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***CARP FISHING TV*** Underwater Answers 4 - Weed Edition

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Join Rob Hughes on his latest dive into the depths of Wraysbury South lake to take a detailed look at weed. Rob explores the problems weed can cause and he provides some potential solutions. Also there is an underwater test for Harry Charrington as he tries to find out where he is more likely to get bites from, in the weed, or on a clear spot. If you fish a weedy lake then watching this is an absolute must! Fox Fishing TV is home to a huge collection of carp fishing videos. With clips and films ranging from, The Challenge with Mark Pitchers and Chilly’s Vlog to all the very latest product videos and Free Carp Fishing DVD’s at Fox Fishing TV we have carp-related content covered. Fox International is one of the world’s biggest carp fishing tackle manufacturers, supplying well over 3000 products to carp anglers who require quality fishing tackle that is up to our exceptionally high standards. Items such as bivvies, bedchairs, rods, reels, luggage, right the way through to end tackle like hooks, hooklinks and swivels. We hope you enjoy our videos and if you do please like, share and comment.
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Text Comments (84)
Rob you a legend but why your face always so red?!
Steven Jacobs (1 month ago)
I would like to see footage on an airbomb ,a spom that opens up when pulled back in the air and thus releasing id say about 3.5 foot further than your clip(obviously depending on how you cast)
Steve Williams (2 months ago)
great footage 👍 I try and place my rig close to the edge of the weed as I can ,but looking at your footage do you think the bait had been left alone next to the weed or been disturbed and settled their
Darren Brignell (2 months ago)
Great video Rob and Harry its great to see you talking in depth with the way that Carp feed and how they may prefer to have food presented to them in terms of the loose feed, my old Dog would always have his dried food chucked onto the lawn as if I were feeding my swim he most definitely enjoyed searching for his food as it is how they would feed in nature. I would be interested to see how Carp feed after periods of high pressure conditions when they are hungry opposed to when conditions are normal when they might be searching around like my Dog would have and do you think that the corn that was left suspended in and on the weed in your video being uneaten because by the time they came across that food it was at night time when they would naturally stay away from the weeded areas and come back for it in the day time and mopping up the grub on the clear bar. Look forward to watching more of your great videos. Darren in Cambridge.
Luis M.D.O (4 months ago)
To catch in the weeds/forest you need a sloppy mix, measure the size of the weeds and use at least a 3 foot flouro leader with a very buoyant pop up, 10mm up to 15mm, and not a heavy lead, 1oz lead 2oz max, and make sure to use pva foam on rig, spod over the rig with flakes/particles just like you guys did on the video to create that Christmas tree.., remember guys dont limit yourself to fish only on clear bottoms, challenge yourself, because you are going to find yourself in lakes where there is no clean bottoms/or access them... nice video guys..
Ihmsen Forellengott (6 months ago)
Brad (6 months ago)
A silt video would be very interesting.
Shawn Taylor (6 months ago)
I would like to see an in depth underwater look at silt! Be interesting to see how different rigs and lead set ups look over silt and what the indication is like. How it effects a bait both colour and smell
in side out (6 months ago)
Mark Storer (6 months ago)
Great video, double 👍👍...after seeing Robs underwater footage i couldn't agree more.... find the clear spots ...... great to see the rescue of the snagged fish too ... it has opened my eyes ... thanks again Rob & Harry .
Mike Kerny (6 months ago)
Awesome, very interesting! 5*
leeh1974 (6 months ago)
That was brilliant lads I fish a very weedy gravel pit and have learnt so much from this video I was a sucker for a chod rig over the weed and only last year started to use pva bags and actively searching for clear spots it has transformed my catch rate I also found a weed rake and baiting up the raked area kept the area very clear for months I would love to see you do a weed raking episode cheers again lads keep up the good work
Love it if you could do a feature on silt fishing on estate lakes.
Gwyn Lewis (6 months ago)
Fantastic view and insight in what you don,t see and what we think great job guys
tricky one (6 months ago)
not a great fan of your carp reels but about time a vid like this was done well done bang on the money.
Continental Waterways (6 months ago)
Great content once again. I'd ike to see a video where you fish on different thicknesses of silt. Would be interesting to see how rigs are presented on the silt, whether elongated, braided hooklings do a difference. On the same note: do fish feed over "rotting", grey silt - or do they avoid it completely. Keep up the good work :)
Andy Wilkinson (6 months ago)
An interesting film, again. BUT to say that the fish didn't feed in the weed doesn't match the fact that the rig that you couldn't find on day one had been 'done' by day two. Surely that fish had found it and fed in the weed?
Sam Wright (6 months ago)
How would you recommend fishing in a chalk pit with litterally 3 or 4 clear spots in the whole lake, my catch rate has been Good this year fishing in the shorter weeded areas and using little bait as mentioned and now cray fish have become a big problem too, now winter is approaching I'm wondering how you would go about bait and rig presentation wise?
