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How to Visit the D-Day Battlefields of Normandy

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Battlefield historian Mat McLachlan gives you all the information you need to plan a visit to the D-Day battlefields of Normandy. Mat will show you how to get there, where to stay and what to see on your once-in-a-lifetime journey to Normandy! ABOUT US: Mat McLachlan is a leading international battlefield historian and has spent more than two decades walking the great battlefields of history. His tour company, Mat McLachlan Battlefield Tours, takes travellers and history lovers to battlefields all over the world, in Europe, Asia, the Pacific and North America, escorted by the world’s leading military historians. HISTORY OVERVIEW: D-Day was the Allied invasion of Western Europe, which took place on the beaches of Normandy on June 6, 1944. Over the next three months American, British, Canadian and other Allied troops pushed the Germans back and liberated France. LOCATION: The Normandy region is in France, about 150 miles west of Paris. You’ll need 2-3 days to see all the sites, but can see the main ones in a (long) day-trip from Paris. GETTING THERE: Hire a car or catch a train from Paris, or join an organised tour. WHERE TO STAY: The two main towns are Bayeux (for the American Sector) and Caen (for the British/Canadian Sector). There is a range of accommodation in each. TOURS: Mat McLachlan Battlefield Tours offers fully-escorted tours of the Normandy battlefields. Visit www.battlefields.com.au/normandy-d-day-tour (Australia) or www.battletours.com/normandy-d-day-landing-tour (USA). GUIDEBOOKS: I recommend ‘Walking D-Day’ by Paul Reed and ‘D-Day: Normandy Landing Beaches’ by Major and Mrs Holt. VISIT OUR WEBSITE: Our full range of tours throughout Europe, Asia, North America and the Pacific can be found on our websites (tailored for US or Australian visitors): US site: www.battletours.com Australian site: www.battlefields.com.au I look forward to helping you walk in the footsteps of heroes! - Mat McLachlan
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Rod Sobe (1 month ago)
the tours from paris that put you on a bus is not good. you will spend a lot of time on the bus and it will stop at a lot of hotels picking up people
J. Kevin Chapman (2 months ago)
Mat, what do you expect for the upcoming D-Day remembrance 2019 (75th anniversary) with regard to security? How will it interfere with the regular tourists visit? Also, what do you anticipate with hotels and car rentals? Thanks very much
Steve Wisinski (4 months ago)
Excellent information - thanks for the video
Mat McLachlan (3 months ago)
Thanks Steve!
80Vikram (6 months ago)
We had visited Normandy in June 2018. To read my experiences , please google "vikramvi Paris ( Disneyland ), Normandy Travel Guide". I've covered about public transport and loads of places which can be visted
Campos (9 months ago)
You would give us some tips about to visit the battlefield of the Bulge, Belgium. thanks.
tommy t (11 months ago)
I have a ? Sow I am willing to go and. Can you do one on the. Wartloo. Witch. Is in Belgium
tommy t Waterloo is a great idea! I’ll see what I can do.

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