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10 FASHION TRENDS FOR 2019 // Fashion Mumblr

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10 FASHION TRENDS FOR 2019 + How To Wear Them ❤ OPEN for all outfit links! ❤ _ #Fashion #2019Trends #Style HOW I EDIT MY INSTAGRAM PHOTOS - Fashion Mumblr Presets - https://bit.ly/2FXVG28 _ ❤ FEATURED in this video ❤ What I’m Wearing // Cream Jumper - http://bit.ly/2CUKU9T Earrings - http://bit.ly/2TwYJ3v Lipstick - http://bit.ly/2QNWtDO Necklace - http://bit.ly/2TwZ71X Topshop Satin Skirt - http://bit.ly/2RXoyJN Rose Slip Dress - http://bit.ly/2Qd60IN Wool Turtle Neck - http://bit.ly/2CBkQQX Mulberry Seaton Bag - http://bit.ly/2Jylm3u Brown Boots - http://bit.ly/2NVmcZf Fine Print High Neck Top - http://bit.ly/2CCsn1S J'Adore Hair Clips - http://bit.ly/2AuhIEV Topshop Bow Top - http://bit.ly/2QQvWJJ _ _ ♚ Shop all my outfits on the @LIKEtoKNOW.IT app - https://bit.ly/2HAvY0w _ ❤ Be My Bride ❤ Have you subscribed to my new bridal YouTube channel?! https://bit.ly/2jri3zg ♚ Want to up your Instagram game and make photo & video editing 1million times quicker / easier / more epic?! ♚ Shop the #fashionmumblrpresets here! https://bit.ly/2FXVG28 _ ❤ What To Watch Next ❤ 10 WINTER WARDROBE ESSENTIALS - https://youtu.be/wzL-RCuvcq4 10 WAYS TO UPDATE YOUR WARDROBE FOR WINTER - https://youtu.be/AWiHu0wwoXg _ WHERE ELSE TO FIND ME! ❤ Blog // http://www.fashionmumblr.com ❤ Instagram // https://instagram.com/josieldn/ ❤ Twitter // https://twitter.com/FashionMumblr ❤ Bloglovin // http://bit.ly/1QgW457 ❤ Facebook // https://www.facebook.com/fashionmumblr ❤ Snapchat // JosieLDN _ ❤ Get in touch with me here: http://bit.ly/1QCe5xe ❤ Shop my Presets - https://bit.ly/2FXVG28 ❤ Filming & Photography Information : http://bit.ly/1K3yPxa ❤ How I get my hair colour with L’Oreal Professionnel :http://bit.ly/2rp5VBI _ Popular Blog Posts: ❤ FAQs ft How to Start a Blog : http://bit.ly/2eowZPH ❤ Life as a full time blogger / YouTuber : goo.gl/Y1ceLq ❤ Why Every Twenty-Something should Practise Mindfulness : http://bit.ly/2eLr6I6 _ NB : The links above are likely to be affiliate links, which means if I have inspired you to make a purchase and you choose to buy something through one of these links, I may receive a small commission on the sale, as a way of thanks! It makes no difference to you as a buyer at all but I may receive a small compensation from the brand via rewardStyle. If you'd like to find out more, you may like to read this post : http://bit.ly/2rjaGPU xoxo
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Text Comments (871)
Heather Allingham (2 hours ago)
If you don't like a crochet dress, a crochet hat like a beret is a sweet option
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Vinay Sharma (6 hours ago)
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Jak hamilton brown (6 hours ago)
Love your videos been following for a while a question is that wire coat hangers thought that wasn't good for clothes x
Destiny D. Washington (7 hours ago)
I can definitely see the pressed rose shade 🤩🤩
Ale Portillo (8 hours ago)
Lovet this video and your style, can you please do a style video for curvier latinas fashion lovers please.
julijakeit (10 hours ago)
I am sure you don't know what 'investing' means. It really bothered me a lot. Otherwise, nice video on trends this year.