Martin Crombie (6 months ago)
Do Fox sell these divers kit ?
Mark Carp (6 months ago)
great video, there was no way that fish was coming in from just the bank, I try as many tricks as I can from the bank, slackening off, changing angles of pressure, getting the rod as high as possible has been best for me, in the past I've even stood on my bedchair with my rod as high over my head as I can get because you can't beat pressure from above to get them out, sometimes it works and sometimes you just need a boat....or a diver👍😁
Geoff Smith (6 months ago)
Great vid AGAIN lads . Who makes the “grappler “leads you are using Rob
Geoff Smith Fox do Geoff available from all good tackle shops.
Michael Watkins (6 months ago)
If in doubt chuck a solid bag out, on a level tho weed that thick and high gotta fill for tap tap tap on the marker, better rig presentations on a clear spot 👍👍👍
Michael Watkins (6 months ago)
Fox International Carp Fishing agree no argument here.and to be fair he do catch and is a fantastic angler
Michael Watkins the great thing with clear spots is that you can present anything you like on them. Harry loves using solid bags on clear areas, they have served him pretty well over the years so who are we to argue?
Al Saraj Fishing Sports (6 months ago)
Nice bro
Smashing work lads.. I love these videos as for me its all about watercraft and that outfish any bait, tackle, time spent on the bank. The key!!
HCR Fishing (6 months ago)
Some great footage of what us anglers are up against awesome
carper carper (6 months ago)
Be nice seeing a bag of glugged baits in the weed see if the attraction got them in there quicker
Garry Wright (6 months ago)
Those grapple leads are a vital bit of kit for me now. couldnt do without them... you can create a small clear spot using the grapple leads , by making a series of casts to the same spot as accurate as you can.
Christopher Warren (6 months ago)
Very enjoyable video. Always good to educate people on the best/safest way to catch fish.
Graham Rowland (6 months ago)
great video Fox. How about a silt video
Steve C (2 months ago)
Graham Rowland Korda tank and breathing apparatus watch this space🤣🤣🤣they need to get real.
shep streets (6 months ago)
This is the best underwater series available.
Carpe Division (6 months ago)
G De-la-Salle (6 months ago)
excellent info please do more
Scott O'Toole (6 months ago)
Great video guys. I’m someone who isn’t the best with the marker rod and can’t always find good spots to fish and give up on it early. After watching this I will defiantly work harder on finding clear areas. Thanks for the insight
Venturi Watersports (6 months ago)
nice vid again ! and all seems cool if you know how to feel the lead down properly, i feel this is something im so shit at and is easy for others :/ would love to see some tutorials on this ! anyone else out there got any tips ?
Paul pard (6 months ago)
Very enlightened by this and an eye opener to venues I've fished with heavy weed and no boat on site... still one of many things I've learnt is always worth the lead about with right tackle even on a day session on weedy venue as a easy meal a happy meal lol. This may sound stupid to a few!!! Weedy venues with no boat or bailiff say book waters should be barbless???? Would Harry of landed that carp say on he's own with no help... Top vlogg guys very interesting. Thank You...
Robert Beaver (6 months ago)
Be good to see how effective a week rake is on a spot
Boxing Fisherman (6 months ago)
Robert Beaver what about a month rake?
Roy Close (6 months ago)
Got to be the clean area s for me 👍 🎣🎣🎣
Mr Carpcatcher (6 months ago)
would of been nice to see a chod rig set to 4-6ft of the lead and seen what that looked like.....
Dave Butler (6 months ago)
Brilliant, keep em coming.
Mark Jefferys (6 months ago)
Nice bit of information as always keep on keeping on cheers
gwl78 (6 months ago)
Thats why I bought a fishspy so I can see whats down there.
Stuart Stead (2 months ago)
Are you getting good results with the FishSpy?
SeeJayW Huish (6 months ago)
Class vid. 2 questions. Are ur findings gonna be true on a different lake (fished the same way) and what would say a chuck it anywhere chod rig look like in the weed. With say the chod set 5 to 7 foot back from the lead.
Adam (6 months ago)
I used to fish a day ticket lake in Lincoln. I remember a period when the fish showed in a large weed bed repeatedly for weeks, the lake was fishing tricky at that time. It was about 7-9' deep but the weed hit the surface. I ended up slinging large solid bags straight into it and caught very well. Wasn't putting any bait out. I haven't come across that scenario since but it worked back then.
Lee Parsons (4 months ago)
Never fished there, will have to give it ago one day
Adam (4 months ago)
+Lee Parsons Richmond lakes mate.
