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Volta Region West Africa

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Ms. Aha travels to Ghana's Volta Region to learn more about the techniques and elements involved in the process of the ancient practice of Kenta weaving of the Ewe people.
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Geneviève Réfuse (17 days ago)
hey miss, what this place's name in volta region
Nicky Apenahier (2 months ago)
Looking extra gorgeous in african wear.keep it up !!
Africa Uprising (4 months ago)
keep on exploring
ATTAH BOAKYE (5 months ago)
I'm here ooooo
Proud African American (7 months ago)
Thank you...
Lilian Flynn (7 months ago)
The pronunciation of the places can be improved
K H (7 months ago)
Yess!! Pure Agbamevor!! The original!!
Kayem Nzinga (1 year ago)
Selase Du (1 year ago)
Ewes invented Kente
John Amihere (17 days ago)
Selase kente is pure invented by the Ashantis but the pattern of woven is very common in all western African tribes. Every tribes in Africa have got their own name of calling how their cloth is made. The Ewes never called their own kente.
Togbe Osagyefo (7 months ago)
Selase Du both Ewe and Akan invented it
Alhaji Muhammad (1 year ago)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V0iQD23lQRY Kwame Selikem Okatakyie on Akebu/ Akebou People of Togo, Benin and Ghana( History & Culture) .
Diaspora Wire Tv (1 year ago)
Thank you all for your comments and likes I will be posting more updated videos soon from my ancestral journey to Cameroon. I also found out that my DNA is from Nigeria, Ghana, and Cameroon on my Dad's side of the family. Thank you for being patient, "Life After DNA" is awesome.
Jahha H (1 year ago)
Nice video... Lovin yur natural beauty, Kween...
Maa Maa (1 year ago)
I miss home ooooo
Joe Seleh (1 year ago)
One of my ancestral homes. AGBOZUME. Went to Wisdom international as a kid.
Kwasi Kyeremeh (1 year ago)
sorry, am very annoyed so you can read what I said to be able to understand.
Kwasi Kyeremeh (1 year ago)
hello! I have listed to your YouTube video in Borno ahafo Ghana and the one who led you or telling the story said something it annoyed me most. He said the golden stool belonged to them and the priest of the Ashante land kwame frimpong( okofo Anokye) commanded from there a gave to The Ashantes. it never true my sister, these tribe are the most uneducated and uncivilized tribe among the Akan tribes. All what they know or dream is farming ,they hate Ashantes and not them alone, all the tribes in Ghana hate Ashantes and they call Ashantes people British, because are scare about us. Ashantes was a country by itself and joined Gold coast which is today Ghana in 1957. And up to now Ashanti Region is an autonomy state. my call the Ashanti land , Asanteman( united states of Ashantes) because, they were 11 kingdoms who came together to form one kingdom.
John Amihere (17 days ago)
@akpabli Wisdom my did you hear the guy saying the Ewe kente is better than the Ashantis own,why all these falsehood history and jealousy. Every body know the Ashantis invented the kente style and the Ewes never called their own kente.
akpabli Wisdom (3 months ago)
My good friend u need to be educated
Peter Awudi (1 year ago)
Thank God for his grace
Stephen Larbi (1 year ago)
nobody would know if she's American unless she starts to talk
Jaxson Pierre (5 months ago)
It's because she's African it doesn't matter where she's born
2uplift (1 year ago)
Thanks for sharing this African cultural video
Assanouan G’bado (1 year ago)
Excellent video dear sister. I'll be relocating to Cote D'Ivoire this fall. I'm so excited!
Kalydosos (2 years ago)
Good information you move like some kind of predatory feline I am in Ghana already been to Volta a few times didn't stay very long, but plan too on my next trip there. I found the people open and friendly bit surprised to find piles of white Americans and Europeans there still had a good time. The Volta Police fixed my car dodgy scratchy noises at the wheel they were cool with me.
D. Wole Murray-Ifa (2 years ago)
Great job, Sis...I’m on the search for more of your work! Please consider doing a show (or more) on the Vodun/Afa sacred science/spiritual system of the Ewe people, as well...Continued success, Sis :-)!!
Elajah Ceesay (2 years ago)
I need ur type of black american to marry , I'm in florida now but I Wana take her type to africa and do busines
Nana Wonder (3 months ago)
Bella Moi ask him again!!!
Bella Moi (2 years ago)
Elajah Ceesay so u actually need her for ur business?
Betoven Moza (2 years ago)
All Ewe Conférence, that' s what we need. I am an Ewe from Togo.
Van Brown (1 year ago)
Betoven Moza, what country are you in now? If I may ask? Just recently landed in the US 2nd largest city. Will seek out Ewe locals first then other Gh folks. I like intl biz, as I help many in Africa monthly (scams-free and no intl org participation). I do all myself.
Rico Arrington (2 years ago)
greetings Queen Mother!!
Jordan Glasper (2 years ago)
Epic good vid, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I couldn't stop smiling from seeing so many African people, the land, their trade and the thriving nature.
Marcellus Maxey (2 years ago)
be my wife
Matildan mwapa (2 years ago)
She réally looks like bamiléké lady. U are very connected tout Africa. Tanks for video
Diaspora Wire Tv (2 years ago)
Matidan mwapa Thank you my dear.
am Anlo Ewe on maternal side
Selase Du (1 year ago)
Kwame Selikem Okatakyie there's no such thing as Anlo Ewe. It's simply Anlo! Nobody calls Asantes Asante-Akans or Enum Enum-Guam
Van Brown (1 year ago)
Kwame Selikem Okatakyie , which clan and which town? How many clans exists within the Anlo?