Ve Girasole (1 day ago)
Debbie Potter (1 day ago)
I have always loved fringe. I am a little hippie lol. I can not fathom buying that fringe jacket and tossing it a year later because it wasent “in trend” anymore. My god, this is the absolutely most wasteful country there is. The fashion industry is a disgrace. I like fashion as well but it is extreme. The landfills, the slave labor, sinful actually. I know she didn’t throw out the coat but that’s only bc it came back into style. I was interested in the video to begin with but that made me sick really
You look absolutely gorgeous in this video. Very glamorous; your makeup, the earrings, the lovely sweater. Love the lipstick. You have used a slghtly darker lip liner, right?
Linda X (1 day ago)
Would love to see ruching outfit haul!
Clementine Monroe (1 day ago)
Most people cant wear coral btw
Clementine Monroe (1 day ago)
Ok creme beige peach? Yuck bye
Clementine Monroe (1 day ago)
Coral lips=yellow teeth
Clementine Monroe (1 day ago)
Yeah get on with it geeez
Kfit (1 day ago)
HNY Josie. More videos. Yea!! How about a video for tights and shoes and boots
winter rose (1 day ago)
OMG you talk Soo much you talk like you love the sound of your own voice.Does liking fashion mean you must be annoyingly pretentious?
winter rose (3 hours ago)
+Elle What's sad is her personality.
Elle (1 day ago)
Does watching videos give you the right to be rude. If you dont like it forget the sad attention seeking troll comment and move on...
Brightfox's Den (1 day ago)
I must be ahead of the trend, because I decorated my bedroom with coral two years ago, LOL! I mixed it with cream, gray, and red. ~Anastacia in Cleveland
Jon Sherman (1 day ago)
https://haliforniaapparel.com/ Use Promo Code: JONATHANS233047020
I have a video suggestion! A short interview with myself @MohawkFashionConsultant! And maybe later this year you will give me a little interview! I love your presentation and taste!
Troll For4 (2 days ago)
Really boring, too much talking.
Mauryn Meijer (2 days ago)
I'm looking ing forward to 2019 luxury looks and also ending back pain for good 👉🏾 https://bit.ly/2STiQZL
Chelsea Mordeno (2 days ago)
You kinda look like Blake Lively!
Danielle M (2 days ago)
That pink is mauve pink which has been pretty popular the last couple of years.
Jade Accessoires (2 days ago)
Beautiful accessories for 2019 on https://jadeaccessoires.com/ SALES UP TO -70%
Nancy Higgs (2 days ago)
Your talking is boring
Bernita Jenkins (2 days ago)
Yay! The (Cooper Street) dress I've bought for my son's wedding is dusky pink with moss & toffee highlights...AND has ruching on the waist. Result :)
Emma-Lee Fortune (2 days ago)
Love your earrings
Holly Carran (2 days ago)
Love this video Josie! So informative. PLEASE can you do an updated how you do your makeup video - i love this neutral look! X
Catherine Anderson (2 days ago)
Hi Josie, great video! I just wanted to say that you look more and more beautiful as time goes on!
You have a beautiful wardrobe. I want so much to have a nice wardrobe like yours . I’ve been working on it for the past few years. I had to wear medical scrubs in my career and since I retired I have been trying to establish a nice wardrobe. I would like a capsule wardrobe but I think I love pretty clothes too much. Each year I get a few more nice pieces. I thrift so it’s not been expensive. It’s so worth it to have a nice wardrobe. It makes you feel confident and who doesn’t like to look nice. Thank you for sharing you very pretty wardrobe, Leslye
Elle (2 days ago)
Your makeup is gorgeous in this video x
Christa Cothren (2 days ago)
You’re beautiful and have this calming and delightful energy about you. You have great style and very knowledgeable about the brands and trends on catwalk.
Mickey Pokuta (2 days ago)
I was a bridesmaid in 1986 and the dress was that lovely pressed rose. Interesting to see it come back. Ruffles and neck bows, also a trend in the 80's. Oh Boy!
Marios Gew (2 days ago)
Fashion Mumblr you made the most common mistake !!!!!! earings and necklees together.!!!!! no!!!! never!!!
Elle (1 day ago)
says who?! Live and let live!
Brenda Pfrommer (3 days ago)
Love your videos. For a unique hairband style, check these out. https://sqhairbands.com/
Tracy Morton (3 days ago)
I cringed at the potential hanger bumps on your Stella McCartney. I'm type A.
