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Just For Laughs Best Blind Man Prank

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Old man sits next to people eating at a terrace and just stares at them.
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prasanta behera (6 months ago)
Black girl looks super cute.
Wafa Abbas (1 year ago)
I love this guy ❤❤❤
Leandro Perti (2 years ago)
AHahahahah so funny hahahaha. No.
L3tt3rs (2 years ago)
This is the probably the most innocent prank to ever play. No one gets hurt, or there is no sign of danger. You just feel awkward.
Big John (3 days ago)
+sowhat thats not the point. it makes people very incomfortable and thats not something you should do for a "prank".
sowhat (1 month ago)
+Big John even then the prankster will reveal themselves so they won't end up committing suicide right?
Elisa Del Toro (4 months ago)
Imback 2killu fuck off. Don’t ever wish that on anyone.
Not safe in Russia, South America, and USA. You will get stabbed, shot or beat up.
Big John (1 year ago)
thats what mental illness is. its like a movie. people think its just "feeling sad" but in reality its more like mind control. Most people that commit suicide (there are millions) do it because of small things. look at markipliers best friend. didnt have any abuse or anything.
Bearded Villian (5 years ago)
He kept his cool so well. I wouldve laughed my ass off with their reactions.
Berserker JPA (5 years ago)
who type or model are the sunglasses that bring the blind man?
07mathers (5 years ago)
its ben stiller
Carden Blackthorne (5 years ago)
In my country we spell it 'stare.'
baghdadialarabi (5 years ago)
خصوصا أذا كان يتطلع على بنت هههههههههههههه تحياتي
Schirwindt (5 years ago)
... and if you door for more than 5 seconds... oh boy...
Fuczek1 (5 years ago)
How did you even "show" it to him?
MyNameIsNotAdrian (5 years ago)
i showed it to my blind friend ... he didn't approve :/
metaldesire4 (5 years ago)
memebase brought me here!
thebluewriter (6 years ago)
In my country if you stair like that more than 5 second u will get killed
Lynnphotos 84 (6 years ago)
I don't know how he kept a straight face... ROFL I would have blown it and started laughing... lol
Frank Gallagher (6 years ago)
great sketch
Kulwinder Singh (6 years ago)
Such a good actor.
Kulwinder Singh (6 years ago)

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