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Oracle Access Management 11gR2 PS3 ( QuickTour

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In this short video we take a look at the latest release of OAM 11gR2 PS3 ( Focusing on the upgrade user interface. Updated audio More information is available at http://OracleIdentity.com
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Lue Yang (6 months ago)
Is there a place in this console to implement remote logging? Such as a siem product?
Todd McDaniel (8 months ago)
Great overview of the product.
SIVAKUMAR B (3 years ago)
Please let me know the steps to change the Oracle Logo changes in OAM PS3
David Chang (3 years ago)
Hi. Have u actually tested this version of OAM in a real live environment ? To be frank, the product is full of bugs and is not usable at all. A total failure by Oracle !!!
SlayerAxis (1 year ago)
while the product may contain some bugs i do not think its accurate or fair to say its "not usable at all".
OracleIdentity (3 years ago)
+David Chang I have implemented OAM for multiple customers in small to massive deployments in general with very good results. There are certainly areas where the product has issues and is not intuitive and can be challenging. What were the issues you encountered?

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