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Christian Dior Cruise 2011 Full Fashion Show

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Cruise + Haute Couture = Dior REALNESS!
Da Qiao (4 months ago)
7:17 Vlada Roslyakova ♡♡♡♡♡
Just Cade (5 months ago)
7:17 the G.O.A.T.
CARLOSZH FF CHANNEL (3 months ago)
Karlie, Maryna, Michaela, Viviane, Olga, Frida, Magdalena, Vlada and Tanya killed this show😱😱😱😱😱
Pablo Rouaud (6 months ago)
Le meilleur de tous : John Galliano
Ahsan Rao (6 months ago)
@9:02 the shock when she saw her husband with another women by the pool of that cruise
CARLOSZH FF CHANNEL (9 months ago)
Viviane Orth's walk really snatched my wig😍😍
Geneviève Lecellier (1 year ago)
11:18 😘
Prince Viejo (1 year ago)
Tanya is divine, I wish she comes back because she was about to become a super😞
Rəşad Şahvələdov (1 year ago)
Prince Viejo 😓🙈 soo true
Amez (1 year ago)
I'm obsessed with this collection. It is so summery, so lovely- so perfect for cruise/resort. The designs are exquisite and show Galliano's artistry while being beautifully refined. I would KILL for the outfit at 2.44! It's so sad how boring Dior has become after Raf and now even more yawn worthy since Maria. I'm just glad I can come back and rewatch these shows from Dior at its best- it's chaotic beauty, unique artistry, astounding creativity, spectacular casting and most of all, the SHOW John could create.
Teddy Kurniawan (1 year ago)
Watching this and go visit Dior boutique. Very boring Maria's monochrome boring stiff stuffs are destroying Dior.
Xiomara Arzabe (1 year ago)
Vlada 😄🖒🖒🖒 perfect
What kind of bag that karlie kloss using while she is in the runway????
*_Rain_* *-Dst-* (1 year ago)
3:33 uy you uy
Aramis Cruz (1 year ago)
Vlada Roslyakova >>>>>>>>> Karlie Kloss
AHS Scene (2 days ago)
Venche (3 months ago)
So it would seem...
CARLOSZH FF CHANNEL (4 months ago)
@Cade Del Rey yeah like Olivier Rousting picked Kendall Jenner as the face of Balmain even though her walk is a huge disaster😒😒😒
Just Cade (5 months ago)
But you're right, everyone has an opinion, some are just in poor taste.
Just Cade (5 months ago)
+CARLOSZH FF CHANNEL That's a poor excuse. Go to 7:17 and look at Vlada's eyes. They don't look any direction apart from dead ahead.
Manuel Romero (1 year ago)
Richardd2342 (1 year ago)
Vlada Killed it
Marco Giusti (2 years ago)
extras and the mysterius To genyius magique tu the mysterius To Paris
Keer Chen (2 years ago)
kauã (2 years ago)
karlies opening is horrible omg i cant
Prince Viejo (1 year ago)
Kauã Tanya Dziahileva should have opened this show.
LiLE ALGAiL (2 years ago)
Gigi Hadid (2 years ago)
Damn, for so many layers of fabrics and thick , stiff constructions, there is still so much flow! I don't think we see anything remotely close to this in 2017. Even all the thin transparent crap à la elie saab and zuhair murad don't even flow like these thick dresses.
Frank Dean (2 years ago)
This is how the Barbie moschino show should have been.
karen gonzalez (2 years ago)
la rubia la ultima de vestido color lila cual sera su nombre
Mikael Moro (1 year ago)
Alexandra Tretter ESE ES SU NOMBRE
karen gonzalez (2 years ago)
como se llamara la mona la ultima de vestido color lila?
ROD Val (1 year ago)
Alexandra Tretter
Abdullah Dweik (2 years ago)
Some of these look like they're made out of duct tape
Abdullah Dweik (2 years ago)
+Al Melendez the leather looks cheap and tight af, but they look cute overall
Al Melendez (2 years ago)
Lol how?
