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BigDawsTv (5 months ago)
Thank you guys for the support! I just dropped some new Merch, click the link & support the #FAM - https://bigdawsmerch.com 😁🤘🏼
Jericho Jake (15 hours ago)
Janie Hamblin (4 days ago)
Thats sooooo sweat when they help a "blind" person even if u was blind its soooo sweat how they helped u out id heal out cause thats wrong stealling my dad allways say watching or not watching do the rigjt thing csuse if u dont youll feel guilty
Rahat khan 0091 (5 days ago)
BigDawsTv is this real money If it is then why u won’t take the money from the people who stole it
Pls subscribe
Rejoice Nwokejiobi (8 days ago)
They stole your money the one man with a girl
adam zlam (1 hour ago)
Why couldn’t you give the people a little bit of money. You are such a cruel man.
Mukku Bean (1 hour ago)
You’re gonna is my ljjjjjjjjjjjj jujujjjj
Jadamarie loun (3 hours ago)
The guy in the thumbnail looks like XXXtentacion... Rip bro
jason momoa (8 hours ago)
Is this really real money
MyBroAndMe HD (17 hours ago)
I found it so nice that they always said ‘sir’ ☺️👌👌
Rampage_ Raptorzz (20 hours ago)
1:16 LOOK
Colton Wil (21 hours ago)
Hey look it’s right here 1:15 he can’t see dummies
0:32 lol he helps him with the money (to pick it up)
Minnixpøtatø :3 (22 hours ago)
The guy stole a money lol he putted it in hes pocket
April Nicole (22 hours ago)
People are so nice
Why didn't you took back the money the people took
Angel Hook (1 day ago)
Pretending to be blind in 2018 Karma going get you WATCH OUT lol
Angel Hook (1 day ago)
Angel Hook (1 day ago)
Add me if you play Fortnite GT FearTheNoLife
George (1 day ago)
The first guy has a great heart for the world
Farrux Yarashov (1 day ago)
Разгавор дудки
Omarie Dyer (1 day ago)
Omarie Dyer (1 day ago)
Wade Hutchinson (1 day ago)
ok , nice try , a Blind Person would of heard the bag rip open , and heard the money drop..and felt the weight change in the case
JACK ATTACK (1 day ago)
3:05 are you sure your blind?
“Hey *LOOK* it’s right here” 🤔 1:15
Kayla Jones (1 day ago)
that why honest people would live longer than wicked people
Pro Gamer (1 day ago)
Dashawn Gray (1 day ago)
The 2 was alsome
Alle Mcghee (1 day ago)
Flo Gacha (2 days ago)
Some guy took some money 😂
Fuck headed martinez (2 days ago)
Its nice that some people didnt steal because that will be very rude
aubs meredith (2 days ago)
Hey do you know when it's morning if the people in there they took half of your money so you need to call the place and I think it's a burnt orange headed Bowie so in the one with Brett and he had a woman just make sure you do it thank you
Niah T (2 days ago)
1:47 was actually so sweet cause he actually asked instead of the one who didn’t ask the one who didn’t ask needs to go to jail XD
Aurora Nelsen (2 days ago)
You didn't do the best job of this because you just grabbed the money off the ground you didn't even miss once. Also you acted like you were sorta deaf but really blind people prob hear better because they have to use that sense a lot
1:07 thief
Krishna Alwani (2 days ago)
Nice vid.
GamingWithSmarty (2 days ago)
You should’ve just given it to the guy who asked for it after all he was honest
Nataly Aguilar (2 days ago)
I subscribe
Sonny Ibe (2 days ago)
One stoll some of your money 😱
carlos pozomanco (2 days ago)
No se rick
Jakeer Jakeer (2 days ago)
ItzJet (2 days ago)
People are so nice in this world
Benjamin Rivera (2 days ago)
I thought he was blind not deaf 😂
Ggg Hghgh (2 days ago)
0.18 haha money
JJ Swiz (2 days ago)
Oooh that guy tho
Athena Plevney (2 days ago)
Oh wow someone just too like onethoused in one hurnbred money he can go to jail
Have you ever seen a blind person walk lol
Adyson Henley-Brown (2 days ago)
I need money
Adyson Henley-Brown (2 days ago)
oml that guy stole a lot dang
mix tv (3 days ago)
This is so funny 😂😂😂
Gregory Mitchell (3 days ago)
Seems like most people are nice. Like if you agree.
