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Alexander McQueen | Fall Winter 2006/2007 Full Show | Exclusive

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Alexander McQueen | Fall Winter 2006/2007 by Alexander McQueen | Full Fashion Show in Good Quality. (Back in Time - Exclusive Video) #Throwback
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Coco Petro (6 days ago)
absolutely stunning collection!
Wilmer Villarroel (29 days ago)
what is the name of the second song in the playlist? 0:43
paranoidandroid1997 (2 months ago)
10:30 - 10:47
Garry Galloway (5 months ago)
Does anyone know the name of the folk music which appears at the 45 second mark, please?
Jeffrey Leung (5 months ago)
No matter how much time I watch his show, I'm still inspired
TwitchyWitch95 (9 months ago)
Does anyone know what the opening music is at 0:16? It's really cool
Laroling (2 months ago)
My guess is a piece by Michael Nyman.
CARLOSZH FF CHANNEL (10 months ago)
What music 14:33??
Fiona Harris (7 months ago)
Many of the songs are from The Piano soundtrack by Michael Nyman. It's such a beautiful movie and the music fits McQueen's designs so well! Love it.
astaria rex (1 year ago)
This has to be my favorite show of all time. It moves my soul, sums up my being. It's like he knew me. I've never connected to fashion this way. It's definitely a spiritual experience.
Eva Calò (1 year ago)
What's the music at 1:23 ??? Someone ??
pocketsizedrockette (1 year ago)
It's by Michael Nyman, called "Here to There," from the soundtrack to the film The Piano
Ra-sone Rucker (1 year ago)
Forever lives Alexander McQueen
J B (1 year ago)
*Cries forever*
Jwlhyfer de Winter (1 year ago)
Is the music I am hearing Michael Nyman??? Yes; it's music from "The Piano;" as well as others, I think. And I think some of it was music from "Schindler's List??" That last piece with the Kate Moss hologram...Wow! Excellent use of exceptional music..
Pedro Correa Henry (1 year ago)
You are right, indeed!
Marlene Miller (1 year ago)
Living for that dress with the veiled acrylic antlers . Memorable.
lerato lesala (1 year ago)
Chris Zaghi (1 year ago)
Never forget Queen Snejana opening this show with the most bored expression on her face. Iconic!
aleksey Gunko (1 year ago)
FashionDestiny001 • (1 year ago)
OMG 4:53 - 10:33 Tanya Dziahileva <3 I love her walk !! 👏👏👏
H.S. (1 year ago)
I had tears running down seeing the hologram of Kate Moss. An incredible, beautiful show! In my opinion nothing will top it and there will never be another Alexander McQueen.
aleksey Gunko (1 year ago)
Listen Music (1 year ago)
Gemma's turn is so epic. Thank you videographer.
rioghan (2 years ago)
Fucking masterpiece. It's what saves me from many crises, I cry every time. Each piece has it own intensity and feeling, it is a mixture of emotions that explodes inside us when seeing the work of McQueen.
chachamisu (2 years ago)
I was crying watching this. ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ My heart explodes. I miss Alexander McQueen so bad.
Georges (2 years ago)
1:43 how could a model use such powerful catwalk while presenting this graceful dress?
Maria Neo (1 year ago)
Natasha Poly, just 👑
Sơn Nguyễn Xuân (1 year ago)
Niemamiejscaable well, that dress was given life with that walk
moiskithorn (2 years ago)
This is one of my favourite shows of any designer. There is both a savage beauty and romance to the clothes and the overall mood. And that ending with the Kate Moss hologram - sheer genius. For some reason, the years 2005 to 2007 produced a lot of fantastic shows. It seems as if a lot of designers were at the peak of their powers at the same time, and the runways were graced with goddesses such as Daria Werbowy, Gemma Ward, Snejana Onopka, Natasha Poly, Racquel Zimmerman, Jessica Stam, Freja Beha Erichsen, Caroline Trentini, Lily Donaldson, and those not on this show like Mariacarla Boscono, Karen Elson, Julia Stegner and Eugenia Volodina. The current crop of Instagrammers now strutting the runways very much pale in comparison to these goddesses.
stealthis (2 months ago)
It was the economy. They can't keep producing over the top, perfected things (that won't be selling) to a population that is being told to tighten the belt because their overlords tried so many get rich quick schemes that they tanked the economy. The same businesses who finance some of this stuff also had to then be picky and demand more pieces that would sell and thus, the shows have suffered. The economy has really radically altered the fashion. Likewise, the fashion industry is a lot less "exclusive" now and they've realized the power in putting Instagram models into their shows for example. In the past, NONE of these people would show their collections online in high quality video for free, or even for easy purchase. You needed to be there or have a subscription to see it. Nowadays that is unthinkable, all of the top houses will showcase them because they know that is more profitable.
paranoidandroid1997 (2 years ago)
this is what hooked my attention to McQueen.
Adrian Martinez (2 years ago)
NoimideN de NdimioN (2 years ago)
el mejor defile del año !
magic spoon (2 years ago)
I'm ashamed to admit it but, McQueen gives me a fashion high
Adrian Martinez (2 years ago)
TR never be ashamed of such thing.
JRS (2 years ago)
Kate Moss hologram finale - doesn't get much better than that. This show is a classic.
menswear (2 years ago)
6:06 Marina <3
The headpieces kept distracting me from the clothes. It was weird but interesting at the same time. I don´t think I ever saw a show like this before.
leonardo goez ramirez (2 years ago)
10:33 #FashionPorn
paranoidandroid1997 (2 years ago)
leonardo goez ramirez it is shockingly beautiful as well as the gown with the antlers those two are my favorite moments in the show.
Chameleon Kaleidoscope (2 years ago)
love it!!
. (2 years ago)
Sorry platios Atlantis
. (2 years ago)
I hope she does one of plaited atlas

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