Lee Parsons (4 months ago)
Hi Adam, what was the lake called
Nico Myburg (6 months ago)
So wats the lesson, take a diver with you when fishing 🎣😂
James Bray (6 months ago)
If you couldnt find a clear spot and had no choice but to cast into the weed,would you be inclined to think more about what goes in your bag to try and make it stand out more to the fish or even have items that will float up into the weed to try and draw them down
MARK BAKER (6 months ago)
Great vid guys! 👍🏻 Hughes is bang on with taking the time to find a suitable clear spot!
Interesting watch.
TheBungeroo (6 months ago)
Really Really enjoyed this. Hughesy is totally right, you get more bites from cleaner areas. Top work Lads.
Keaton Ditchfield (6 months ago)
Fantastic video! Really informative! Harry good on you mate for the longest carp fight ever! #CarpCare!
stevie way (6 months ago)
Awsome 👌
PAUL TAYLOR (6 months ago)
Firstly how strange that this video was published on the 7th November but has comments from 3 and 4 days earlier HOW? I have caught a few Carp in thick weed and got snagged so just played the waiting game, on one occasion I got snagged with the fish still on the other end so I slacken'd the line and waited nearly 20 minutes for the fish to swim out the other side of the thick weed bed, then game on and I landed a stunning fish. Very interesting how the fish behave and prefer their "meal on a plate and not have to pick it off a tree" No point trying to rip the fishes head off by continuing to pull and pull.
PAUL TAYLOR (6 months ago)
Oh that explains the difference in time published and comments left, thanks for letting me know I had no idea why. Great videos :)
Luke Davenport (6 months ago)
PAUL TAYLOR if you’re a fox syndicate member you get to view these videos a few days earlier 👍🏼
Thomas The Tank Engine (6 months ago)
Fucking brilliant going out to the weeded fish!!! When we seeing fox anti weed scuba gear??? 😂 awesome video 👊
Carp Envy (6 months ago)
Awesome as always!! Thanks so much! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Darryl Clarkson (6 months ago)
I fish an incredibly weedy water but it averages about 4 ft deep, almost impossible to feel a drop because the lead is on the bottom so fast you just can't tighten the line fast enough.
Jim Clarke (6 months ago)
Have u tried making your own spots groundbait particles etc can get them to clear it for u
Darryl Clarkson (6 months ago)
Thank you for the advice most appreciated. These videos are so helpful, Top company selling the best gear. Been fox loyal for years.
Darryl Clarkson that is certainly a problem on shallow venues. To ensure you can feel the lead down we would recommend using as light a lead as possible 1-2oz with flat sides. With this, find your spot. Check it with the grappling marker lead. Then cast to it with your normal setup. If you have done the work with the marker rod correctly, as long as the fishing rod lands on exactly the right line and hits the clip nicely then you should be bang on
Ian smith (6 months ago)
Rob and harry, What an amazing video,full of amazing facts Rob your the king of underwater 👍🎣
Ian smith (6 months ago)
Rob and harry,an amazing video,full of loads of facts Great angling harry
Helen Coulson (6 months ago)
Eye opener, nice one .
icuattheboozer (6 months ago)
Great video but the weed is all dead now 😂
Drogaria Martins (6 months ago)
Hello from Portugal, great video, and thank you for the tips, I love all underwater video, we have a perspective like a carp, Thanks for both of you.
Craig Cameron (6 months ago)
Absolutely brilliant to see ..wel done rob and Harry..great video and to see a fish behaviour on the line was great to see also
James Alexander (6 months ago)
Very interesting, especially the footage of clearing the fish from the weed. I’d love to see a tutorial on feeling the lead or the PVA bag down. I’ve go no idea what I’m feeling for and so have no idea what my rigs are on half the time!
Sam Wright (6 months ago)
+Gary Cross call me stupid but why not find your spot then use a marker to find the depth after?
Gary Cross (6 months ago)
Fox International Carp Fishing can you tie this in with counting the lead down in various depths using different lead sizes for those that dont use markers?
James Alexander (6 months ago)
Fox International Carp Fishing amazing, thanks very much.
James Alexander we will look at that in 2019
Ian Thatcher (6 months ago)
If u are struggling to find a clear spot can u get the fish to clean the spot by baiting up over the weed , is this possible what would be the time frame needed for that ?would it be a case of weeks of effort
Ian Thatcher yes you can. Many Angler’s do this. The time frame would depend on how heavy the weed was and the amount of fish in the lake. Particles and pellets are great for cleaning spots off as they get the tench and bream clearing them for you too. When picking a spot, if everywhere is weedy, go for the area you find the least weed.
CEO Fishing (6 months ago)
I would really love to see a video on chod rigs. I want to know it's limitations and how it works in different situations.
CEO Fishing check out Carp Fishing Edges Volume 5. Head to 1hr 20mins https://youtu.be/_nROyP_BYs4
dave hibbert (6 months ago)
Absolutely fantastic keep up the good work it was very interesting

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