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How to Draw A Chibi

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Commission Information:http://nauticawilliams.deviantart.com... ----------------------------------------­­­­-------------------------------------­-­-­-­------------------------ Finished Drawing: My Deviantart:http://nauticawilliams.deviantart.com/ My Facebook Page:https://www.facebook.com/pages/Nautic... My Tumblr:http://nauticawilliamsjaws.tumblr.com/ My Instagram:https://instagram.com/nauticawilliams... Music By: YouTube
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Text Comments (3634)
ZodiacZeko (2 minutes ago)
realisation: no circle is perfect
SunFlower (1 hour ago)
you draw so cool
Nikki J (1 hour ago)
This isn’t a tutorial at all shes just showing is how she does it there’s no explanation involved
DIDA TV (17 hours ago)
madeline8088 Wang (20 hours ago)
How do u draw the eyes????
Black Scar (20 hours ago)
Who else got triggered when she said draw simply circle XD
GamerGalaxyFun (21 hours ago)
*looks at paper* Me:WHAT THE WHAT THE WHAT THE WHATTT Me:now wut did I just draw TwT
Silver Stream (1 day ago)
For some reason, I'm really bad at drawing circles xD
peppermint cake (1 day ago)
Finishes model Finishes completely Looks at it Doesn't really look that bad I made a dress instead a school girl because I gave on it and imma try to do a different pose with the same video;-;
Lilly The Wolf (1 day ago)
MY CHIBI IS BUTAFUL... -Looks down- Omg that's not a Chibi
Hsin Je Lim (2 days ago)
So cute well done
Aileen Alforque (2 days ago)
So what I did was mix a chibi and manga.it actually turn out to be cute than I expected...
Здесь кушать российские😁
Gacha Elfrie (2 days ago)
this SO GoOD
aiai coolio (2 days ago)
i see many people can't draw circles.. just use a compass omg
Rayden Diaz (2 days ago)
yeah this should be called how to draw loli
Kai Playz (2 days ago)
*I had to rewatch this 10 times to get it perfect*
Ashie Playz (3 days ago)
Me: *draws a circle Me:draws a potato underneath it Me: BRO DOES THIS LOOK LIKE A CHIBI FACE? Bro: what’s a chibi but anyways I don’t think it’ll look like a half cut potato
midnight gacha (3 days ago)
Your so good at drawing omg lucky
gacha queen (3 days ago)
Annabelle's gacha (3 days ago)
Me: easy~~~~ *30 minutes later* Me: Perfect! I got a circle no- just a circle.....
Nayla Johnson (4 days ago)
beef (4 days ago)
*I actually did ok*
Crystal Eucliffe (4 days ago)
*takes pen and paper* *does everything in video perfectly* *looks at paper* WOW AMAZINNNNG bro: SIS U SAW MY HW PAPER?! me: no *flips over paper* *sees brothers handwriting* SH*T *erase drawing* *gives to bro* bro: oh thats my extra paper u can use it me: FUCK MY LIFE
Crystal Eucliffe (4 days ago)
just a simple circle... *looks at paper* I DID IT I DREW A PERFECT POTATO
Flickaa (4 days ago)
Me:I Think Dis Is Gonna Be Easy A Few Minutes Later *Looking At Paper*OMG ITS SAME!!!THANKS FOR THE TUTORIAL!!
Lisa _Bang (4 days ago)
Hair is hard.clothes no idea what to draw.eyes boring.mouth just dissapeard.pose weird.my chibi.i have to draw a lot of chibis because of my friend.its like a homework
Sophia Vasquez (4 days ago)
Me: this is easy Me: looks down at paper Me: ...IS THAT MY MISSING CHICKEN NUGGET?
