??
Raj Das (7 months ago)
Cringe Dynasty338 (7 months ago)
Was up
AN MEDIA. (7 months ago)
Wow that's awesome!
Kiran Magic (7 months ago)
miss u r videos bro😥
Sai Palomar (7 months ago)
Ur my idol i learn a lot from ur tutorial I have you'll give me also a deck of card thankyou
TheWickedkid101 (7 months ago)
mad vid bro
The King Of Hearts (7 months ago)
Hi man how are you
William Tsao (7 months ago)

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