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The Six Girls You'll Date in College

403637 ratings | 97048351 views
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Text Comments (29986)
Tawpik Talat (24 minutes ago)
Soooooooooo Saaaaaaaad XDDDDDD
Joe Rice (25 minutes ago)
Dont waste time with silly college girls. Be with your family. Grow your business. Give your time to those who deserve your time.
Miguel Sá (53 minutes ago)
how is that hot?
KeyoV (1 hour ago)
What if you didnt date anyone ?
JoeyTheBiscuit (1 hour ago)
_BluesFromHell (1 hour ago)
Thought my internet was bad but then realized it was 360p
goat bro (3 hours ago)
I'd date the friend one any day lol
NervE (4 hours ago)
that fourth wall breaker
CuHound (4 hours ago)
360p god tier College Humor
Mihail Dimovski (4 hours ago)
dafuck are the views ???
Blah Smith (6 hours ago)
It's like dating their hoodie.
Alonzo Gonzalez (7 hours ago)
I’m into my 3rd year of college and still haven’t dated any yet. Outside of college I’ve slept with 5 different girls but never had anything like a serious dating relationship.
Austin B (8 hours ago)
I’m one semester into college and I don’t think this is gonna happen at all
WilloftheWeb (8 hours ago)
I've met 4 outta six of these, shit is still accurate in 2018
Nice Guy Casey (9 hours ago)
This is a lie, even more so than the cake
Matthew Alvarez (10 hours ago)
Girlfriend? What's that?
Maybe A giga (11 hours ago)
7 girls that never exsisted
XPERTGAMER599 (12 hours ago)
Who else gets “Hey Arnold” vibes from this video?
Mena Ashraf (13 hours ago)
SSJ Mitchell (13 hours ago)
That’s funny like I will actually get a girlfriend in general
Matthew Jin (13 hours ago)
Who's here before 100,000,000 million views.
J H (13 hours ago)
You need to grab that church girl. That's what you want to marry.
Tooki Cookie (14 hours ago)
Jokes on you I'm gay
Deagan G (16 hours ago)
Do a version of 6 guys
stijn2500 (17 hours ago)
Ben Rothstein (17 hours ago)
that last one is so incredibly true
The Premier (17 hours ago)
I'm gay....so...no...
goat bro (3 hours ago)
Red alert 2
Blade1301 (18 hours ago)
Nah, I was too busy pretending to learn anything in college to look at girls.
gamerstooge (19 hours ago)
i wouldnt mind [email protected] my hoodie..
UnKnOWn SeRvER (19 hours ago)
Mildly questioning why I'm watching this since I'm a girl myself
Jellyjamgaming (19 hours ago)
i would be happy if i was able to date 1 girl and thats even if i can be fucked going to collage dont need to go to collage to die in the military
Sneezy Boi (19 hours ago)
i graduated in 2008 and i'm still single
Gabijus Gr (20 hours ago)
Okay youtube I clicked
HenryG (20 hours ago)
Why is this in my suggested?
cjeam (20 hours ago)
This video came out a year before I started college. Here’s a list of the girls I dated in college: <ul></ul>
Nando Borchardt (21 hours ago)
0:15 the 2010 soccer world cup ball... love that shit
Tanmay Mishra (21 hours ago)
Woah woah when we first meet are copied from this 2018
i agree (21 hours ago)
Jokes on you I didn't date any girls in college. :(
Unkown Samurai (22 hours ago)
Finished uni...dated 0 girls
Jadi (22 hours ago)
Your the one with the liberal arts degree xDDDD
NJPortugal (22 hours ago)
"You'll Date" _laughs like J. Jonah Jameson_ _and then cries like Peter Parker_
The Punisher (23 hours ago)
they forgot the girl with a penis, its 2018....
Matorral (5 hours ago)
Omg, most accurate comment.
Futurama Pop (12 hours ago)
The OG Dominic (23 hours ago)
You guys in the comments need to watch an inspirational speech
Hazza Hood (23 hours ago)
F-man 32 (1 day ago)
"The Six Girls You'll Not Date in College Because You Are A Pathetic Basement-dwelling Virgin" would be more appropriate title
Ro321chile (1 day ago)
Oh, none :,D
LookAtMe (1 day ago)
nah i'm too big of a loser that likes that one girl that already has a boyfriend and is happy with her life
Ardian Hesa (1 day ago)
I watched this back in 2011 (was a high school idiot (and kind of looking forward to this)) and I watched this just now (overworked genius) and I started to look back 1. 6 girls? I can't even replace my xbox with a ps3 2. I found myself becoming a matchmaker instead 3. The perfect ones turned out to become my sister-in-law 4. I chased after the friend for a very long time 5. Dated 2 girls who wanted me dead
Jonathan Ju (1 day ago)
I wanna date the one who goes to church
Samuel Mahoney (1 day ago)
The jokes on you guy I'm gay and i exercise routinely
Bastian Gierahn (1 day ago)
Your right hand if you consider it a girl
Fliyo MB (1 day ago)
Bold of you to assume that I need anything other than my hand.
