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The Billionaire (official International Trailer)

3975 ratings | 1201537 views
THE BILLIONAIRE will let you get to know "Top Ittipat" in details about how he turned himself from an online game addict whom always got disparaged by teachers, to a famous young billionaire. How did he raise himself up to this position? Surely, everyone desires to get rich, yet not everyone dares to succeed like him. Find the answers that have made "Top" become a Billionaire, while you still can. Synopsis What are you doing at his age? Age 16, TOP gained 400,000 Baht monthly from playing online games. Age 17, He was willing to fail school and instead earned money from selling chestnuts for 2,000 baht. Age 18, His family went bankrupt and remained 40 million Baht in debt. Age 19, He released 'Tao Kae Noi' seaweed to more than 3,000 branches at 7-Eleven. At this present, Top is a 26-year-old businessman, the owner of the bestselling seaweed in Thailand. He owns 85 percent of the market share which is equivalent to 800 million Baht a year, and has 2,000 employees in his company.
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Text Comments (497)
Sinojhunly Ximponlin (18 days ago)
Wow I want to be a billioner
Kawaki Arabbi (18 days ago)
Thanks top I want became like you never give up until succeed
Arjie Belinario (21 days ago)
Will this be showing in the Philippines?
T W I C E S E U (23 days ago)
2018 anyone?
Yoswin Freeman (24 days ago)
The actor (Peach Pachara) himself is much much richer than the billionaire he portrayed. He's an heir to an extremely rich businessman family (USD $22 billions net. in 2018)
noelcarlo cristobal (29 days ago)
Best movie
Jestel Canlas (29 days ago)
Do u know another movie just like this?
Lee yamie Blink (1 month ago)
I cried A lot watching this movie😭😭 Its very inspiring . The best movie I ever watched
Harish sl (1 month ago)
Love from india😍..
Lion Baee (2 months ago)
pamannya bikin gakuad :'
Casi Rubia (2 months ago)
I love this movie it inspires me 😍😍😍😍😍😍
Dav Vee (2 months ago)
You're such an inspiration Top
Bae Joohyun (2 months ago)
Peach 😍😍😍
Bubbly Nikita (3 months ago)
I love tao kae noi
Kabar Bola (3 months ago)
Kern aku dah nonton ni film
Amin Hashim (3 months ago)
after watch the movie, i bang more thai chick. very inspire movie
Vanmir Adeed (3 months ago)
Martin CasCab (3 months ago)
TOP is very Intelligent person the problem is his attittude.... very good movie "JUST DONT GIVE UP"
muhamad firdaus (3 months ago)
full movie please😩
EmangEnak Dotcom (2 months ago)
JIKSAA Studio (3 months ago)
Search in google
christian oca (4 months ago)
can i ask for the link of the full movie guys pls
Just Monika (4 months ago)
this is a great movie, i recommend watching it
Bru- Me- Neander- THALL (4 months ago)
Where have you been for (8 years) of my life??????!
Fynnzanleys (4 months ago)
where can i get the link for this video? anyone help me
Lucky Charm (4 months ago)
Where’s the full movie?
Devil's Advocate (4 months ago)
Holy shit 400000 baht from online games, despite the lows and struggles he was pretty impressive from the start
wth chloe (4 months ago)
Synyvester Wan (4 months ago)
The best movie.. From malaysia 😍
Christian Evangelista (4 months ago)
Where can i watch the full movie? i try to search on Netflix and Iflix but found nothing.
Lydia Flowers (5 months ago)
thai men turn me on
Soojin 09 (5 months ago)
Where can i download the movie?
Gavinn_defsoul (5 months ago)
You can watch it here http://kissdrama.club/watch-online/the-billionaire
mavis vermilion (5 months ago)
when will it be release?
Gavinn_defsoul (5 months ago)
its released 7 years ago, You can find on iTunes or Watch it here http://kissdrama.club/watch-online/the-billionaire
Lovely Francisco (6 months ago)
Where can I find the full movie?