Lenworth (2 years ago)
Your attention to detail is perfect lol you where asking all the questions I was thinking. One day im going!
Anonymous zilla (2 years ago)
Can't wait to go back home to explore when I have enough money
Daniel Kyles (2 years ago)
absolutely love your videos
Andy Gussie (3 years ago)
One of these days I will travel to Africa.
Van Brown (1 year ago)
Andy, Afr Amer starting going to Gh in 1988, after communicating via letter and phone since mid-70s. Stayed a year twice, has paid rent monthly in Gh since 2002. Will retire to Gh in a few years...IF... not to hot due to global warming? Otherwise, moving to a cooler country in Africa. God and the Ancestors willing. - Male born on Thursday Should be in Gh later this year, at least once. I'd suggest you do home-based business to create money for global travel. An idea.
Diaspora Wire Tv (3 years ago)
+Andy Gussie Do it it will change your life!
kevin vincent (3 years ago)
Hi I'm kevin. I like you and your video, I will be in Ghana in a few weeks. I shipped a container last week and will be there from Atlanta Ga to meet it. I hope you have time to help me to get around in Ghana. would you call me using what's app please 678-412-8349
Jerry Williams (2 years ago)
Hey Kevin...how did your Trip Go in Ghana?? I`m planning on Traveling there soon also
dean brown (3 years ago)
Great Video, very educational. I would love to be there.
Diaspora Wire Tv (3 years ago)
+dean brown hit me up on FB Aha Thomas
dean brown (3 years ago)
+Diaspora Wire Tv Greetings Diaspora Wire Tv. My Heritage? Well, I am African American living near Atlanta and I have Seminole Indigenous ancestors also. African American just means the lines of my African grandfathers and grandmothers origins were blurred thru the chaos of colonialism and that trans Atlantic genocide and their ancient story is what is most valuable to me. Thats why I love your video :) Thank You. Without having had my African DNA test, at this point, I look at all the 40 to 60 or maybe 100 African ethnic groups that are solidly documented as my African Ancestral family (and all Africans in the West), and I have been reading about them, and looking at pics of them. I feel those silenced voices, Africas best and brightest who were shipped away are trying to speak thru all of us today. Our Akan drums were banished here in the United States in the year of 1715 because we were using it as a form of Military communication to get free and FIGHT our way outa a big mess called 'Building The United States for FREE', 18.7 TRILLION dollars generated by 1865 is the actual figure for the Free Labor our grandfathers and grandmothers did to jump start an economy that WAS NOT AFRICAN. Likely, those banished drums were also Wolof, and Mende, Ewe, Jola and Igbo and etc. etc. etc. THATS my heritage and its also YOUR heritage. It makes for great storytelling :) When I look at the period before the invasions, I see the  things these pre-colonial African people were independently doing perfectly and imperfectly and are still doing as they are living through us. I do love it when Africans Celebrate African things because to often, western things are erroneously asumed to be something better. Lost or simi-forgotten African Writing systems (lets revive them). Textiles like (Kente, Gara and Adire and Akwete), drum scrip communication, shea butter and sacred medicine trees, natural herbal medicine, black soap, ancient cereals, rice cultivation, iron smelting, and the others Africans who lived more nomadic and not as settled as the Africans who grew Agriculture and developed more complex societies. Its all a part of us. Its our original African spirituality that's worth holding on to and ELEVATING for all the world see us again as the wise keepers of a naturally wealthy part of the earth. I see a perfect and imperfect part of the global human story that is worth celebrating, learning from our mistakes, and building on like the Sankofa bird tells us to do. Until I get that African dna test, and even after I do, I will always speak for the ONENESS of African people like Garvey, Kwame Nkruma and Selassie, Bob Marley and all Rastafari Culture, Thomas Sankara and others who saw a bigger picture. I have do have friends who have moved to Ghana, and many social media friends who were born there and they all love it. I feel its poor only because its recovering from colonialism, but its also very very rich in culture and indigenous industries which must be built on by us and future generations. I very much want to be there as more than just a visitor, play music there and in some way use my film and t.v. background to produce or help produce documentaries to tell more of these untold stories. Making the cultural treasures visible helps grow African tourism and traditional industries :) Shout out to the Diaspora Wire Team
Diaspora Wire Tv (3 years ago)
where are you from? your heritage?
dean brown (3 years ago)
+Diaspora Wire Tv yes, a big thank you for the works you are doing!! African Tourism will benefit with the revival and rebranding of traditional African Industries, and the Celebration of Indigenous African Food, Textiles, Spirituality, Shea Butter, Black Soap, and etc. My head spins looking at the potential, I have to be involved some how. see my ongoing posts on facebook at https://www.facebook.com/biggreendubshak
Diaspora Wire Tv (3 years ago)
+dean brown Thank you, its all about culture and education.
kaleidescopeExp (4 years ago)
Excellent work!!!
kaleidescopeExp (4 years ago)
@Diaspora Wire Tv :-)
Diaspora Wire Tv (4 years ago)
Thanks so much ;-)

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