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10 vs 1: Speed Dating 10 Guys Without Seeing Them

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Text Comments (30396)
Jubilee (5 months ago)
Hope y'all enjoyed the video! Quick note: all participants were told this was a blind dating social-experiment prior to shooting.. clearly that wasn't enough this time around. 😅 In full transparency, we considered not releasing this video or cutting the end short but ultimately decided to be fully authentic and release the full video as it happened. We agree that Alexa is amazing and needs another shot at love and we'll make sure you see her again! Looking forward to making even better videos for you in 2019!
ParodyWisp (1 hour ago)
Jubilee I would like to see Alexa go again because this was really really really disappointing to watch because you can tell she really liked him from asking her such a deep question...
Hard Fiber (5 days ago)
Wow ALEXA this girl is fineeeee! Real cute 😊
Kat Chup (5 days ago)
@Micah Elliott yes I would have cried
Kat Chup (5 days ago)
WEIRD I was so confused !! He says " I have a girl" I thought he was talking about her !! Then I thought she was gonna get the pilot dude since he was 2 nd runner up but NOPE . Just Weird
Annestacia Heugh (7 days ago)
yall should do south african version :)
Vice Versa (22 minutes ago)
Sabrina Paul (27 minutes ago)
Aww id be like hey alex lets go lmbo
Cam Singer (30 minutes ago)
did anyone else’s alexa keep on going off😂
Ana Hernandez (31 minutes ago)
I feel so bad for Alexa :(
Gialannies Colon (35 minutes ago)
That was so sad she seemed like a really nice girl💔 I don’t understand why he was even there like didn’t he questioned him self like : “ why are there so many guys here to talk to one girl?” I mean it’s so obvious how he didn’t notice that..
thanks emma (43 minutes ago)
I would’ve cried no cap
stella jean (57 minutes ago)
@10:51 when alex was so shook he was like i could’ve had her lmao
Toni SM (1 hour ago)
Wtf that was really bad
Bailey Slotwinski (1 hour ago)
The start was a pain because my Alexa started talking to me out of no where lmao
Willow Bear53562 (1 hour ago)
A L Vo (1 hour ago)
Alexa is so cute and likable!
Britt Lyn (1 hour ago)
i’m MAD i picked him based on looks from the damn beginning. i’m feelin for her rn
Resh 27 (1 hour ago)
I don't want to see Joseph in any videos again. I'm feeling sad for her.
Heidi Hernandez (1 hour ago)
Tyler should’ve won
Rahmah Badran (2 hours ago)
omg the meme is from here
Tara Leuvina Smith (2 hours ago)
He is such an as shower
Jalex Cervantes (2 hours ago)
Should’ve picked SAM
Dawn Tortora (2 hours ago)
Ford Clark (2 hours ago)
Oooooff I ship Joseph and Alexa so hard
Coolio Boolio (2 hours ago)
Can I date Tyler if she won't?
Aurora Setterberg (2 hours ago)
Alexa deserves a part 3 with SINGLE HOT GUYS
Jessica Alvis (2 hours ago)
Id go with the meme guy because I love memes
slothwoe - (2 hours ago)
c g (3 hours ago)
JOSEPH FOR PRESIDENT!!! 🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🦅🦅🦅🦅🦅
Rose Thorn (3 hours ago)
Oh I have a girl friend Alex: why are you here then?
jane_ayy (3 hours ago)
Aya 010 (3 hours ago)
Nah dude wtf? this is honestly not okay. Bringing her hopes up like that, she could've atleast gone on a date with Alex. Why is he even here.
Kótyán Attila (3 hours ago)
Alexa's smile is looks like the same as Jungkook from BTS lol
Cora Davis (3 hours ago)
djfkudofhdkjbfsvbfdkusgfoirehdsvkjfgduofguewrdhf TYLER WAS MY FAVVVV
Doh Pu (3 hours ago)
Tyler looks like a jojo character
Chloe Wells (3 hours ago)
I know Alex is kinda annoying about the pilot thing but he still seemed sweet
LeeAnn Howelester (4 hours ago)
Omg I feel so bad for that girl like extremely bad for her
A-Di Jungkook (4 hours ago)
And I oo-
Dan's Daily Vines (4 hours ago)
didn't see that plot twist at the end😂😂😂
Panda (4 hours ago)
I really felt this episode
poope (4 hours ago)
I still don't know if alex wants to be a pilot. Need to hear him say it a few more times
Maya Due Hansen (4 hours ago)
Girl is so akward hahah
BTS Army (4 hours ago)
Lmao what, also when she chose him, he looked so fkn surprised like: "mE!?"
Celine G (4 hours ago)
Jerrax (5 hours ago)
Nobody: Alex: I want to be a pilot ! O and did u know I wanna be a pilot?