Ender Insanity (4 days ago)
Ah! Thank you, I've struggled to draw chibis for so long and this is really jelpful
Ánh's Nguyễn's (5 days ago)
Nhược điểm : nói quá nhiều :'>
Oh Yeah yeah (5 days ago)
99.99% of comments: this is easy! * looks at paper * is this shreck 0.01% of comments: wow good job 👍🏼 😊❤️
I Love Alligators (7 days ago)
My librarian told me to... *Read More*
Killer Kylo (7 days ago)
This really helped me out
MangaAnimeFanGirl 24 (7 days ago)
I tried drawing the rest myself it worked 😍😍
MangaAnimeFanGirl 24 (8 days ago)
Thx for the head!! Helped me a lot 😋😋
Camouflage Kitty (8 days ago)
I love drawing!
Rogian 2005 (8 days ago)
Me:it looks easy,Im gonna try it After 1 Hour..... Me(mind): i give up!! i cant even make a circle :( *throws the paper into the trash can* Lesson: Always learn how make a *fricking*small circle
Chloe TheGeek998 (8 days ago)
Mine looks like a derby potato
Paloma Cruz (9 days ago)
Hi! I'm latino american, can you put subtitles in spanish please?
KiKiPlays (9 days ago)
KiKiPlays (9 days ago)
in kindergarten they forced us to draw circles then we learned shapes, our circles were perfect, we learned numbers our circles were perfect, then in grade 1 I didn't know my abuse;c
Me: So lets look how it looks *looks at draw* Me: Uhhhh... Thats a nice stickman!
LunaTheAngelicSiren (9 days ago)
Me: okay so this is how you draw a chibi. Should be simple. {1 minute later} Me: ASJASJASJASJAJSJASJASJAJSAJSJASJAJSAJSAJSJASJASASASAJAJSJASJAJSAJSJAS
It’s fun to Game (10 days ago)
Why am I so acttrive with drawing when I’m not even god at it
ساندرلا -سان (10 days ago)
ساندرلا -سان (10 days ago)
Sally Gamer (10 days ago)
do not speak ! 😤😵🤐
China_ Naiyakarn (10 days ago)
This is so helpful! I already try this. And its look so cute. Thank you do much!
Gracie Mauldin (10 days ago)
What kind of "Nautica"?
Foxfeather •-• (11 days ago)
Alright! Now I’m going to attempt to draw my entire class! 30 mins later Okay this is tough I’m better at drawing other stuff(anime humans)...
Irene Dulnuan (11 days ago)
Why this is hard
Phuong Giang Dang (11 days ago)
Me: *Draw a circle... Me: *Look paper... Me again: *yep, we all should know this is such a nice egg* 🥚
Stacona (11 days ago)
For everyone having trouble drawing a circle, then what you do is draw a bunch of small arches and remember to rotate your paper since your hand does not bend certain ways. Also remember to draw it in strokes and DO NOT try to do it in one motion, scratchy does not matter for sketches (and some styles intentionally do a scratchy look because the artist likes it like that).
Stacona (11 days ago)
Really bad tutorial and most of which is just have drawn a lot so you know, but a new person does not know what to do. Anyone watching this recently like me (youtube algorithm son), look up proper anatomy tutorials since all stylized art comes from the fundamentals if you want to learn to draw better. Both basic shapes, 3D shapes, and obviously human and animal anatomy, as well as baby anatomy since chibi is shrunken down cute characters and babies naturally are shrunken down and a lot of them innately are cute.
Bruce Lee Norris (12 days ago)
JaneAnimation 15 (12 days ago)
Awur Mayom (12 days ago)
Awur Mayom (12 days ago)
Hi! I love your vids!
Sơn Trương (13 days ago)
1 hour later Me: Done *Look down at paper* Me: What' s this??? It's like a potato 😕😕
Libra Skye (13 days ago)
Wha is the purpose of this tutorial if you don't explain it very well???
Jerry Valdes (13 days ago)
U draw so gooooood
Mariah Nichole (13 days ago)
Did anyone else try to blow the eraser shavings off her paper?
arrow ch/xShadow_Arrow (13 days ago)
im a japanese and im learning drawing chibi charators its so helpful thank you! also chibi charator is also called Deforume (デフォルメ)
Gacha Crystal 結晶 (13 days ago)
“A simple circle” Mmmm okay! -draws a ‘circle’- Looks down ◼️ EVERYTIME
Kowto Hagakure (14 days ago)
This girl: drawn a perfect circle Me: drawn a potato Chinese: drawn a perfect circle with a cube
Yui Gacha (14 days ago)
( draws ) Me: DONE ( shows mom ) -Umm- Aww cool! why do you keep drawing shrek?
