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Wall Street Warriors - Season 2 Episode 2 - Holding Patterns

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Wall Street Warriors - Season 2 Episode 2 - Holding Patterns Laetitia, fresh out of finance school and under pressure from her parents, waits for news if she has landed a job at a trading desk. Brett, the fund manager, is late for his meeting in Cairo and calls in a helicopter to whisk him off. Cast: Laetitia Vaval Jessica Pearson Brett Hickey James Ayers Lance Cooley Larry Alintoff Trading Strategies - Live Trade Coaching - Binary Options - CFD's - Futures - Equities - Commodities - FX
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TradingCoachUK (1 year ago)
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Maxwell Smart_086 (1 year ago)
Check in - Amazon´s Shit of the Day! Lousy stuff nobody needs. Fuck.
Texas Mike (5 months ago)
Straight Boiler room action, LOL
imtiaz hussain (1 year ago)
Hello everybody thank you for coming during night
WPLU572 Trunked Radio (1 year ago)
Video clips, VIDEO CLIPS, JERRY!
Maxwell Smart_086 (1 year ago)
Latetia Vaval is now working for an International Organization for Migration (IOM) - Haiti - where black criminals ruin the country because of stupidity. The Domenican Republic which is just across the border - good working people. Haiti only fuckers.
Mr. Bill Parkinson (1 year ago)
i wish i could ask this graduate student that entered into a trding program.. hows she making out with that? lol
shawn mcaraphy (1 year ago)
Notice how the traders dont trade? Their business is to scam people into join a firm so they can charge a commission.
Emily Lackey (3 years ago)
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emily berlin (3 years ago)
'The hard sell' guy is so hot hahaha
DEREKinNYC (3 years ago)
I think Brett likes to create stress to feel like he is high powered. That trip to Egypt could have been planned way in advance. A helicopter to get to the airport for the one daily flight to Cairo on time?! What a moron!
WPLU572 Trunked Radio (1 year ago)
lmao i thought he was going to somehow take the helicopter up to say northeastern canada, then get to iceland or greenland and continue from there.. one helicopter ride at a time.
anon (1 year ago)
yea he could've left a bit early, he could've worn the same outfit and changed later. that bum closed his fund btw
vozzen (2 years ago)
If that empowers him, good for him. If he needs it to continue to do good business, keep on doing it.
James S (3 years ago)
7:05 Americans are such cheap, cheap salesmen .... almost all of them. From the infomercials, to these cold calls, if I heard a slimy guy with a United Snakes accent, I'd run a mile .....
Leggo My Ego (3 years ago)
+James S You're judging us all based on these slime balls? We hang up on them when they cold call with their bullshit. Watch 8:12 again, 600 phone calls a day, only 1 in 20 people will even say a few words to them.
moo101c (3 years ago)
lmao has anyone seen boiler room?
lol it's as if they watched that movie and were like "man, what a great idea!" They even use some of the same lines haha
they would do better if they recognize they are really telemarketers and do some targeted advertising
fishy how her family magically moved back to france
WPLU572 Trunked Radio (1 year ago)
no no no you going to be a bartender? you know how clumsy you are? lol some jews def wrote that..
anon (1 year ago)
she's from game of thrones
hepiga (1 year ago)
They are just reciting pre-written lines in a very unnatural voice anyway
people spend 200k for an mba to make 500 calls a day
that guy said youtube made zero revenue.  he doesnt know the definition of revenue.  omg.
Leggo My Ego (3 years ago)
+Blondes are from Heaven At the time this was filmed, youtube didn't have ads. Youtube didn't have ads until late 2007, long after Google bought them.
the young fund manager's fund mysteriously disappeared and he went back to business school of all places
robertk2007 (4 years ago)
this show was a fraud, some of these clowns are actors
justin (3 years ago)
most of them
@robertk2007 pretty funny show though
Andrew Garcia (4 years ago)
the girl that got hired by the prop firm is so not ready to be an adult. something tells me the first few months she spent there were rough.
Leggo My Ego (3 years ago)
+Andrew Garcia https://www.linkedin.com/in/laetitia-vaval-98852526
Jared Borgetti (4 years ago)
Bryan Cook (5 years ago)
SNDK from 43.68 in 2007 when these guys were pushing it to 5.63 in late 2008. Never follow advice from a stock pusher.
redarrowhead2 (3 years ago)
+Jason W Ex: Remember Timmy the cocky short trader? "After the show finished Tim Sykes closed his short-biased hedge fund after losing a large portion of his fund " He failed at being a hedge fund manager and simply went on "educating" people. Although he did make a ton of money over the years before this and still lives well. Guy De Chimay was convicted of running a ponzi scheme. Brett Hickey the guy driving a ferrari had a very short career as a hedge fund manager. May not have a ferrari anymore.
redarrowhead2 (3 years ago)
+Jason W Most of the people on here lost money, not just the brokers. Much of the wealth generated wasn't real during this time period, i.e. a bubble. Example: I borrow 20 million from a bank at 10% interest only because I expect the price of something to go up. Others do the same. I get wrecked by the interest / margin calls when the price goes down. The banks get their balance sheets destroyed because they expected the interest payments and they owe others. So basically prices and balance sheets go to realistic levels as many people lost money. A lot of the wealth was just based on high valuations of assets, such as stock and houses, which were unrealistic.
TheRealNiBi (4 years ago)
@Blondes are from Heaven I didn't say it was the safest way i just said what the brokers were pushing was legit and weren't ripping off the customers.
@Jason W there are alot safer ways to double you money
robertk2007 (4 years ago)
@Jason W not just sell, but buy more, they would way ahead...

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