Gavinn_defsoul (5 months ago)
this might help http://kissdrama.club/watch-online/the-billionaire
Pein Akatsuki (6 months ago)
Sobrang ganda ng movie. Kaka inspired.sana maging katulad natin sya ihemplo
arvie valmonte (6 months ago)
Thank you for this Inspiring Movie 😃✔💯🎊🎉 Top ✔💯🎊🎊
Fatkhul Khoiri (6 months ago)
Izin upload Video
Dewanti Ni Wayan Sirat (6 months ago)
Pee nut (7 months ago)
Putang Ina Mo
Ninjods Gameplayer (7 months ago)
i cried in last scene of this movie... this movie beautiful
Tulus Meilina (7 months ago)
Inspiring movie and true story.. Never give up! Ora et Labora 🙏
Amrie Beato (8 months ago)
And my beloved GOT7 was their endorser!
Zura Jb85 (8 months ago)
where can i find the full movie ? pls ..
Zura Jb85 (8 months ago)
thank you ... :)
Entrendez Les voyalle (8 months ago)
anusha iyer (8 months ago)
yunus muhamad (8 months ago)
Film nya mana nih
Ryan Malik (8 months ago)
This movie make you got very touch
NIF Hammond (9 months ago)
คิดถึง gth มาก
Kum Kie Choong (9 months ago)
Truly inspiring
LolZa*TheHuManP Chanel (9 months ago)
Reality isn't as fun as playing online games.💓💓😭😭
Ardie Zamora (10 months ago)
Where i can watch full movies.please?
Kelvin (11 months ago)
Wait... so that famous seaweed is based on this true story?
chonkaew' nightcore (6 months ago)
Kelvin yes is true story
Renabel Pestilos (1 year ago)
Where I could fine the full movie???
OexecutionstyleO (1 year ago)
This was a great movie
Angelia Li (1 year ago)
I just watched this movie after 6 years! I amazed with the simplicity and the message from this movie. touching! and inspiring . thankyou for the producer who made it. and thankyou for top ittipat who inspiring us . love from Indonesia
christian oca (4 months ago)
can i ask what link to the movie?
Ahmad Shuib Ghazali (1 year ago)
Any link can i see this movies?
Lucruss Sensai (1 year ago)
Movie From Real Life By " Tob "
heri banez (1 year ago)
mantaaaaap.. apapun yg terjadi jgn menyerah. jika kita menyerah maka habislah sudah.
KyuJuEX099 (1 year ago)
Sadly the seaweed food doesn't sell here in my place.
p Suryaputra (1 year ago)
Loveee from Indonesia
Mighty Mouse (1 year ago)
this kid looks like my cousin only asian.
Fame Demise (1 year ago)
the best movie score ever
rajih imanda (1 year ago)
The best movie i've seen!
Adrian Penano (1 year ago)
umm guys? where can i download this movie in HD and english sub already? the link that was given below is not working anymore
Klaas Kay (1 year ago)
Check out kissasian.com
Shani Sardel (1 year ago)
For me perfect earnings for today, $746 pure cash *i have videos on my channel about it*
Janel Villar (1 year ago)
What is The Name of Game?
tooturnt too (1 year ago)
how can i get the full movie!? please!!
vvuing vvuing (1 year ago)
the real guy behind this story actually appeared on a korean variety show called Babel 250 when i was watching the show i was wondering how could such a billionaire simply join a variety show 😅 he's such a cool man
JUNIOR - (1 year ago)
no its not the guy in babel 250 is tanon varaya(Investor) and real guy behind this story is @tobtkn <<< this is his instagram and he name is Aitthipat Kulapongvanich.
NabilaSyifa S (1 year ago)
The most inspiring thai movie i've ever watch
I wonder if asians are doing better because u have movies like these and i have to watch alvin and the chipmunks
ตอนแรกก็ดูแบบนี้แหละ ตัวอย่าง พอไปดูหนังปั๊บ อ่าวนี้หนังดราม่าก้ยัง งง อยู่ มันจะสื่ออะไรดูไปถึงตอนสาหร่ายก็ยังไม่เข้าใจ พอถึงตอน ไปแพ็คถึงสาหร่ายเท่าแก่น้อยอ่ะ แม่ง อ่อรู้ละ มันเล่าเรื่องต๊อบ โห่ เย็ดเข้ เก่งสัส ซึ้งอ่ะ พอดูจบ
OngChy (2 years ago)
1 of the best thai movie in my opinion
Mark dela cerna (1 year ago)
do you have link for a full movie on this the billionaire?
Chan Hx (2 years ago)
Thank u for the link
Albert Rey Cortes (2 years ago)
where can i watch this movie?