Anthony Gutierrez (5 hours ago)
Damn bro she cute af😢😭😭
BaddieUniverse (5 hours ago)
Joseph was definitely the best one. Too bad for the girl though 😂😂🤣
Hafeez Arendse (6 hours ago)
Is no one gonna talk about how on point the wakanda accent was
Deeq Adan (7 hours ago)
What is her instagram though trying slide in the DM 😀😀😀
Termicase G (7 hours ago)
3:13 so awkward
DEBBIE Adhav (8 hours ago)
She's 18? Okay wow
Nina Ross (13 hours ago)
Lol...wth, didn't see that coming...should of stuck with sam... he seemed more real...
Possessed Potato (13 hours ago)
mans don’t even got a girl probably he just wasn’t into her like that when he saw her like why would ur girl let u go to a dating show tf💀
Catherine Tran (14 hours ago)
dude tyler and joseph give me life
Mari Tarango (15 hours ago)
no one: alex: see i wanna be a pilot
FEG Kingz (16 hours ago)
Why would they bring people with girlfriends on to the show
FEG Kingz (16 hours ago)
Anyone’s else’s Alexa go off in their room
Wayne's World (17 hours ago)
That was just mean! Deep down u could tell she was upset. And the dude that she passed on was a nice guy!
Kirstelle Sarabillo (20 hours ago)
Kirstelle Sarabillo (20 hours ago)
Josue is cuteeee!!!!
Victoria Mondelo (22 hours ago)
“We asked for single people” “Oh damn!”
Kiran Kumar Frank (1 day ago)
Man tat guy is awesome 😎 dude
Baqsam (1 day ago)
They should have just brought back #2 instead, but Joseph FINE!
Jene Grae (1 day ago)
Liza Azəri (1 day ago)
Tyler can get it
Sawyer ketter (1 day ago)
plane guy rly didnt do it for me
Daniel P (1 day ago)
I wanna date Joseph, put me in there. Also you guys should really do one of these with same sex/gender couples! Help some lesbians, they always have trouble finding a girlfriend lmao (or at least that's what i always see them complaining about)
natalie tudor (1 day ago)
did she say she was 18.... damn most of these guys are in their mid 20s or older. as an 18 year old also this seems weird haha I’m barely out of high school
Isabelle Bender (1 day ago)
Joseph is hot ngl
이재다 (1 day ago)
i think caleb would’ve been perfect for her
Moxvist (1 day ago)
Omg that was so sad
Luna Bae (1 day ago)
What if Joseph didn’t have a girl he just thought Alexa was unattraktive:D
S K (1 day ago)
That was shitty of him!!!
Kay Wynn (2 days ago)
That’s fucked up 😭😭😭
leila mx (2 days ago)
I like tyler *,*
Lol Stuff (2 days ago)
That guy talking bout memes
TheComeUp18 (1 day ago)
He is really a character....
Liza Azəri (1 day ago)
My dream guy be like
Rabya Espiritu (2 days ago)
I really like tyler 💓
Bio Nurse (2 days ago)
He “has a gf”. He wasn’t attracted to her, cop out.
Billy Russo (2 days ago)
So Alex is trying to be a driver ... riderr ... a chauffeur ?? I didn't get that part. what was it ?
Whi te (2 days ago)
Ahhh the savagery!!!
Lilli Gray (2 days ago)
Oh my gosh Tyler is hot
Nate the beaner (2 days ago)
You know what they say the bigger the hoops the bigger the hoe
Kay Cadogan (2 days ago)
That was so sad
Lucas Enander (2 days ago)
Got rid of Tyler!? Bruh this a speed date! Not a life conversation...he was being charming using comedy. He should’ve at least lasted longer than the mufugfin pilot
King Kong (2 days ago)
Bwahahahahahhahahaha best episode ever!
Muhammad Saeed (2 days ago)
She reads people but shes lonely!
Lilly Hamilton (2 days ago)
I really thought she was gonna choose the whiteboy, then she didnt and karma hit her ass 😭😂
Rey Matos (3 days ago)
bruh and she was cute
Kim Seokjin's wifeu (3 days ago)
Alex and Alexa is perfect couple def..
Frosyni Rini (3 days ago)
"i love shooting animals" that sounded *wrong*
RedBalloon 21 (3 days ago)
Miguel is my brothers name!
Kristian Babic (3 days ago)
She looks like karlee grey
Ish Kea (3 days ago)
i wouldve cried
ItsxKyliie (3 days ago)
Oh sorry he had a girlfriend. WHY WHY WHY
ItsxKyliie (3 days ago)
i dont know why but when it was the last round i hoped she would pick joseph AND SHE DID. i dont know why i was happy LOL
Cassandra D. Watson (3 days ago)
nice (3 days ago)
she likes dancing to hip hop but doesnt like twerking? da hell
Delaney Scott (3 days ago)
danggg BROOO
Autistic Burrito (3 days ago)
Poor Alexa
Jose (3 days ago)
He probably just didn’t like her💀
Allison Erickson (3 days ago)
Also uh joseph for president
Allison Erickson (3 days ago)
Bro lemme get one tyler with a side of memes
Lei Ayla (3 days ago)
: ( What? Why? How? I totally shipped them till we found out he had a girlfriend!!!!!!!
Freya Falls (3 days ago)
This is what the bachelorette should be like

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