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Leonard Nimoy in SeaHunt 2

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ep. Dead Man's Cove (1958)
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Nisa Benthon (3 years ago)
Thank you for sharing this!!
Michael Johnson (6 years ago)
RIP Lloyd Bridges - This was the only show I was allowed to watch - Star Trek was still about 8 yrs in the future at this point
Ward Kendall (7 years ago)
Lloyd Bridges was considered for the role of Captain Kirk before Shatner got the part.
Debra Girard (7 years ago)
Watch out for those giant clams! They have a taste for Lloyd! Another killer on board. Poor Mike. Always unwittingly working for the bad guys.
Debra Girard (7 years ago)
@Melazee01 Oooh!
The Twiller Zone (7 years ago)
woah !
Melazzee (7 years ago)
Um... am I the only one who noticed Nimoy touch his... man areas at 1:02? Lol! :D This is priceless :P
robross1992 (8 years ago)
In-water fighting,anti-decompression pills(!!!),underwater bad guys.....diving was far more exciting back in 1958 than it is now! All that our club does is look at stuff,and occasionally take it home!
Chris Traub (8 years ago)
I saw an episode of Sea Hunt as a child just a few months after I went with my family to Catalina Island. We had a guide on the glass-bottomed boat who scuba dived and I saw him a few months later on Sea Hunt! I think this is the episode and he's the Lieutenant. Of course, my memory of this is over 50 years old!
Ian Brandsgaard (9 years ago)
what ep was this? It kinda leaves you hanging.

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