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Digital STRIP SEARCH Inverted Airport Body Scanner Image Shows NAKED Bodies In Full Living COLOR!

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urmo345 (5 years ago)
who cares?
wesley johnson (7 years ago)
awwwww....... you don't like it? Ride the bus!!
Zemo999 (8 years ago)
And if the machines are supposed to be used for what they say they are, WHY would the scanner even be able to ‘inverse’ an image? ", WHY would the scanner even be able to save an image? ", WHY would the scanner have a high spend interface to be able to transmit images? ", WHY the heck are they SAVING THOUSANDS of images, even after they said they wouldn’t? NOW they want people to believe that the scanners pose NO RISK, even to pregnant women, or older people, or people exposed to it regularly
Zemo999 (8 years ago)
Ok first the TSA lies about the scanners being able to ‘inverse’ a scan to make it more ‘lifelike’. Then they lie about the scanners being able to save an image, but try to excuse it by saying that it can ONLY do it in “test mode” and that none will actually be saved. Then people find out it has a high speed interface to transfer saved images, and after that a story breaks that at least THOUSANDS of scans have been saved, after the TSA assures us that that won’t happen. How many were INVERSED?
travelsonic (8 years ago)
@Waughmejerk Are you really that incapable of critical thinking to believe not scanning people == getting blown up, when the last 108 years of aviation have gone by without it being anyway near as likely as that comment / dichotomy implies?
travelsonic (8 years ago)
@LovesRequiem66 You know feeling safe, and being safe are NOT the same, right?
Bruno Carneiro (8 years ago)
You americans and your gadgets...
Kyle Waugh (8 years ago)
I much rather be seen naked and live then die in a horrible explosion thousands of miles in the sky. Not a fan. I mean ur just naked...
Tsogo Ayurzana (8 years ago)
As all you can realize this picture fake. Why would that scanner make her nude except her underwear?! And no technology of today can look you through like that anyway. Maybe through Harry Potters glass!!!
cobrasaboteur1 (8 years ago)
i hope they eventually come out with x ray goggles
jadeva (8 years ago)
What is wrong with the world? And WHY in the heck would they need color?!?!

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