DemonicLeaf ML (1 day ago)
damn 2011? this video is nice for 2011
RationalThomas (1 day ago)
My hoodie is totally fuckable.
Nick Tokar (1 day ago)
I wonder if there's a comment in here that isn't self-deprecating humor about how you'll get none of them.
hcj 12345 (1 day ago)
Holy shit 96 million views
dabworthylad (1 day ago)
this is fake news absolutely haram who would date at all fricking heck only do arargned marriage filthy devil worshoppers. NO PREMARTIAL SEX
Saudi Audi (1 day ago)
get off my muslim roleplay minecraft server you frickin idiot, i actualy want do not liekm this vvid bre matiatl sex is good jk not good jk bye
What if I’m gay?
Borna Japundžić (1 day ago)
Wait so one of them basically rapes you.
Rhino546 (1 day ago)
I was following pretty well until I realized he got more than 0 girlfriends in college
i'm gay tho
pretty stupid
Cant wait for the other ones ive had all the coked up ones already time for a change
Jacksonia (1 day ago)
Haha it's funny your tellin me i'm gonna date 6 girls
jhonattan camelo (1 day ago)
w8, you could date 6 girls in college? i did something wrong
PanikGrafik (1 day ago)
this comment field is full of /r/niceguys
Ahmad Almeles (1 day ago)
what if i was gay....
zeynep Dur (1 day ago)
I m Turkey and I think it is very bad and folse .My country say ;No And no but first you are married his.and sory I cant very well speak and write in English.
Social Awkwardness (1 day ago)
What about the 7 type a girl? The one that no one dates her, but everyone is her friend.
O'PeaK Storm (1 day ago)
im not gonna date anyone couse im uglier than a split open cow
Leo (1 day ago)
Four years in college so far and havnt dated anyone 😄
potato potato (1 day ago)
Assuming my gender and/or calling me gay You are really giving of that college vibe 👌
Phase Moth (1 day ago)
_fRiEd ZoNeD aGaIn!_
Lim Ji-Siang (2 days ago)
can i know the name of the church girl for research purposes?
ianmattl (2 days ago)
Step 1: click on video Step 2: pause video Step 3: read comments and lol
8loadout888 (2 days ago)
Joshua Reaper (2 days ago)
well maybe one day
zarovv (2 days ago)
i dated 0 girls in college.
Horst Escheck (2 days ago)
Life: YOU are always the one who calls for slowing down, but SHE is the one who always needs an eternaty to come. :P
anshul bhargava (2 days ago)
I am almost gonna leave gonna college and never met a single one of them
TYP FRÆNÇœ (2 days ago)
Lmao I think I’ll get the athletic one
een kat (2 days ago)
haha no
I have never dated a girl, i have dated quite some guys tho
Alex Foxleigh (2 days ago)
I never dated 6 girls in my life! I had 3, The one who was funny and nerdy and borderline abusive The hot one who was clearly crazy, unbelievably nerdy and spent two years basically refusing to acknowledge she was my girlfriend despite us spending every free moment together. The super-hot one who isn't as nerdy as I'd have liked her to be but is very funny, smart, strong and not only admitted to being my girlfriend but even gladly became my wife! That'll do for me I think.
Jayden Taylor (2 days ago)
The Six girls I dated in college 1) Nobody 2) Nobody 3) Nobody 4) Nobody 5) Nobody 6) Absolutely Nobody
No college fur me. Learnting is stupid
Lord God (2 days ago)
I remember watching this right before going to college. Now that college is over, I have dated a grand total of 0 girls.
Dylan Hopkins (2 days ago)
I did the last one lol
Caiden no (2 days ago)
What if we’re gay
Catherine Jade (2 days ago)
You forgot the anime girlfriend... *My Waifu.*
Catherine Jade (10 hours ago)
+Ali Ahmad glad somebody liked my comment
Ali Ahmad (13 hours ago)
I dated 0, going to die alone.
Hot Borsch (1 day ago)
+Spirit Flame Instrumentals You're not going to die alone, man. You just need to know where to look.
+Hot Borsch Borsch is good soup
Hot Borsch (1 day ago)
Gamer (2 days ago)
Bold of you to assume I'm gonna go to college, or date a girl...
Ashish Kaul (2 days ago)
Welp...i guess im like all the guys in the comment section ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
1. Went dark 2. Nuts 3. Not even REMOTELY interested, just glad she didn't hate me enough to want me dead. 4. Half assed, not interested, and didn't know it for too long 5. Improper communication, a double cross 6. Already Taken 7. Already Taken
Wise Octopus (2 days ago)
The narrator sounds like soul survivor from fallout 4
NewIzyk (2 days ago)
Ha! Jokes on you I’m to poor for college!
Rob Boss (2 days ago)
Qane (2 days ago)
If you are a muslim (like me) there is no problem.
Karınca (2 days ago)
I'm gay. I won't have a girlfriend. How lucky i am.
FuriousPhoenix (2 days ago)
yeehhh about that, no. not six. not five. not four. not three. not two. not one. zero. zero seems about right
JonnyWu (2 days ago)
100 mil views on this shit?

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