Gd59fifty (3 days ago)
Beautiful High End Replica Cartier Love Bracelets for Sale - https://www.ebay.com/itm/264084290018
gelay ix (3 days ago)
Hi thanks
Rabia khan (3 days ago)
your videos are good but you talk a lot ..try to make it brief
Gail Cullen (3 days ago)
I love the sweater you are wearing where can I get it ? Did not see it below?
Charlene Jo (3 days ago)
I wouldn’t call those boots “cowboy” boots. They’re more like booties. By the way, what are hair slides?
Jenn Truong (3 days ago)
I love fringe too! I am trying to find these black fringe boots that my friend has!
Patricia Bond (3 days ago)
This is the 1st of your videos I've seen & must say I enjoyed it emensly ☺ I'm loo looking forward to the 'pressed rose' colour 💕 like you I've never grown out of pink 😁 & also like you I shall avoid the tie dye look !
I don't see the link for how to make your old clothes look new again ?
Mary Dennis (3 days ago)
Def not doing tie die this year but rose pink I love! Thanks for the great vid!!
J M (3 days ago)
Trends are for the anxious
Corie Tonneson (3 days ago)
I look horrible in coral..Its okay I’ll find something that works😅 😳😊
Sharon Taylor (4 days ago)
Been looking at design hair accessories been thinking about my birthday gift with valentines silk scarf for my hair saw you put them on bags would be a treat and get colours for the new season happy new year to you and Charlie can I ask did you ever tell him about the cheep glasses you got shopping before Christmas ❤️✨xxx
what lipstick is that?😍
AbbieJolie C (4 days ago)
I have a very cool skin tone. Sweet Lilac is the color that I am excited about!
Anita Clemens (4 days ago)
Thank you for the update. I will definitely not be wearing tie dye or crochet. Not my style, never was. I love your style but since I am a brunette, my color palette tends to be darker than yours. I do love white, off white and light beige tops, those colors brighten my face. I love and have some of the past year's light pink bags, jackets and pants. Love your boots, I am a bootie fanatic, have a room full of boots. I love the new brown color you showed us, I will look for them. I never got the white boots from last year, even though I loved them, I just wasn't sure that living in Massachusetts, they would be practical.
Snicklefritz Boncuk (4 days ago)
My name is Stephanie how would I dress for my age I’m 61 I wear size large to medium
brittany & yamyr (4 days ago)
Lana Towers (4 days ago)
Coral would be a great color for a bikini!
Pai The Tortoise (4 days ago)
Can you talk about it while you show it rather then talking about what you'll be talking about 🤦🏽‍♀️
Diane B. Morris (4 days ago)
How do I afford all these beautiful clothes?
Personal Account (4 days ago)
Take a breath!
estherlami dickson (4 days ago)
Of course you cant appreciate tie die or prints.....you are very British in your style.
Mary Harper (4 days ago)
Oh no tye dye or crochet here either
Raquel Yeomans (4 days ago)
Will go the tie die & crochet because Im into the bohemian style & I already have some pieces in my wardrobe, so very pleased.
Zuzana Tumova (4 days ago)
Too much talking and too little showing. It should be about your audience not about YOU!
Manel Manel (4 days ago)
how you edit your video and photo
Sophie Barnard (4 days ago)
you and freddy my love are so simillar
justice salana (4 days ago)
So much damn rambling!
Love your classic taste. I would have love to see those items on you though ☺️
Theodora (4 days ago)
I hate "trends" like tie-dye, because they're so cheap! I like classic looks from preppy to lady-like fashions. :-)
Yumary Funes (4 days ago)
Can I have the link for that beautiful silky pink dress please!
Vivienne V (4 days ago)
Thanks! How do you keep up with trends?
Yasssss (4 days ago)
your gestures and facial expressions remind me of James Charles A LOT
👸🏻Queen☆ (4 days ago)
"The catwalks at new York fashion week were absolutely full of it..."never a truer word spoken. Fashion is so cyclical buy it wear it stop wait then it'll be bck in again- that's bankable. so my way is buy more expensive classic pieces they ALWAYS look fabulous then when the trend moves on bc it's a more expensive investment piece you can put it away until it comes bck&it will look as new bc it's quality. Don't go running out buying tons of high street high fashion you'll only get a few wears out of it b4 it looks old&the trend will be over anyway. Save ur money fr the quality stuff.
