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The Six Girls You'll Date in College

413872 ratings | 99012772 views
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Text Comments (30640)
Anna (10 hours ago)
almost a hundred million damn.
theajtruth (12 hours ago)
I miss old college humor.
Sulsirxx (16 hours ago)
Okay youtube I watched it
AleksBeastBoy (22 hours ago)
100 million views?!
D. A. (23 hours ago)
Hector Arredondo (1 day ago)
Ghe 3rd and theblast girls are really cute and gorgeous
Pixie Dust (2 days ago)
I'm a mix of The Athlete and The Friend.
JIAWEI Zhao (3 days ago)
I think my college was fucked up
Wavy K (3 days ago)
Nicholas Ashton (3 days ago)
There is always a light at the end of the tunnel.
POV PUBG (3 days ago)
Help me subscribe to each one
iTzBannedUp (3 days ago)
College is basically a no rule place but there can be rules
Bassman Dan (4 days ago)
3:11 If a guy ever does that to me, I’m punching him.
Deandre Enoch (4 days ago)
Why is this so true 😭😭😭
Deandre Enoch (4 days ago)
Why is this so true 😭😭😭
Alejandro Miramontes (4 days ago)
round1fight (5 days ago)
back when college humor was funny
Kryptic Caliber (5 days ago)
if i make it to college
hero brine (5 days ago)
Six girls heh does a hand count
Kim N (6 days ago)
Only 6? It's fish in a barrel. 6 was the first month....God I miss college.
Toxic Gamer (6 days ago)
almost 100mil views damn
Johannes Engelbrecht (6 days ago)
1:the one that breaks your heart 2:and 3:then 4:u 5:die 6:alone
Niel (6 days ago)
I was too smart for college so I skipped it.. is there any chance I can get my six girls bundled up in one weekend?
SirGeorge53 (6 days ago)
I dated several and the wife didn't mind. Except that oriental gal I fucked when my wife was at work. She didn't like that.
Basictality (7 days ago)
ha, 6 six girls? more like none! AmIRiteBOIS?
yunus emre yilmaz (7 days ago)
i dont know how many times i watched this
Naromiki's Animations (7 days ago)
2:47 umm... Not me??
niknak (8 days ago)
I'm in the friend relationship with my bf seriously who in the right mind would f*** their hoodie.
Daoist Nanashi (5 days ago)
You underestimate how far human depravity and drugs go.
Nightmare Freddy (8 days ago)
Bold of you to assume ill date any girls in college.
Winter Now (8 days ago)
Right about now, a large number of college guys are having sex with their hoodies.
Aditya Raj (8 days ago)
What the name of 3rd girl
Destiny Dent (8 days ago)
Is this the same if you are gay
Nigeria Phenomenal (8 days ago)
Oka Ruto (9 days ago)
So.. in collage I will be lesbian?
Rahil Dogra (9 days ago)
I have a Master’s degree in Architecture and now I’ll be studying for my Ph.D after some time. Still single. I guess I chose whiskey over women all the time 😂 .... and I do not regret it !! 😂
Mark Henderson (9 days ago)
Thank God these retarded sketchs are in the past
YaAs ._. (9 days ago)
I actually had seven...
thederekjohnson (9 days ago)
The Christian girls are always the kinkiest ones
Ice Cream (10 days ago)
This entire storyline Legit my life
Harry Reid (10 days ago)
This video has been recommended to me constantly for 6 years. I finally watched it.
Titan 09 (10 days ago)
And... if I'm gay?
soulless one (11 days ago)
1 the blonde whore 2 the brunette whore 3 the Asian whore 4 the Latina whore 5 the black whore and 6 the redhead whore
Orrez (11 days ago)
Did this video seem kinda sweet at the end to anyone?
Funtime_Swagbear (11 days ago)
Almost 100 million views
Thedoctor ! (11 days ago)
I did not date i am lonely help me
Namesi (12 days ago)
Painfully accurate.
Asfi Raiyan Antor (13 days ago)
This video is a lie. These not happen in real life.
Dating six horrible girls is better than none
JV9K JL8K (16 days ago)
Cynthus (18 days ago)
Bold of you to assume I’ll even date 1 girl.
UltraPhoneGamer 12345 (18 days ago)
Who can share there experiences in the Friend Zone
maikeru1 (19 days ago)
I only dated two I college. Good ol’ Righty. Sometimes Lefty when I was feeling frisky
Erik Salas (19 days ago)
The dumb hot one looks like one of my friends
White Panther (19 days ago)
Nah fam I’m ugly
Woob0t , (19 days ago)
1:00 Xtra large milk
WoodLandGamers (20 days ago)
This video made me cringe and laugh at the same time, keep up the good work! XD
leon kennedy (20 days ago)
More like the 6 girls ill never date cause I can't get a girlfriend
The man is here (21 days ago)
I married who I thought was the perfect girl, that fuckin bitch, I’d rather be single. Women are over rated.
Christopher Tadeo (21 days ago)
your hoodie...?!
Christopher Tadeo (21 days ago)
your hoodie...?!
Gus C (21 days ago)
More like the six types of chicks I never got lol
I'm Takashi (21 days ago)
Gonna smash my right hand 6 times ;)
Gaming 1,0 GTA 5 (22 days ago)
ZA WARUDO!!!! (22 days ago)
This is why I'm not going to college it's filled with too many sex addicts and pregnant ladies! Getting a job and earning money is my main priority I have no time with young adults that acts like 4 year olds.