Ifr Comcep (14 days ago)
laik si no entendiste ni verga
Thank you for doing this tutorial it really helped me ^~^
Nurry kitty (15 days ago)
D Carlson (15 days ago)
My heads just look like potatoes
Da Swaggy Gamer (16 days ago)
I have unlocked the power to draw!!!
*At the head part* Okay, this looks fine! -Starts the body- *Screams*
You’re so amazing ;-;
MeowMix (16 days ago)
*how do you draw a circle?*
Pari5482 Jones (16 days ago)
This video kept confusing me
Archie Sharma (16 days ago)
No offence but it's a terrible chibi tutorial you don't even show us how you just do it
Gacha Eloise (16 days ago)
3:35 WTH IS DAT.
Sarah TK (16 days ago)
How hard is it to draw a circle! A CIRCLE! I mean mines not that bad. THX THIS HELPED ALOT NOW I CAN DO CLASSES I MAY EVEN GET A WHOLE MUSEUM ABOUT ME
Kai Playz (16 days ago)
Nautica: draw a simple circle. Me: hell yeah! I can do that! *half an hour later* Me: **looks down at paper to see a smushed potato** *nope. Lemme try again.* *another half hour later* Me: **looks down at the paper to see a lopsided cookie** *I'm done. I'm done. Fuck this shit I'm out mm mmmmm fuck this shit I'm out no thanks*
Sharon Yoo (16 days ago)
It takes practice to draw but a weird thing is... In my first try of drawing anime... I did great \_(- 3 -)_/
Chihuahua Jar (16 days ago)
The circle took me 5 hours to draw lol
iiAtsumî (17 days ago)
thanks for the tutorial :)))
Kwii Laura (17 days ago)
everyone: I CANT DRAW A CIRCLE me: i can’t draw a straight line
azetnom99 (17 days ago)
I'm suffering from cantdrawhairgoals disease, Sosofaceart disease, and Iwanttodrawchibi disease.
bigdaddylimle (18 days ago)
I can draw circles ;-;
does this even look easy more like is this even possible to make
Tanisha Borana (19 days ago)
Mad girl😂😂😂😂
Lil ivy msp (19 days ago)
Takes an hour to draw a circle*
Justice Paul (19 days ago)
The one with lesson 18 homework 4.3
Odalis Galan (20 days ago)
Great I was tryingg but it not work
Custy Pie (20 days ago)
For me, I read it as chill-bi
Oscar The Grouch (20 days ago)
*Haha y'all are saying you can't draw a circle but I'm here still looking for a pencil 20 minutes later*
blazing tempist (20 days ago)
Teacher -name The one important life skill kindergarten never taut us. Everyone in the comments - how o draw a circle. Teacher - 😶 wait....
Zitlali Guerrero (20 days ago)
"And your done" looks down at paper Me:.......Why dose mine look like a Skelton ..........
Serendipity Lynn (20 days ago)
good tutorial! the head needs to have more balance on the right side, but overall is REALLY good very detailed
GABRIELLE WAY (21 days ago)
Me: Simple circle huh? I can do that! Draws circle Me: Hmmmm. looks more like a smooshed potato. lemme try again. Redraws circle Me: Nope, Nope, Nope. I'm done Bai.
Miku Piku (21 days ago)
Mines turned out better than what I expected!
awesome emmi (21 days ago)
welp lets see how how this goes ok i quit i cannot do this 1 minute later: comes back and finishes 10 minutes later: chucks in the bin
Nanami Verse (22 days ago)
xXNeko ChanXx (22 days ago)
I have a question.. Is it more easier to draw on a paper? Or device are much easier?
Nautica Williams (22 days ago)

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