Al Melendez (2 years ago)
What's wrong with that bitch's eyes at 9:03? Is she on crack or some shit? Lol dafuq👀💁
Christine Ding (3 years ago)
200% shit
Super mario (3 years ago)
It looks like Paris Hilton designed this collection or Barbie if she was a real person :D
Chris Zaghi (3 years ago)
I love how every 16 year old wanna be fashion blogger perched up on Raf's lap the moment he joined the Dior team and bashed Galliano the moment he left, like I knew they all would, but think about this. Who reigned at Dior for over a decade creating pure art while Raf lasted for about 3 years before he buckled? Galliano understood Dior's DNA before he took the helm, understood what the brand stood for, understood where he wanted to take the brand and most importantly, he knew his clientele extremely well. Raf tried to change a brand that really didn't need changing. Many people complained that Galliano was too theatrical and that he would eventually kill the brands sales, but we've seen what he's managed to do at Margiela. He's more then capable of tweaking his designs to fit a modern client base. Raf could have never done that. He was too busy trying to turn Dior into Jil Sander and honestly failed miserably at his attempt. Don't get me wrong, I find Simons to be a wonderful designer when he's at the head of brands with similar aesthetics to Jil Sander's, but not Dior. At this point the only designers capable of taking on the daunting task of designing for Dior are Alber Elbaz, Stephane Rolland, and Galliano himself, but that's just my opinion.
why not (17 days ago)
3 years later realizing he wasnt that bad as maria grazia🤢
CARLOSZH FF CHANNEL (5 months ago)
And now, we can see Valentino Bootleg 2.0 being dumb for this brand😒😒😒😒
CARLOSZH FF CHANNEL (6 months ago)
What if Alber Elbaz took care of Dior?????? The brand would be very sexy😍😎😎😎😎
hnljojoilbvtgfyvgub (1 year ago)
OK but look at Raf's last 3-4 women's collections for Jil Sander, he was gradually getting closer and closer to a pure 50s couture vision to the point where you could completely see it as being the 50s Dior aesthetic in a fresh and modern way. I think that's why he got the job. And it's not the house that was the wrong fit, it was that at Jil Sander he could focus on 2 runway collections for women a year. With Dior it was 5-6, which is also what I think is happening to Ghesquiere. Way too many collections to churn out when at Balenciaga he could produce better work with less runway shows/precollections constantly on his mind
Elenna Bellow (1 year ago)
Bey Zee (3 years ago)
Karlie Kloss murdered that walk!
asava17 (1 year ago)
Moisés Hiram (3 years ago)
Jeffrey Hammons (3 years ago)
then you need to shop at forever 21. when u are purchasing your earings, taste and dress I'm sure will look great on you, please don't mock John Galliano. not on my watch bitch
tubal1100 (3 years ago)
Jan García (5 months ago)
Dijo la gorda
Manuel Romero (1 year ago)
Guapas ellas son unas muñequitas.
tubal1100 (3 years ago)
Bey Zee (3 years ago)
This basic commenting and trying to make a point. Stupid.
tubal1100 (3 years ago)
I can easily find all of that in the forever 21 store in veracruz, Mexico. Sorry, I see nothing romantic or chic on this. Thank god Raf took over the house and re-stablished the elegance & vanguardism of monsieur Dior.
Jan García (5 months ago)
Otra judia
Jan García (5 months ago)
Ósea es cruise
MiggSuper Man (1 year ago)
good luck finding 10:49
Details Studio (2 years ago)
I'm sorry as well that Raf didn't manage to stay in the house of Dior for more than 4 years. Whatever your shitty opinion, Galliano still remains the one and only king who could fit in Dior. And he wasn't expelled for not being able to create, but for an absolute irrelevant reason. If someone succeeds in remaining more than Galliano did in this heavily historic house, then you can express your little farts against him. Until now, the only option you have is to shut your mouth.
Sorry, the luxury craftsmanship says one thing, ...the design another. This is Forever 21 made by hand in an atelier in Paris. What a waste of artisans work.
David Ringland (3 years ago)
Love the hair =D !!
SEVIMAJO jv (4 years ago)
La música me parece horrorosa, hace que el desfile sea insoportable, y el peinado de las modelos más de lo mismo...Horrible todo en general exceptuando algunos pocos diseños.
