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➔ WATCH MY NEWEST VIDEO: https://youtu.be/zzfkA1_X2tA I spent an entire hour in a oreos and milk! Let's see what it does to my body! ➔ SUBSCRIBE: https://goo.gl/B1gCsc ➔ GUAVA TOYS: https://goo.gl/LmEDRT ➔ GUAVA GAME FOR FREE!:! https://goo.gl/J7gC7u ➔ GUAVA JUICE BOX: https://goo.gl/0dTjI7 ➔ GET YOUR MERCH BEFORE ITS SOLD OUT: https://guavajuice.com/shop ➔ MUSIC: https://goo.gl/pk5fhB Social Media! ლ(́◉◞౪◟◉‵ლ ---------------------------------------------------------------- ➔ TWITTER: https://goo.gl/QrcTEv ➔ INSTAGRAM: https://goo.gl/jSbVom ➔ FACEBOOK: https://goo.gl/1fEqhL ➔ WANT A SHOUTOUT? https://goo.gl/a5XGwE ➔INTRO SONG: Leyawn - Lily Pads https://soundcloud.com/leyawn (┛◉Д◉)┛彡┻━┻ Thanks for reading the end of this description! What's your favorite time stamp? Comment #guava if you love this channel!
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Text Comments (4732)
gandalfwhi40 (1 day ago)
Marshmello The DJ (2 days ago)
Saad Janjua (2 days ago)
You put the milk first
Geno•CG678• (2 days ago)
That thumbnail is testing my trypophobia-
Courtney Abrahams (2 days ago)
I would rather put him in the bathtub I’ve met all of them I meant that I would put that bombs in my leg but my bathroom
RandomAccount (7 days ago)
ewwwwwwwww, why did you put the oreos and milk all over your skin????
Harmjanbos28 Bos (8 days ago)
Harmjanbos28 Bos (8 days ago)
Fatima Martinez (8 days ago)
I love oreos 😻
Bryant Bascos (9 days ago)
Emily Rodarte (13 days ago)
Dip oreos
Emily Rodarte (13 days ago)
If 60 minutes is an hour how is there 18 years
Doggo (13 days ago)
pewdiepie is shook by the thumbnail
Mohamed Hesham (14 days ago)
Marissa Fajardo (14 days ago)
alito suarez (16 days ago)
Oh yeah 👌
Petaniche Robb (17 days ago)
Milk first
Raymond Naidoo (18 days ago)
It looks like vomit Seriously!!!!!!!!
gamer girl (20 days ago)
Elijah Clemente (21 days ago)
Guava juice are you from philippines 🇵🇭?
Kayla D (14 hours ago)
Elijah Clemente yea he was born there
Rilay Smith (25 days ago)
Lamees Nabil (27 days ago)
Ewwww stop!!!🤬🤬🤬🤬
Madelline Lim (29 days ago)
4:54 my dog did that with rice
Raven Fortnite (30 days ago)
Maribel Lopez (1 month ago)
No just go to sleep duh😬
Leezardi Senires (1 month ago)
I'like OREOS
ras navarro (1 month ago)
hey guvua juice fgteev’s pet dog is name oreo :)
Monaliza Jara (1 month ago)
Eat it
Dasha Megan (1 month ago)
Can you play mobile legends pls😂
Janelle Roscoe (1 month ago)
os and milk
Janelle Roscoe (1 month ago)
did anyone else get goosebumps
Lorri Striker (1 month ago)
Milk 🐮
Nandana likes to sing (1 month ago)
My precious oreos!!😱 are you okay??😵
FoamGamingArtist (1 month ago)
Thx I like Oreos
Stella Chase (1 month ago)
him: oreo glad im doing this video me: .... no.... * stella has left the chat*
Lady Gxcha (1 month ago)
Guava: Oreos Icecream
Tina Playz (1 month ago)
Dip the milk in Oreos
Choon Yu (1 month ago)
Why you want to say crazy?
