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Sea Hunt 1x37 Decoy

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Sea Hunt: Season 1, Episode 37 Decoy (20 Sep. 1958) Mike investigates reports of a sea monster, which is literally causing whales to leap into the air above the ocean's surface. VTS03_1
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Nuclear Christian (4 months ago)
Figured it had to be some form of man made device, some secret military experiment. Not so hard to believe when given the even more fantastic mechanisms developed over the decades.
skirts365 (2 years ago)
23:55 Charles Maxwell, what a trip.
Richard VSG (1 year ago)
skirts365 ii
skirts365 (2 years ago)
20:11 what were the nets, all four corners of each net, anchored to? The question isn't supposed to occur to viewers.
chet mcguire (2 years ago)
What? Well, of course, that's it! The water propusion itself propels it! Lmao. Love it.
SeikiBrian (2 years ago)
Well, this episode was over the top. From action adventure to science fiction...with the emphasis on fiction.
Nuclear Christian (4 months ago)
Don't know what's so hard to believe. Some secret military development. That's all.

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