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Oracle Access Manager(OAM) 11g R2 PS3 Google Social Authentication Demo

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Oracle Access Manager 11g R2 PS3 protected resource authentication with Google demo video
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tltphone (2 years ago)
Hi, I have a problem. I have configured Mobile & Social To Authenticate With twitter. From twitter i have generated Consumer Secret and Consumer Key. I have added it in oam social federation of twiter.Under mobie and social profile i have defined all attribute mapping and registration page in oamapplicaton of application profile. I have renamed my scheme as oamapplicaton as suggested by some of the blogs. Whenever i am trying to access my protected page . It is navigation to following login page. http://hostname:14100/oic_rp/login.jsp Instead of social login page , i am getting flowing error message. We’re sorry, the page you requested was not found. We have recorded the following error message to help fixing the problem: This request is invalid. The encryption token is not valid. May be do you know what is it?
Ramesh MK (2 years ago)
Could you please let me know the steps to implement same
Siva Pokuri (2 years ago)
You can follow Oracle documentation. https://docs.oracle.com/cd/E40329_01/admin.1112/e27239/oicconfiginetidentitysrvcs.htm#AIAAG7274 If you face any issue while configuration let me know. I may be able to help you. -- Siva Pokuri.

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