OngChy (2 years ago)
Alliehm Mixy (2 years ago)
I admire and envy him... hope I can sacrifice things just like that...
Kumala Dewi (2 years ago)
film full nya dong😂
Kaye Sasaki (2 years ago)
where can i get the full movie???
OngChy (2 years ago)
Effendy Fnd (2 years ago)
this movie very inspired
OngChy (2 years ago)
Yep don't give up if u want to do something
la laz (2 years ago)
im crying ;(
Radzhab m (2 years ago)
кинофильм вправду неплох, однако не усвою откуда у него столько средств, в долг ведь ему никто не давал средства
Sienna Sy (2 years ago)
i watch it very nice I wish to have a dvd of it
u've attached2me (2 years ago)
full movie link pls.. thanks 😉😉😉
OngChy (2 years ago)
Alex Peace (2 years ago)
where can i watch the full movie?
Rahul Urs (2 years ago)
Alex Peace (2 years ago)
ok thanks ya
Mai Mai (2 years ago)
Anas Martopo (2 years ago)
one thing that u didnt brave to follow . stop wasting time damn shit study and move on with business . aha
Jordicutie iz tha best (2 years ago)
one of the greatest movies ever, truly amazing great acting great concept . better than hollywood truly amazing. i'm not even asian i'm jamaican . this is so goood its unbelievable. so much heart. soooo good
tafta saputra (2 years ago)
the real name tob itipat or top itipat guys?
Khansa Alifah (2 years ago)
wow you are very smart, thx for info :D
Dark Rose (2 years ago)
His name is ต๊อบ อิทธิพัฒน์ and บ = b in thai so it's Tob.
Khansa Alifah (2 years ago)
Dark Rose (2 years ago)
It's Tob Itipat.
apih tokraja (2 years ago)
i will be like this someday. never get bored watching this movie. really inspiring
Chan Hx (2 years ago)
All the best :)
mc julius Bruce (2 years ago)
nice wow this movie inspires me a lot.
Roxane Usi (2 years ago)
i've watched this movie and it's really inspiring. no matter what happens as long as u'r not giving up in the end u'll see the good outcome of all your hard work.. and u'll never know until u try.. :)
Jaja Sales (2 years ago)
Where can I find or watch the full movie of this?
The real Top appears at the end of the movie. Nice Movie tho
abcdefg 12345 (2 years ago)
René Remšík actor name's Peach Patchara
René Remšík (2 years ago)
the one where Top(actor) bows to real Top?
He was talking to the bank guy, on the last bank scene
Melvin Tresvalles (2 years ago)
what part? what he's wearing?
Aldren Condino (2 years ago)
what is the title of this movie?
Calanga (2 years ago)
the billionaire
time is gold
Jessica Fafa (2 years ago)
I am eating Tao Kae Noi' Kim Chi seaweed right now. wow.
zack fair (1 month ago)
+Jbharvey Baraquia nasa fb ang full movie ni top
Jbharvey Baraquia (2 months ago)
may movie po kayo ng full pa send nman po . ? ?
Myrlande Francois (2 years ago)
nice, I started eating them after watching this movie.
Hash Am (2 years ago)
where to download this movie?? i want to watch
Chan Hx (2 years ago)
http://dramacool.to/the-billionaire-aka-top-secret-episode-1.html . u can watch and download here
Brice Mansa (2 years ago)
Inspiring movie.
Sheena Bernardo (2 years ago)
i alreadu watch this movie before also her in youtube but now i cant find it..
Clark Dizon (2 years ago)
i want to watch this movie .. full movie link please :)
One Piece (2 years ago)
+Clark Dizon http://dramacool.to/the-billionaire-aka-top-secret-episode-1.html
Theo Angga Winata (2 years ago)
very very inspiring
ibexpogi24 ibexpogi29 (2 years ago)
where will I find the fujj movie..pleaseee anyone help.
i need to watch this.. I am a youtube addict xD
씨텐 (2 years ago)
I really love this movie, so inspiring and fun to watch.
Shasha Clemente (2 months ago)
씨텐 really? Gonna watch it now.
One Piece (2 years ago)
+Dee Alamil http://dramacool.to/the-billionaire-aka-top-secret-episode-1.html
Quyen Nguyen (2 years ago)
I love this movie. I have watched it so many times.
buddy grill (1 year ago)
Quyen Nguyen mee to.. hope we can watch together

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