Tatiana Bubnova (4 days ago)
Talk less, show more.
Sherri H (4 days ago)
Loved your video, so informative and fun! Just perfect!!
BerberQueen (4 days ago)
Buying clothes is nowhere near « investing » but rather spending ie cash going out or negative credit income going out. Why does she keep saying that this is an investment. It is misleading to thinking her pieces gain more value with time haha
Jackie Wagner (4 days ago)
Although "on trend"( over - estimated) I stay away from overpowering splashy colors. Nothing classy and distracting from the wearer.
Jackie Wagner (4 days ago)
Jackie Kennedy was very aware of the all over view. She required Bows on the back of her back straps on her gown . Very savvy.
Minu I (4 days ago)
Great taste. It is not investing but expanding for more clothes. Thank you beautiful.
Pat Pollute (5 days ago)
Who cares ?? ...what's in...or what's not (for 2019). This is so 'yesterday' ...as anything goes nowadays.
Sara Riina (5 days ago)
Patricia bright Did the video last year :) btw good job 😍❤
I HATE tie-dye, in needs to actually die already! And people need to stop resurrecting it! There is just no way to make it look luxury or expensive. You could put it on the most expensive silk in the world and...well you would have wasted your silk. Leave it to Dior to make a botched craft project look even remotely desirable and elegant. Also thank goodness for the resurgence of toffee brown, that color is so hard to find!
Valerie Anne (5 days ago)
never never on a sunday cos thats a day of rest. Earth tones, no so dull. Crochet is beautiful and a skill few can master looks subtle over a pastel layer........like dull rose. The cow girl look, hi ho silver! 20's survived a terrible war and then slid into decadence, not such a good idea.
anne k (5 days ago)
Talk talk talk for maaaannnyyy minutes. Boring!
LM Richardson (5 days ago)
excellent synopsis of the trends! I"m pulling out things from my closet today....thanks!
styledby steph (5 days ago)
Bharati Chatterjee (5 days ago)
can u do how to wear sequins??
Sewingtrue100 (5 days ago)
Is fuchsia a colour trend, not sure. Seeing some videos.
Plastic Roti (5 days ago)
Please consider environment in your fast fashion videos please
HColorist (5 days ago)
blaa- blaaa- bla- bla......
Isa m (5 days ago)
try them on n stop talking too much or get a talk show danggggg!
Lexi Rae (5 days ago)
Dusty rose is the only pink I love wearing...guess I need to dust off my blazer from 2016 lol toffee brown and most green are classic faves!! Bows on everything!
Janell Scroggins (5 days ago)
Loving the color trends, nice video, though I did say at the phone “Diane von Furstenberg designs the iconic WRAP dress, completely different from a ruched dress!” in my best Tim Gunn voice. 😆👗
Shayne Villaroman (5 days ago)
Subscribed. We love pink! 😊
Guinevere Pendragon (5 days ago)
Coral works for me, I've been grabbing everything in brown which has been desperately missing for years, so I love the toffee as well. I love tie dye but maybe for summer play wear only. Fine prints...thumbs up!
plantbased sim (5 days ago)
Sustainable fashion would be a nice topic. Do watch the True Cost documentary. Shopping fast fashion like Topshop has really terrifying effects on environment and people
angela jakob (5 days ago)
Trends are for sheeple, everyone should wear what makes them happy.
Ruslana Perrin (10 hours ago)
I use it for inspiration to try something new.
Karle Maye (5 days ago)
Not a fan of tie dye at all - also NO crochet. Also not a big fan of trends but if I already like something on trend I will buy. Lovely video - I am a newbie.
Axl.W. Rose (5 days ago)
I can’t believe you put a Stella McCartney sweater on a pointy wire hanger.
TheDriftwoodlover (5 days ago)
I was around in the 60s and retain my dislike of tie dye. Never understood the appeal.
Andrea Randall (5 days ago)
Uh no tye dye nope
Stephanie G (5 days ago)
Top shop affordable? :/ wish i lived in that world lol

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