Dojo Black (1 month ago)
Milk first
Marianela Parra (1 month ago)
You spanish
LittyLauna (1 month ago)
Deborah Oduleye (1 month ago)
I will first put the oreos
Joel ‘S random stuff (1 month ago)
Joel ‘S random stuff (1 month ago)
Joel Hernandez hello fellow joel, tryphobia is a phobia of tiny holes really close to each other and the thumbnail has tiny holes on his arm
Joel Hernandez (1 month ago)
Makes no sense
This is how kids lose there appetite
Maxine Wilder (1 month ago)
ai zhou (1 month ago)
I hate trypophobia roi don't make those thumbnails please
Jasrina Hassan (1 month ago)
noooooo!!! the oreo!!!
Jasrina Hassan (1 month ago)
duhh! oreo on the milk.who is gonna put milk into a oreo hahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!
Michael Duncan Haggar (1 month ago)
Paulo Caverna (1 month ago)
Kiki So awesome (1 month ago)
Dip the milk first you dummy 🥛🥛🥛🥛🥛🥛🥛🥛
Eni Batagelj (30 days ago)
Kiki dont say dat
Isabella Elsom (1 month ago)
Sticky skin because milk makes your skin sticky
Rose H (1 month ago)
Chokelet !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rose H (1 month ago)
Lela Johnson (2 months ago)
Leslie Plunkett (2 months ago)
Chihimi Abdel (2 months ago)
i hate oers
Chihimi Abdel (2 months ago)
i hate oroes
Jersey B. (2 months ago)
I love oreos and milk but this looks disgusting
JuNsHoOk darling (2 months ago)
I'll dip the milk in the Oreo's
2k subs with no vids?? (2 months ago)
But im tryphobic
Essence Reaver (2 months ago)
What about only white of oreo
Dax Paul Witter. (2 months ago)
Edwin Rios (2 months ago)
starr wells (2 months ago)
Man I always wanted a Oreo and milk bath
Keepupwithnana ___ (2 months ago)
" I. I’ll By as.
Midnight Gem (2 months ago)
Marie the alicorn (2 months ago)
Milk first
Katie Kap (2 months ago)
Ana Briseño (2 months ago)
what the heck are you doing are you trying to make a oreo bath tub it is making hunger I wish I can make trmowro I gowing to tell mine mom but I need to be safe because am a kid so anone is going to make anone don't forget to leave a like stay Jusie this is mine mom phone and this is mine name Jose am such a cool player but eneone whuns mine number it is 9375297 that mine lexeu number so buy avreone see you later buy
Life with nat Edwards (2 months ago)
Milk 🥛
Flame (me): Would you dip The Oreos in milk Rico(friend): or dip the Milk in Oreos?! *Everybody starts laughing*
@elaina cookie nah it's my yt Name
elaina cookie (18 days ago)
Is that your real name that's awesome 🌟
Jerome Butler (2 months ago)
Oreo first
Best Of Minecraft (2 months ago)
LIVY S GAMES (2 months ago)
Oreo first
Tinaiya Williams (2 months ago)
Joseph Roche (2 months ago)
Oliver Diaz (2 months ago)
That is so sick
lupita lupe (2 months ago)
Space Goat (2 months ago)
I really hate the thumbnail. Cool video tho.
Mitch Barnes (2 months ago)
3:10 your a meme
gacha weirdo (2 months ago)
8 am never ever goning to oror ice cream again
Dark Matic (2 months ago)
Kaykay gamer girl (2 months ago)
I think you should put in milk first
Noemie Langlais (2 months ago)
Noemie Langlais (2 months ago)
Noemie Langlais (2 months ago)
Put the Oreos first!!!!!!
cupid the fox (2 months ago)
Go take a real bath pllllllllllzzzzzz😷😷😷😷
cupid the fox (2 months ago)
Hardeep Mankotia (2 months ago)
I will add Oreos first
cayle yabut (2 months ago)
Thatt thumbnail is DISGUSTANG
Pat Minor (2 months ago)
That’s how you make chocolate milk :)
Jhonatan arambula (2 months ago)
that made me hungry
Odalis Lora (3 months ago)
Leila D (3 months ago)
I love oreos and milk!Also your vids!
apit 997 (3 months ago)
1 like infinite OREOS
Jose Redila (3 months ago)
Kameron Horner (3 months ago)

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