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An Accident - Lichtenstein Style Film

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A film which is based off what you might see in a Lichtenstein Painting. Lichtenstein's art is a huge inspiration to me and my work, and if he had the technology which we have today I presume it would look something like this. Written, Edited and Directed by Ella Rose Howlett. Starring Matt Ley: http://www.youtube.com/user/Thelaserbearguy And Tegan Howlett. Cinematography by MGOCinema: http://www.youtube.com/user/MGOCinema With thanks to Nicola Howlett and Emma Spofforth on set. Twitter: https://twitter.com/EllaRoseHowlett Royalty Free Music by Billy Murray (1915) - Briny Cheers
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Mads (4 years ago)
This is really well made! 
Natalie Hodgins (5 years ago)
wowsers. This was amazing! Such a great idea. 
Pip (5 years ago)
Ella, Please consider submitting - FREE http://www.dreadcentral.com/news/73710/female-centic-etheria-film-night-expanding-hollywood-now-open-submissions#axzz2sHAh0OMp
柳澤合成漫画 (5 years ago)
nickelodeon221 (5 years ago)
doddleoddle (5 years ago)
doddleoddle (5 years ago)
Shmookipu (5 years ago)
Loved the production design/art. Really well done! :)
Qarcon (5 years ago)
Roy Lichtenstein is my absolute favorite pop artist and you guys captured his essence perfectly. I loved everything about this video, especially the eerie tempo that flows nicely with such a colorful setting. Good job
HorwoodTV (5 years ago)
This is such a cool concept 
Lina (5 years ago)
JOEking990 (5 years ago)
I think I drempt this entire thing once...
Will Gordon (5 years ago)
dogboyesp (5 years ago)
wow ella you are the extreme of the youtubers its a lot of edit!! pd: i am from spain
Madam Steamfunk (5 years ago)
I really enjoyed this, especially the cinematography! I did Lichtenstein for an art final a while ago, and I really liked that you used the primary colors like he would. Very fine pop art, nice work. :D
ShareTheSky (5 years ago)
This was so well made... but gave me shivers.. the song reminds me of the creepy tune from insidious 
Katie Sessions (5 years ago)
this is awesome!
HalfBread (5 years ago)
The whole red scene with John is what happens when I try to use the bucket tool on paint. John, I feel your pain :'(
katie cree (5 years ago)
wow, this is so creative <3
Tyler Waitt (5 years ago)
Very cool!

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