Pro Bow 47 (3 days ago)
I like how a guy takes a stack
Fortnite god Lol (3 days ago)
He took your money kill him👻
ben franklin (3 days ago)
Waitttt did that guy return the money
Trish Parker (3 days ago)
someone stoll your money
Kgsnt Kibsd (3 days ago)
Wow if that was real money and DAT man stole it omg I whould be sooooooo pressed 😤😤😤😤
Jazz K. (3 days ago)
Why don't they see cameraman???
Bangtan Army (3 days ago)
The first guy, the second guy and the two girls were good hearted people ❤️
NutellaBacon (3 days ago)
God bless the first 2 people
Mary joy Tempra (3 days ago)
Dianne Madison (3 days ago)
That 2nd man i thought he's crazy but it has a golden heart.
Thats Michele (3 days ago)
Those poor man is very honest.
Alice 6666 (3 days ago)
His act doesn't make any sense. If he can hear and feel things, HOW CAN HE NOT KNOW HIS MONEY DROPPED?
Keanno Rich (3 days ago)
Omg that thief
Travis Edwards (3 days ago)
Are you deaf too?
ChloeDoes- YT (3 days ago)
For those people who feel bad for the first guy or is hating because he would not give him $100, at the end of the video he said it was PROP MONEY... just saying...
ChloeDoes- YT (3 days ago)
What about the guy that stole a stack XD
JBUprincess (3 days ago)
Thief tell me what the cup and his hair as a freaking thief
Natasha Rocha (4 days ago)
People are so nice on this vid
The person who told the truth are good people except for the guy who took some
William Croce (4 days ago)
1:30 the woman underwear is showing
Tamara King (4 days ago)
I love you 100000
Pascal K (4 days ago)
1:12 “look its right here” what a stoopid woman
Vanessa Adaboh (4 days ago)
celtic warrior (4 days ago)
Some really honest people suprised
Nyyxora Builds (4 days ago)
Wtf did he have to say yOuR mOnEy SiR yOuR mOnEy SiR yOuR mOnEy SiR 3 TIMES
Amira Khan (4 days ago)
Is this real money
Shankar B (4 days ago)
Waiting for KGF movie 21st dec....don’t miss it Guys
Gaming Leah (4 days ago)
1:06 the box get a money 💵
Chanel Pedler (4 days ago)
He should of given him some 🙁
Adie Samaon (4 days ago)
i dislike too
Rizzi Gorton (4 days ago)
me wondering if this is real money
BLACKP4NDA (4 days ago)
Wow nice prank!!!
Ago (4 days ago)
"your your your your money si- sir your money you dropped your money" He's acting like he dropped his own money
Truth Talk (4 days ago)
0:10 HIS FACE!!!😆😆😆
princess unicorns (5 days ago)
Akeelah lindsey (5 days ago)
1:00 GOT ME DIENG LAUGHING when he slipped that grand in his pocket lol
Naman Khanna (5 days ago)
Was all of that real money
"on the floor" 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Dasharath Jangid (5 days ago)
Try in India you Will fakeer
Happy Zone (5 days ago)
This guy is acting well..
Dark Fantik (5 days ago)
Are those real money?
Tuấn-sama - (5 days ago)
Hay men
Thavisha Dilan (5 days ago)
Wow yep
BriBriPlayz HD (5 days ago)
I have to dislike you could’ve gave them something
Amanda RIBE (5 days ago)
A person took your money
Toxic Clamper (5 days ago)
Is that real money?
Noble. (5 days ago)
First guy skips leg day
Reynaldo DeLeon (5 days ago)
at 5 :01 the guy got one stack
Rory Peeples (5 days ago)
whoa "almost slaps girl with cane" that had me dying!!! lol
Is that real money 💰
Raymart Berata (6 days ago)
giveaway please🙃 watching from Philippines
Royal Rich187 (6 days ago)
At the end he was like let me just walk away before I change my mind and take that money and run 😂😂😂😂
AcidicOctopi (6 days ago)
Because some blind guy would have $1,000,000
Comedyshorts Gamer (6 days ago)
0:35 he went from a crackhead to a normal white guy saying sir

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