Jan García (5 months ago)
Como se ve que no sabes de música ni de shows
Jan García (1 year ago)
SEVIMAJO jv jaja que sabes de música ! es un show
L C (4 years ago)
When I saw this video for the first time on Dior's site on 2011, I drooled over every single piece. Almost 4 years later, I am still drooling. Everything is so elegant and wearable. 
L C (4 years ago)
+Danilo Ramos Yes, elegant. It's always so easy to criticize than to create.
Dambala Ramos (4 years ago)
+Lele Chen Elegant? I found it a touch more or less ridiculous. These women look like idiots! Galliano was not looking fresh in Dior in the last 4 or 5 years in the creative direction of the house.
diornotwar123 (4 years ago)
i actually like it! it's a different dior, but it's nice :D
marky8418 (4 years ago)
Galliano usually keeps it quite tame when it comes to Resort. Its not a very necessary collection but again promotes the brand. Always exciting tho ;)
lisi liu (4 years ago)
This is for John no RAF
iamjorgedaniel (5 years ago)
This is just ridiculous. Thanks God now Raf is at Dior.
Jan García (5 months ago)
Es judío jajaja
Guss Aguilar (5 years ago)
ridiculous? I would love to see raf do romantic chic elegance.
Brooklyn Milany (5 years ago)
+Liberalshinigami  Thank you ^^"
Liberalshinigami (5 years ago)
raf is so boring just like the models he uses 
mint657 (5 years ago)
Vlada and Karlie rocked! and not to mention Michaela
billybuzy (5 years ago)
bjork- bachelorette
Jan García (5 months ago)
Hasta que alguien sabe de música !!
iPT dar2I (5 years ago)
krs 99871665
christinebecruel (5 years ago)
dianna ross- love child Gossip- Heavy cross Kelis- acapella, Christina Aguilerra- Im not myself tonight
Maudi (1 year ago)
and bjork at the very end
Abisai Vazquez (5 years ago)
When Dior love Galliano
cristo480 (5 years ago)
What are the mame of the songs??
jstrife (1 year ago)
Diana Ross - Love Child Gossip - Heavy Cross Kelis - Acapella Christina Aguilera - Not Myself Tonight Bjork - Bachelorette Then it swings back to Love Child for the finale walk The backing orchestra is live.  Jeremy Healy has this mix on his Mixcloud but it does not feature the backing orchestra.
Beatriz Cenci (5 years ago)
They walk as if they had trembling ankles.
Chin Ee Chin Chin (5 years ago)
everything John Galliano means sexy.
sandy walters (6 years ago)
the cocktail and evening dresses are divine
manuel zart (6 years ago)
No m canso de ver este show!! Con galliano al frente de dior wow la eleccion del soundtrack con la orquesta es divina y la coleccion tiene tanta clase y estilo por dios espero que galliano vuelva y c apresure a rehabilitarce para que vuelva a poner a dior con una de las casas francesas a nivel mundial
Jan García (5 months ago)
Hermoso todo
schrap72 (6 years ago)
The clothes are beautiful and the live orchestra is wonderful!
Jan García (5 months ago)
Si divino
Ohmme Maneekarn (6 years ago)
and now we want back Gaytten ... No Simons
babydollsings4ever (6 years ago)
I absolutely adore this collection -3
abcd12343016 (6 years ago)
Karlie <3
ilovebeinagirl (6 years ago)
Some of these models' walks are horrible. I like the clothes, though.
Etsuko423 (6 years ago)
look like barbie<3
Christian (6 years ago)
omg Magdalena in that green gown
exas4791 (6 years ago)
Wish the resolution is better.
LLaala Lou (6 years ago)
07:28 <3
Maia Vitale (1 year ago)
Manuel Romero Vlada Roslyakova the queen
Manuel Romero (1 year ago)
Yeah!! she is amazing! what is her name?
José Hernández (6 years ago)
Prajwal Dsouza (6 years ago)
Oh such cute dress and awesome handbags. Colors used are amazing and perfect designs of the outfits. I'm great fan of Nevanta. They have huge collection of fashion and beauty videos.
Whitéemane (6 years ago)
I miss you galliano!!!
ally (6 years ago)
CarlosSpungenMoss (6 years ago)
GALLIANO is the BEST¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

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