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Fishing bite alarms

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THIS IS OUR BEST SELLER...600 SOLD IN LAST 4 WEEKS New to the UK and only available through brytec-fishing-tackle.co.uk Fishing tackle. Item name: Strike alert attractor Product Description: 1. Size: 3mm& 5mm Character 1. Visible from 100 yards. 2. Fits onto a majority of rods. 3. Automatically activated when fitted onto a rod tip section. 4. Water resistant. 5. 2 Sizes feet inside dia. 3mm & 5mm, can fit all kind of fishing rods. 6. Green FLASHING Ready 7. Red FLASHING: Fish On!. PLEASE TRIAL POSITIONS ON THE ROD LENGTH TO GET SENSITIVITY TO MEET YOUR NEEDS. ps if you can supply wholesale fishing tackle very cheap - please contact us
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Text Comments (6)
arvin kosasih (27 days ago)
No sound? Seems great tho, not scaring the fish
zog noty (1 year ago)
less than 2bux at ebay
Celtic Saint (5 years ago)
Look on either Ebay or Amazon
Celtic Saint (5 years ago)
I just go mine and its not working.. WTF
Figadores Fisgadores (6 years ago)
Very interesting! Where I find it to buy?
CleverCustoms (1 year ago)
Figadores Fisgadores ebay $1

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