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12 Home Page How to add and configure Instagram Widget - Shella Fashion Shopify theme

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More details - http://bit.ly/2FhSSNw Shella - Ultimate Fashion Shopify theme. INSTAGRAM WIDGET In this video, we’ll take a deep look at the adding and configuration of the instagram widget. Now we will show all the steps to get Instagram user id, client id, access token and how it add to Shella theme admin panel. You should have Instagram account, loaded with images. If not, create it right now. And load with images. Login to your Instagram account and using the documentation of the Shella theme, complete the following steps. Note yours "Valid redirect URIs" and "CLIENT ID" Get access token - copy example URL (from Shella documentation) to your text editor (notepad for example). Then replace [YOUR_CLIENT_ID] and [YOUR_REDIRECT_URL] placeholders with your data from previous steps. Load this URL in browser. Press Authorize. You should be redirected to your website with added token in URL address bar. Access token will looks like 233117080.b325d13.cc459df978e146f6961b2f3b48827c18 Note "access_token". Here is your user id. Now, let's add and configure instagram widget in Shella theme admin panel. Success! Like the video? Subscribe to our channel, like the video. Thank you. https://mpthemes.net
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MrSomme7 (23 days ago)
Please give us that code you past in the seconde 4:51, you have a really a poor documentation, I'm loosing time to set my store, each step took me hour to reach the correct information
MPI themes (23 days ago)
Hi  Here is code <a href="https://instagram.com/shellatemplate/" target="_blank"><span class="text-underline">@Shella</span> Follow Us On Instagram</a> You can import theme settings from our demo using ExIm app. Check this video for more details - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rt1Frbom8bw If you have more questions please use our support system - https://mpithemes.ticksy.com Best regards, MPIthemes

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