Joseph Lea (22 days ago)
99.99% of people won’t see this, but to the 00.01% that do, have a great day/week/month/life! You are special, and no matter how sad you feel, nothing lasts forever! Ignore the haters, no matter what! You will always have your family and friends there for you, and I’ll be here too! I want you to be happy like I am right now! So cheer up, put a smile on your face and watch some try not to laugh videos! Haha!! I hope that the 00.01% of people who see this have an amazing day! 💗💗💗♥️♥️♥️❤️❤️❤️💕💕💕
Mohammed Abdulhameed (22 days ago)
العاوزه تتناك تكلمنى 01121490524
Dr DanDy (22 days ago)
Yeah if I ever go to college
Sassy Bitxh (22 days ago)
Kya bakchodi hain.. 🐸🐸
dood (22 days ago)
+Sassy Bitxh woah woah woah, stop 😂😂 If you're getting soo offended, then ok... You can rub an anal cream up your ass :p It feels way comfortable.. If you're butthole is roasted, I recommend *Vanchodumishra Anal cream*
Sassy Bitxh (22 days ago)
dood um gonna tell u that u are wrong.. Cz the actual matter.. Is.. Bitch u were fucked by an elephant and ur reaction was like *kya bakchodi hain*😂😂😂😂ahh uhh
dood (22 days ago)
Your parents said the same thing while they were having sex
DJ Alstein (22 days ago)
LOL this is so true
Jay M (23 days ago)
I fucked my hoodie and now I don't look at it the same lol
Ariari loving (23 days ago)
Where are my 6 guys I'm gonna date in college????
Liam McInerney (25 days ago)
Your telling me I'm ever going to be able to get a date? That'll be the day.
Rex Cover (25 days ago)
Wtf i got all that tipe of girl in my class ,but never date one
Fed X (25 days ago)
Wat about gays
General Grievous (19 days ago)
gays are not accepted as humans
KOTYAR0 (25 days ago)
d_unkownchao (25 days ago)
Well, the last part is the best
Yellie12 (26 days ago)
Uhhhh can I get some pixels with my thumbnail 👀
Like if they should create v2.0 version of it 😂👌🏼
That Random Girl (26 days ago)
Which one was my mom? (My parents met in collage)
Kyle Tye (26 days ago)
Heath Ledger's Joker: <mouths "SIX?">
msp kitty (26 days ago)
I’m girl idk why I clicked this bye
Janmejay Sinha (26 days ago)
More like the 6 girls I *won't* date in college. It's been more than a year and things aren't going to plan CollegeHumor...
ROCK SOLID (26 days ago)
Damn......I missed all six of them... Tomorrow's my graduation
ROCK SOLID (25 days ago)
+Prism Blue Graduation was great.....but I don't know what to do now
Prism Blue (25 days ago)
Well..... Happy Graduation!! And Happy Dinosaur riding.....
Brendan Chwascinski (27 days ago)
You can't win against them for nothing they are in control until you break up with them
Brendan Chwascinski (27 days ago)
I think girls at age 24 start arguing it doesn't matter what age but they'll argue about everything
Brendan Chwascinski (27 days ago)
It seems like it's not worth having a girlfriend because you'll hear every second of the day arguing with you
Priəst Møøn Møøn (27 days ago)
Bold of you to assume I'm going to college
Joe Modd (27 days ago)
Bold of you to assume that I’ll date someone in college
David Cosloff (27 days ago)
98 million views
John W (27 days ago)
Number 6 I can relate to. I was in fucking awe of this girl that I devolved into a beta male in the matter of seconds. My fear of messing it up with her, taking it slow was my downfall...
RMB SKATES (28 days ago)
Sora Song (29 days ago)
I've never even been to college and everyone is too shallow to settle for me, it doesn't seem like I'll ever find love 'cause of my bitch of a mum I'm forced to live with due to the economy.
azraelangelofred (28 days ago)
+Sora Song Also, not into guys but I still love you for being you. A tip though: Ditch the facial hair, it's not you. And try to just finds people with the same interests and passions. Helps a lot.
azraelangelofred (28 days ago)
+Sora Song Too old to date you and not willing to stalk you but I love you unconditionally. And I am sure plenty of others do, just pull your head out of your "nobody-loves-me" hole. Maybe you're just not picking up the signals and they think you don't like them.
Sora Song (28 days ago)
+azraelangelofred I don't even know how old you are, so what you said could be creepy.
azraelangelofred (28 days ago)
I love you. So do a lot of people.
Taylor Davison (29 days ago)
Me: The Invisible One The Other Invisible One The Third Invisible One The Fourth Invisible One The Fifth Invisible One The One I Thought I Could Get But She's Into Other Guys
04dram04 (29 days ago)
Damn this ht way to close to home
Savage Salvage (29 days ago)
"It's like dating your hoodie" lmao
Cyba IT (29 days ago)
Oooh yup, number 6. Probably shouldn't have texted her every 5 seconds trying to be cool and funny. Damn
TheSecretBat (1 month ago)
Just dated the dumb hot one in my 2nd year college .. lets see about the others
Baldur the Lascivious (1 month ago)
I'm on 3 and im not even in college
Emily Robinson (1 month ago)
Am I... the only girl here?
Prism Blue (25 days ago)
If your not one of the girls in this video, then yes. BTW--- which girl are you in this video? Thanks.
H4cKTh3P14n3T (1 month ago)
Shit was right on point... LMAO

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